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    I am in need to learn advance excel VBA power BI macros etc.. Any one available to teach

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    Looking for a developer to add a calculated field "work time" in an existing WordPress form. The new field should subtract "end time field" minus "start time" and pause time. It must also be printable in a PDF and in an Excel export. The Wordpress form, its printing and its Excel export already exist and are made with the NinjaForms and NFviews addon.

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    Description of Datasets : Multiple excel files and sheets having data of list of retail shops and their addresses. There are 3 sheets for every district. The dataset overs 200 districts in 15 states. The format of the district files of a state are similar. Outcome required : Compiling the above datasets and making one master sheet with state wise district wise address hierarchy wise name and respective fields against each retailer.

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    I need someone to figure out an issue with a simple excel file.

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    This project consists of a Google Sheets document that uses dozens of variables, some preset and some pulled from live sources, to calculate the profitability of ASIC mining Bitcoin. A freelancer is wanted who is proficient in Microsoft Excel (which translates over to Google Sheets) and preferably has some knowledge of what Bitcoin is. You will be joining a team of 4-5 people collaborating through Discord to create this sheet. Time is of the absolute essence here, so prioritizing this project will generate big incentives for you ($$$).

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    Need assistance in analyzing a data set 90+ records(stock return), these are not normally distributed so it is a little beyond my comfort level. We are looking for a way to analyze return data and produce a probability distribution to generate a user ...are looking for a way to analyze return data and produce a probability distribution to generate a user defined amount of 40 period (10yr x 4quarters)paths. The paths generated will be utilized in another model to produce expected returns. Our dataset has already been proven to have little/no correlation with the other projections. Deliverable would ideally be delivered in Python(jupyter) or Excel Please ask question or write something that let's us know that your response is not automated. Looking to hire quickly with qu...

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    I would like a Python code that scrapes data from the below linked page and writes the data into Excel csv file. When the code goes to the below page, it needs to click on "History" tab on top of page. The data is on that tab. Please note that the data is on multiple pages there. If you scroll to the bottom of the table on the page, you will see that there are links to pages numbered 1,2,3,... etc. The code needs to take as input the numbers of the pages to scrape (say pages 1-5) and scrape the data on those pages. There are 8 columns of data on that table. The code needs to scrape all of that. Ideally, the code needs to use the Selenium package of Python and Chrome Webdriver. Given the simplicity of the project, I would like it completed this week.

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    hi...sharing one excel there are codes in yellow marked column need trading view script with that logic with 3 exit rules 1. exit on logic confirms change in trend 2. fixed sl/tp 3. atr based exit exit on the first condition match atr option should be "on choice" no sl tp or atr option if selected system will close the trade on signal reversal let me know budget n time to complete Note: o+h+l+c/4 N o+h+l+c/4 N-1 second (n-1)-n average of 21 values in column 2 when it turns>0 buy and <0 sell

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    I required a VBA based excel which would be capable of data scraping from the website.

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    I am looking for someone confident in integrating ClickUp via Integromatt. The integration will create a new task in ClickUp when a new row is added to a table in Excel. You will therefore need to map the data in the various columns of the Excel table to the task fields in ClickUp. I have tried with Zapier but it does not support custom fields in ClickUp whereas Integromatt does.

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    Hello, We are looking for someone to contribute some content writing. We've designed an SEO tool/application. I will provide the main features and capabilities of the website and you need to write 5 pages of content - home page, features, pricing, signup and contact us, that's it for now. We will eventually need someone to do web design for us as well.

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    ...that runs well with an excel sheet with extensive functions. However, we have to enter all data into the excel sheet every week from all the players who played their games. By hand. We have 31 Data points to enter and the sheet calculates 5 scores from those PER match. Each player plays at least 3 matches each week and we have 100+ players, with the ability to host unlimited players and matches. The excel then calculates all the entries and spits out our new league table and match overview for the next week, along with some statistics, graphics etc. The pairings (who plays against who) change during the league. Sometimes there are groups of 4 players, sometimes 7 or 8. Also, players leave and join the league during the season. We have automated most of that in ...

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    Add the capability to edit users with extra fields to a Laravel multilevel user, with db correlation and pre-filled fields.

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    Pay: 30-40 dollars per week depending on experience Hours: 20 hours per week Requirement: Excel knowledge, near-native English speaker About me: i’m a mathematician, I need an executive PA to help me with Excel work, writing work, submitting claims to insurance companies, etc

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    Pay: 30-40 dollars per week depending on experience Hours: 20 hours per week Requirement: Excel knowledge, near-native English speaker About me: i’m a mathematician, I need an executive PA to help me with Excel work, writing work, submitting claims to insurance companies, etc

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    I am seeking a long term partner who is able to construct institutional grade excel financial models. All data is in the public realm, and I will provide the format requirements . Please see below youtube clip for an indication of the 'style' of model I am looking to replicate - see this as the minimum, any other model outputs / analysis that you see think is relevant feel free to include. Do note that aesthetic style and presentation is important. Initially, as a test I will want a single model produced and we can take it from there. Longer term, intend to make dozens, so provided the first is satisfactory, this will be a supply of consistent work. To be considered, you must have past examples of DCF equtiy valuation financial models to submit as samples. If these are ok...

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    I need VBA Code that will save the excel workbook that is active to a specific SharePoint site. BUT The site needs to be identified using the URL and the text in sheets(“Step 7”).range(“c21”) Then it must show the new concatenation path in Sheets(“Step 7”).range(“c25”) as a active hyperlink And And it must name the workbook the text value in sheets(“Step 7”).range(“d11”) If there is not a sharePoint site with the concatenation address Then error message stoping code and telling the user to check the sharePoint site to validate that there is a folder by the name of the value in C11 Note

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    Copy from Sheet1 to Sheet2, dependent on certain criteria.

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    I need someone who make Excel VBA software for Inventory management, Purchase and sale , rack wise product management, and Ledger for shop.

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    I need someone who makes VBA software for ERP means for Stock management, inventory management, Purchase and sale, and Rack management For retail Shop .

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    Re-type PDF file into word Re-type PDF file into word I have a PDF file with me which needs to be converted into Word as soon as possible, Details will be discussed in chat box. Word, Data Entry, PDF, Copy Typing, Excel Data Entry, Excel, Word, Copy Typing, PD - 25USD/Hr Re-type PDF file into word R

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    I have two separate email list that I need to have added to one excel spreadsheet. One list is on Cognito Forms and the other list is on my CRM. I also need the spreadsheet to be formatted so that I can easily export/add future clients to the fields without having duplicates. I then need the list added to Mailchimp. I dont know how to set up Mailchimp and i am looking for someone who can show me how to work it.

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    Help to build an Excel Add-in with 5-7 standard analysis based on simple inputs Deliverables An excel add-in that can run standard analysis based on pivottables

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    Require some one fluent with Microsoft excel and has high mathematical acumen and presents well designed excel documents.

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    I need a tool to scrap the phone numbers on the web page. The tool should be able to perform the following functions: 1) Pick the phone numbers from the web page shown above and do the following: a. Arrange them with comma separation b. Arrange in a column in excel sheet in one column. c. Replace first 3 digits 254 with (0) Zero 2) The outcome from the above screen should be as follows: Separation by commas: 0105343433,0782936715,782860229 etc In Excel sheet: 0105343433 0782936715 782860229 Comments 1) The columns on which the phone numbers are displayed on the web page are very may so I will be selecting up to the number of rows that can be displayed on my screen. 2) The tool should be very easy to use. The whole exercise of extracting the phone numbers into the output ...

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    A developer created a macro for me which pull data from a word document and puts it in Excel. I am having some problems in the macro but the developer who built the macro is not available anymore. I need to get it fixed asap. Please let me know if you an expert in this

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    I want an Excel or Google Sheet Template for knowing the Profit and Loss for a Local Restaurant, It should include purchases from markets (Like meat, spices, flour, oil, tissue box, vegetables, etc..) , Sales, Cost etc..

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    So the main objective is to know the accounts and profit&loss for each day, month etc.. It should include purchases of raw materials or stock for the restaurant from the market eg:- meat,flour,egg,vegetables,rice etc.... It should also include sales

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    Every week our internal software creates an excel document that has 8 columns and thousands of rows. Each row provides details of a specific task that was accomplished that week. One column lists the client associated with each row. Our goal is to have have Excel automatically filter the data by the Client column and save a new workbook for every client that has an entry/row. One step further would be to have each workbook password protected based on a list of each possible client with their designated password. One more step, would be to have the final workbook automatically emailed based on a list of each possible client with their designated email.

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    There are three task in this project. 1. Plant Description Entry - There are 600 plants for which a reference image and botanical n...There are 600 plants for which a reference image and botanical name will be provided. A description for each of this plant need to be filled in the excel sheet provided from web search . Description should be a small one and shouldn't exceed space provided in excel with no grammatical and spelling errors. 2. Downloading images from google or specific website links provided by me - For same 600 plants whose images needs to be downloaded. For each of plants , minimum 3 images need to be provided . Example will be provided as sample for further clarity. 3. Another 200 Items for which details will be provided later. This is also web sear...

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    abbiamo una lista di aziende, sono 820 per ognuna bisognera' fare alcuni semplici controlli e riportare i dati richiesti all'interno di un file excel è un lavoro che necessita di pazienza, ma non è complesso SOLO PERSONE ITALIANE

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    Looking for a developer who can work on Android and IOS Flutter App development. Developer should have knowledge on VB, .net Microsoft SQL API integration for various hospitals/clinics and create MySQL database. Source code available for multiple hospital/clinic appointment systems. Customization has to be done, the developer should be flexible for any other add-on work. MOU will be signed before proceeding with work. The Developer has to keep updated with us from time to time and needs to see the security of the application, The concept and source code should not be sold. Under any circumstances, if we find the same concept and application – As per Judiciary, the action will be taken.

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    Hi I have a python code that just makes some copies of data from several excel files into one destitny file. Nevertheless, that destiny files contains drawings, and those drawings are being erased in the process. So, this job is for fix the code so that it stops erasing drawings. *************** If you have read till here, please when quoting mention the word "key" so I know you have come here before. ***************

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    Website: Creating an Online Church Monthly Reports using this excel file. Frontend and Backend Required. Users should also have a login to fill out their reports. An analysis report should be possible for each user/church location that can be used to examine their progress. Thanks

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    We need our ADD in Fixed or a new one created to work with our excel files. I have attached a explanation of what i want and also the old Add in What i need in short is: In Column J we need to lowest time. before the next @ symbol In Column K: We need the highest time before the next @ symbol In Column L: We need the highest time before the next @ symbol For the previous Add in, i payed $100 and looking at the same or less.

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    Hi! We have a production company and tracking time is very important for us. Today we use excel and we need someone to build it in a more professional way for us.

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    We are downloading our weekly bank statement as csv files. Unfortunately, the debit amounts are not listed as negative amounts. In order to import them into our system we need to amend the files by adjusting the debit amounts with a minus sign. The trouble with the Mac is, that after changing the file, the application somehow saves a different file format or changes something in the background which messes with the entire file. Other attempts to go around this issue didn't work either. It all comes back to being an issue with the MacBook.

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    ...use. For this task, you will pick a topic from each pack and write a script answering the given questions. What do we mean when we say ‘topics’? You have some examples on our website, here you have one: How can I choose a topic?: Newspaper articles, magazines, blogs, etc. Videos Audio or podcasts How can I develop a topic?: We will supply you with an Excel worksheet. You will have to fill in the following information: Topic (series, films, technology, entertainment, etc) Media (specify whether it is an article, video, podcast, etc) Title (the same one from the article, video, podcast, etc that you have chosen) Introduction Publication date Source Link/URL Questions that will be used during the Speaking session (5 questions related to the topic or

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    Nominet EPP client 6 days left

    I am a Nominet registrar and want to add domain search and registration capabilities to my existing website. I therefore need a Nominet EPP server app created that can do crud operations using Nominet EPP system. I need the following: 1. Create an EPP client based on Extensible Provisioning Protocol using defined XML schemas that can run server side on AWS EC2 Linux instance 2. EPP client must be able to interface with Nominet tto register new domains using my registrar details 3. EPP client must be proved to work on a hosted linux server using coding (again not sure what is the most suitable code to use). 4. EPP client must be able to handle all error checking. 5. I need a simple HTML interface built that I can embed into my existing website that allows visitors to my website ...

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    Apple store bulk ordering app 6 days left

    I'd like to order hundreds if not thousands of iPhones from Apple online store using automated orde...supports guest ordering so we do not need to prepare Apple ID, but we do need to put in a new Email address on every order. I'll have a list of debit card information along with its aliases ready to import to it, and to avoid from triggering captcha, we need to switch to a new IP address on every attempt. On each successful order the app should save it to a local file for future queries, an excel file for example would be much appreciated. Please give me a quote and ETA for such an app to be developed, do NOT bid if you do not have suffient understanding of my intention or don't have the skill sets to complete it, you will NOT be paid unless the job is finished, d...

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    Data needs to sorted and made into a presentable excel file with weekly comparison and progress in error reduction.

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    Please look at advance search 2 sheet. Is it possible to have no search result/data until I am actually typing in search box. I want my sheet to look tidy so i will move original data to another sheet and I don't want to see any result until I am typing in search box. Is it possible

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    ...creator Widgets, Pages, Workflows, Button expertise Must have worked in UI part of app Effectively utilize Zoho modules features to automate various business processes. Skills Required Minimum two years hands-on experience designing, developing, and integrating applications with Zoho Creator Minimum two years of hands-on experience with programming languages such as Deluge Scripting, JavaScript, VB Script, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, OAuth, VOIP and other Telephony Integration technology. Minimum two years of experience generating reports and building dashboards Minimum two years of programming experience with knowledge of complex business applications, including interfacing with staff responsible for day-to-day operations of systems. Minimum two years of experience in the various ...

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    site work update 6 days left

    i have and excel sheet i need to update it and add more coulmns on it , i have attached pictuers of the sheets we have

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    Good Morning all, Every week i create an excel file for our export department and from this excel i copy information to other excel or word files. I would like this to be fully automated. I will explain in detail about all this, please send me your best price to do this. Thanks Jeff

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    Using excel spreadsheet to create print address labels

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    Hi! I need some excel expert that can create a financial cashflow tool with financial dashboard, runrate, project calculation and so on.

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    ***** please read the details. I'll get back to you only if you'll fill the details i'm asking here****** if you dont create an initial work estimation for the project, i wont get back to you!!! below attached is a PRD for a new travel social network . it intended for travelelrs who go for the same place an...details i'm asking here****** if you dont create an initial work estimation for the project, i wont get back to you!!! below attached is a PRD for a new travel social network . it intended for travelelrs who go for the same place and want to engage with each other. on top of the PRD, there is an estimation exel where you need to place initial estimation of the project. you cna fill it up using the excel or give initial work estimation for the project. the ...

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    Some Excel work to be done. 1 data entry Userform (excel) and 1 Macro filter for the same

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