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    Hi Khawaja Muhammad A., We currently have a PCB that uses the nRF51822-CDAB chip. This chip has been discontinued by nordic and has placed us in a tough situation. I am looking for someone who could locate me an alternative chip with the same pinout as the nRF51822-CDAB, so that we could swap it out and not have to change the board format We would probably need to also update the firmware if we can find a great alternative chipset.

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    ...have questions here that you can answer for now it's optional but will be asked in second round of interviews FPGA Questions Device we are trying to work with is XC7A35T-2FGG484I (Artix 7). We do plan on hiring you, we would like for you to answer these questions which will help us gauge how to structure the project. How familiar are you with microblaze? Once having microblaze cpu setup, is firmware compile time similar to other mcu roughly in the seconds or does it take longer? How familiar are you with design-reuse website? Is it feasible to program FPGA to act like a pass-through meaning say a signal from one side of the FPGA going to the another pin, effectively creating a multiplexor, could this work with high speed signals at the 1gbps level, and the serdes level...

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    IOS app and PCB Firmware 4 days left

    The project consists of programming for two pcbs, developing an IPAD APP (Xcode programming) and programming a NEXTION screen (NX4827P043-011C) in the NEXTION editor software. More details will be given to the selected one. It is necessary to code in XCODE for the ipad app, the source code will be integrated into our main app.

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    ... • Onboard storage solution • BLE Antenna must be integrated or SMD (see as example) • LoRa antenna must have maximum gain, and on the board (see as example) The firmware must be able to be setup using the BLE 5 communication stack. Also, firmware updates must be done via the BLE5 Communication stack. In your response, please indicate your design and prototype costing for all 4 devises. 10 Prototype of each device will be required. Please supply a indication of design time, and also manufacturing time of prototypes. Include estimated dimensions of design More information will be given when needed

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    We would like to add our new upcoming products into the open-source project called QMK. We already have a few products that exist in the open-source QMK platform. We have some examples and firmware that have been built with our new product changes as a solid starting point. 1 full keyboard product needs to be adopted into QMK ( & VIA) 1 full other keyboard product (4 different layouts) that needs to be adopted into (VIA)

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    I am looking for someone to finish a project for me, they must have advanced knowledge of linux (to work with the rasberry distribution) and with python

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    We are looking for firmware developer who can develop firmware for XPON ONT according to our needs

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    Need engineer for immediate start on sensor board design with RS485 output. Board schematics have been partially completed. Send message for more information Job is super urgent Must have ability to test prototype boards Successful applicant will be hired long term

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    Firmware Engineering Instructor 11 hours left

    I need someone with good communication skills and is well versed in c++ and the following to instruct me on some of the following Firmware Engineering principles - Qt / QML - Embedded Linux systems - Data Acquisition systems - User interface design - JSON - TCP/IP

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    QA of an app development QA tasks • Analyze developer requirements and give recommendation • Design test plans, scenarios, and procedures • Identify potential problems users might encounter • Report and manage any defects found using bug tracking tools • Work with the development team to correct identified defects on hardware, firmware, and application

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    Fortinet 30E firmware upgrade support , & issues with Access points .

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    I am testing ppsk on hostapd and will need someone to build a custom hostapd package using this PR You do not have to know what ppsk is and even test it. I will help with that. Should be a quick job for someone who works on OpenWRT firmware.

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    Need 4 row file upload with progress using and c# including css , jquray , htm , code behind Will discuss more details on chat

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    looking for programmer/engineer who can assist in stripping down a linux kernel for a nanopi device, modify/tune the firmware and also certain OS related tasks

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    Hi Andrii K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need a firmware that implements EEPROM Emulation (writing to Flash sector) on the STM32G030 as per the attached Application Note from STMicro. It will only be used to save a few parameters. Ideally looking for someone who has done it before as it should be very quick and easy. This is a trial job and could lead to developing the entire firmware for us. Do not apply if you are not experienced with STM32 firmware programming.

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    Details will be shared upon request

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    We are looking for firmware (C++) developer to continue our project. All details will be provided.

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    I have attached a PDF with more information on the project. I am looking for someone to build me a custom schematic and firmware to be able to take a Two Way Radio and connect it to a VoIP server to be able to communicate back and forth between them

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    Hello I am looking for someone to develop a bare framework firmware for a project based on the NXP RT1010 MCU. We will need the following functions to be setup in a MCUxpresso project: - I2S 2 x 32bit Word transfers [ left and right WCLK ] via DMA triggered by 44khz, 48khz or 96khz interrupt - 32byte SPI Master transfer [ TX only ] via DMA triggered by software - 32byte SPI Master transfer [ TX & RX ] via DMA triggered by GPIO interrupt Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in, our would like further information.

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    Its Windows device driver development work mainly for secure firmware

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    I am looking for someone to help me configure Marlin Firmware for a 3d printer.

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    I am looking for a firmware developer expert. The candidate should be know about the STM32 and ESP32. I have many project for you, but you need to finish all project perfectly. There will be test project first. Looking for your response. Please add 'BOBBY' in your proposal. Thank you

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    The GUI will be part of a system that we develop. It needs to be developed on Workshop 4 IDE and the final version needs to have: - An intro screen with the a short logo video - 2nd page - HOME PAGE - needs to manage the different functionalities that our system requires. All the commands are sent via serial ports from a raspberry PI zero. - the firmware on the raspberry will give the screen some variables that needs to be shown on the screen and can be also modified from the screen. - The images will be provided and stored on the screen sd card. The app needs to run directly on the screen, it won't be managed from the raspberry CPU.

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    ...production. Products will connect to Apps for users to control and operate Project 1: - Experience with IR sensors to detect a person and the temperature of that person - Power control - Sleep mode, low power modes, Active modes - 5V Fan control - low speed, medium speed, max speed - Additional Limit switch to be added - Bluetooth and ESP32 experience essential - 5V battery - USB-C charging and Firmware update capability - Experience with innovative and exciting light panels Project 2: - Experience with Peltier modules and power control to those modules - Independently control multiple fans - Low speed, medium speed, Max speed - Experience with Step up and step down voltage and power - Bluetooth and ESP32 experience essential - 11.1V power supply - battery life preservation ...

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    I want to emulate an existing weebly site closely but for a different product. Start up of an embroidery tutorial business focusing on out of warranty machines and related hardware, firmware and software. I already have Paypal Square and Instagram and YT channels set up and several thousand followers in my niche FB group to market to. I am retired and don't expect much profit in the first year. I can maintain the site myself once set up.

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    This is the 1st project in series of projects we have lined up. If candidate does well, he or she can be made permanent part of our Firmware Team. Consider this project as 1st one to enter to a permanent projects with us. Brief Description: To develop an ESP32 based Quectel M66 GSM Client for connecting to an IoT Platform on Arduino based core. Requirements & Details: 1. Maximum functionality like WIFI Client on ESP32. 2. All the functionality of the Platform should be supported. The Platform & other details will be shared after the committing the job. 3. The structure should be a standard C++ based to support integration as Library. 4. Detailed Algorithm document & API document is needed. Deliverables: 1. Complete Source code in Git Repo with individual commits. 2....

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    I'm looking for a good MP3 player (hardware) that you should be able to create firmware to remove certain option like (FM Radio and Playing videos) so it can strictly be used as an MP3 player. So I'm looking for 2 things: - recommend a good hardware - create custom firmware to remove radio and video I will need to know the recommended player in advanced to make sure its a good quality

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    HI. I need the Programming for STM32WL. I need the STM32WL is connected to : 1.- LIS3DHTR (accelerometer) 2.- Microphone (SPU0410LR5H-QB-7) 3.- NPT Sensor temperature 4.- DS18B20 sensor temperature Overall flow of work 1.- the MCU wakeup every 15 minutes,. 2.- MCU takes the values of vibration x,y,z, of accelerometer, using 5Khz and 2...matrix of "Sound" (that is all) 7.- Get temperature from NPT. (temp1) 8.- Get temperature from DS18B20. (temp2) 6.- Send in the payload the (some data Vibration) + (some data Sound) + temp1 + temp2 to LoraWAN TTN network. 7.- No wait answer from lorawan server 8.- sleep for 15 minutes Finally. 1.- Write the program in stm32cubeide. 2.- At the finish send Source Code 3.- Explain How to burn the firmware in a custom board. 4.- Schematic o...

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    I want to get the Hello World Example working on a raspberry Pi Pico (running on micropython) The example and builds are on this page I would need a UTF firmware file that works. I have tried several builds from the GitHub page but none of them worked. I am using Thonny for accessing the device with Micropython.

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    Have to have an adafruit SAMD board circuit playground code already just need to translate from learnado to adafruit samd

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    Hi, I am looking for an electronics engineer to help me with various projects. This will be an ongoing process. When one project ends there will be another one. Most of the work will be firmware development for ESP32 and STM32 but there will also be schematics review and potentially some PCB design involved. To be considered for this position the following criteria need to be met: - Fluent in at least one of the following languages : English, Spanish or French. We will be having calls to discuss the projects. - At least 2 years of experience in Electronics design and firmware development. - ESP32 and STM32 experience - Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code - Proficient in one of the following : Kicad, Eagle or Altium (preferred). - C/C++ with knowledge of Doxygen highly regar...

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    I have a project that I need to finish but have little time to work on it. I have made a custom board for the nRF9160-SICAB0A and need help writing the firmware and programming. The nRf interfaces via UART to a secondary microcontroller (uC1) that will control it. This is what I need done. 1) Send a text message to a specified number and respond to uC1 if it was successful. 2) Report signal strength 3) Report errors and attempt to resolve them. If unable to do so, return an error code to uC1 4) Generate a list of possible errors 5) Code needs to maximize battery life. 6) provide me instructions on how to program the device I can provide schematics. As for development, we will have to discuss what to do about the hardware. Thank you.

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    I am searching for an european that can customize android firmware ? So the start image is customize and it only runs one app from the start when the power gets turned on If you have read and understand this project please start with: 1919 I need your howerly price and then we can discuss the work over chat - right now I just need contact with someone in Europe... and i mean ONLY Europe -Jakob

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    Develop a I/O Modbus Card with 8 PNP optoisolated DC input (0-30V) 8 OUT PNP transistor 4 analog input 0-10V 2 analog OUT 0-10V- Power suplly 24VDC. Request diagram, microcontroller firmware (if used), develop of PCB ang gerber file for manifacurer factory

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    ...wireless IOT device it should operate on battery for communication. SMPS power supply for powering the system. You can find the attachment for more details of requirement. Skills required: - Understanding of embedded system - STM32 microcontroller - Component selection - Power Circuit design / Schematic design - PCB design - RF understanding - Analog/Digital signal understanding - Board bringup firmware with STMcube IDE...

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    Project is about building Human Machine Interface board using IC F1C200S ( Or you can suggest other low cost alternate device ) You will provide complete hardware and firmware and Application programming interface

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    it's a new project I've been preparing for some time, it is a small portable satellite TV antenna (fully automatic). I need a specialist to provide PCB design (Gerber File and Bomliste) as well as Firmware I have a lot of technical information about this motherboard (what parts the motherboard should contain) they also have information to help develop the Firmware.

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    1. Need someone with previous experience on Attiny25, 85 0r similar. 2. Should be able to deliver the firmware with proper comments within few days. 3. Developers having a development board and environment setup would be preffered.

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    In my project, I'm using a controller that is connected to ten sensors through Modbus (RS485) interface. The sensors are based on Microchip microcontroller ATtiny 404. The project requirement is to be able to update the sensor's firmware through MODBUS.

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    Looking for ESP 32 microprocessor programmer. The program is to display the readings of 2 to 4 sensors on the mobile screens whether Android or iPhone. The readings display will be accompanied with interactive icons. The icons are available. The sensors come with RS 485 ...available. The sensors come with RS 485 but it will be an advantage if we can use analog sensors. Knowledge in Android and iPhone programming is an advantage. However, the programmer is to manage, if he can’t do them on his/her own. Further description for the job is available for the qualified candidates. Power supply is required to power the MCU and the sensors. The battery and the MCU and the firmware to interface the sensors with the MCU, will be housed where the sensors to be connect/disconnect easily. ...

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    We are looking for a STM32 platform firmware development consultant freelancer or an agency for the given scope of work below. Deliverables/Testing: • Working source code per standard scripting guidelines, • Source code documentation, • Documentation for updating configuration and flashing the firmware or performing an OTA • For each network interface: o System will be installed for 240 hours run-time and the firmware should run un-interrupted, o After completion of 240 hours an OTA update will be performed followed by another run-time of 240 hours, o Other test cases would be created to test the robustness of each of the requirements as mentioned above

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    I need a second programmer that adds a graphical display of the 4 ADC channels that is connected to an ESP32 - basically just for now reading ADC data and displaying it in a ADC-value over time graph - just simple basic feature - just for me to see if you can read existing code that generates the attached web app UI that until now reads and displays individual values from a single ADC ...existing code that generates the attached web app UI that until now reads and displays individual values from a single ADC channel and integrate code for this new feature. If this works out well this can become a longer term project for you as the existing programmer is more experienced in the connected hardware design. You also need to be experienced in reading and modifying the connected Arduino fi...

    ₹2250 - ₹18750
    ₹2250 - ₹18750
    15 bids

    I have a custom PCB board based UTO-NBL-52A based Bluetooth for remote control board. I tested all hardware specification, but it works fine. When I write the firmware, it doesn't work at all. I would like to troubleshoot this issue as soon as possible. Please apply if you used UTO-NBL-52A module before.

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    12 bids

    Hi Hemant Liladhar R., I hope that you are well. I wanted to see if you might be interested in working on the firmware for a project that uses a MCU to download an mp3 from a server, play the mp3 while collecting data from a MAX30105 and two analogRead pins, save this data to SD card log and then upload the log file to the server at the end of the session. Would you be interested in talking through the details? What do you estimate the cost would be for such a project? Thank you.

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    Write a electric bike bldc motor controller code , already complete opensourse code available on stm8s105 adopt that code for stm32f103. some modules you may have to rewrite. voltage 0 - 4.5v. drive motor based on throttle input value. 2. Bldc motor 48v - 72v 3. read hall sensor input for driving a motor. 4. read current and limit motor current. 5. break vehicle when break applied. 6. reverse & forward detection drive motor according to selection. 7. calculate current consumption by the motor. 8. speedometer output. 9. anti theft detection input. 10. canbus & uart interface. I will consider freelancers with relevant experience

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    EcoNet Controls Inc. () designs unique smart home devices and solutions. We are looking for a design engineer to support existing and future products.

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    I am looking for someone to design an esp32 circuit that can read mains power voltage and amps. It will have to be designed using Easy EDA, and all components must be in stock at jlcpcb. I would like to use the esp32-pico-d4 chip. A simple firmware written in Arduino should be able to read the voltage and amps is also required.

    ₹38626 (Avg Bid)
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    33 bids

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