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    I have 19794-2:2005 Compact template and i need obtain minutiae information. The input is a byte[] or file and the output must be a array with minutiae information The routine for decode compact template must be on java. Please if you does not know about 19794-2:2005 , skip it

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    I have an input of byte pairs. One pair of byte represents a Q15 float. This is a format which I cannot change, it comes from a source that I have no control on. I would need to use the two bytes and build a Q15 float (Float16?) from them. My problem is that there is very few knowledge about this on stackoverflow or any other site. I was trying

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    I've got an encryption module used in a system I can't change. The module does some byte ordering etc. and uses then Speck cipher with PCBC mode (not implemented in Java codes I found by quick search) We're working on a Java service to communicate with these, so I would need a compatible implementation in Java. Attached is a Python code that contains

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    I need a C++ programmer to Hook DLL in game (Tibia) to do some add/edit Bytes.

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    ...[login to view URL] TUTORIAL FOR ANDROID 1. Connect to printer (BROTHER) 2. Write JPG/PNG/orB64 IMAGE TO PRINTER OR BYTE ARRAY (BUFFER) 3. Needs to use latest react native (0.64.2) 4. Needs to work on both platforms (IOS & Andriod) 5. Successful Build On Both Platforms IOS & Andriod)

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    ...saveByteArray("Sample Report", [login to view URL]); }).catch((error) => { [login to view URL](error); return 0; }); function saveByteArray(reportName, byte) { [login to view URL](byte); var blob = new Blob([byte], {type: "application/pdf"}); [login to view URL](blob); var link = [login to view URL](�...

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    ...chars rather than just single chars. Katakana is very unlikely to appear as a single character in Japanese text, but hiragana could. Exclamation and question marks are 'double-byte', not standard ascii ones. Japanese Lorem Ipsum, variant 2 This version is adapted from an algorithm by Chris Moore, corrected for some punctuation issues. Japanese Lorem

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    ...on smart card with Match on Card. But for this we need create APDU Command (7F2E) on java for Android. For that, we need a method that input is a byte[] template and output must be a APDU command ( byte[] or string). Please consider that the template is 19794-2:2005 not 19794-2:2011. Was obtained from secugen U20 fingerprinter. Programmer must have

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    [login to view URL] Using this plugin and the newest react native write an image to a printer, probably as a byte arr[]. IOS and android [login to view URL] This should be simple, just need someone to add to this library Need it for IOS/android

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    ...know you have read and hopefully understood the task. OS Catalina 10.15.6 Xcode 12.4 Error: Undefined symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_FIRInstanceID ld: warning: arm64 function not 4-byte aligned: _unwind_tester from /Volumes/Storage/UnityProjects/xCode/ChakraHealing/Libraries/libiPhone-lib.a(unwind_test_arm64.o) Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:

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    I need a java app to read a binary file into a byte[]. Then loop through the byte[] 4 bytes at a time. Each step of the loop take the bytes and use as short. In C something like memcpy(&shortValue, byteArray[4],4); Then print the value to the screen. [login to view URL] contains a hex, binary and int dump of the input file. It also contains the actual

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    POS system Z-report generation issue - Alpha byte system

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    I need to experienced dotnet developer who can develop a windows based application for me. We has to create a flow chart using dotnet. Step in the flowchart can b...time. New step can be placed in any direction of flowchart. Then all the data that has been entered in flowchart will be sent to tcp/ip server as JSON string along with the byte size.

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    10 bids columns + ASCII - Navigate using scrollbar - Navigate using cursorkeys (cursor will remain in overwrite mode) - Navigate through GOTO dialog to jump to any address within file. - Select a range of bytes by holding down SHIFT and using cursor navigation - Select a range of bytes using select range dialog. - Ability to delete the byte at the

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    ...0v to +5v range B- Master Continuously reads 8 bit wide Dipswitch address while each ADC Conversion. C- Master continuously send 10 byte frame to UART with DMA ( 1 byte start + 1 byte DipSWitch address data + 8 byte analog data ) Uart Speed 20MBit/s D- Master MCU STM32 or PIC32 - LQFP Packages, 170 MHZ Processor speed or Over, Slave Details; A-

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    ...and in case a fan does not work as requested the host system must be alerted. 9) Communication protocol with the fan can be a simple ASCII based protocol with CRC as the last byte. 10) Commands and erroneous commands must be handled correctly by the embedded software. We need the embedded software written in C and Keil development environment. Schematic

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    Looking for the Math formula to create the D7 byte which is based on math algorithm from D0 to D6 bytes.

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    Hello. First of all, please write especially about how you can offer me a{video_host} port={capture_audio_port} --IP Camera rtspsrc location={camera_device} latency = 0 ! decodebin ! omxh264enc ! video/x-h264,profile=baseline,stream-format=byte-stream,alignment=au ! rtph264pay ! queue ! udpsink host={video_host} port={camera_video_port}

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    I'm working on a personal program in order to research steganography. I...------------------------------------------------ 1) Split images into 4 parts (However we are unable to extract the embedded text from them individually) 2) Split the byte stream into 4-byte arrays and tried to save them as images (but here we are unable to save them as images)

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    I have saved a pdf file in byte[] format in my database all I need is to retrieve the PDF data response from rest controller and make it view in HTML

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    We need to detect Byte Patterns on Binary Files. The Position of the Byte Patterns are different on different Binary Files. Also the Byte Patterns can be slightly different. But if you check the specific parts in 2d you can be able to detect. We´re thinking about using artificial intelligence but also let you decide how to do We can send you a Dataset

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    ...intervals with 868mhz frequency band by devices such as water, electricity, calorimeter. The receiver I want is to collect the data sent with 868mhz and transmit the processed clean byte code to one of the selected interfaces. (It will be used in mobile device or PC. Bluetooth or Usb2.0 Type B). Also, it will be able to charge the batteries that are running

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    Passing from C# List<Byte[]> to unmanaged C/C++

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    ...get the data to be shown (questions, answers, numbers) and the relevant language resources (25+ languages supported) as input - create the PPTX file and make it available as byte array Your module / library shall be written in .Net Core 3.1. We shall have full access to the source code. Should you use any third party components, you must first have

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    ...url); } /** * Upload content to the given URL. * * @param source the content to upload * @param url the URL to upload content */ public void upload(byte[] source, String url) { OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient(); // The contentType must match the input provided to the createFeedDocument operation. This example

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    I am looking for an experienced content creator to create 20 byte sized (~150 words each) pieces of work on the subject of Leadership, Sales or Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (can be any one of these.) Each article is comprised of a Title, Quote, Main Blurb, Key Phrases and Closing (which could a final comment or bonus action). Here is an example

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    I have an output of 2 hex bytes. I'm trying to make sense of how these values could be used to determine bio-impedance. I'm looking for someone w...values could be used to determine bio-impedance. I'm looking for someone who has a natural ability with numbers to be able to see a pattern with how one byte alters the way in which the other byte is read.

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    I'm looking for a developer who has experience working with weighing scales that send back 2 byte array for impedance data.

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    I can not download costumer picture and database backup from my site panel or vesta panel. it always gives an error. I can only download small files. (100 byte) I use opencart

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    ...articles on FORBES, AP NEWS, TIMES, BLOOMBERG, The Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed News, The New York Times (NYT), The Huffington Post, NBC News, Engadget, CNN (Cable News Network), CNET (Computer Network) and so on. (excluding paid-content). We will provide our article that what we want to deliver. You may re-write the article but should include several keywords

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    We are a fledgling Ed-tech startup based in New Delhi. We've been trying to make byte-sized animated videos and bring storytelling to high school education by blending fictional/non-fictional stories with mathematical concepts. We are looking for animators who can help transform our scripts to achieve real and high-quality TED-Ed like videos. We

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    I need some Blog posters on some review websites. like cnet , TechRadar , digitaltrends , News website: CNN, Yahoo, Fox, and deals website: dealsnew, dealsplus, slikdeals so on I will write some articles for posting and it is also fine to write yours if you can. Please send me your service website list with price . I will provide you with best

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    Post articles on The Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed News, The New York Times (NYT), NBC News, Engadget, CNN (Cable News Network), CNET (Computer Network) and so on

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    ...on config file setting). Programming is very similar to CANOpen SDO access so CANOpen knowledge would be ideal but I can help with that side if needed. It uses a standard 8-byte CAN data frame, message format will be provided. Basically, will be required to send / receive message composed of ID, index and data from each entry in the config file. Save

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    ...inl Output of this project would be C# classes and methods to: - read the Quantization Table from a jpeg file and return these values in a suitable format for display (i.e. byte[,] or similar) - Compute a hash of this in the way JPEGSnoop does - Read the [login to view URL] file and use the hash computed for a jpeg to look up matching entries in Signatures

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    ...[login to view URL] I would like you to bring an image load time under 200 ms. I also attached a video and a screenshot. Additional infos: I checked these: 1, Check Time To First Byte (TTFB) value for static (e.g. .html files) and dynamic (e.g. .php files) Lookup time: 0.004298 Connect time: 0.009724 SSL handshake time: 0.000000

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    We are a professional manufacturer, engaged in kid electric cars, luggage sets, household products and we have already owned many supply chains with more than 12-years of business. We are very eager to cooperate with you for a long-time work. By the way, may I know the way to promote our amazon listings and what is the price? The following products are the main items from Our Amazon Store: BABUFI...

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    ...reprogramming failed. 2) There should be a way to verify that the reprogramming was successful. possibly a check on number of files transferred, or a confirmation of a memory byte. or checksum etc etc. Other than the bootloader and initial project file, all subsequent work can be another freelancer project, this project scope involves a custom bootloader

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    ...There MUST be a 1 byte and 2-byte option (for send and receive) 3) The one-byte option allows numbers 1 to 256 to be entered into the send box. By placing the number in a box and hitting a send button, that number is transmitted serial out of the COM port. 4) Conversely, the one-byte option allows the receiver to display one-byte numbers that arrive

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    I am in need of some professional bloggers to help me post articles about kid electric cars to Cnet. If you can write an article, I think it is better. We are a professional manufacturer, engaged in kid electric cars, luggage sets, household products and we have already owned many supply chains with more than 12-years of business. We are very eager

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    WHAT DOES THIS ROLE HOLD FOR YOU…?? • High level of proficiency in object-oriented TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, XML, JSON required • Experience in theming and Expertise in JQuery, Bootstrap and Angular Javascript framework • Knowledge of other modern Javascript framework with Good Knowledge on Responsive Web Design with experience with tablets and mobile device ...

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    3 bids run it in FPGA to get better performance. ### PSEUDOCODE ### CipherData = 0x123 InitialVector = 0x123 Salt = 0x123 Rounds = 30000 TestData = "Hello world" <- It can be byte array input AesKey = OpenSSL_derivation(TestData, Salt) loop (0 to Rounds) { AesKey = SHA512(AesKey) } if( [login to view URL](CipherData, AesKey) = "") { END PROGRAM }

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    There is a stream of data, byte stream . You can consider them as packets of data. The packets can be of different size and format. Need to receive data frame ( structured streaming) then decode the packets. then count certain values with a particular threshold. Finally save value in DB.

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    ...have 2 functions that need to be converted from C++ to C#. The combined lines of code of these 2 functions are about 115 lines long. It's basically a function to manipulate byte array in a form of encryption/decryption. I have previous codes from previous C++ to C# and these 2 functions are somewhat a new modification/improvement to it. There is a

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    Current situation: I'm finding contracts based on the project name. I go to [login to view URL] enter a project name (e.g. Baby Doge) and t...number of holders 5. number of transactions 6. compiler version of contract 7. if possible: source code matches another one (yes/no) 8. if possible: contract is verified and not byte code (yes/no) 9. contract id

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    ...port - There should be a 1 byte and 2 byte option. The one byte option allows numbers 1 to 256 to be entered into the send box. By placing the number in a box and hitting a send button that number is transmitted serial out of the COM port. The two byte option does the same thing but sends out two byte, a high byte and low byte. The number 1 to 65...

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    ...pen to the sheet; ● SETPENCOLOR <byte> <byte> <byte>: sets the pen color to color represented by the RGB color represented by the three data bytes (<byte> indicates a value integer in the range [0.255]); ● SETFILLCOLOR <byte> <byte> <byte>: sets the color of the fill of a closed area; ● SETSCREENCOLOR <...

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