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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to integrate a new theme into my custom core PHP website. The website has been built from scratch and I need a fresh look and feel for it. Key Requirements: - Integrate specific theme: You'll need to integrate a specific theme that I've already selected. The theme is responsive and designed for e-commerce. - Retain core functionality: Ensure all the core functions of my site (like user registration, product upload, etc.) remain intact after the theme integration. - Design consistency: Make sure the new theme is consistent across all pages of the website. Ideal Skills: - Strong experience with core PHP development - Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Previous experience with e-commerce websites - Attention to detail ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Responsive web development proficient in PHP-Laravel for a website development project. The primary goal of the site is to serve as a B2B Medical Manufacturing platform, with three distinct user areas: Customer Login, Admin and Employees Login. Key features for Customer Login: - Profile management: Customers should be able to create and manage their profiles. The profile should include fields for: - Name - Company - Email ID - Contact Number The Employees Login: - Should be created via Website Admin through only Company Domain Email ID. The website should maintain a professional and user-friendly design, with an intuitive interface for visitors to navigate. Your expertise in PHP-Laravel is crucial to ensure a seamless and functional ex...

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    I need a skilled Laravel developer to complete Gallery Feature on my web app. The front end is already done with React JS so the backend only is needed to make it dynamic. The backend has already started and some of the features are already done like sign up / login and I have another dev already working on another feature. You can view the website IMPORTANT: You will need to pull the latest code from one branch in git / github and when you are done you will need to push onto another branch. My other dev will bring in your code with his code when he is done so you need to have your code organized and placed into a folder called "Gallery" that way its easy for him to update his code with your code on another branch. I can also provide you with my ui / ux design which has n...

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    make me a script to get Google reviews using php

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    I'm in need of a PHP developer to create and set up a disposable email script on our server. Key Requirements: - Creation of a standalone disposable email script using PHP - Implementation on our server for immediate functionality Main Concerns: - User-friendly Interface: The disposable email service must be easy to use and navigate. A clean, efficient interface is essential. Skills and Expertise: - Proficient in PHP - Solid experience in setting up scripts and applications on servers - Familiarity with user interface design and implementation. This is a great opportunity for a developer with a knack for creating intuitive, user-centric applications.

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    I need a skilled PHP developer to build a website for me. The website will need to have some specific features, but I skipped the respective checkboxes while posting the project. Key Points: - The website will need to have user registration and login functionality. - It also needs to have e-commerce capabilities. - A content management system is something that I would like the website to have.

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    ...the official website of [the dark white ], where innovation meets excellence in digital solutions. Our website, meticulously crafted using WordPress and powered by custom PHP functionalities and essential plugins, showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional services tailored to meet your business needs. Technologies and Tools: WordPress Platform: Utilizing WordPress, the world's leading content management system, ensures flexibility, scalability, and ease of content management. Custom themes and templates designed to reflect the unique personality and objectives of your business. Custom PHP Development: Leveraging PHP for custom functionalities and backend processes that enhance website performance and user interaction. Seamless integration with third...

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    I require assistance with my PHP project, specifically to troubleshoot and fix some simple bugs. I want to Submit data to Google for indexing using Google API, but i got some errors when isntalling Website is hosted at OVH i might use support time to time on php Debug only from my remote on my computer.

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    I'm in need of a seasoned PHP Laravel developer to create a comprehensive Incident Management system for my business. The main components of this project will include Incident Management, Risk Management, and Environmental Health Safety. Key Functionalities for Incident Management include: - Incident Reporting - Case Management - Incident Analysis - Incident Tracking Risk Management & Environmental Health Safety will need features such as: - Risk Assessment - Risk Mitigation - Compliance Monitoring - Safety Audits The ideal candidate should have: - Strong expertise in PHP and Laravel - Prior experience in developing Risk Management and EHS systems - Proficiency in integrating systems with CRM, ERP, reporting and analytics tools, email notifications, notification ...

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    I'm looking for a PHP developer to set up a dynamic website with a blog/news section. The website will primarily feature a blog, and ideally, I would like to manage the content using a Content Management System (CMS). I have backup of entire website from earlier server with SQL DB so just need to setup it on new server. Key Requirements: - Dynamic website setup - Blog or news section implementation - Integration of a Content Management System for blog updates Ideal Skills: - Proficient in PHP - Experience with dynamic website development - Familiarity with Content Management Systems This is a straightforward project, and I'm looking for someone who can execute it efficiently and deliver a functioning dynamic website with a blog section.

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    I am in need of a skilled PHP Laravel developer who can handle seamless integration of third-party services into our existing system. Key Requirements: - Proficient in PHP Laravel: The candidate should have a deep understanding of PHP Laravel to effectively work on our project. - Third-Party API Integration: The primary task is to integrate third-party services. While not required, experience with Webhook APIs would be a plus. I'm looking for a developer who can help us create a robust and efficient system that's able to effectively communicate with external services. Your experience in similar projects and strong understanding of PHP Laravel are critical for the success of this project.

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    I am seeking a talented PHP developer team to create a Facebook post scheduling system, to be run as a cron job. The system will entail the following: - User Interface: I need a web interface that will allow me to input user content for the post. The content could include both text and an image or a video or short video. - Backend Functionality: The system should store this user content, along with the necessary Facebook credentials. - Access Token: The system should use the stored credentials and an access token to create a post. This access token will be provided. - Scheduling: The cron job should publish posts every hour. Ideal candidates should have experience in: - PHP development - Working with the Facebook API - Handling cron jobs please answer: 1. How long will it...

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    I'm looking to create a PHP-based e-commerce website that has the look and feel of Amazon. The site should be designed to accommodate multiple vendors, allowing them to manage their own inventory directly on the platform. Key Features: - The website should feature a clean, modern design that mirrors the functionality and user experience of Amazon. - The primary focus of this online marketplace will be physical goods, so the platform must support listing, selling, and buying physical products. - I need the site to have a robust payment processing system to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in PHP programming with a strong background in e-commerce website development. - Experienced in designing and developing multi-vendor...

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    I'm in need of a PHP core developer who can implement a robust authentication system, with a strong focus on Active Directory integration. The system should facilitate user authentication and Active Directory password reset, while keeping security as a top priority. Key Requirements: - **User Authentication**: The system should allow users to log in with their credentials against an Active Directory. - **Password Reset**: There should be a mechanism for users to reset their passwords. This includes a verification process to ensure the security of the reset. - **Active Directory Integration**: The system must be able to seamlessly interact with an Active Directory. This includes pulling user data from the directory for authentication purposes, as well as updating passwords on t...

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    ...information. The design will be provided, and I require the project to be completed within 48 hours. I can offer up to $50 for this job. Key Requirements: - Design a landing page to collect contact information - Design a detailed contact form (including fields like phone and address) - Implement the design using PHP, HTML5, and CSS - Ensure the collected information is sent to me via email and save in data base - The website needs to be responsive Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in PHP, HTML5, CSS and databases - Experience in designing and implementing contact forms - Ability to work to a tight deadline - Strong attention to detail Please note, the project has a fixed budget of $50. in this link: is the source file

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    As an entrepreneur, I'm seeking a competent PHP CodeIgniter developer, skilled in building a nuanced Content Management System (CMS). This role denotes proficiency in a few specified areas: - Front-end development: Strong ability to craft a visually appealing, user-friendly interface to ensure ease of use for all. - Back-end development: Improved system operations and streamlined functionalities are a must. - Database integration: Knowledge of effective database inclusion strategies to support and improve operations. Additionally, integrating this system with social media platforms is a key requirement so that our engaging content can seamlessly enter the digital marketplace. Feel free to pitch in if your skills align with this project. Let's architect a flexible and po...

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    PHP Developer for Blog Site 5 days left

    I'm looking for a skilled PHP developer to help me create an informative blog website. Key Responsibilities: - Full stack website development using PHP - Implement front-end and back-end functionalities Primary Goal of the Website: - The primary purpose of the website is to serve as an informative blog. Key Features Needed: - User registration and profile creation: This is a significant aspect of the website. The user should be able to register with the website and create a personalized profile. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PHP, with a demonstrated portfolio of website development - Experience in creating user registration and profile systems - Familiarity with full stack development and responsive design.

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    I am looking for a skilled PHP developer who can help me integrate PhonePe as a payment gateway within my existing system.

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    ...are seeking a skilled PHP developer to assist with integrating a live PHP application, currently hosted on an AWS EC2 instance, into GitHub and setting up a robust deployment pipeline. The candidate should have expertise in PHP environments, AWS services, and strong experience with version control and CI/CD systems. Responsibilities: Assess and prepare the existing PHP application for integration into a GitHub repository. Set up and configure the GitHub repository to ensure proper version control and code organization. Develop and maintain a continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, particularly for a PHP environment on AWS EC2. Provide detailed documentation for the repository setup, deployment procedures, and maintenance. Advise on be...

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    I'm in need of a skilled PHP coder who can help me upgrade OSClass from php 7.4 to 8.2. The main challenge with this upgrade is ensuring that all custom plugins and themes are also compatible with PHP 8.2. Key Requirements: - Upgrade existing OSClass platform from version 7.4 to 8.2. - Update custom plugins and themes to ensure compatibility with PHP 8.2. - Address potential compatibility issues in a way that minimizes downtime and ensures smooth transition. Your ideal skills and experience: - Extensive experience in PHP coding. - Prior experience with OSClass platform upgrades. - Strong understanding of custom plugins and themes in OSClass. - Proven ability to troubleshoot and resolve compatibility issues. - Good communication skills to discuss po...

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    I have an existing dashboard developed in PHP and need to add new functionalities that are already coded. Key Requirements: - Add new functionalities seamlessly to the existing dashboard - Ensure the new codes are integrated properly and are functional - Test functionalities to ensure they work as intended Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in PHP - Experience working with existing codebases - Understanding of web application development - Strong problem-solving and testing abilities Your primary goal is to ensure the new functionalities are properly integrated and working seamlessly with the existing dashboard. the code for any functionality is already implemented ...need simply to be integrated into the user dashboard. the max budget for this small task is $30

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    I'm currently experiencing a minor bug in my PHP Laravel project that's hindering its normal functionality. The bug is that when you cleck the link it says page does not exist Should be a 10 minute job I'm looking forward to working with someone who can rectify this bug swiftly and efficiently. Must be able to work NOW

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    Need a CS:GO case opening script for make a website. CSGO is a popular online game where you can win and exchange various "skins" the project is pretty easy and i could do it even by myself but i really have no time at this moment. Dont need any kind of graphic for the project but just the functionality. Is a bit hard to explain what really need if you dont know CS:GO so feel free to contact me so i can give you some example link for show you what i need.

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    I'm looking for an experienced PHP & Javascript developer for a custom project. You'll be handling various tasks including integrating the Clover API and implementing a Cookie Session and User Authentication. Requirements: - Proficiency in PHP & Javascript. - Experience with Clover API. - Ability to work with Cookie Session and User Authentication. Please note that the main goal of integrating the Clover API was not specified, but it's a crucial part of the project. Design: - Utilize a page design that is already published to the host through WYSIWYG Web Builder. Looking forward to hearing from skilled freelancers who are ready to take on this exciting project.

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    I'm in need of a developer with experience in integrating with the Coinbase API using PHP. Specifically, I need a basic level of integration to be done, allowing me to place buy/sell orders and check the current price of a specific cryptocurrency pair. Key Requirements: - Place Buy/Sell Orders: The application should be able to place orders on Coinbase for a specific cryptocurrency pair. - View Balances: The integration should also allow for viewing the account balances. - Specific Currency Pair: The API should be configured to work with a single, specific cryptocurrency pair. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PHP: The ideal candidate should be highly proficient in PHP and have experience in API integrations. - Previous Experience with Coinbase API: It wou...

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    PHP Developer Needed -- 2 4 days left

    I need a skilled PHP developer to work on website development, database management, and scripting and automation. Key Responsibilities: - Website Development: You will be involved in creating a new website from scratch or improving an existing one. Your expertise in PHP will be crucial for this task. - Database Management: Your role will also include managing the database associated with the website. Proficiency in SQL and database management will be necessary. - Scripting and Automation: Your PHP skills will be utilized in scripting and automation tasks to improve the overall efficiency of the website and its functionalities. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in PHP: You should have a comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience with PHP for web de...

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    About the Challenge: Write a PHP program to generate a student report based on marks entered. Conditions: If marks are 75% or more, the grade will be Distinction. If marks between 60% to 74%, grade will be First Class. If marks between 33% to 59%, grade will be Pass. If marks are less than 33%, they will be Fail. Create a simple entry form with the following fields: 1. * Student ID (Numeric) 2. * First name (Alphabets only) 3. * Last name (Alphabets only) 4. Batch/ Class (Alphanumeric) 5. Email address (Email) 6. * Data entry for Subjects: English, Hindi, Math, Science, History, Geography scored out of 100 each. (Numeric, Decimal) 7. Remarks (Alphanumeric text field max 150 characters) The form should have javascript validations. Fields marked with * are mandatory fields. On submiss...

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    I am looking for a talented web designer with PHP expertise to create a simple, responsive calculator. I already have the JavaScript functionality for the calculator; your task will be to design the interface and integrate the existing JavaScript into a PHP page. Requirements: Responsive Design: The calculator should look and function well on both desktop and mobile devices. PHP Integration: Embed the existing JavaScript into a PHP page. User-Friendly Interface: The design should be intuitive and visually appealing. Cross-Browser Compatibility: Ensure the calculator works seamlessly on all major browsers. Deliverables: A fully functional, responsive PHP page with the integrated calculator. Clean and well-commented code. Any ...

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    I'm looking for a professional developer to create a task management tool...and task management for users from different departments or teams. Access and Usage: The tool will be used by multiple teams or departments. Therefore, it should be scalable, allowing for the inclusion of new users and teams as our organization grows. Skills and Experience: The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience in developing task management tools - Proficiency in PHP or other relevant languages - Strong UI/UX design skills with a focus on professional and corporate-style interfaces - Experience in creating scalable tools for multi-team or departmental use Please provide examples of similar projects you've worked on and your proposed approach to this task manageme...

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    I'm in need of a skilled PHP developer to integrate PhonePe payment gateway to my service booking website. The task involves a custom integration with the PhonePe API, ensuring seamless and secure transactions. Key Requirements: - Strong PHP skills: You should be proficient in PHP to successfully integrate the PhonePe gateway into my website. - Experience with Payment Gateways: Previous experience with integrating payment gateways, especially custom ones, will be highly beneficial. - Understanding of APIs: You should have a good grasp of API integration, particularly with regards to payment systems. - Attention to Security: Security is crucial for online payments. You should be capable of implementing the integration securely. Please reach out if you're con...

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    I require a seasoned PHP migration expert to upgrade my current Wordpress site from PHP 7.4 to 8.1. Key functionality requirements: - Preserving user registration features - Keeping E-commerce integration intact - Ensuring the operation of the contact form It's critical to note that my website utilizes custom plugins and themes that are compatible with both PHP 7.4 and 8.1. Ideal candidate: - Experienced in a similar PHP migration - Proficient in handling Wordpress custom themes and plugins - An understanding of e-commerce integration, and site-user dynamics - Mitigation strategies for potential migration-related issues All potential freelancers should display stellar problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot potential issues effectivel...

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    Hello. There is an admin panel prepared with php Laravel. The interface will be prepared using this admin panel. HTML design pages are ready. 1- To add the contents of these pages to the home page, services, contact, texteditor will be added to the panel, and related fields to the database will be added. 2-Member login and member registration process. You will log in from firebase. 3-Member panel. The member will see their past appointments and update their profile information. PHP has an admin panel before Laravel, it will be used. We don't have any time, delivery within 24 hours. budget $100

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    I'm in need of a redesign for my PHP website's login, register, and lost password pages. Login page: - Email - Password Register page: Fields Needed: Nickname (Already on the code) Email (Already on the code) Password (Already on the code) Repeat Password (Already on the code) Country - Need to add (Just on the Edit profile of the user) Time zone - Need to add ( just on the edit profile Timezone) The original register page of the page, have a UsernameField - I want this field to don’t show and in the Database this entry will be saved with the Email Lost password: Email address You can check the style of design we want and the original on the following link:

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    We operate two online stores that require seamless integration: one built on WooCommerce and the other on a PHP CodeIgniter framework. To streamline our operations, we need an experienced programmer to synchronize products and stock levels between these two platforms. Automatically sync product listings, including images, descriptions, prices, and other relevant details, between our WooCommerce store and our PHP CodeIgniter store. Ensure real-time synchronization of stock levels to avoid discrepancies and over-selling. Previous experience with e-commerce integrations.

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    I'm looking for a skilled PHP developer with extensive experience in CodeIgniter v4 to follow framework DOC guide () on how to create a CRUD+API for payment providers(stripe, paypal, hitpay,Opn Payments) linkage . The main tasks include setting up CRUD functionalities, integrating payment gateways, and creating a product/service pages to public can smoothly buy the product/service with the payment gateway providers. Key requirements include: - Strong understanding of the CodeIgniter v4 framework - Prior experience building e-commerce websites - Proficiency in integrating payment gateways, particularly stripe, paypal, hitpay,Opn Payments. - Ability to handle different types of products/services (physical, digital, and services) within the same

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    I'm looking for a Php developer who is proficient in socket programming, database integration, and MVC framework development. My project requires immediate attention, so I'm in need of someone who can start right away and make the project a priority. - Skills Needed: - Proficiency in PHP with a strong focus on socket programming, database integration, and MVC framework development. - Experience in API integration. - Requirements: - Immediate availability and ability to prioritize my project. - Good communication skills for efficient collaboration. If you have the necessary skills and can commit to this project immediately, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm in need of a full stack developer with solid proficiency in PHP to help with an upcoming project. I am facing an error on my website 403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied! i need a developer who can fix the error asap within 1 hour

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    My Laravel PHP based website is encountering error messages during loading. I have access to the hosting environment but not the source code. Key Tasks: - Identify the root cause of error messages during website loading - Provide a detailed report of the issue and recommended solutions - Implement the solutions, if possible, within the hosting environment Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PHP and web development - Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills Website:

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    I need a seasoned PHP developer to help me integrate payment gateway controls in my existing website's admin panel. I've already got a payment gateway running smoothly on the website, and I securely store customer information and payment details. Please note that I have not specified the payment gateway nor the specific control features I am looking to add. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven experience in PHP development, particularly with payment gateway integration. - Familiarity with handling sensitive user data in a secure manner. - Excellent communication skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. Your ability to understand and adapt to the existing website's structure will be essential, as well as your capacity to wo...

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    Hello I have a web app built with React js for the front end and php laravel for the backend. I have vs code editor and Im using hostgator for the ftp. I need someone to upload my web to hostgator and give me step by step instructions on how to do this myself. By either taking a video or taking screenshots. I also need you to write it down on how to do this as well so i can save it. Im descent with the terminal and using git and i know how to login to my hostgator cpanel.

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    I'm urgently looking for a skilled developer to address a long-standing issue with my PHP website's recurring payments via PayPal. Key Details: - The issue: Recurring payments have not been processing for over 2 weeks. - Symptom: Payments are not being processed in a timely manner. - Context: No recent updates or changes have been made to the website or the payment system before this issue started. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in PHP and experienced with PayPal integrations. - Demonstrated track record in debugging and resolving payment processing issues. - Excellent communication skills and ability to work efficiently under time constraints. - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot complex, existing systems.

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    My existing PHP scraping script is failing to retrieve any data. I'm uncertain if this is a result of recent changes on the target website. My primary objective is to have the script fixed so that it accurately scrapes data without errors. Key Points: - The script is not retrieving any data, despite working previously - Uncertain if the target website has made changes in layout or structure - Desired outcome is to have the script fixed and working smoothly without any loss of accuracy Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in PHP scraping - Experienced in troubleshooting and fixing scraping scripts - Familiar with potential causes of data retrieval failure in scraping scripts - Good at adapting and future-proofing scraping scripts to changes in website layouts.

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    32 bids

    I'm in need of a competent PHP and Laravel developer to integrate an automatic language changer on my website. This feature will be based on visitors' IP addresses, with the aim of making the user experience more personalized and intuitive. The translation files are readily available, and I'm looking for the following specific requirements to be met: - The language switcher should be triggered by the visitor's country, detected through their IP address. This is non-negotiable, and the use of Google Translate is prohibited. - The language change should be fully automatic, but with the option for users to override and manually select their preferred language. - The language options should be presented through a popup modal. This design choice is aimed at ensuring ...

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    13 bids

    I'm in need of a competent PHP and Laravel developer to integrate an automatic language changer on my website. This feature will be based on visitors' IP addresses, with the aim of making the user experience more personalized and intuitive. The translation files are readily available, and I'm looking for the following specific requirements to be met: - The language switcher should be triggered by the visitor's country, detected through their IP address. This is non-negotiable, and the use of Google Translate is prohibited. - The language change should be fully automatic, but with the option for users to override and manually select their preferred language. - The language options should be presented through a popup modal. This design choice is aimed at ensuring ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced PHP developer who can work full-time during Australian business hours. This position is for an individual freelancer - no companies please. The ideal candidate will have expertise in a range of technologies, including Codignitor and MongoDB. Key Responsibilities: - Full-time availability during Australian business hours - Develop a CRM system using PHP programming language - Implement key features such as lead management, sales tracking, and customer support Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in PHP, Codignitor, and MongoDB - Strong understanding of CRM systems - Previous experience in developing CRM solutions - Experience in working with Australian clients is a plus Please note that this is a long-term, full-time position,...

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    Hello the front end is done and built with React js and the project is almost done. The only thing that is needed is being able to add a 2nd page to the contract template. For the contract templates as of now you can Create a new contract, edit, and delete it. The backend is built with PHP Laravel. you can see the attached video to see what is has been done so far for the backend. This is a small project but i have other templates that needs to be built for this web app. The login / sign up is already setup and done. I attached a screenshot of the conversation i had with the developer who worked on the contracts. Since this project is almost done I would like to pay $25 for someone to finish it. And I would like to pay $50 for the other templates that needs to be done. I ha...

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    65 bids
    Checkout Form Bug Fix - PHP 3 days left

    I'm in need of an experienced PHP developer to help me resolve some bugs in my checkout form. The issues currently being faced are: - Error messages appearing during the checkout process The checkout form in question is a Standard HTML form. The task at hand will mainly involve identifying the root cause of the issue and implementing a solution that ensures the checkout process is seamless and error-free. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proven experience in PHP development - Strong understanding of HTML forms - Previous experience in debugging and fixing checkout processes is a plus. I'm looking for someone who can jump into this project swiftly and effectively, so please only apply if you're confident in your PHP skills.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a VB.NET DLL that can be used as a PHP extension through DOTNET. - The DLL should contain a simple function focused on string manipulation. Your primary task will be designing and implementing the DLL in VB.NET to best meet the requirements for the PHP extension.

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    16 bids

    We need someone with PHP Wordpress development experience to complete an ongoing project. Please go through the video - video file and The WorkFlow which is on high level - Image Let us know cost to complete the whole project. Most of it is done. We need someone to fix and complete pending portions

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    I'm in need of a skilled PHP developer to assist me with the development of my website. Primarily, I need help with the integration of a phonePe payment gateway and the implementation of pricing plans on a separate page. Key Points: - Your primary task will be to integrate PhonePe as the payment gateway for the website. - You will also be responsible for designing and implementing pricing plans that will be displayed on a separate page on the site. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in PHP and experienced in website development - Previous experience with integrating payment gateways, especially with PhonePe, will be highly beneficial - Strong understanding of e-commerce functionality and pricing plan implementation Please ensure that you have experience in this field bef...

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    11 bids