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    I offer my services on rentacoder to do projects in Direct X ,OpenGL ,VC++, or 3D graphics programming 3D Game Engine Development (Windows),Porting games from Custom API to DirectX or OpenGL on Windows,Various Other Games Including Board Games or Puzzles. Overview of Experience Electrical and Electronics Engineer with over 9 years experience in computing;

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    ...pong balls and strives to lob said balls into the cups of the opposing team as quickly as possible. There are 17 cups on each side, which somehow remain standing throughout the game. When a ping pong ball lands in a cup, the cup is instantaneously drained of fluid by forces unseen. The first team to cause all cups of the opposing team to be drained is the

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    I'm computer programmer, I almost finished programming a computer game, I need about 100 3d models, created using 3d studio max., they will vary between fixed objects, buildings, trees, and spaceships .. I'll put the artist in the credits, also I'll pay him what he offers now, if any success encoutered for the game, the artist will be included ... ...

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    ...for developers with programming and graphics skills to help produce a game. (Also help designing the actual game concepts and ideas would be great). The game includes basically a virtual network of computer systems, each with their own passwords, files, and other data. This data can be stolen, or, the computers in the game can be cracked into using

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    This project involves creating a classic game of dominoes for windows in VB6.0, my programming language. It is a "user vs. computer" kind of [url removed, login to view] aim of the game is to get rid of all your bones before the computer [url removed, login to view] involves 2 forms; the first start-up form should display the board on which the dominoes...

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    ...satisfying his lust for risk taking. What he needed was a computer program that could fufil his gambling desires whenever he felt the urge, and norman frequently felt the urge! He decided that the way to do it was to devise a computer program, which he could play. He hit upon the idea of a poker dice game. The idea is to throw six dice and select some or all

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    ...navigation program s gread twards mobile small screen use already but if it could incorparte multi media control. like cd's dvd's and mp3's. but at the same time it is a full computer so it needs to be able to have access to watever programs the user wants to install. the biggest challange i am facing now is the addition of a 200 disc cd/dvd changer. i

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    Introduction to Computer Programming I Program 5C Loops and Random Numbers Write a program to play a game of scramble. The scrambled word is displayed and the user should have 3 tries to guess the correct word. For example, the word RAMPRGIONMG and user should guess the correct word. When the user guesses 3 times and does not get the correct word, you

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    ...prolog+java programming of great urgency!(the project must be finished till this sunday, Feb 10, 2002.)If you have both experiences in prolog and java, please help me! Thanks a lot! ## Deliverables I have here a program of Othello game writen in Java and Prolog. The game is written as Server/Client in java, and Prolog take care of AI part of the game, so

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    ...your computer. Go to [url removed, login to view] and go to resources "The keyboard class". For further information, go to the Keyboard Class on this web site. Do programming project 3.7 Hi-Lo (pg. 170) in your book. The problem is repeated here for your convenience: Design and implement an application that plays the HI-LO guessing game with numbers

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    16 bids .php browser based strategy game that you accumulate "money" throughout the night. The program should hit a "donate" link in the game so it's not kept out too long to be stolen. There are programs out that people have made to do this, but I have had no luck getting one. There is no real money involved in the game. It would simply save me the ...

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    Will need a programmer or couple of programmers to aid in the development of a computer CDROM game using graphics and animation/3D. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done with copywrite rights for the source. ## Deadline information no real deadline to date.

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    ...and need help in finishing a program I am writing for my homework assigmnent. The project is a High/Low game in which the computer selects a number within a certain range selected by the user. For each game, the user guesses a number and the computer indicates whether the user is correct above or below the selected number. The program keeps track of the

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    I am doing 2nd year bsc computer science. want a project which should be equivalent to a television program which is going on india on starplus channel. The name of the program is koun banrga crorepati(who will be the millioner). I want a project of that kind using c++ (graphics too). I had attached zip file which contains the exe file which will give

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    ...can access or download them on other ppl's computer.( dont know how kazaa or napster do that,,need good ideas.) if possible the user can invite his friend and play multiplayer online game like tic-tac-to. ** want well- commented full source codes. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information Should

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    I'm a beginner can you ...can you Please!! help me write a TicTacToe Program. -That versus the Computer. -That can allow user to enter name. -Display who won ,or (cat). -Have reset button. -"Intelligent"Computer Game-play. -Randomize who goes first. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information 2 days

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