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    I am looking for an experienced professional to fix a css and/or html issue in an epub file. The issue I'm experiencing is a visual display error. I have identified the specific areas in which the issue needs to be addressed, and expect it to take no more than 15 minutes to complete. If you possess the expertise to address this issue, please reach out and provide your quote! Thank you so much.

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    Android App requirements Epub reader with general features as below 1. Scan and load available epub files in mobile. 2. Select & Copy , share text options 3. Change font size option 4. Epub font will be devnagari 5. Few Default links to download epub files from Google drive 6. Then open to read. This will resume from last accessed page. Resume from last accessed page. (Book wise resume history , if possible) 7. search text within book option 8. Menu (& action) : A. Contents : show contents of book B. Search : Search text within book and show search results and open that searched text page. 9. Category : 1. Create category and 2. add/remove books to/from category. 3. Onselecting specific category, show books in that category. 10. Download ...

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    I am looking to create a short document that provides step-by-step instructions on how to download ebooks in ePub Format to different devices (PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet) and send them to a Kindle device or e-reader. The document should be in Word format, but I am open to any visuals or graphics that could help to illustrate the process. My preference is for step-by-step instructions that cover several methods, but I am open to any suggestions you may have.

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    Could you please send me your current pricing info for the following: InDesign files to web-ready PDF conversion InDesign files to accessible EPUB PDF file to web-ready PDF PDF file to accessible EPUB We’ve got back some backlist titles to convert for an upcoming project, somewhere we have ID files available and others not. I’m not certain exactly how many titles at the moment, but I’d say in the region of about 30.

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    I am using this template qnd it provides mp3 ro users qnd data is hosted on php admin panel. I want to make it audio ebook i m looking to add a pdf viewer in android app and its support in admin panel. There with each mp3 i want to ad pdf or epub file. So that user can choose to read or listen or do it simultaneously. There should be clear option where user can choose either to play or read. When playing audio he should be able to open pdf if he wants. This all will take place on a section where currently i can show only text it is written with every song in admin panel. But only text so i can't show images or tables so i want to make it like ebook section. So user can read or listen books.

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    I want to get a audiobook application similar to some app. It provides users pdf/epub files and mp3 to listen all are chapters wise. Reference app is Need web admin panel too.

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    ...40- Compare PDF 41- PDF to Scan 42- PDF OCR 43- Extract Images from PDF 44- PDF to Images 45- Extract Tables from PDF 46- PDF to QR Code 47- Extract Fonts from PDF 48- PDF to EPUB 49- PDF to JPG 50- PDF to PNG 51- PDF to TIFF 52- PDF to Text 53- PDF to HTML 54- PDF to Word 55- PDF to PowerPoint 56- Arabic PDF to Word 57- Persian PDF to Word 58- PDF to XML 59- PDF to JSON 60- PDF to CAD 61- PDF to DWG 62- PDF to DXF 63- PDF to SVG 64- PDF to GIF 65- PDF to WEBP 66- PDF to BMP 67- PDF to PS 68- PDF to EPS 69- PDF to DICOM 70- Source Code to PDF 71- Images to PDF 72- URL to PDF 73- LaTeX to PDF 74- Table to PDF 75- EPUB to PDF 76- eBook to PDF 77- JPG to PDF 78- PNG to PDF 79- TIFF to PDF 80- Text to PDF 81- HTML to PDF 82- Word to PDF 83- PowerPoint to PDF 84- Excel to PDF 8...

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    i like using Azure Cognitive Services/Speech Studio/Text-to-speech/Audio Content Creation to narrate books for my personal use. At the moment it is a very manual process. My current process: A book for example has about 400,000 characters and due to the 20,000 total character limit in "Audio Content Creation": i convert my epub to .txt and split that text document into about 20 smaller text files with about 19,999 characters. I then manually copy and paste the 19,999 characters from the first divided text file and enter it into azure's Audio Content Creation. I choose my narrator (I use the same narrative every time "Libby" from "English (United Kingdom)") and I then click on "export" and select "export to local disk", i t...

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    Not asking for an automatic software or a beginner in converting. We are looking for an expert and already worked on such files before, to transform bulk of pdf books into e-pub, with everything included. A portfolio needed, and a sample of five pages is required before hiring.

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    converting a PDF to epub so I can read it on my kindle, I tried to convert it but it got messy and the navigations, numbers, titles and so many more things got messy. the PDF in the attached files

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    I have written an ebook in pdf (which looks perfect as a pdf) I want an experienced ebook publishing freelancer to help me convert this to EPUB format to be published in Amazon Kindle. The task has to pass the final EPUB validator check - it should fit that formatting.

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    I'm self publishing with Ingramspark Interested to hire someone who has experience working in this format. I have an avatar idea I'd like to use but am open to suggestions. My reader are parents who are cutting their childrens hair at home. I have my branding colors. I'm attaching a couple of avatar ideas avatar with a brush/comb in hand or of a nervous child about to receive a hai...who are cutting their childrens hair at home. I have my branding colors. I'm attaching a couple of avatar ideas avatar with a brush/comb in hand or of a nervous child about to receive a haircut . If you have worked on book covers for Ingramspark you will know what is required Only respond if you have done this before. Thank You There is potential for more work as I have more books &...

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    Hello I am finding an individual developer to make my ebook web viewer with some more features. If you have good experience in EPUB or you are confident with this project, please come here to work together.

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    Hi, everyone I am going to make my EPUB 3 with some more features. If you have good experience in EPUB or you are confident with this project, please come here to work together. Only individual dev is needed.

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    I have a collection of 80 PDF documents. I need these documents to be converted into a single EPUB file, well-formatted with a table of contents. The order of the parts within the file needs to be alphabetical. The files are comprised of book summaries. Each book has two summaries: A short one, then a long one. The order in the file needs to be short followed by long. The files include illustrations. These illustrations must be included in the epub, correctly scaled for a 7" eInk reader. This task is not trivial: You can't just feed the files into Calibre and have it spit out an epub (not even for one file). I tried. This is a personal project and I will not be making a profit on this or selling anything later. The files are copyright protected and you ...

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    Hi, Looking for a Chinese (Mandarin) Translation from Italian. Original Text is between 1600 and 1800 words and can be provided in epub format ONLY. thanks

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    I need quotes from ebook designers who can take an already created .pdf in Acrobat Reader, and convert it into a format I can edit in (preferably Word). Once this is done I will send it back to you to add a front cover and a back cover. You will then need to convert it into an .epub.. Professionals only please. I do not want someone who has not done this before and has to figure it out. Turnaround time: 1 week. This is for the ebook edition of a book that sells in bookstores. In a few weeks I will also need someone who can do the same process for a different ebook.

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    Hi, Looking for a Chinese (Mandarin) Translation from Italian. Original Text is between 1600 and 1800 words and can be provided in epub format ONLY. thanks

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    Looking for a Chinese (Mandarin) Translation from Italian. Original Text is between 1600 and 1800 words and can be provided in epub format ONLY (please, see attachement). Maybe it is a little bit difficult, this time.

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    Need to understand why my pdf format book is presenting epub errors when I upload to IngramSpark. Need help fixing it.

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    I have a 72-page book (35 double-page spreads) with illustrations on most of the pages that need to be converted into ePub files ready for publication on Kindle and Apple books.

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    Hi All, We have set up Blackberry UEM as an internal tool. Now we want to set up a Blackberry Connectivity Node, our DevOps team has configured the same but it facing some issues with the Proxy Service of the Blackberry Connectivity Node. We need someone who is an expert with Blackberry UEM and Blackberry Connectivity Node configuration. Please only bid if you are an expert with the Blackberry setup on RDP's. Thanks!

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    1 bids write me a program THAT I CAN RUN from windows or a webpage that will use either EPUB, MOBI, PDF or Word input files and will capture just the illustrations in separate files in a specified folder on windows with each image saved as files named: Page1.jpg. etc. Please note, I am not looking for a service. I am looking for a program so I can do this task myself on an ongoing basis. ==========================================================================================Here's a bit more information on my project. I have a children's book YouTube channel called Storytime Pup. On the channel I present children's books. Authors send me their books in the following formats: E books(EPUB or MOBI), PDFs or MS Word documents. Right now I have to manually c...

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    Hi Durgapu Kamalakar, Do you know how to create an ebook with some full page illustrations as Word doc file? I have a very short illustrated children's story/poem. The original dimensions are 8.5 by 8.5. I already had those illustrations cropped for ebooks in English and other languages. I have InDesign and epub files of those crops. But the challenge with my Hindi translation is that Amazon KDP only accepts Hindi ebooks in Word format.

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    Hi Muthu M., Do you know how to create epub file that can be uploaded to Amazon Kindle? It is a very short children's story with illustrations. My Hindi translation needs to be inserted into the book.

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    I need this pdf book to be converted into EPUB format with the same styling and so on. The file contains in it images Can I get a price per File as there are 2 files I need converting, one Arabic and one English. Thank you very much

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    Design me a phone with my logo. Need a qwerty keyboard smartphone. In the pictures a phone is similar to BlackBerry. I want similar also

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    Make an script or any other method for: Get Epub or Pdf or other format books From android application. Application is for books and there is Unlimited book access. They are in text file format.

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    I need a couple of simple changes done to the title pages of an existing epub file

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    Hi Tingting Y., I have a children's picture book I need a Chinese translation inserted into the illustration. Can you use InDesign to do that and produce the PDF's and JPG I need to upload my book? Do you also know how to make epub file for ebooks?

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    Hi Xiaofeng Y., Do you know how to use InDesign to insert a Chinese translation into a story and replace the English text? It is a picture book for children. And I also need the Chinese text inserted into the epub document to create an ebook. I will sell both on Amazon. Thanks.

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    The project is to prepare a book for printing (laying out and typesetting) from MS word file to printable version of the book (pdf for physical), and E-book file suitable for Amazon Kindle and Apple versions and other E-book platforms. High quality effort is needed.

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    Hi Marcelo Leandro C., as discussed I would like to hire you again to make an ePub document for my Spanish ebook and another ePub document for my Portuguese ebook.

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    Hi Maryam N., Do you specialize working with InDesign? And do you speak Arabic? I wrote a very short illustrated children's story. It was illustrated with InDesign. I am having it translated into Arabic and need the Arabic translation inserted into the book in place of English. It would also be a plus if you can create an ePub for ebook publication, but that is not a requirement for this project.

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    Hi Mohammed K., I wrote a very short illustrated children's book I am having translated in Arabic. I will need someone who understands Arabic to convert the English version of an InDesign file into ePub, so that it can be uploaded for use as an ebook in Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and other ebook platforms.

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    Hi Marcelo Leandro C., I am publishing a short children's picture book story. Only success I've had so far is Amazon ebook with Kindle Kids Creator program. So far, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc.. are butchering my book when I upload it for ebook. My illustrator doesn't know how to prepare the book for ebook publication. I need someone who specializes in ebooks to prepare PDF, ePub, mobi, doc files, etc, that will properly prepare story for ebook and paperback publication on top platforms.

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    Hi Anne S., I am publishing a short children's picture book story. The only success I have had so far is my Amazon ebook because they have the Kindle Kids Creator program. So far, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc.. are butchering my book when I upload it for ebook. My illustrator doesn't know how to prepare the book for ebook publication. I need someone who specializes in ebooks to prepare an EPUB file that will properly convert my book to an ebook. I'm also having a little problem with paperback PDF

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    We have a complete ebook on pdf that we cannot convert to epub due to many graphics and photos besides text. The formatting is off. We need someone who can help with fixed ebook formatting.

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    We have a manuscript of about 76,000 words with about 60 black and white photographs and maybe 2 charts. It has an Introduction and Final Thoughts, 3 PARTS with chapters to a total of 13 chapters....see the attachment for the title and the CONTENTS page... We want it to be formatted to a 6" x 9" size... We will need ...will do this (e.g., Word, other?). We will want the ability to make revisions ourselves when you are done. We want you to recommend the font and size...etc. It is a self-help memoir for life and business....We would like to know what you might recommend from your previous work. We want to be able to upload it to Amazon and to Ingram Sparks and will need it for PAPERBACK (pdf file) and EBOOK (epub)... Thank you for your interest. We are looking forward t...

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    document has to be converted into an adobe EPUB with security against copying but availabe to read on a ereader

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    Hi Please accept the quote as discussed.

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    We have replicated a browser-based ePub reader from GitHub as per this reference - Our ePub Book Link: The epub book has audio file but not working on the above link. attached book video with audio in local player.

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    We required freelancers for XML and E-publishing Projects. Needed Experience 5-10 years

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    So I need epub or pdf or sql file converted into sqlite3 files. We need the same structure as the files attached.

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    I have a fully formatted Word document for KDP Kindle but would like it to be converted to an epub for IngramSpark. No additional formatting should be required. I may have other similar jobs after this one. Please let me know your previous experience in this field. Thanks!

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    We need a mobile/Web-based platform that can automatically convert input documents in Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf) format to professional-looking eBooks in EPUB (.epub) format. The input documents may contain only text or text and images.

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    Evaluate my needs for book publishing with ADOBE InDesign, XML, JavaScript, ePub Please, bid USD 50. Book to the subject InDesign CS5 Automation Using XML & JavaScript By: Gamble, Grant, February, 2011

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    ereader something similar to

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    PDF, Word file for paperback, epub for ebook, Cover design

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