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    AC Input Filter Design 6 days left

    I’m looking forward to design a robust AC input filter for HiLink AC DC converter in which an AVR project is running. And I would like to add some prime features like inrush current protection, AC line transients / spike protection as well as inductive load back EMF protection which may sometimes reset the microcontroller. Please note we have only phase and neutral, so earth connection for the filter circuit. Please find the attached file of the proposed project.

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    ₹600 - ₹1500
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    To make a Gerber file for PCB production. Build list and circuit provided. Please understand the circuit and what it does before bidding. Thank you. Peter

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    Car sensor pcb 8 days left

    Hello. I need a circuit and pcb designed. It is for automotive applications so will need to run off 12v but be able to handle spikes of up to 15v. The circuit will be trigger by a reed switch and active an LED. Both the reed switch and led wont be mounted on the PCB. The pcb will need to be a 55mm circle with two cutouts. I can send 3d file of the placement area. I would also like a second design made that functions the same but has Bluetooth that can talk to a phone for signalling

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    Custom R/C car 4 days left

    I would like to build custom R/C cars of different sizes (1:32 scale, 1:16 scale, etc.). The car will have a chassis, 4 wheels, motors, R/C circuit and electro-magnets to pull another dye-cast car (without a motor) along with it as shown in the video. The cars should be able to make left/right turns, move in forward and backward directions, climb and descent slopes (15 - 20 degree angle) together without loosing their coupling. The dye-cast car above the surface can be any off-the-shelf standard hot-wheels or matchbox (1:32 or 1:16) toy cars. I will bear expenses for all the parts and shipping that would be needed for completion of this project, the bidder should bid only their service costs. The project will be marked as complete once I see the prototype demo and the prototype is s...

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    PCB design 4 days left

    Design PCB layout for small device. Features list: USB connector to charge battery. Charging circuit to charge battery. On/off button Drive LEDs for 5-10 minutes

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    Project to be done in VHDL, so I am looking for an expert. The objective is to create a testbench for one circuit, and simulate the a few operations including storing data in it as well as retrieving data from it. I can share more details in PM.

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    PSCAD Projecr 3 days left

    Transient Short circuit by PSCAD All details are depicted in the uploaded pdf file

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    Logo design 3 days left

    We'd like to create a logo for a new product range that we are launching. The product range is electronics based (technical customers) and is called "Lemon IoT" ecosystem. We're after a simple logo that we can use in our branding but also will be on our Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), so will need to be simple. We expect a "lemon" to be in the logo.

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    Hi there, My name is Harsha, I am trying to build a project which involves driving 3 stepper motors inputs using raspberry pi 4. The problem is the entire circuit is supposed to be compact. Drivers used can be drv8825/ a4988/ trinamic TMC2208. The steppers are supposed to run smooth. Thank you, Harsha

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    Need to program a controller chip used in inverter ac. I can provide you an original programmed chip from the original circuit board. need to extract a program from there and burn the same program in a new same chip available in the market. Must have expertise in firmware programming

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    Project to be done in VHDL, so I am looking for an expert. The objective is to create a testbench for one circuit, and simulate the a few operations including storing data in it as well as retrieving data from it. I can share more details in PM.

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    Microcontroller 3 days left

    Microcontroller is considered as the backbone of Embedded System& it's most important feature is: "It can think". A Microcontroller looks like a simple electronics chip, but in actual its too powerful (also called Embedded Computer) because its programmable. Using programming code, we can control all I/O pins of a...multiple functions. Before microcontrollers, DLD gates were used to create logics i.e. adding delays, turning signals ON/OFF etc. DLD is still in practice for small projects but if you are working on big industrial projects, then DLD circuits become too messy & thus too difficult to handle. In below figure, I have added two circuits of traffic signal lights: Left Circuit: 555 Timer is used for creating the LED sequences. Right Circuit: Micro...

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    Add a second RJ45 port with passive connection to first RJ45 port. Add protective voltage circuit against cat5 miswiring. Add labels and logo to PCB.

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    A hardware development is required. Sensor used for input: piezoelectric Microcontroller used to receive the amplified sound: ESP32. Output voltage range: 0-3.3V. Midpoint Bias near V=1.65V Operational Amplifier model: we will define it before start the project. Battery used: 1x3.7V or 1x9V Software to use: KiCad. Any other software for simulate it (for example LTspice).

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    UBEK PowerSupply 2 days left

    ...with their outputs combined. Each individual PSU must deliver the design voltage @ 10A continuously and with short bursts @15A and current cut-off @ 20A PSU based on LM5116 reference design Output files in Altium format Requirements Input voltage 13.5V - 60.0V Supply from two input sources. Inputs must be isolated. Supply voltage from input 1 must NOT flow out input 2 Output voltages options – each output consist of one Molex P6 5.3v 2x Molex P6 + 1x Molex P4 Fan connector (three individual PSUs combined) 7.4v 2x Molex P6 (three individual PSUs combined) 12v 2x Molex P6 (three individual PSUs combined) 24v 1x Molex P6 (three individual PSUs combined) Dual (redundant) 100V linear voltage regulators for FET driver and digital circuit per PSU. The power supply (e...

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    As per our discussion, I will search for the components and will do the required changes.

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    We are in a tender process where we need to present the following - Drawing of cable route design including different trench design (PDF, DWG) - Short circuit calculations - Loss calculations We need to present to our end client that we have calculated that the cable dimensions is OK. We have the following information that we will share with you: - DWG files for the windfarm and cable network - We have data for the connection points (switchgear, turbines etc) - We have a draft of a SLD - We have cable lengts for each cable from point X to point Y

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    ₹2857 / hr Avg Bid
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    Need an existing PCB reversed engineered. This PCB is .031” thick FR-4, double-sided, 1 oz. copper, ENIG. Overall size is 2.200...reversed engineered. This PCB is .031” thick FR-4, double-sided, 1 oz. copper, ENIG. Overall size is 2.200” x 2.353”. All holes are plated-thru; 16x 0.019” diameter, 13x 0.047” diameter, 2x 0.070” diameter. Green soldermask is required on both sides. No silkscreen is required. All board tolerances to be +/- 0.005”, except for the holes, which need a tolerance of +/- 0.002” diameter. The circuit layout is to be identical to the existing PCB shown in the front view photo and back view photo. We need all Gerber files and FAB files provided to us in order to have our PCB manufacturer produce this ...

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    I need a Circuit Schematic Diagram for a Simple Sensor Switch. Operation modes: - The Circuit will be turned on Manually. - The Circuit will have 230V Input from Wall Plug. - The Circuit will give 230 V Output to a Water Pump. - The Circuit will have 1 or 2 open wires connected to it (Depending on your design), and the open end of these wires will be placed in the overhead water tank at a required level. - These wires will act as a sensor, when the tank is filled and water touches the open end of these wires the Circuit should cut off the output power to the WATER PUMP - The 230V Output to the WATER PUMP will not turn on until the MAIN SWITCH is turned OFF and back ON. Other Points to Consider: 1. Please do not use any MCUs just...

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    Electrical circuit and analysis lesson

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    help required to repair computer motherboards and electronic device printed circuit boards

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    FPGA, Quartus , VHDL 22 hours left

    Using the fixed point arithmetic measure current according to the following circuit

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    We are a manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies located in New York State. Currently, we are posting a blog post to our website and LinkedIn pages every other week. A much paired down version of that blog goes out in a mass email to our contact list as well during the "off weeks", with links to the blog and our website. This is done through our CRM software and something that we would like our freelancer candidate to handle in addition to article writing. We, the company, currently create the blog topics and for each one, source supplemental article(s) to aid in the writing process. The topics are often technical in nature so it is extremely helpful to have those for our writer and makes life easier. Our current partner has website creation/coding experience a...

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    I need an over voltage protection circuit designed, which needs to cut off the input source when it reaches 59vdc. Max current of power circuit is 3amps. This is to protect the 12v and 5v power regulator circuits. During normal operation, the input source is between 40-59vdc. There are situations that arise where the input voltage may rise to 160vdc for about 3-4 seconds, hence the requirement of over voltage circuit to protect the regulators. The circuit must fit in an existing pcb design. Parts must be available in Jlcpcb. I want the circuit built and tested before payment

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    I would like to design a circuit that can read information from a CAN network then control two cooling fans speed to control temperature.

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    I'm looking for a circuit designer capable of creating a circuit to compensate for a --break-- of the 220v. The 220 volt arrives with an input of 2 milliseconds and then disconnects for 18 milliseconds. Is it possible to overcome? A 12 volt outlet would be good for us

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    ...autodesk revit program to assist in designing electrical layouts. Automate redundant tasks and manage the design to eliminate errors. Program should link electrical items to rooms, automatically add outlets in rooms, spaced along room perimeter per user-set specifications (recognizing doors in room is a plus.) Program should link switches and lights/outlets together based on user selections, add wiring between linked items automatically. Be able to link lights and switches over multiple floor levels and automatically notate light/switch wiring when going to level above/below. Since lights and switches are linked, switch symbols should update to 3way, 4way... based on how many switches in circuit. Automatically place lights/fans in room, centered or arrayed if user specifie...

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    ₹1714 / hr Avg Bid
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    Hi Baris O., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I want a practical design (NOT THEORETICAL) of a boost DC-DC converter that accepts an input range of 40V to 70V and outputs a voltage range of 200V to 250V. If you have something similar or close to this, you are welcome to suggest. I know how to design and simulate this. In fact, I have done all the calculations and the simulations, but I am having challenges with building the physical circuit. I have also done the design for the inductor and I have already build the physical inductor. Whoever bids on this should have built a high-voltage boost DC-DC converter before. I am open to suggestions of a different topology that is guaranteed to work. Please do not bid if you have not built the physical (practical) circuit of this before. Knowing the theory alo...

    ₹735 / hr (Avg Bid)
    ₹735 / hr Avg Bid
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    An engineer designed a PCB based on the 6" eink / epaper HAT from waveshare, which that speaks to an IT8951 chip via SPI from a Raspberry Pi. However th...the 6" eink / epaper HAT from waveshare, which that speaks to an IT8951 chip via SPI from a Raspberry Pi. However the its not working. Using the Kicad files can you tell me what is wrong with my circuit? I had the PCB manufactured and assembled, but when trying to communicate with the chip over SPI it just hangs. When connecting with USB it is not recognised (unlike the waveshare HAT) How do I fix it/create a workaround? Points to note: > The code is fine because it works with the waveshare HAT > The circuit powers on and voltages are correct at the capacitors > HRDY was not included in the circuit...

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    PCB design. Brief attached. A complete set of gerber files, bom and pick and place details for manufacture required for completion; along with PDF schematics and a 3D rendering of the PCB. Any questions about files or the requirements please discuss BEFORE you place a bid: It is not for me to discuss this at the end of a project as part of a dispute. IF YOU BID IT MEANS YOU UNDERSTAND THE REQUIREMENT, HAVE NO QUESTIONS AND CAN PROVIDE ALL OF THE FILES REQUIRED FOR THE PRICE YOU HAVE OFFERED.

    ₹24199 - ₹72597
    ₹24199 - ₹72597
    42 bids

    Please read these instructions carefully. Do not bid if you haven't read them! You must take the design we provide and simplify it accordingly, then share with us the final Kicad schematic, BOM and PCB. This is not a complicated project as you simply need to simplify an existing design.

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    We are looking for a professional who can advise us on a servo motor and how to adjust it. That means the servo motor only needs current and a potentiometer to regulate the speed. It does not need to have more. We may need a circuit diagram

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    Hi Zohaib J., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...floating installation where algae-filled natural surface water is drawn in through a chamber with sieves and outflow to the surface water again, provided that it goes through the sieves, the cylinders with shellfish to the inner water chambers and then pumped out to surface water. The intention is that this will happen permanently. Sometimes, however, the whole must be able to run in a closed circuit, for example when there is a storm, there is too much turbulence in the surface water and it is appropriate to run the system in a closed recircular system. In this case, sliding valves prevent the water from flowing away to the outer surface water, but are diverted again to the 'chambers with sieves', provided that the supply valves for the surface water are also closed. ...

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    I am looking for help in solving some exercises (college level) in electrical engineering where the Norton circuit is present.

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    ...function. 2) Several buttons and dials. An on button, off button, emergency off button, up and down buttons for set timer, start, stop, dials to switch speed of motor, temperature (x2). Overall 6 buttons and 3 dial knobs. If using the touchscreen would be easier, I’m okay with changing from tactile buttons to touchscreen function. 3) If a premade circuit board can be used, that’s fine but I’d like the ability to create a unique circuit board design for this project. 4) A wiring diagram is needed along with materials needed so that it can be easy to follow. I also need to make sure that there are no power issues that can harm the electronics on cause a fire. 5) Electrical components needed to wire everything to the control box along with appr...

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    circuit board is used for electric vehicle charging using the type 2 standard, single phase AC 220 240v , 32A , 7kw I need full EV Charger board Schematic , PCB , Gerber file ready to PCB Manufacturer. i have all files , only i need someone to check it and correct the error and make it ready for manufacture pcb board i need it ready in ikcad

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    Hi I need someone who creates a schematic / Circuit board in EASY EDA for me. Application: I have a pcb with multiple leds. This pcb has a Power Input for 12v and 5V. Each input in reduced by an resistor to the maximum operation Illumination of the Leds. I need a dimming pcb now that i can connect to that board. I can connect this to the 5V or 12V input connection. What Components need to be used: - 10K Linear Potentiometer (Attached image) Requirements: - Easy to build system with DIP components only for easy assembly - Not expensive in production. - Variable power Input 5V or 12V - Full rotation of potentiometer for dimming. Thanks for biding

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    Hi team, Thanks for the time to view our project. We are willing to pay $500NZD for this app for the right person. Please note we will do any milestone or payment until we can see you are on the right path on creating this app we are actually needed. The reason for this is because we have three people now that say they can do it and the app is nothing that we are needing. Basically, the app needs to plan the deliveries in order - So if the courier inputs the address, it should say which one is the closest, other features are such as all deliveries on the left side, right side, quickest route etc. This is going to be a paid subscription app they will pay monthly for. Here is a reference app. The app will need to be used on Iphone/Android

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    ₹26771 Avg Bid
    46 bids

    I need an expert in refrigeration systems to select a recirculation pump, a brazed heat exchanger for a tank with dense liquid.

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    ₹1143 / hr Avg Bid
    7 bids

    Microcontroller Based Application, Prefer Arduino Scan the Barcode, QR code and Data matrix code, get the Information and Designed the different size Labels, with qrcode and send to thermal printer, Interface Microcontroller , TFT Graphic Display, Key Board

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    Hi I made my circuit using Arduino Nano, And I need a PCB for it so I can make my custom board. I want the nano Arduino can be added later on pins. See the attached file

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    Design a combined WiFi smart sensor for capturing Temperature, Humidity, Vibrations and noise and Current drawn by Electric Motors for Condition based monitoring (CBM) / Preventive Maintenance through captuding data online through wifi on cloud server.

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    The PCB board needs to cover followed: 1. Main board supply DC-DC Step-Down 8-36V to 5V (TPS54240 or suitable) 2. Two analog inputs to measure volts from 0-36V (ESP32 on p...Connector 9. NEO-M8N module connected to Serial 1 - GPIO12(RX),GPIO14(TX), powered by the ESP32 supply NEO-M8N-0-10 RX<---TX(GPIO14) ESP32 NEO-M8N-0-10 TX--->RX(GPIO12) ESP32 10. UART0 - RXD0, TXD0, 3.3V and GND to JST-SH 4-Pin SMD Connector 11. GPIO0 & GND to two 2mm Pitch Pin The PCB board should be compacted and industrial standard. The project will be completed on a few design stages: Circuit, PCB and Gerber files suitable for or Please before apply for the JOB make sure you understand the requirement and provide an example of your work you have done before.

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    ...panel using a linear regulator, limited to approx 300mA. This circuit produces too much heat, and does not charge the battery fast enough. We would like to replace this with a dedicated li-ion charging circuit which can supply up to 1A, from a typical "12v" (up to 21v) 50W solar panel. The task will be to design a schematic. We will incorporate the schematic into our main design and we will do the PCB layout. You will need to choose components from the JLCPCB catalogue. Using the EasyEDA design platform will probably be easiest for integration to our project. The output of the task will be a schematic and a BOM, with secondary part options for each primary component (to be used if stock levels of primary component are low). The design...

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    ₹2530 / hr Avg Bid
    35 bids

    I need to build electronic circuit with power supply of 5V where I have 1 input and 1 output. The input is a button that is normally closed. While the button is pressed, the ouput should be HIGH. When the button is released, the output should be HIGH for the following X minutes, and then it goes LOW. If the button is pressed again, the output should be HIGH again immediately. The circuit should be customizable to change the minutes between 1 and 5. THe circuit should use NE555 timer, and any other simple components (resistors, capacitors, transistors)...

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    -Design schematic that produces a layout F=A+B or F=A*B and show DRC to be done in electric -Cmos design -Transmission gates etc.

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    8 bids