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    I'm in need of an ERPNext expert who can help set up the chart of accounts, update balances, configure emails, import products and clients, and set taxes for two companies. The ideal freelancer for the job must have a comprehensive understanding of Spanish accounting practices. The project is time-sensitive and requires someone who can dedicate 1-2 hours per week, offering support at a consistent monthly rate. Key Tasks: - Setting up Chart of Accounts: This is a pivotal aspect of the project and requires meticulous attention to detail. - Updating Balances: Ensuring that all financial data is accurate and up-to-date. - Configuring Emails: This involves the integration with our existing email service provider, setting up custom templates, and creating email notifications ...

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    Product Data Harvesting from Home Depot website for all their products under two categories, all the products listed in these catagories. Chandeliers Pendants I need a CSV Chart with: Model # Brand Name, Fixture Color/Finish & Link to the product page

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    I am currently see...involves the following: - Automating data entry from Excel/CSV files: The source of data that needs to be entered is primarily Excel/CSV files. The solution should be able to handle the extraction and accurate input of this data into the designated system. - Daily Task: The process will need to run daily, so the automation setup should be robust and reliable to handle the task on a daily basis without interruptions. Ideal candidates for this job must have at least 2 years of hands-on experience with IBM RPA (WDG Automation) and be proficient in programming and automation. Experience with data entry automation and handling data from Excel/CSV files is a big plus. The ability to deliver a solution that is efficient, eff...

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    I'm in need of a competent individual who can collect comprehensive information of all auctioneers from AUCTIONZIP.COM. The information should be organized in a CSV file format. This project encompasses the following key requirements: - Extracting company names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers from - Categorizing the data by location - Organizing the data in a clear and easily accessible CSV file The ideal candidate for this project should possess the following skills and experience: - Proficient in web scraping - Skilled in data entry and organization - Familiarity with CSV file formatting - Attention to detail to ensure accurate data collection - Able to categorize data effectively by location - Strong communication to clarify any amb...

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    I need an expert to create a tool that scrapes data from Instagram creator accounts and shares the coding process. The code should be developed using Facebook's official AP... The code should be developed using Facebook's official API and written in Python. Key Responsibilities: - Scrape specific data from Instagram creator accounts such as: - Username - Number of followers - Number of posts - Post frequency - Post details - Engagement (comments and likes) - Share the code and the entire process of how it was developed Deliverables: - Raw data in CSV file format - Documented Python code Ideal freelancer should have experience in Python and working with Facebook's official API. Familiarity with data scraping from social platforms like Instagram wi...

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    I'm on the lookout for a lead generation expert who can help me identify businesses in the USA that currently do not possess a website. The main aim behind this initiative is to potentially offer them website development services. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in lead generation, particularly within the US market. - Ability to identify businesses without a current online presence. Please note that the user skipped additional questions regarding specific industry sectors and information to be gathered. Your expertise in lead generation within the US market remains the primary focus of this project.

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    I have an existing logo that needs a font change. I'm looking for someone who can: - Provide a selection of different programming fonts to choose from before making the final change. - Transform the logo into high-quality files suitable for branding - Photoshop ai, PNG, PDF, SVG, EPS. The project is simple and I'm looking to hire the best offer available. Do note that I'm not sure about the current font used in my logo.

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    ...of automotive CSV files for my classified cars website. Here are the key functional components and required skills: - Import CSV files: The plugin should be capable of drawing in a CSV file, particularly structured columns with headers. - Data handling: The key data fields from the CSV files it should handle are car details, images, and prices for each car listed on the website. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Wordpress plugin development - Familiar with automotive industry data - Strong capacity in dealing with CSV file format - Experience with structured data column handling - Background in image and price data management. Key requirements include: Import Automotive Files: Ability to import various automotive file...

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    Product Data Harvesting from Home Depot website for all their products under two categories, all the products listed in these catagories. Chandeliers Pendants I need a CSV Chart with: Model # Brand Name, Fixture Color/Finish & Link to the product page

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    ...professional to deploy my PHP Laravel Vue SPA application on Google Cloud Run, using Docker, CI/CD, Google Cloud Platform, and MySQL. The role involves various aspects: - **CI/CD Implementation:** Utilizing Google Cloud Run for deployment. - **App Configuration & Databases:** Set up and manage app configurations and databases on Google Cloud Platform. - **Performance Optimization:** Ensure the app runs smoothly and identify areas for performance enhancement. The primary goal of this deployment is to have the application easily scale with demand. Ideal skills and experience include: - Proficiency in PHP Laravel, Vue SPA, Docker, and MySQL. - Strong understanding of CI/CD implementation, particularly with Google Cloud Run. - Prior experience in deploying and m...

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    We are dedicated to providing top-tier technology solutions. Our expertise spans web development, mobile application development, and UI/UX design. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, innovative products that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Business Analysis Responsibilities As part of our commitment to understanding and addressing client needs, our business analysts play a crucial role in our success. Their responsibilities include: - Identifying Valuable Clients: Our business analysts proactively seek out and identify clients who require IT support and technology solutions. They use their industry knowledge and networking skills to find clients whose needs align with our expertise. - Effective Communication: Strong communication skills are essential for our business ...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned Local Leads Generation Specialist who can help my business thrive. Key Responsibilities: - Creating and executing a localized pay per call campaign - Implementing innovative methods to generate leads - Constantly tracking and analyzing the campaign's performance Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience with pay per call campaigns - A knack for understanding and targeting local customers - Strong analytical skills to interpret campaign data - Previous success in generating leads within the Radio industry

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    Product Data Harvesting from Home Depot website for all their products under two categories, all the products listed in these catagories. Chandeliers Pendants I need a CSV Chart with: Model # Brand Name, Fixture Color/Finish & Link to the product page

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    Agriculture tower design that can be printed in 3D...................

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    I am living in Sweden as a citizen. I have a verified Etsy store that is connected with Gelato for hand made stuff sales. Similarly, I am planning to have a Shopify store soon. I am mostly busy in my technical projects so I am open to offer a 40% partnership to an individual who lives in a third world country and has good experience working with e-commerce and retail stores online. I want him or her to handle my stores and make them successful and take 40% profit for the whole life of these stores. Please notice this is not a paid project. Contact me only if you need verified stores in Europe to work on and get recurring profit.

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    ...sources. It should be built in Python and be compatible with Mac. LLM agent with RAG architecture I want to build this architecture: Key Requirements: - The solution should support querying from and to relational databases, CSV files, and JSON files. - It needs to be able to create complex SQL queries from natural language input. - The system should be self-correcting, learning from its mistakes to improve future queries. - It should be able to query diverse data sources, extracting and presenting data in a logical format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming. - Proven experience developing text-to-SQL

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    I need firmware for stm32 to read VPN packets and transfer them in RealDash CAN 44 format to CAN or USB (two options)

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    We have a movie in 120 minutes and need to proofread the SRT format from Italian to English. Deadline 5 hours and budget CAD 40. If you have experience in movie translating and Subtitle creation then place a bid.

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    1. check that wherever there is speech there are subtitles, if there is speech but no subtitles you need to add subtitles manually 2. check that the subtitle match the speech, and correct if necessary 3. Check that the time that the subtleties are displayed is the same as the time that there is speech in the video (for example sometimes there is speech for 3 seconds but the subtitles are 10 seconds. In such a situation you have to manually set the time of the subtitle to 3 seconds)

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    ...PART 2 of the project: The database does not have zip codes but it does have the USA City Name and the USA State. I will give you a csv file that is a database file of all USA ZIP CODES and it has the Name of the CITY and State. Just use the first zip code. Some cities will only have 1 zip code so use that one. You will search the City and State pairs and the first zip code can be used. Many cities will have more than one zip code. So if you see: CITY: Newark State New Jersey (NJ) There will be many zip codes in Newark, NJ you can use the first zip code. Note: Many zip codes in the North East have a leading zero that gets truncated when you open the csv file. So those leading zero zips need to be quoted. PART 3 There are data rows with 2 pho...

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    Our Linux server hosted on Godaddy which facilitates the delivery of CSV files to Metastock software (installed at clients' end) has encountered a critical error - Error code 502. I am seeking an experienced system administrator to recover this server to a workable condition. Key Tasks and Deliverables: - Diagnose the cause of the error: The primary task is to determine what has caused this error code 502. - Implement the solution: Once the root cause is identified, I need you to apply the necessary fixes to the server. - Testing and Validation: After implementing the solution, you'll be required to test the server thoroughly to ensure that it is functioning correctly and that the issue has been resolved. Skills and Experience: - Strong Linux server administration...

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    I need an experienced PHP developer to help fix a specific bug in CSV parsing functionality. Creating synthetic data is a process used to balance an ML/AI model for a specific purpose. This involves generating data that maintains the properties of true data but can be produced in various ways. Even though the synthetic data represents genuine scenarios, there are multiple methods to create these datasets. This flexibility allows for the generation of numerous true variants of data batches, each suitable for different aspects of model training and validation. - CSV Parsing: - I need some help un Bigquery integration CSV parsing functionality. The data that needs to be parsed is in CSV format. we use Bigquery for log data analisys . The freelancer shou...

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    Install modules and pi camera to make script to run

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    Hi Atemenu, I want to hire you to create single report into a template from multiple source reports.

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    I'm loo...ticket is created Admin will see all the tickets and reply the ticket and each reply send email notification When solved, the admin will close the ticket So the ticket will have only 2 statuses: OPEN and CLOSED. 3. Report: Dashboard should show status of all tickets, statistics of closure and average time for each category. In the dashboard, the admin will see all tickets and can generate reports. Can export the report as CSV. 4. Activity Log: All actions will be saved as an activity log Technologies We will use Laravel as the backend and React.Js as the frontend framework. The MySQL will be the database. Time & Quote: Total time: 3 weeks Total cost: to be discussed. Support: 2-month support will be provided after completing the project. If any bug...

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    HVAC Permit Data Scraping 5 days left

    I need a professional to scrape HVAC permit information from the Los Angeles County Building and Safety website. The data required includes issue dates and project addresses. Key Requirements: - Extract issue dates & project addresses - Deliver the data in a CSV file with separate columns for address and issue date. Skills/Experience: - Proficiency in web scraping - Experience with data extraction and CSV manipulation - Familiarity with Los Angeles County Building and Safety website and other counties that will be needed.

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    I'm in need of an experienced data visualization expert who can help me in deploying a web application for a shipyard information record spanning the last 15 years. The project involves using the D3.js open code to create a visually engaging and interactive visualization that effectively communicates insights from the dataset around 20000rows and 50 columns in csv format. Key Requirements: - Incorporate Ship maintenance data, Ship repair data, Ship construction data, and project activities information in the visualization. - The visualization should focus on trend analysis, performance metrics, resource utilization, complexity prediction, new projects budget estimates, and data prediction. - The use of Pie charts, Bar graphs, Scatter plots, and D3.js dynamic visualizati...

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    Hi, I have a CSV file from a supplier that contains around 1-2k products and around 10-15k variations in total. The CSV file does include categories and all the needed details but it doesn't map/manage collections. You can either adjust the CSV to include a collection column and sort it manually or you can also create the collections and add it manually to it. Up to you which method to use. I don't like autobids so if you read and understood what is needed then please type Green at the beginning of your proposal. Proposals without it will be ignored.

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    I am currently using software from to bulk list items to Ebay through Printful.com. This software is an .exe file that runs on...reopens it to submit the next product. The problem is this logs me out of Printful and I have to log back in every time which renders this useless. I need someone that can develop software that can operate in a similar way as pod connect for my personal use. It will need to automatically create listings on Printful using information from Printful and fields I populate on a CSV file including title, pricing, image path etc. This will require someone to run the pod connect software on their own PC to see how it operates. We do not have the source files. I have an account with podconnect I can provide the login info so yo...

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    I'm looking for a diligent and skilled data analyst who can work with a large dataset of more than 10,000 records. The key tasks for this project will include statistical analysis, data visualization, and predictive modeling. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Extensive experience in statistical analysis, data visualization, and predictive modeling - Proficiency in working with large datasets - Strong familiarity with Excel/CSV data formats Please let me know about your experience in similar projects and your approach to handling and analyzing large datasets. This will be crucial in helping me make an informed decision.

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    ...our laundry service operations. This application will feature: - Dual-mode operation (Kiosk and Individual) - PIN-based login system with role-based access control - Detailed time tracking for folding and packaging processes - Overall timer to identify inefficiencies - Productivity calculations (lbs/hour) - Order management system with active and completed order lists - Customer management with CSV upload capability - Reporting features for managers and admins The app should be designed with a clean, intuitive interface using React, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, and DaisyUI for the frontend. The backend should be structured using Node.js and Express, with MongoDB as the database, allowing for seamless full-stack integration as the project evolves. Please review the attached compre...

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    ...Operation: Kiosk mode for shared devices in the facility Personal mode for individual employee smartphones User Management: Role-based access (Owner, Manager, Regular Employee) PIN system for action attribution in kiosk mode Time Tracking: Clock in/out functionality Break and lunch tracking Compliance with local labor laws Customer Management: Customer database with search and filter options CSV import functionality Order Processing: Create and track orders through multiple stages (washing, drying, folding, packaging) Weight-based productivity calculations Productivity Metrics: Real-time productivity display Detailed reports and analytics Integration: API for connecting with our customer-facing application Technical Requirements: Developed entirely in Appshe...

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    ...looking for who can help me to complete the funtions, db for a simple schedule calendar and records appointments, pantientns, agents, for save info and make reports in MEAN stock develoment, dockerized application too [Demo Interface Link]() #### 1. User Authentication - Implement email and password authentication. [Login Interface Link]() #### 2. User Roles and Permissions - **Admin**: Can delete any data. - **Admin and Professional**: Can create and edit users with roles "Agent" and "Professional", but cannot delete appointments or users. - **Agent**: Can create and edit patients, add and edit appointments, but cannot create or edit users or disable appointments or users. Can only edit their own

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    I'm seeking a freelancer with expertise in handling canvas elements in Selenium using Python. I need assistance with the following tasks: - Extracting Image Data: The ability to extract canvas images - Data Extraction: Extracting text and color data from canvas elements The final deliverable should be a CSV file containing all extracted data from the canvas elements. Ideal candidates will have: - Extensive experience with Selenium and Python - A strong grasp on canvas element manipulation - Prior experience with data extraction and processing Please provide a bid if you meet these criteria. The successful candidate will be expected to provide a sample of similar work.

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    More details: Is this project for business or personal use? Personal What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Detailed project proposals How soon do you need your project completed? ASAP

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    ...processes CSV and JSON files to generate some output. I'm looking for a freelancer to enhance this project, specifically the following: - Handling Multiple Files: Currently it is handling one single csv and single json file and generating single output . The project needs to be made capable of processing multiple CSV and JSON files dynamically. The pipeline should process each file individually, generating triples for the Graph DB. - Scheduling: The enhancement should include setting up the pipeline to run on a scheduled basis. This means the pipeline should automatically pick up new files in a specified directory and process them at predefined intervals. Ideal applicants for this project should have: - Proficiency in Java ...

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    I'm looking for a professional who can develop a comprehensive Google Colab program to analyze my security logs. This tool should provide a detailed risk assessment with a high accuracy of 99.5%. Key requirements: - The program should be able to handle CSV-formatted security logs. - Utilize Random Forest, Voting Classifier, and XGBoost for the analysis. - Perform data preprocessing and manage data imbalance effectively. The final output needs to be a detailed risk assessment report that includes: - A summary of findings - Recommendations for risk mitigation I'm looking for someone with: - Strong experience in data analysis and machine learning - Proficiency in working with Google Colab - Previous experience with security log analysis is a plus Please provide ex...

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    ...from scratch for me. The main purpose of the website is to sell premium softball and baseball digital recruiting content. Key Requirements: - The website should be designed to cater specifically to e-commerce needs, with a focus on user-friendliness and conversion optimization. - As I will be providing all of the content for the website, including text, images, and videos, I need a developer who can effectively integrate these into the site. Some items to consider: > Business Name: Diamond Sports Recruiting > Slogan: Your Path to Athletic Scholarships > Baseball and Softball Recruiting service - providing student-athletes the tools and resources to get recruited and get scholarships > HTML Logo Colors: e51a1a, 012555, a2cffe, 022138. Not every color needs to be th...

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    More details: Heyday cannabis is a vertically integrated cannabis business (cultivation (grow) and retail (dispensaries)). Only use the words “Heyday Cannabis” in the logo. Updated Idea: please provide submissions that incorporate an abstract symbol combining a stylized sun and a blooming flower. I do not want it to look like a marijuana plant. More Ideas: 1. Incorporate sleek, contemporary fonts with a dynamic color scheme (perhaps bold and energetic colors like yellow, orange, electric purple or electric blue) to convey a sense of liveliness and modernity, or 2. Use an abstract symbol that suggests growth, upward movement, or a rising sun, indicating a period of peak success and vitality, or 3. Consider using elements from nature such as a stylized sun, a blooming flow...

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    Hi, We're getting window decals printed, but they're asking for some adjustments to the logo files. I don't know how much time it would take, but they seem pretty minor so I'm entering 2 hours.

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    I'm in need of a professional to help me recover my business documents and database files after a ransomware attack. Unfortunately, I don't have a backup of the encrypted data. The affected devices run on a Windows operating system. Key requirements and responsibilities include: - Recovering business documents and database files that have been encrypted by the ransomware attack - Ensuring complete restoration of the data without any loss or corruption - Working with the affected Windows systems to decrypt and retrieve the data - encrypted files include word, excel, pdf, and other relevant formats. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in handling ransomware attacks and data recovery - Expertise in decrypting and recovering data from W...

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    Please update the Chrome extension to support the Amazon Top Search Terms feature and enable downloading the report in CSV format.

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    ***Don't bid if you won't agree on the BUDGET! Budget is 70$ I am looking for a developer that knows Java script + unity C# i have an online Unity soccer 1 vs 1 game we need to add 2 new features. Firstly, you will implement the animation of electrifying the opponent, causing them to freeze for a specified duration. This feature will be seamlessly integrated into the gameplay and synchronized with the server-side Java script for online multiplayer functionality. Secondly, you will create the animation of lifting and releasing the opponent within the game environment. This interactive feature will add an exciting element to the gameplay experience, enhancing player engagement. Thirdly, You will need to fix small animation in the server so it will work in unity. Please check...

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    I am looking for an experienced web automation freelancer to develop a bot that automates form filling and scheduling, as well as vacancy monitoring and alerting on the VFS Global platform. The project includes: Reading data from a CSV file. Filling out forms with the read data and saving them as drafts. Periodically monitoring the availability of appointments. Sending alerts (email/SMS) when appointments become available. Automatically booking appointments when detected. Support for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers. Adding logs and retry mechanisms in case of failures. Ensuring the security of client data. Providing detailed documentation on the bot's setup and execution. Requirements: Proven experience with Python and Selenium. Knowledge in web automation and data...

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    I'm looking for a skilled individual who can help me set up a power automate program. Key Requirements: - Extracting specific information from the invoices I receive for my clients. The information includes: - Client name - ABN - NDIS number - Start date of service - End date of service - Invoice number - Quantity - Unit price - The invoices are in the PDF format, so experience with this type of data is essential. - The invoices are not in a consistent format, so the automation tool should be able to handle variations in columns and structure. I need someone who has experience with Power Automate, data extraction, and working with CSV files. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working with varying invoice structures and be ...

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    I have a casino game developed in Cocos Creator and I need a developer to install it and ensure that it runs smoothly. Key Responsibilities: - Install Cocos Creator casino game on the specified platform - Ensure that the game runs and functions properly - Full testing required to ensure there are no bugs post-installation - You will be required to work remotely using Anydesk I would like to have this done as soon as possible. The ideal candidate for this project must have: - Proficiency in Cocos Creator - Experience with installing and running games - Understanding of HTML5 and WebGL - Excellent problem-solving skills - Available to start immediately and complete the project quickly. Please provide details of your past work and relevant experience in the application. A detailed projec...

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    I am seeking a developer who could create a desktop application in Visual Basic. The app's main functionalities will include: - CSV File Processing - Excel File Processing - Generating CSV and JSON files - Connecting with GPT for translations This project specifically involves processing sales and inventory information. We're looking for someone who can: - Import data - Export data - Perform calculations and analysis - Generate reports - Create new files with different calculated or generated columns Experience with similar projects and familiarity with CSV, Excel, and JSON file manipulation would be essential. Additionally, proficiency in Visual Basic and ability to interface with a GPT for translations is a must. The ideal candi...

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    I'm in need of a professional who can thoroughly check my website for plagiarism to avoid potential copyright issues. Key Website Content: - Textual Content - Images and Graphics - Code Snippets Scope of the Project: - The website contains between 10-50 pages, and I need all of these to be reviewed for originality and potential copyright infringement. Ideal Candidate: - Experience in plagiarism checking for websites. - Knowledge of copyright laws and regulations. - Attention to detail and ability to thoroughly review textual content, images, and code. Please note that the confidentiality of my website's content is paramount and I'm looking for someone who can handle this task with the required sensitivity and professionalism.

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