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    ...Jqgrid, Datatables, FedEx API, and Endicia API. The ideal candidate should have experience in building web applications from scratch, maintaining existing codebases, and debugging issues. Responsibilities: Develop, test, and maintain web applications using the required skills and tools Write clean, modular, and reusable code Collaborate with other team members, including designers and product managers Troubleshoot and debug issues in a timely manner Optimize applications for maximum speed and scalability Ensure the security and data protection of the web applications Requirements: Proven work experience as a Full-Stack Developer or similar role Strong proficiency in JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap 2.0.3, GIT, MWS API, Jqgrid, ...

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    i need laravel website with multi user dashboard. 1) super admin 2) admin (employee) these two user who can login on super admin dashboard, where client must have saparate dashboard. -> super admin can create admins (employees) -> super admin and admin can create, view and delete customer account. -> all admin and customer should be shoe on yajra datatables -> each user (admin and customer) have separate profile -> profile must container user name, email, address, city, state, phone, gender, and profile picture. -> i will provide the logo as well.

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    i need laravel website with multi user dashboard. 1) super admin 2) admin (employee) these two user who can login on super admin dashboard, where client must have saparate dashboard. -> super admin can create admins (employees) -> super admin and admin can create, view and delete customer account. -> all admin and customer should be shoe on yajra datatables -> each user (admin and customer) have separate profile -> profile must container user name, email, address, city, state, phone, gender, and profile picture. -> i will provide the logo as well.

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    - Set a new Laravel 10 Application width Metronic Dashboard Layout. - Add the new version DataTables & Editor to it - Make a sample for a multiple DataTables & Editor like the attached pictures (Server-Side from MySql tables)

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    Using theme metronic. We want to build two pages like with the structure explained: (must using json like example, ajax like example) (use php only to save output and generate ajax) with the fields: PAGE1 (identity): Name, Email, Company Database field: Name = Name Email = Email Company = Company PAGE2 (mac): MAC, EMAIL, VLAN, CREATED DATE. In page 2 email must be a search for email (page1) (not introducing manual email) Database fields: MAC = username (Mandatory) MAC = password (Mandatory) (YES, save twice MAC value in field username and password) VLAN = Tunnel-Private-Group-Id (MANDATORY) EMAIL = (OPTIONAL) When we create a new MAC we always save this two fix values (always 13 and 6): Tunnel-Type = 13 (MANDATORY)

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    I need an experienced PHP/JS developer with extensive knowledge in DataTables Server-Side Processing and SearchPanes to give me full package to display records in a MySQL table `testtable`, which are about a million records, and enable Search-Panes with Viewing Totals, Subtotals and Cascading Panes. The table has 18 columns as: col1,col2,col3,col4,col5,col6,col7,col8,col9,col10,col11,col12,col13,col14,col15,col16,col17,col18 I am expecting the code to be neat and commented on every part. Also, I want to have full package of coding files. Furthermore, I want the code to be initialized in a smart way, where I can just rename the table and column names and everything else got affected accordingly, without the need to modify each file. Additionally, I want to have a clear way to edit...

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    DataTables warning: table id=active_orders_list - Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see i'm getting above error for my website. Need technical support to fix this issue

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    Need help with a datatable server side implementation. The goal is to make our datatable faster as possible. We started implementation but we stumbled in some technical difficulties, due the hundreds of options available. The purpose of this project is to guide our developer via a zoom call. All we need is an expert that is able to answer his questions and provide options for the scope of our case if necessary. Thx.

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    Successful candidates should have experience with the following libraries (among others): -jQuery -Bootstrap -Backbone -DataTables In addition to these libraries, we would also love to see experience with -Promises/async in JavaScript -LESS/CSS

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    Website is ready to go. I just need to update the database and the DataTables and make small improvements on the visual. Also, assistance needed in installing onto server.

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    I am making progress on a CMS involving DataTables, PHP, MySQL. I need to make additions / improvements, including reformatting and alphabetizing options in dropdown adding fields to database and forms improving search features for filtering

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    DataTables warning: table id=datatable - Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see gving this arror when i click on one button fix this is wevsite

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    ...edit information in a database. It basically works, but there are several bugs and I need to make some adjustments. There are 13 tables, most of them very simple. Several of them are linked in numerous fields to other tables. * fix bugs * correct BootStrap template * create password access for users (login only, I can create passwords directly) * change icon set Skills needed: PHP/MySQL and DataTables ...

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    i need laravel developer to edit a project can work with datatables

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    First this is NOT a cewp app. You MUST deliver a working SPFX. Please know what you are talking about and please keep your crazy high bids. You will need to set your to pint to your dev/working instance as I do not have one available for you to use. If you do not have one or do not feel like using the free one from microsoft you will not be able to execute. I will pay sounds. I will not pay any fees/taxes/etc before the work is complete. Sorry but I have been burned before. They have ruined it for everyone. Success will be when I can run "Gulp Serve" on the code and it 'compiles', runs, and opens the XPFs app in SharePoint sandbox with the App showing the tabular view, row grouping, sorting, searching, filtering by column, export etc that are enabled by ...

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    ...environment for source control. This includes understanding basic branching techniques. 8. Experience working in a team. 9. Experience using Jira (Project management software) for bug tracking. 10. Experience working from detailed specifications. 11. Experience using Bootstrap 4.0 12. Experience using Rotativa for the generation of PDF files 13. Experience in Server Side Paging using Jquery Datatables. 14. Good communicator – Agreed to update stand-up meetings/progress reports Additional important requirements: We will provide a comprehensive document for each report with an agreed layout the following work can be complete. 1. CRUD that must be created for all Reports. 2. Labels 3. Questions 4. Provide answers & type of dropdown (multiple/single select / Y or N answer...

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    I have a joomla website where I am using RSForms. I have implemented JQuery Datatables and have set the first column to a checkbox. What I can't figure out to work is 1) when click the Select All checkbox, select all checkboxes displayed on screen 2) Get the id of all of the checked checkboxes

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    As title says I need to run a mysql query in php and return the results to and set the results as the source for the

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    I need help styling my web application, the basic look is split in 3. Left collapsible menu, top bar and right hand side content. The right hand side is predominantly javascript datatables, I also have some KPI screens with tiles and charts I need to look presentable. Please reply with any examples of your work, you should have experience with CSS and HTML.

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    I need to use php to run a mysql query, and return the results to a JQuery DataTable. Now the DataTable will need a bit of customization, in a sense that 1) It will display the Query results 2) The first column needs to be a checkbox 3) The header needs to have the same checkbox that will check the checkbox for all visible results 4) Need a button added that when presse...Now the DataTable will need a bit of customization, in a sense that 1) It will display the Query results 2) The first column needs to be a checkbox 3) The header needs to have the same checkbox that will check the checkbox for all visible results 4) Need a button added that when pressed will the database id of all of the checked checkboxes This is using Joomla, RSForms and JQuery DataTables. I can pay $50 USD

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    Create one Input field for ID one drop down for month and one drop down for year on click button Submit make GET request to url and you will get JSON Data data received show them on page and Datatable - Datatable drop down for year on click button Submit make GET request to url and you will get JSON Data data received show them on page and Datatable - Datatable should be able to sort data by any column - Should be able to filter based on any column - Export pdf or CSV of data on table(if no filter export all data if there is filter export only data on view) U can reuse Please no discussion about the bid amount so bid the amount you are willing to work for, I have shared all details except for JSON which I will share with awarded only.n page

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    ...high punctuality and planning. Able to map systems, find trouble points and suggest and fix on the fly. Ability to understand English near native and self start to help and get our clients as happy as possible. We have work for Laravel, SSL, Scraping, Functions and Features in PHP, Twilio, Mail server settings, rethinkDB, AWS, SaaS Ecommerce, Angular/Bootstrap/Metronic/CoreUI, ML, Swift, Datatables, AutoIT and many more. Currently we have someone working on all the above! So I am looking for a No 2 who can work in similar environment. We use exclusively Slack/BitBucket and Vultr. I look forward to hearing your perfect English response and having a test project for us. Current requirment is Mail server working Twilio Connect - Update API Tokens Produce Data for API in ou...

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    Hello I have enclosed my project. Please Open Now Click on Add Client Option a New Popup Windows Open Here in Popup Windows User Select the data maybe in multiple rows then after selection it reflects in webpage Now In Popup Window (It Should me in modal box) on (When Data added here remove option required row wise) Sql Full Script -> Project Source -> Mention what is total of 4+6 in top of your bid otherwise it won't consider. Thanks.

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    ...logged-in users can see and edit these columns. Their checks & notes should be saved (MySQL) instantly and reproduced whenever each user reloads the page or logs in again. In MySQL, each record has a unique ID, and is occasionally updated. Some records will be deleted or newly added, but one record keeps its own ID from the start to its deletion. To achieve the filtering functions, I'm using jQuery Datatables (), but I don't know if it’s a right choice. And, Ajax version is faster, of course. But, MySQL version is easier for me to update and handle the table. And, the table data will be provided in SQL source file. Please remember that the page-speed and filtering-speed is as important as the above additional functions. If you will use any other skill exce...

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    The MySQL query below takes about 12-14 seconds to execute. Please examine the datatables and the query and share the following - 1. Optimized version of the query with average time taken 2. What do you think was wrong with the existing query ? Note - please assume all the joins are mandatory in the given query 3. What were the main improvements done ? Query : select distinct name ad_type from dim_ad_type x where exists ( select 1 from sum_adserver_dimensions sum left join dim_ad_tag_map on and dim_ad_tag_map.client_id=sum.client_id left join dim_site on = dim_ad_tag_map.site_id left join dim_geo on = sum.geo_id left join dim_region on left join dim_device_category on

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    Create form Login & CRUD in to exist project core /MVC [ core /MVC , SQL server DB] - Login form used table "Data_User". - CRUD for control table "Tbl_Packaging_Part". But make sure validations on login and crud page works properly and soft delete only. Pagination of jQuery datatables. Implement Authorization [Authorize] so user cannot access controllers from url. Regards, Manoj.

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    Create 3 charts with clickable legends and use filter for 2 datatables

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    Need to fix columns width in jquery datatables

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    Its a ver easy task. I want to filter by date range in datatables javascript plugin

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    I tried what is provided on Datatables site but no luck .. need expert to accomplish it

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    Hi! I need help with datatables in Javascript. Cant filter through date range. Also need help creating a new row with html and twig and display the total sum of each column.

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    Looking for a Develop that is able to fix DataTables warning: table id=dataTable - Requested unknown parameter '' for row 0, column 2. For more information about this error, please see my issue Php Laravel MYSQL

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    ...Requirements: - Contract Requires US Citizenship - Must be able to obtain and maintain an US Agency specific Public Trust clearance Job Description: - Implement revisions to a shared Drupal code base including configuration changes, modifications to custom PHP code, and addition of existing open-source Drupal plug-ins. - Adopt and follow development patterns currently is use by the team. - Use jQuery, Datatables, and other Javascript frameworks to display dynamic data on web pages from public APIs. - Write T-SQL SELECT queries. - Successfully identify the root cause of reported issues using binary-tree reasoning. - Work with other team members in a collaborative, Agile manner. - Actively participate in daily standups, customer touch-points, weekly demos, and team retrospectives....

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    I have a Datatable that is working correctly for reservations in one room, but i would like to reuse this datatable for diferent rooms by passing somehow the variable room_id . I tried a lot of things and i am stuck, probably someone who knows it well can solve in 10 minutes

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    I want you to develop two datatables and three pop-up forms using react bootstrap. Table must me responsive. Table header sorting must work (ex: high,low, A-Z, Z-A, etc sorting) like jquery data table. Code has to be clean and neat. Take any dummy data just to check the table functionality. On hover effects must be there. Pagination must work perfectly, Showing entries in the table must work perfectly. On click update status button it should throw a pop-up as shown in the Data-Table-pop-up.pdf. Table must look exactly same as On-click checkbox in the header it show tick all the check boxes for bulk actions. In the search input field there must be place-holder animation (It should type automatically to gain the user attention example:

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    ...() and Datatables Editor (): 1. Customize the graphs shown in "ss Task " by: 1.1 Creating an example of user defined colors 1.2 Add some buttons like the ones present in first two graphs (Month, Week, Day). The graph should be updated when the user will press those buttons. On the X axe labels for first two graphs if Days button is press Month/Day/Year format should be used, for example 04/20/2022, if the Week button is pressed Week/Year format should be used, for example 14/2022, if the Month button is pressed Month/Year format should be used for example 04/2022 1.3 Cut from margins arround description labels (Min, Max, Preorder, Sale, Deal), there is too much empty space 2. Customize Datatables and Editor CRUD (https://editor

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    We need a script/tool to scrape (crawl) data from a website running on Typo3 (React). The data is shown by datatables. Each listitem clicked, leads to view of details for that entry. These details shall be scraped and place into a database (mySQL/MariaDB). The script/tool should be called up regularly, then checking for a.) new data entries, b.) deleted data entries and c.) altered data entries. The script shall be php/js running on php 8 (preferred). Phython or else running on an ubunntu-server.

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    We are a small start-up that is not funded. We have a complex Java spring boot app with jpa, thymeleaf, datatables, ag-grid, jquery, bootstrap, MySQL, twilio, firebase push messaging. We need front end help but our current backend developer could use help as well as we have lots projects slated. Any hotel or hospitality experience is greatly appreciated.

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    Hello, We have an admin dashboard built in ASP.NET (backend) and front end using a template purchased from Themeforest. In front end, it uses bootstarp for css, vanilla JS and html. Theme name is "Minia - For ASP". We want you to design some pages using theme elements and connect it with our APIs for pulling and sending data. Using AJAX to display data in charts, datatables and other UI elements. You don't have to write custom CSS, everything is already in the theme. You just have to use div classes to make design, pull data and display using JS. It needs to be done for some 6-8 pages.

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    I need help to fix a bug in Search facility. Somehow data for Search is not updated after data is modified so Searh is also looking in the old dataset. Most probably is a very easy fix just to refresh data for Search. To reproduce it modify some entries ...will also match the new Bbbbb name. Also some small improvements are requested: - Remove search option on the top of Action column - Fix the search on Enum column - Action column should be in a fixed position in the right edge of the table - Save and Close buttons should be in a fixed position in the bottom of the Edit modal The project is using Apache EChart () and Datatables Editor (). The link to the project is:

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    I need help with Realtime connecting firebase with datatables.

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    ...metrix URL TRANSFER SIZE DOWNLOAD TIME 18.5KB 907ms 3.11KB 907ms 4.96KB 907ms :400,700 1.03KB 770ms :400,700,400italic,700italic 532B 153ms 2.26KB 907ms ; HTTP/2 offers many benefits over HTTP/1.1, including binary headers and multiplexing. ; 82 PAGE REQUESTS MINIFIED JAVASCRIPT ; pingdom Make fewer HTTP requests F0 Add Expires headers F20 Use cookie-free domains F34 Compress components with gzip F50 Reduce DNS lookups

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    Need to Destroy DataTable and Reintialize it, but syntax from documentation is not working.

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    I have an erp solution built in ASP.Net MVC 5 and front end HTML, CSS, JQuery. I have syncfusion licences and I need to use syncfusion controls like data grid (datatable), pivot table for generating reports from software. I am using VS 2013 for development purpose. Backend is MySQL. You will be responsible for a POC initially for 2-3 reports in 1st part and once the report is finalized then you will have to extend it to other reports in 2nd part. Right now I am considering bids only for implementing it for 2-3 reports and afterwards a new project and budget will be opened for further reports. For those who dont know, Syncfusion is just like Telerik but a cheaper alternative.

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    I want to have a react administration design template with the complete css boostrap panel framework the focus is on having a flat design and datatables with pagination search and filter I also want a specific POS page

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    Hello, I'm looking for a developer that is an expert with Leaflet JS and Datatables. DEMO: This website shows an example of a LeafletJS Map and a table below it, with the data being linked. Select item on the table, it will focus on it within the map. Zoom/Pan the map, it updates the table as to what is displayed. I need someone who can build me almost exactly the same functionality. Resources ~1.8/ Please include links to previous LeafletJS Map work in your bid.

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    Looking for someone that is experienced with JavaScript and styling DataTables..

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    DataTables warning: table id=manageTable - Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see

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    CRUD application Requirement: 1. familiar with DataTables (a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library) 2. experience on CRM system 3. PHP/jQuery: please put "datatables/CRM/developers' years of PHP" in front of your bid so we can skip the bids from robot.

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    We have a simple Flask (Python) app that we need to convert to Laravel. The app: - parses and imports CSV/Excel reports, - saves them to the database, - displays the DB data as JSON (DataTables format). This is mainly backend work. The code has to be clean and well-designed (OOP, DRY, etc.) Docker experience preferable.

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