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    I'm looking for a professional CV writer who can help me prepare a standout CV and a tailored cover letter for my upcoming PhD application. Key Requirements: - Tailored CV: The CV should be specifically designed to target academic roles and PhD programs. - Cover Letter: A separate, well-crafted cover letter is also required to accompany the CV. - Academic Focus: The content should highlight my academic achievements, research experience, and any relevant publications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Professional Resume Writers: Experience in creating CVs for the academic field and PhD applications. - Academic Background: Familiarity with what universities look for in PhD applications. - Attention to Detail: Ability to capture and present information in a cl...

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    Academic Researchers 5 days left

    Am looking for academic researchers in all fields. You must be professional and holding phd

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    Join our team as an AI Trainer to help improve AI systems. No prior experience required. This entry-level role is ideal for individuals with a.: Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree. Strong English language skills. Excellent communication and analytical abilities. Attention to detail. Ability to work independently and manage time effectively. Compensation: $5 to $50 per hour, based on experience and qualifications. Eligibility: Must be based in the UK or Canada. Must have the legal right to work in the UK or Canada. Application Process: Submit Your CV: Highlight relevant skills and educational background. Identity Verification: Complete identity verification with Persona to prove your right to work in the UK or Canada. Interview: Attend a brief interview to discuss job...

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    ...implementing mood tracking functionality - Developing cognitive behavioral therapy exercises adapted for app use - Craft stress management techniques suitable for app format - Creating cognitive, personality, and aptitude assessments - Building personalized treatment plans - Establishing an efficient communication flow with topics for in-app messaging We are looking for a psychologist with a Phd from Canada or USA Furthermore, the psychologist should be capable of setting up a user-friendly FAQ section to address common queries. Prior experience in app development or working with AI developers will be a definite plus, but not necessary. They need to have experience in psychometrics and a research focus human behavioural psychology. We would like them to have man...

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    I am seeking a professional who can accurately calculate the volume of stormwater on my residential site located in Alexandria, VA. The site is larger than 0.5 acres with a sloped terrain. The predominant soil type is a mixture of clay and loam. An understanding of hydrology and excellent computational skills are essential for this project. Key Aspects: - Large site analysis - Sloped surface experience - Understanding of different soil types (clay and loam) - Stormwater volume calculation Ideal skills and Experience: - Hydrology - Environmental engineering - Soil science - Excellent computation and analysis skills

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    I need a skilled professional to perform an in-depth analysis of in-depth analysis of research data gathered from various studies relevant to PhDs. This research analysis is crucial in helping me understand the trends and insights related to my field of study, and will be instrumental in shaping my future research projects and academic pursuits. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in academic research and analysis, particularly in the area of PhD studies - Proficiency in both qualitative and quantitative research methods - Previous experience in conducting survey analysis and interpreting data - Familiarity with various research methodologies and their application in academia - Excellent communication skills to convey complex findings in a clear and conci...

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    Django Web Development 2 days left
    VERIFIED Document technical specifications, system architecture, and implementation details for reference and knowledge sharing. Provide technical guidance and support to junior team members, assisting them in overcoming challenges and improving their skills in AI development. Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field. Master’s degree or PhD in AI or Machine Learning is preferred. Solid understanding of machine learning algorithms, deep learning architectures, and AI techniques. Experience in developing and deploying AI models in real-world applications, preferably in areas such as natural language processing, computer vision, or predictive analytics. Proficiency in data preprocessing, feature engineering, and...

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    I'm in urgent need of a senior PhD who specializes in thermal systems for a project. Key Requirements: - Senior/Highly experienced expert in thermal systems - Immediate availability (ASAP) Your responsibilities consist of: - Conducting a comprehensive review of current research in thermal systems - Assisting in the development and implementation of new research ideas - Collaborating with me to ensure the project is completed to the highest standard Ideal candidate should have: - A strong background in thermal systems - Extensive experience in academic research - Excellent communication and collaboration skills

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    i am looking for written proposal in (Management Strategic Studies) with management and data analysis as minor project . i need experienced person in this field

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    I am in need of an experienced freelancer with expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Python programming. The project involves the simulation and modelling of a Swing adsorption process for gas storage, with the following specifics: - Modelling of the adsorbent material capacity, adsorption equilibrium, and adsorption kinetics in the swing adsorption process, using Python. - Conducting a detailed simulation of the swing adsorption process, with a key focus on its application in energy storage. The aim is to reproduce the results of the paper attached to this call. Output Expectations: - The output data from the simulation should be showing the same results as the paper. - No need for reports. The python code is the delivery. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficienc...

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    I need a proficient English-language proofreader specialized in the Humanities for my PhD thesis. Your job will much involve: • Thoroughly proofreading the document for spelling, grammar, and punctuation • Ensuring readability and clarity of the content • Ensuring that terminology specific to the Humanities field is correctly used You will need to be able to access Endnote, and check the references - and a knowledge of literature will be required. Ideal skills and experiences: • Proficiency in English language • Prior experience in proofreading academic documents, especially in the Humanities field • High attention to detail • Knowledge in Harvard or APA referenced styles would be highly beneficial. It is imperative that no AI is used - j...

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    I am in urgent need of an experienced academic editor who can help me revamp my entire PhD dissertation. My manuscript is over 20,000 words and needs help in various areas: - Structural Revisions: Evaluate and improve the organization and flow of content throughout the entire document. You should ensure that the introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion are all clearly defined and logically sequenced. - Proofreading and Editing: Attention to detail is paramount here. I need you to identify and correct all grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors and further refine the sentence construction and language used for academic tone and clarity. - Formatting & Layout Improvements: Ensure that the document adheres to specific academic style ...

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    Ansys Autodyn Simulation of a miniature recoilless gun needed. 3D drawing of all components are ready. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - In-depth knowledge of ANSYS simulation software - Prior experience with fluid flow analysis - Prior experience with explosive analysis - Understanding of multi-phase fluid distrib...includes providing detailed analysis, studies, and charts to display the distribution of different fluids and projectiles. To effectively execute this task, you should be capable of comprehending multi-phase fluid behavior and predicting flow changes or anomalies. Your expert advice is expected to enhance the system's effectiveness. Relevant skills & experience: - Mechanical Engineering - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - ANSYS Fluent - Prob...

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    I require a skilled CFD expert to con...results effectively - Analysis of essential parameters including: * Velocity distribution * Pressure drop * Turbulence intensity You should be familiar with the nuances of turbulent flow CFD simulations and must have a proven track record in delivering accurate and insightful results. Experience with post-processing tools and techniques is key. Ideal Skills: - Strong background in Computational Fluid Dynamics - Proficiency in turbulent flow analysis - Experience with post-processing software - Ability to provide detailed analysis of key parameters - Strong communication skills to convey results in an easy to understand manner Looking forward to working with a skilled professional who can deliver high-quality work within a reasonable ...

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    ...and easy to pronounce. Ideally combines foreign language words that resonate with the desired meanings. Is unique and not already in use. Your task is to brainstorm and suggest a brand name that meets these criteria. We are looking for something innovative and impactful that will help our brand stand out in the competitive market. Skills Required: Branding Creative Writing Market Research Linguistics Deliverables: A list of 5-10 potential brand names with a brief explanation of the meaning and inspiration behind each name. A check for the availability of the suggested names (domain name and social media handles, if possible). Join us in creating a brand that will leave a lasting impression and resonate with our target audience! I'm looking for a creative yet prof...

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    I am seeking an audio specialist with linguist or speech science skills to perform phoneme annotation on my German audio. This project involves making detailed transcriptions to identify specific phonetic sym...phonetic symbols within the spoken language. - The purpose of this project revolves exclusively around phoneme annotation - I require fine-grained distinctions, meaning the identification of specific phonetic symbols - The audio that needs to be annotated is in German Ideal freelancer for this project would have superior knowledge of phonetics, particularly in the German language. Background in linguistics, speech science or similar fields will be advantageous. This project requires astute listening and precise transcription skills. Previous experience in similar projects ...

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    ...for my upcoming PhD admissions. My focus lies on: - Identifying a suitable research topic - Research methodology - Data analysis and interpretation I am currently struggling with the appropriate research design and methodology, as well as selection of suitable statistical methods. The ideal collaborator for this project should thus have substantial experience in these areas. Skills necessary: - Proficiency in research design and methodology - Comprehensive understanding and application of statistical methods - Familiarity with the current trends in machine learning research and its applications to enhance research collaborations. Your role would be to provide crucial inputs on research methodology and data interpretation strategies, with a clear goal to enhance PhD...

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    Overview: This project is focused on optimizing a Unity3D mobile game, specifically targeting character models and objects within the game environment. The goal is to enhance the game's performance on mobile devices by reducing the computational load while maintaining visual quality. This includes refining character models, optimizing objects, modifying 3D objects in the levels, and performing texture work. Objectives: Character Model Optimization: Polygon Reduction: Reduce polygon counts to decrease rendering load while maintaining visual fidelity. Rigging and Skinning: Optimize rigging and skinning processes to enhance animation performance. Level of Detail (LOD): Implement LOD models to ensure characters are rendered efficiently at various distances. Object Optimization:...

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    I'm seeking a skilled PowerPoint designer to create a top-notch educational presentation on Dentistry and Pharmacy for a PhD level audience. Key Requirements: - Design a professional and engaging PowerPoint presentation - Tailor the content to a PhD level audience - Incorporate visuals and infographics to keep the audience engaged - Ensure that the design complements the educational nature of the content Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing educational presentations - Strong understanding of Dentistry and Pharmacy topics - Proficiency in creating engaging visuals and infographics - Ability to tailor content for a PhD level audience - Excellent PowerPoint skills with a keen eye for design and layout. If you have a background in Dentistry or P...

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    I am seeking an expert in Docker and Kubernetes with specific experience in Azure to execute a project. The objective is to run a container application at scale - around 500 instances. These instances will be used for high computational tasks and subsequent uploading to an SQL DB. The application is already written and I have already built a docker image. I need help creating a cluster on a cloud provider and deploying the application at scale. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Mastery of Azure ( Virtual Networks, Container Registry, Kubernetes Clusters, Azure CLI, etc) - Mastery of Docker and Kubernetes, especially in an Azure environment

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    Research Assistant 10 days left

    Require research assistance, to provide unique project ideas specifically in the vast domain of science and mathematics, I'm searching for a skilled and knowledgeable freelancer who is creative, innovative and can work efficiently. Well rounded background in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology is ideal. ** This position is ideal for PhD, graduates and research assistants and College University teachers and research assistants ** Ideal skills and experience: * Proven expertise in scientific and mathematical research * Broad knowledge within different scientific fields * Ability to meet tight deadlines * Excellent data interpretation and analysis skills * Good mastery of scientific research methodologies * Strong attention to detail. Your ability to deliver ac...

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    I require an adept and adaptable professional who can transform my PhD thesis on project management into a 10,000-word book chapter. Key tasks consist of: - Comprehensively understanding the existing thesis content - Rewriting and condensing the content to fit the required word limit - Incorporating the themes of stakeholder and innovation management - Enhancing the discussion about increasing stakeholder engagement - Improving processes on project management innovation - Broadcasting collaboration methods with stakeholders - Updating the references and citations to include recent journal articles The ideal candidate should have: - Mastery in project management and related concepts - Proficiency in condensing detailed academic content - Knowledge of stakeholder and innovation ma...

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    ...experienced 3D modeler who can help me sell my collection of model designs on CG Trader. - Types of Models: Includes but not limited to vehicles, everyday objects, and Pokemon characters. - Level of Detail: Medium-detail models are required for this particular set of pieces. This means achieving a balanced level of detail that highlights the unique features of each model, without necessitating high computational resources. - Textures and Colors: Each model should include textures and colors to bring them to life and add realistic details. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience with creating and selling medium-detail 3D models, preferably within the categories mentioned. - Extensive knowledge in texture mapping and color grading to create visually realistic models. - P...

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    I am doing a project with a database called TriNetX. This database allows propensity-matched scoring and other statistics on the platform without statistical knowledge. Projects using this database and its statistical platform have been published many times before. I finished gathering the re...project with a database called TriNetX. This database allows propensity-matched scoring and other statistics on the platform without statistical knowledge. Projects using this database and its statistical platform have been published many times before. I finished gathering the results and writing up the manuscript. My principal investigator would just like confirmation from a biostatistician with a PhD. I would love to hear someone's thoughts and include the person as an author on the pa...

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    **PhD Proposal: Unleashing the Potential of Interdisciplinary Applied AI** **Introduction:** I am Mohamed, a dedicated professional with a robust background in computer engineering and extensive experience in the tech industry. Throughout my career, I have observed numerous tech companies striving to harness the power of AI and automation, yet many face significant challenges in fully realizing their potential. This observation has ignited my passion to deeply explore interdisciplinary applied AI and address the obstacles hindering its effective deployment. **Background and Motivation:** My journey in computer engineering has endowed me with the technical acumen to grasp the complexities of AI. However, my true passion lies in understanding how AI can be seamlessly integrated acro...

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    Overview The objective of this project is to identify and implement a large language model (LLM) that can be trained on a dataset of embeddings totaling approximately 300MB and operate within a constrained computational environment (maximum of 7GB RAM). The model must be capable of providing responses via an API endpoint with a response time of less than 5 seconds. Additionally, the solution must be free of cost, making it suitable for a college project with budget limitations. Objectives 1. Identify Suitable LLMs: Research and select LLMs that can be trained on 300MB of embeddings and operate efficiently within a 7GB RAM limit. 2. Model Training: Train the selected model on the provided embeddings, ensuring optimal performance within the given constraints. 3. API Development: De...

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    I'm seeking an expert proficient in Solidworks for a comprehensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. Key Responsibilities: - Perform FEA and CFD analysis on my design efficiently utilizing Solidworks. - Provide detailed insights and recommendations based on the analysis results. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Solidworks and relevant FEA/CFD tools. - Prior experience with similar projects. - Ability to communicate technical data clearly and concisely. - Attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

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    I'm currently working on my PhD thesis focused on advancing innovation in Nephrology through Science and Technology. I'm looking forward to collaborating with individuals who are deeply knowledgeable in: • Nephrology: A thorough understanding of kidney-related illnesses, treatments, and medical technologies is vital. • Medical research: Since this is a PhD thesis, research experience, particularly in the medical field, is critical. • Scientific writing: Your writing should be logical, precise, yet loaded with insights. Experience in writing or editing academic papers is highly preferred. The goal is to create a rigorous and impactful PhD thesis. If you're as excited about this project as I am, I can't wait to hear from you.

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    I'm on the lookout for a proficient Python developer. This project includes the creation of a code that will correctly order a 12-word seed phrase. Tasks include: - Designing a Python script capable of arranging a seed phrase according to its position in a pre-determined list. - Testing and optimizing this system for...Python script capable of arranging a seed phrase according to its position in a pre-determined list. - Testing and optimizing this system for accuracy. The ideal freelancer will have: - Solid experience in Python, - Excellent problem-solving skills, - A knack for detail-oriented tasks, - A solid understanding of semantics. This is an exciting opportunity for any freelancer passionate about linguistics and coding. A keen eye for detail will be pivotal to succes...

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    I am looking for an experienced content writer, with a minimum of an MPharma or PhD, to create engaging, informative content focused on health and wellness. The audience targeted by this content is healthcare professionals. Key Duties: - Generate medical content that focuses uniquely on health and wellness. - The material should be comprehensive yet easy to understand, allowing healthcare professionals to extract value from it. - The writer would need to ensure all information is scientifically accurate. Ideal Skills & Experience: - MPharma or PhD - Strong background in health and wellness - Proven experience writing scientific content for healthcare professionals - Able to translate complex medical topics into accessible content - Excellent attention to detail and ...

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    ...React.js and image processing techniques. - Image Processing: The software will be designed to process and interpret images across various formats seamlessly. A good understanding of image analysis and transformation techniques is, therefore, essential. - Language Detection: The tool must be designed to recognize English. The developer, therefore, needs to be proficient in implementing computational linguistics functionalities capable of identifying and comprehending English language text. An expert in web-based application development with a solid background in Optical Character Recognition technology would be perfect for this job. The ideal freelancer should not only demonstrate expertise in React.js but also a thorough understanding of image processing and language...

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    I am seeking a top-tier, experienced Engineering PhD thesis writer with a strong background in my subject area. - I aim to have a comprehensive literature review in my thesis, with a focus on the latest research in the field. - I already have the data ready for analysis, so you will not be required to assist with data collection. The ideal candidate should have: - An Engineering PhD or significant experience in the Engineering field - A proven track record of writing PhD level theses - A strong understanding of the latest research in the Engineering field and the ability to translate this into a comprehensive literature review Thesis of antenna theory and Rf engineering.

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    ...of preparing my research proposal for my PhD and I'm having trouble with the formatting. I need help with this. - I have been facing issues with the formatting of the research proposal synopsis file. The font styles are incorrect, spacing is off and there is inconsistency in the heading formatting. - My institution has specific formatting guidelines that need to be followed. - I need everything in my proposal to be checked and adjusted. From font and paragraph adjustments, to citation and reference formatting, and arrangement of the table of contents and figures. The ideal freelancer for this job should have experience in both formatting Word documents and academic papers. Knowledge of academic writing and familiarity with the requirements of PhD level research ...

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    ...larger, but will start off simple with a simple problem that I think a physicist could understand. Part 1 - take short texts in philosophy (1-2 paragraphs max) and distill, simplify a sentence or a few into mathematical formulae. We'll probably start with Gilles Deleuze who explicitly references calculus in his thought. - we'll do this "manually" first with some help with other philosophers (PhD types with real knowledge) Since this is partially a language and concept approach, the French versus English may be different, which is fine (part of the problem) - this overlal project is a reference to the American writer William S. Burrough's method he made famous called "cut-up", so part 1 task will be distill a few key concepts, paragraphs i...

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    I'm seeking an academic professional with the expertise to craft a thorough literature review focused on affordable healthcare options within the realm of health policy. Key Requirements: - Scope: The review should concentrate solely on affordable healthcare options. - Academic Level: The literature review must be tailored to a PhD level of understanding. - Structure: The literature review should be organized chronologically. I'm looking for an experienced professional who can systematically evaluate, synthesize, and present the academic literature on this subject in a coherent and comprehensive manner. Ideal candidates will have a strong background in health policy, a deep understanding of the topic of affordable healthcare, and extensive experience in academic writing...

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    ...deep understanding of Fourier series and its practical applications, computational methods, and mathematical foundation. I'm seeking an expert who can provide an in-depth analysis of these aspects. - Explain the mathematical foundation of Fourier series. I need a precise and structured explanation on how Fourier series are derived, including the underlying theorems and mathematical principles involved. - Elaborate on the practical applications of Fourier series. I'm particularly interested in understanding how these applications are applied in real-world scenarios and industries. - Highlight the computational methods that are used in Fourier series. It would be beneficial if the expert could break down the computational methods in a manner that is easy to...

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    I'm in need of an experienced writer who can assist in transforming my PhD thesis on Social Sciences/Social Work into a book while maintaining the same length. The theme of the thesis is Gender and Sexuality with special reference to the third gender community in India. Ideally, the freelancer for this job would possess: - Excellent writing and editing skills. - An academic background, ideally in Social Sciences/ Social work - Experience in rewriting academic material into more accessible formats. - A deep understanding of thesis structures and arguments. I am expecting the converted book to retain the depth and informative nature of my PhD thesis. Your role would be central in tuning the language and presentation to make it more legible for a wider audience.

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    ...projects. - Excellent command of grammar, punctuation, and syntax in both Vietnamese and [Target Language]. - Strong attention to detail and the ability to maintain accuracy while working under pressure. - Cultural awareness and sensitivity to nuances in language and context. - Proficiency in using translation tools and software (e.g., CAT tools) is a plus. - Bachelor’s degree in Translation, Linguistics, or a related field is preferred. **Application Process:** If you meet the above requirements and are interested in joining our team as a Vietnamese translator, please submit your resume, cover letter, and any relevant translation samples to [Contact Email/Website]. **Note:** This is a [Full-time/Part-time/Contract] position [Remote/On-site]. [Optional: Include any addit...

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    ...formulate one. Requirements: Proficiency in MATLAB Strong background in optics, material science, or related fields. Experience with genetic algorithms and parameter optimization techniques. Excellent communication skills and ability to work independently. Nice to have: Familiarity with four-flux models and scattering transfer equations. Previous experience with Lorenz-Mie theory and related computational methods....

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    I'm in urgent need of a highly skilled mechanical engineering trainer who can provide live online sessions. Key Topics: - Computer-Aided Design - Robotics and Automat...skilled mechanical engineering trainer who can provide live online sessions. Key Topics: - Computer-Aided Design - Robotics and Automation - Additive Manufacturing - Renewable Energy Systems Requirements: - Advanced level of expertise - Proven track record in providing online training - Ability to engage and teach effectively - Availability for immediate start Ideal Skills and Experience: - MSc or PhD in Mechanical Engineering - 5+ years of professional experience - Prior experience in teaching or training - Familiarity with virtual classroom software - Strong communication and presentation skills Can sta...

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    **Overview:** Seeking a Virtual Assistant with expertise in Romance languages to help translate and format documents. Proficiency in ChatGPT-4, Microsoft Word, and PDFs is essential. **Responsibilities:** - Translate and mirror format documents into Romance languages. - Use ChatGPT-4 for translation assistance and editing. - Handle document formatting in Word and PDF. **Qualifications:** - Linguistics major, specializing in Romance languages. - Skilled in Microsoft Word, PDF editing, and ChatGPT-4. - Excellent grammar and punctuation skills. **Pay:** - $3.00 USD/hour

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    I'm in search of a professional in deep learning, preferably a PhD, who can serve as a mentor for various aspects of neural network design, such as: Your task will be: - Preparing very specific ML/NN live lessons for me - Helping me debug my code if I am stuck - Suggesting me better ways of doing things - Helping me to install 3rd party software on Windows - Helping me to run open source projects downloaded from GitHub - We will work mainly in C#, C++ - Python will be optional The ideal candidate should possess: - A PhD in the field of deep learning - Previous experience in designing neural networks - Strong communication skills to effectively explain complex concepts in a clear manner Don't bid if - you have no research experience - you have no journ...

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    I require a highly skilled computational fluid dynamics expert to perform a meticulous fluid flow simulation, with a key focus on turbulence. The main requirements of this project include: - A deep understanding of fluid dynamics, notably turbulence. - Proficiency in using advanced simulation software. - The ability to precisely identify flow patterns. Key outcomes of this project include: - A comprehensive identification and analysis of flow patterns within a turbulent system. Ideally, the freelancer should have: - A background in Computational Fluid Dynamics, particularly turbulence. - Extensive experience with fluid flow simulation. - Detail-oriented analytical skills. Ultimately, this project aims to reveal insights into turbulent fluid flow patter...

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    I am in need of a linguistics tutor, with a strong foundation in all areas of linguistics, for regular sessions. Key Responsibilities: - Provide comprehensive tutoring in linguistics - Tailor sessions to match my level of understanding Ideal Candidate: - Deep understanding of all linguistics areas - Proven experience in tutoring linguistics at all levels - Excellent communication and time management skills - Ability to conduct engaging online sessions Please feel free to suggest a schedule for our sessions.

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    I’m a senior executive in HR working for a global company and I’m also currently writing my phd thesis. I looking for a LinkedIn wallpaper for the background of my profile. The wallpaper should be a mix of serious business, science and something unique which could become a brand or identity for future picture which I’m using for posts. I honestly don’t have a clue and was hoping to use the creativity of this network. Please find below a link to my profile and a pic attached. I marked the area in red. It is important that the designed pic has the correct size. See a brief description here: :~:text=Background%20photo%20specifications%3A,(h)%20pixels%20(recommended) Ignore the one which I’m

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    ...formulate one. Requirements: Proficiency in MATLAB Strong background in optics, material science, or related fields. Experience with genetic algorithms and parameter optimization techniques. Excellent communication skills and ability to work independently. Nice to have: Familiarity with four-flux models and scattering transfer equations. Previous experience with Lorenz-Mie theory and related computational methods....

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    Seeking ML expert (MSc/PhD) to implement hybrid DCN model for Bitcoin price prediction using Python. Tasks: data collection/preprocessing, EDA, model training/evaluation, results analysis & report writing. Ideal candidate has experience in financial forecasting & cryptos.

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    ...and third recursive equations obtained from the 1 practical selection test, and also parallelize second and third algorithms obtained from the 4 practical task selection test. Ensure that the programs correctly synchronizes the threads by comparing the final results of the sequential and parallel versions of the programs. • Analyze the sequential and parallel algorithms and determine their computational complexity using both Big O and Omega notations. • Measure and compare the execution time of the sequential and parallel versions of the programs and identify any potential differences in performance as the input size increases. The given number n. Find all possible different ways to compose n as a sum of corresponding numbers 1,3 and 4. E.g. n=5 five different way t...

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    I'm in need of a dedicated PhD holder in Computer Science who can spend several hours each week reviewing VLSI papers and translating them into Python code or c++ code. Key Requirements: - Advanced expertise in Python: You should be comfortable with complex Python coding tasks. - A solid understanding of Computer Science: Your field of expertise should be Computer Science to ensure you can effectively decode and optimize relevant papers. - Dedication: I'm looking for someone who can commit a considerable amount of time each week to this project. Please note that the VLSI papers may involve a wide range of topics within the realm of Computer Science so it's essential that you can grasp and code diverse concepts. Ideal candidate should have: - A PhD in Com...

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