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    There is an indicator on tradingview that i have access too but i would like to have the source code . The indicator is private meaning i can use it but i cant see the source code.

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    I have a source code which is a packet sniffer that captures data in the network traffic and put into a pcap file. - I provided the packet sniffer code below (to run type "sudo python3 ") - I want a code that will analyze the pcap file (pcap file given by my source code) and detect anomalies in it - Once an anomaly is detected a notification must appear on the PC - The anomaly-based detection and the notification feature code needs to be integrated into the packet sniffer source code (everything in one source code) -The programming language must be python3 - For Ubuntu 20.04 environment - The detection process can be done using python only or other third-party tools as well (such as Zeek, Tripwire, fail2ban etc..) either way it must be integr...

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    I need my Wolf model rigged and ready to go in source filmmaker (SFM) it already has a rig but i need some touch ups for it (Source filmmaker only)

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    I need to look at old TradingView indicator source code in Pine Script. No response from original author.

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    Android Studio, Java based - app to be developed. I have the source code, I want the name and links to change as per our idea.

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    HI i buy xcam source code i need chante in source code 1) change gateway to crypto only pay with crypto - TRON or USDT 2) add new comision in new model regster 3)CHANE Theme

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    looking for ready made ERP source code in asp.net for basic modules (Sales,Purchase,Account,Inventory , HR ....etc) i need the whole database and documentation for wireframes

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    Expert required to procure best quality product at best price in various categories

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    I need signed aab and apk built from my flutter app source code

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    Looking for someone who can effectively turn images into vector illustrations to help with the growth of my business. This will be ongoing work required every 2-3 weeks. When applying for the job please provide examples and let me know how your availability is for this week - 2 illustrations needed. Thanks

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    We are having the open source project based on insurance domain. It is fully based on Java and liferay portal system ( ). we are developers planning to extract the project structure and rebuild as api. You as a freelancer need to complete below listed four tasks. 1. Run that open source project. 2. Extract the db structure. 3. Extract few modules as we will give you the list later. 4. Need to dockerize. Remaining thing will discuss in conformation of the project :)

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    I'm looking for an expert javascript dev with experience in using one of open source javascript network graph plugins with close functionality as attached in this Google Docs below: Can use any plugin that supports Vanilla Javascript or jQuery I'd recommend to use (but not limited): G6, here is a sample that I made: I'm more than happy if you have want to use other plugin The budget for the project is $110 and with delivery time max of 2 days, please only apply if you are okay with the terms Thanks

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    Hi everyone. I need a database made of motels in Victoria, Australia. Name of business, phone number, email address and physical address. Needs to be in excel.

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    Im asking for the data source of elevations of a lake in Mexico, the attached image has the cordinates. I have search for some sources like The National Map, SRTM, etc.. but I havent found a high resolution data source as the other attachment that im sending. So I want someone to help me and tell me where I can download the elevations data for the lake so I can work to make a map. I need the elevations as if there is no water.

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    Get the source code out of a setup version of ours and send it to us, need to decode the setup

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    ...Configure 8 - 10 docker images installed with up to 10 Open Source applications. If you think we can easily instal all the 10 applications within a single docker image, then that is also fine. * These images can either be run from a local machine or can be deployed in cloud instances, such as AWS or Azure. Therefore, include scripts to deploy on Azure or AWS or any remote host. * Must create a guide documenting the following steps **** a) run these applications from docker, **** b) run these applications from VSCode from within the docker, **** c) deploy on cloud instances such as AWS, Azure or any VPS host We will provide the list of open source applications once we allocate the project. But to get an idea of the size of the open source application, it can b...

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    We need cocos client developer to upgrade our source code - Fix 1 page CSS problem - Add english language selection (currently its vietnamese) + Make new assets for english Work on gitlab - Give us your username to add you to project - Gitclone it t - Build the client on your side with sourcecode and show us that you sucessfull at build it - Make change and build the new : .apk .ipa, h5 and push the sourcecode to git

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    use flutter source code to create me a social media and upload to Google playstore and app store

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    I need a contract erc20 with marketing wallet, Buyback wallet and Developer wallet paid in eth. Holders geterc20 USDT rewards. Will need the source code and edit lines to adjust taxes and endter the wallets for the marketing, buyback and developer. Your bid is my budget. Dont ask what my budget is. I need this tonight.

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    I need javascript source code of this calcaulator. Please let me know if you have it. Thanks

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    We are looking for someone who will 1) convert 3dm Files in SKP files , the open-source files can be downloaded from 2) Combine the SKP files which cover the area which lies within the Google map enclosed and send a final SKP file of the selected area The final intention is to get a 3d model of the selected area in SKP format which we will use to do a 3d Print

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    We need Readymade WhatsApp Chatbot Script full source code with bug-free documentation, if you have a demo video, please share the link. and let me share the full features with documentation.

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    I have created a exe in python but i lost the .py files of the exe build The source code is important for me i have used pyinstaller to convert .py to exe I also have a .pyc file which is generated by pyinstaller The project is CMS - which sends data like screenshots, time, current window info to server

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    Hello, I have Laravel source code with Installation Instructions, but when i npm install have error when install ( see photo attach) it seem some code was outdated. My source code run on Ubuntu 18.04 with Nginx. I need help me to install, config and update code to working perfect. Tech me to get new code and install to another VPS. Thank you

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    installation of source code laravel on server and connect to google store and ios. make sure all functions are working and hand over

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    We need some assistance to create and launch a meme token on Binance Smart Chain network. We want to do most of the work ourselves, just need the source code to be established and provided, and some video call assistance around the deployment and post-launch management process. Source code will include custom tokenomics & details, we will deploy using recent solidity version via remix. This is the 1st stage of our unique meme token project. Stage 2 will follow 2 months after project launch and will involve the development of a custom [multi-function wallet] defi application. The successful freelancer will receive an ongoing 1% buy/sell tax and be awarded stage 2 and all future development requirements. *WORK TO COMMENCE TUE MAY 24.

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    I have two bugs in my app codebase and i want support to fix this issues 1-) When i build the application i receive whe warning => string too large to encode using UTF-8 written instead as 'STRING_TOO_LARGE'. i want this warning fixed but i dont find any large string on the codebase 2-) i´m trying to create a component "TitleBar" for reuse but the parameter title and button_icon was not working component: src/main/java/com/app/paypark/core/components/title/ layout: src/main/res/layout/ attrs: src/main/res/values/ usage: src/main/res/layout/ the codebase want sent as attachment if you are not a bot start your bid with: i have time to fix our issue soon...

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    Functional Requirements 1. Modify or delete the original small functions, including but not limited to deleting the advertising system, internal payment system, modifying some logic bugs, sharing functions, login functions, etc. Do not make big logic, big functional modifications. 2. The modified Unity is exported into a runnable WebGL project, which can be easily adapted to the horizontal and vertical screen modes.

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    setup Open Source ERP Next Setup and create a document on how to 3 Warehouse tree with Warehouse > Room > Row > Shelf > Bin Entry Transfer Consume reports of Warehouse > Room > Row > Shelf > Bin balance

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    ...full page) 3. script returns rendered page source (wich is different from php_filegetcontents()) --------- WHAT I EXPECT 1. price & timespan 2. web form to put URL in 3. anser from tyhe script showing rendered source code of page * preffered script is working on server side BUT can be JS in browser --------- more calrifications ----------- - here is an example YT web address (URL) 1. Render this URL on server side by your script and get page source code (the same code which you get after URL oppening in browser and right click -> get source code) 2. set simple web form where I can sent URL to your script and it have to return as answer source code of RENDERED page * the code is different from source code got by php command file_get...

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    !!!Please only bid if you have a ready made code source you own!!!! looking for a dating app system i have an existing project which includes the video calling and few other things video calling part must be moved to the new project. system with details 2. google ads 3. user feed newsfeed ui / ux credit purchase / coin to android / ios store.

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    Need to create RPM packages for latest GVM (Greenbone Vulnerability Management) with all dependency which can be installed in centos-7 (For centos-8 we have already rpm packages from Atomicorp) So, scope will be building these following RPMS packages for centos-7 with all dependenies and need to provide spec file for these so that I can build these rpm at my end and verify. • gvm-libs • gvmd • Greenbone Security Assistant • GSA • gsad • openvas-smb • openvas-scanner • ospd-openvas • gvm-tools

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    We had an Android Project (Java) and we lost the codebase, All we have is an APK (Debug/Release). You need to decompile the apk file and get back to the source code.

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    Please see attached list - I need column C populated with search volume in USA for every one of the 44 ERP's listed

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    Hello everyone, we are a young team from Germany and we want to create our own online store to sell our own wave irons. For this purpose, we are looking for a manufacturer from China who can produce and supply us with high quality wave irons. Also we would like to have our own logo printed on the wave irons. If you are from China and can put us in touch with the manufacturer, we would be willing to pay you a commission.

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    Looking for a novice to intermediate Java developer for part-time long-term open-source work in the software observability sector. Most of your work will actually be in Kotlin but Kotlin experience is not necessary. If you have experience with Java then you will pick up Kotlin easily enough. You will work completely in the open on GitHub so I will need to see your current open-source profile. I will use it to gauge the quality of your work and communication. If you have nothing on your GitHub account, be upfront. Forking a bunch of projects doesn't mean anything if you aren't committing to those projects. There is ample back-end and front-end work, so speak up if you prefer one or the other. If you are flexible enough to do both, that's even better. Again, p...

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    Prepare summary notes on SQL from a source.

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    I have a domain name and hosting in GoDaddy. Also I have the source code (in node js) of a website, and I want to publish that source code on my website.

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    hello i need to modify a stl file according to a source design

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    Hello. I am looking for source code of roland sound canvas va. And sound canvas for arm64 is needed. Only who can help me, bid please.

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    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, we´re searching for a simple video analytics tool to recognize license plate entry and exit of each car. Software just needs to output snapshot from entry and exit of each car in a folder named of each license plate. The accurancy should be good in any conditions (far, near, color, black and white) Videos are h.265 and dav. UI should be simple and software should be able to import amount of videos. Software is directly analyzing and outputting the folders with images in a path we can configure by clicking start button. Also the tool should be using the GPU 100% for a high inference speed. OS for this software should be windows linux is possible but not prefered.

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    Open source code : Budget : 100-150$ In dashboard- 2pages DB Store: postgresql

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    I need an expert in Python, Java, and Javascript to edit and tweak Mail-In-a-Box mail server. Basically, I need to change and adapt email backups to Wasabi S3 instead of using the current Amazon S3. Refer to:

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    I need an expert in Python, Java, and Javascript to edit and tweak Mail-In-a-Box mail server. Basically, I need to change and adapt email backups to Wasabi S3 instead of using the current Amazon S3. Refer to:

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    Are you a competent Javascript/Typescript and Python developer? If so, we want you on our team for this fun project! We're building a new DEX connector for Hummingbot, an open source trading platform. The connector will be developed by integrating with Hummingbot's new DEX gateway, which has a developer friendly Typescript interface that abstracts away blockchain complexity. That's where you come in. The DEX itself is for a popular DeFi game on the Harmony blockchain. The DEX codebase is very similar to Uniswap, so it's useful to have experience with that as well (although not required) The rest of our team will handle other aspects of the project including the Hummingbot platform, user acceptance testing, and the code contribution process. Once we select you...

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    I am looking for an excel spreadsheet linked via API to Interactive Brokers TWS. The spreadsheet will support multiple owners, brokers, cash positions equities and options, The input/output part will support manual and automatic (API) entry of a. equities/cash b. buy/sell/ merge/ split/ dividends/ transactions c. set multiple holder account/broker manual and automatic (API) d. Currencies The spreadsheet needs a dashboard to display portfolio metrics and some statistical analysis. We have an existing excel which is based on MS stock data and if will be a base shall be restructured Skills: experience with stick trading applications, Excel, power pivot, Access, programming, Software Architecture After requirements formalization, the project will be done at fixed fees. time scope e...

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    I purchased a project from Fiverr, and asked for the source code When I got the source code, the service provider does not accept to explain to me how to build the project via visual studio code And when I learned on YouTube, I understood that I had to write the command "npm run build". But when I try it it shows me this error "'react-scripts' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." I don't know if I should use an older version, or if I'm not using the program correctly or if there is a deleted code from the code itself? I want to solve the problem And teach me how to extract the project myself. And teach me how to extract the project myself. It is preferable for those who accept to so...

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    hello my developer share me code i just want build apk of that code so i can understand he give me right code so for flutter developer its small task its urgent

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    autohotkeyL cpp source encrypt and decrypt Add decryption to AutoHotkey cpp Open Source. Add Encryption to AutoHotkey Compiler

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