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    ...Database Data Structures Sorting Programming Problem: You will help me set this up in my computer after you send it back to me. We are going to make a trivia game for the final project. The trivia game will have a user interface created by Java FX. This interface will look like the picture below (Appendix A). The game will start out asking you to

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    ...project consists in programming a simple Blackjack game and this is a brief explanation of the game: You, the programmer (or the user) will be playing against the computer in this card game. The aim of the game is to get as close to (but not go over) the card sum value of 21. The card values in this simplified version of the game are as follows:...

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    Easy MATLAB Card Game I was looking for someone to code the simple card game go fish with that follows the following criteria **If you do choose to take on this challenge, please follow the instructions thoroughly** comment the code for what you are doing in each section Description: Implement the MATLAB computer program of Go Fish. Makes decisions

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    Project Description shark bait game has to be programmed and operable using Alice the shark circles the island and the player has to get the shark out. here is what's needed. Using the programming or simulation language used in this course (Alice) create a computer game demonstrating skills you have learned during the semester. Required:

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    ...optimize performance • Work in close contact with other Developers, Artists and Game Designers in the team • Communicate with the company’s American partners regularly, via email or chat • Stay up-to-date with new technology trends Skills required • Experience with backend programming languages (e.g. NodeJS, Python, Ruby) • Experience in building co...

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    We are a new video game studio called Dark Pyre Interactive in Kent, England. We are currently looking for a programmer with Unity experience to help us develop our first project which is a curriculum based educational game on mobile/tablet. We are looking for an enthusiastic person with great communications skills and a passion for making all sorts

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    PC Game Developer Needed in Tbilisi • Experience in programming in C++ and Unreal Engine • Have PC platform experience • Have a good understanding of game play • Usage of 2D or 3D modelling and animation software at the production stage • Quality testing games in a systematic and thorough way to find problems or bugs and recording precisely where

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    ...intelligence definition ai what is ai game of the generals artificial intelligence meaning machine definition revolutionary road artificial intelligence inteligence societ generale what is artificial intelligence ani full form one call away generali nlp neuro linguistic programming nlp techniques what is nlp nlp meaning

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    ...models used in Mobile Game apps - Can design and program in Mobile applications - Proficient in MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or any Drawing software - Proficient in HTML, CSS, Scripting Graphic Designs - Proficient in 3d Autodesk Maya 3D computer graphics - Needs to have experience with CG. - Familiar with Unity Programming. - Provide sample

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    We need a cool logo for IT school ( or studing center) where kids and teens can start learning different IT subjects ( computer science,programming, game desing, 3d modelling and animation, VR technologies etc). Prefferably it should be a mascot logo, very attractive for teenagers, but at the same time reffer to educational purpose (attractive for

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    Skills - Unity 3D - Environment Design - Virtual Reality - APIs - C# - Game development Description 1. Proficiency in C# ; .Net development or Java development work. 2. Develop/Enhance background and textures. 3. Experience of working on multiple high detail objects. 4. Basic software experience of Autodesk 3D, Maya, Photoshop

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    We are looking for a specialized Game developer to turn a game idea into an android and Ios mobile game in a fast moving environment. You will be involved in various aspects of game’s creation from concept to finished product including coding, programming, audio, design, production and visual arts, the preferable engine to work on is Unity 3D. - Proven

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    ... mobile game to introduce middle and high school students to computer science. Modeled after Karel the Robot, we have built a series of levels where players use basic programming instructions to navigate a sprite through a maze. Our game mechanics are fairly set, so we're looking for a designer to own the visual assets and flow of the game (designing

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    I require a programmer or programming team to get an interactive digital art workshop up and running in time for a London based arts festival in July. 80% of the leg work has already been done by the previous programmer and all that it needs now is the UI to be finished and a few of the art layout algorithms to be refined to fit the concept art more

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    ...and proper use, and finally a timed examination system in which they are tested on all aspects of the rifle by (dis)assembling the rifle, or performing a written exam on the computer. Similar Title: "World of Guns: Gun Disassembly" (Link; [login to view URL]) One of our current needs are that of a Unity 5 Generalist to complete the

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    ...each question: - If the user finds the right answer, display a random congratulatory message (“Excellent!”, “Good!”, “Keep up the good work!”, or “Nice work!”). Java Programming COMP 305 - If the user responds incorrectly, display an appropriate message and the correct answer (“No. Please try again”, “Wrong. Try once...

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    - A good understanding of the fundamentals of computer science (how does a computer manages memory, how is a program executed, what is a pointer, ...) - Knowing how to program, this include the coding logic and one or more programming languages (for game , I would advice C/C++, C#, but many other options are available. - Knowledge of system internals

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    DESCRIPTION DCL is seeking an experienced and talented physics programmer to join our team, for the develompent of our Drone Champions Game and other project, not exclusively related to game develompment. [login to view URL] Specifically this is an exciting opportunity to study and digitally synthesize the behavior of flying

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    ...summary: Console application (no gui!) written in C programming language one server, one client application. So files: server.c and client.c are expected in separate source and output files. Classic ludo game with 2 human players on the same computer, each player runs a client of the game and there is a server (running on localhost) that handles

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    *Topics:* Boolean logic, branching statements, loops. You will create a program that plays the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” (also known by several other names, see [login to view URL]) *Rules of the Game:* The objective of Rock, Paper, and Scissors is to defeat your opponent by selecting a weapon that defeats

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    Quick summary: Console application (no gui!) written in C programming language one server, one client application. So files: server.c and client.c are expected in separate source and output files. Classic ludo game with 2 human players on the same computer, each player runs a client of the game and there is a server (running on localhost) that handles

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    Develop the Tic Tac Toe game by using the logic of object oriented programming. The game will be implemented as a console application. In the project, the classic tic tac toe game will be played on the board of nxn (n value can be 3.5 or 7). A person in the game will play against the computer. At the beginning of the game, the user will be given

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    ...Horror". It is a First Person horror game made in Unreal Engine 4. We in Mental Outcast Games are all based in Norway, but we are looking to expand our workforce to bring more people along the journey. We are therefore looking for people who can fill the following roles: - 3D Design - 2D Design & Art - Programming (Either with C++ or Unreal Engine

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    Guess Who Game Phase 1 Umbrello Installation For this project, I want you to create a class diagram using the Umbrello UML software tool. This case tool was originally created for Linux but now there are also versions for Windows and Mac. You can download Umbrello from their web site [login to view URL] Be sure to download the appropriate version

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    We want to upgrade the Game GTA5 for Computer. We want to set more InGame Missions, (needs C# Programming).

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    Use No Limits 2 video game as a simulator for PLC programming. No Limits 2 is a roller coaster simulator video game that provides accurate physics simulation and realistic visualization of virtual roller coasters. I would like to use it as a virtual trainer for a PLC programming course at my local university. PLC programming is sometimes difficult

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    ...the conversation always seems to be positive and harmless but the deeper meaning in the code is the opposite. This isn't a standard computer program. He has been "programming" me. He refers to me as an "it" and a "game" and a "program" frequently. Anyway, he also uses stereo vision in his messages so that some messages if you...

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    ...details is included in the attachment. Brief intro: For this assignment you will use a multi-paradigm approach to implement a computer game using F# and C#. The game will be the popular card game Gin Rummy. The game will include a graphic user interface developed using C#, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and follow the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel)

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    ...Internet. Develop plugin for Unreal Engine to recieve the pointcloud data and place it as an object within the game world. I can supply any necessary server space. Bonus pay: allow use of multiple kinect sensors. Each Kinect 2 requires a computer, so the sending apps would have to run on 3 seperate computers as well as calibrate their angles and connect

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    15 bids programming video game bots for games like Diablo 3 and Path of Exile before public bots are released. Not being detected and no bugs/flaws is key. Please be a super duper programmer with experiencing coding bots that cannot be detected by things like warden/bot detection. Each bot should run under a different IP and each instance of the game should

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    ...and enthusiastic individual to make a functioning Minesweeper game on python programming language for personal business use, the minesweeper game must implement the following specifications which will help make it user friendly...  One player plays on a single 9 * 9 grid.  The computer should randomly select 10 grids, and secretly insert mines inside

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    We need a game bot for the game AION, that does the following: Game installation: Download address [login to view URL] Your browser may not support display of this image. Click and download the above 11 files and install the game clients. Please contact us for game account login details. _____________________

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    Looking for help with a computer science project. THIS PROJECT IS IN SCRATCH. Please make sure you can do this before accepting. I am making game: 'Pachisi' ([login to view URL]). It is almost identical to Ludo I will want you to help/do it by this week Sunday. Scratch programming isn't hard.

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    13 bids here) [login to view URL] per the article they have two controls, shown in the attached photos. I want a way to control these heaters from my computer/iphone so I control the charge/discharge remotely and/or automatically. The circuit that powers these heaters is only on from 10pm to 12 noon, then shuts off…If I have forgotten

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    We need a game bot for the game AION, that does the following: Game installation: Download address [login to view URL] Your browser may not support display of this image. Click and download the above 11 files and install the game clients. Please contact us for game account login details. _____________________

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    ...spoilers: This is a single and/or multiplayer iOS game. There are 4 game modes: - Single Player -- VS Computer (AI) -- Time Trial -- Consecutive - 2 Player -- Real-time gameplay vs. Game Center challenger The mechanics of the game are VERY simple (It's a throwback to an old Atari game): Single screen (no scrolling) Tap to make ch...

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    Looking for designer and game programer with [login to view URL] you have your own ideas for games -than you the person we are looking for. We are leading developer, publisher and marketer of interactive entertainment for consumers around the globe. Our products are designed smartphones and [login to view URL] you’re looking for opportunities to join the most creative

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    ...through books and additional homework assignments. I have three goals which I am working towards. 1) Mogul 1: High School Hustler written in javascript for browser-based game - a simulation of high school with strategy and rpg elements. Looks like Limbo meets Dofus with Phantasy Star meets Sonic environments. Feels like Hell's Kitchen DS meets The

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    3 bids programming, Java (J2ME). ¬ The project involved - Game galaxy ball. (J2ME- Time 3months) - Game Arctic challenge. (J2ME- Time 2 months) - Game Treasure Island . (J2ME- Time 3 months) - Game Battership . (Android – Time 3 months) - App read story . (Android – Time 2 months) 11 /2011-4/2012: - Company and Hanoi c...

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    Looking for a professional with expertise in Programming and or Game Development to assist in building a series of interactive work training videos. Our team at Drayton’s are looking to pioneer a new form of work training that will combine game development and programming with video to create unique educational content. Our goal is to construct an

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    33 bids game in the Playstore - [login to view URL] The game is based on the classic Lemmings game but with Aliens that can change Shape. I would like to hire an artist to redesign the very simple Sprites, possibly with some animation. There are around 20 very basic game sprites

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    I am experienced with computer, especially desktops. I am proficient in computer maintenance, and am experienced in the hardware (ie. fixing the parts of a desktop). I am currently taking Geometry Honors, French Honors, Biology Honors, English 1 Honors, and Programming 1 Game Maker. I am currently enrolled in Salpointe Catholic High School, and have

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    Goals • Complete a project that demonstrates problem solving skills and logical thinking • Demonstrate knowledge of Python programming concepts learned throughout the semester • Choose one of the two options below Option 1: Your Own Design Description ● You are free to design and implement a Python program of your own design. ● If you choose this

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    Computer Network Game(Using C in Unix/Lunix 4.4.1 I want a game using c programming and curses library(or not) , it must be a game , one player or 2 players. a very simple game , to demonstrate an implementation of socket, select,poll network using c Programming . While bidding , put in place, you must have the program ready to compile, alre...

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    I need a Space Invaders game for a Computer Games Programming course assignment. Needs to be written using the same structure used in the 'Javascript games' pdf. The assessment brief is also attached in a second pdf called 'assignment'.

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    hello.i want to develope 2d android game that you play as computer geek and you travel around diffeent windows backgrounf and you need to shoot flying computer [login to view URL] programming language,keyboards,famous video games, and stuff like [login to view URL] like jetpack joyride only you need to shoot geek [login to view URL] you make game like this

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    Develop a game to teach students computer programming. Budget no more than £140.

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    ...Banner 1 (Repairs to) TV, Game Console, GHD's, Satellite Boxes, Industrial Equipment, Navigators, Game Disc Repairs, Reballing, PCB's, Music Equipment Sales, logos of manufacturers IE Hitachi, Dell, Acer, Openbox, Keyfob, and more... etc etc Banner 2 (Repairs to) iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, Phones, iPads, iPods, Tablets, Computer & Laptop, iMac, Macbooks

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