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    I want a dynamic personal website developed. I want very creative design scheme where i would post my resume and tech projects that i have worked on. Will only consider professional work, sample work/portfolio would be helpfull...I am efficient with web technologies myself, hence i will be posting and updating/maintain the site myself...I need a good

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    I need a simple passworded back-end site to provide my client with the ability to update her site's content regularly. Updating capability required for 4 areas of the site. 2 sections (each on separate pages) include pulldown menus of articles, and the other two are simple postings right onto the homepage. I'd prefer to have the work done in PHP, I believe, but that's up for discuss...

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    This is just MFC!!! Should be really easy and take two hours at most! This is an easy project, but time consuming and I do not have time to fit this in my schedule. Needs to be completed asap ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software...

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    Create a dynamic stack based on a linked list. (C only NOT C++) Define a union that contains members of all built-in types (int, short, long,char, float, double, long double, provide both signed and unsigned types where available) and use this union as the type that gets stored on the stack. Provide the following functions:  create/delete stack  push

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    I have an online property search, a customer want's to add a feature which entails surfers doing the following. 1) Click on a link to store a URL (the link will be dynamically generated by the property search e.g. [url removed, login to view]) 2) Carry on browsing and clicking, storing as many properties as they're interested in 3) When they're finished click on a lin...

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    I am a C++ student trying to better understand our assingments. I am getting some help already via Rent a Coder and I think I like the process. This is another lab and project that we need to be working on and I am a bit lost. The first part can be found at... [url removed, login to view] And the second part, which is built from the first is at..[url removed, login to view] ## Deliverables 1) C...

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    it is a simle homework program i need help with. it hs to be done on jgrasp. all the details are available in the zip file ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid reque...

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    Hello, I have an existing [url removed, login to view] menu code that display the data from database. The actual code run very well but only display just one level of submenus. I would like that you modified the code and tables to allow to run whit two levels of submenu. The other way is that you provide your code that do the menu work. I have found several menus but I do not like the price and fu...

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    New, SAFE, member-only, password-required web site, front page will point to dynamic pages, connected to a database accumulating member info from form/s, with high security, payment info customer database - Visa, MasterCard, PayByCheck, AX, Paypal, Worldpay etc. with toggle for either online or offline credit card / check approval.., Adminstrative changes

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    We are looking for someone to produce a clone version of the Amazon Website Header with similar buttons and navigation tabs. Key to our requirement is that the graphic elements (the tabs and buttons) will be generated on the fly (dynamically) using PHP's dynamic graphic utility. The words inside the buttons (and the links) will be variable from within

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    We have a web based help desk component. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Working on our website. We will provide access and sample code. 2) Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform ASP, XML, SVG

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    Program Requirements Tutoring Service: Able for Person A to, for a fee, to register him/herself as a available tutor for X amount of days/months -Registered tutors to be searchable from site under these options: Subject of Tutoring available Time and Days of Available service General Idea of cost of service (by session) -Also Able be to be browsed by portal-like engine consisting of catego...

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    Write a program that implements dynamic lists, stacks and queues. The program will read in a text file one word at a time. (A “word?? will be any string of letters and numbers, including apostrophes and quote marks. A word will end at a space, tab, or other punctuation mark.) Each word will be put in a dynamic ordered linked list, where each node contains

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    We need a lightning fast dynamic java menu for integration within a school site. Current Java menu is running and connected, problem is popup state results is about 150pix too low to use on mac ie 5.2 (safari ok). Also current menu experiences slow down on older p3 computers. Now that we have the problems out of the way.... We need either a re-working

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    I am looking to dynamically create a group of web pages that all essentially have the same content. I would like to create a general page such as Obviously I don't want to copy the site but I just want to use it as a basis. I would then like to take a list of keywords and have a program create an HTML page for each keyword such as [url removed, login to v...

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    Need to fill a drop down box based upon the user's selection of another drop down. Currently, an ASP script is used to generate the information to be stored in the oModels object (which is used by a function called refreshModel). The attached file is the source that is generated. The 2nd javascript area (that defines oModels) is generated by an ASP script. If there are only two entries in...

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    I have a SQL Database, which has a basic 'Dynamic' database section for our users. I need a SQL Statement/UDF/Cursor combination thereof to Select the fixed field data and the dynamic field data. This probably does not make sense, I hope a table structure may make some sense: _tblDatabase_ *--Stores info about the clients 'database' *DBID

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    This is what has to be done. Check out url below for example of what essentially has to be replicated. Please quote both separately. [url removed, login to view] ) See ROI Estimator and White Papers. The white paper part could be setup in variety of ways, either emailing the pdf after the info is submitted, or emailing a link to pdf whatever is easier. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-func...

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    I have a table containing company information like the Name of the Company, email, trademarks and other fields. What I do with this table is to send email with personally content. I want to go a step forward, in this personalize email that I send, I want to put in this email an URL that once clicked the client would enter to a personalize page where he can buy a personalized service. I need a pr...

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    As the original coder of this project has let us down (disappeared) we are keen to have the following project finished as soon as possible. Please check out the original project at: [url removed, login to view] Toolbar is now set up as follows (left to right): [url removed, login to view] - Our menu: End user preferences, update, uninstall, etc. - Searchengines (International or Dutch o...

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