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    Jamovi Graph Creation Support 6 days left

    I'm looking for a Jamovi expert who can assist me with creating graphs in the software. Key Tasks: - I need help creating various types of graphs in Jamovi. - You should be able to effectively assist me in utilizing the visualization features of Jamovi. Ideal Candidate: - Experience with Jamovi is a must. - Proficiency in creating various types of graphs. - Ability to explain and guide through the visualization functionalities of Jamovi.

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    ...status messages to be sent and received throughout the network of nodes. These messages will be vital for monitoring the status of individual nodes within the system. Ideal Candidate: - Strong C++ skills: Extensive experience with C++ programming is crucial. You should be able to understand and debug existing code efficiently. - Algorithm expertise: Familiarity with the Tarjan algorithm or similar graph algorithms would be highly beneficial. - Networking knowledge: A background in networking and communication protocols will be advantageous for implementing the messaging system. - Problem-solving skills: The ability to identify and resolve complex runtime errors is essential for this project. Please note that this project is for an existing business, and the successful completio...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Fortran developer to design a program, focusingmainly on scientific calculations and numerical simulations. The end goal is to have a program with an user-friendly interface and more accurate results. The developer should guarantee that the program operates compatibly with Windows. Ideally, the right freelancer will have an advanced understanding of scientific computation and a proven track record of developing intuitive user interfaces.

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    I am seeking a capable individual to assist me with math-related aspects of my computer science projects. - Your primary task will involve providing support and guidance on how to apply mathematical concepts within computer science context. This may include, but not limited to: - Algorithm analysis - Graph theory - Probability and statistics - Discrete mathematics - Linear algebra - Calculus - Familiarity with computer science and the ability to explain complex mathematical concepts in a simple way is essential for this role. - Proficiency in programming languages commonly used in computer science such as Python, Java, and C++ would be an advantage, although not mandatory. If you have a strong mathematical background and are comfortable explaining these...

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    ... This includes customer portals, checkout, individual product and subscription management, and webhooks. - Socialite Support, magic link support, and 2FA support - Support DaisyUI and Preline components - Filament support for admin panel with prebuilt components for user management, blog, articles, orders, subscriptions, statistics - SEO focus - meta tags, Twitter Cards, Dynamic Open Graph Images, Open Graph tags for social media, Automatic sitemap generation, markup, Blog and Articles with SEO The design style should be minimalistic, focusing on simplicity and efficiency without compromising functionality. In terms of project management, we'll be utilizing GitHub for version control and collaboration. Ideal candidates for this project should have a strong unde...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to implement the Tarjan Algorithm in an OMNET++ application. The focus of this simulation will be on path optimization and network analysis within a complex network with multiple types of connections. Key ...Implementation of Tarjan Algorithm for path optimization: I would like the algorithm to efficiently find the most optimal paths within the complex network structure. - Network Analysis: The simulation should offer a detailed insight into the network's behavior and performance metrics. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in C++ and extensive experience with OMNET++ is a must. - Strong background in graph theory and algorithms, especially the Tarjan Algorithm. - Prior experience in path optimization and network analysis would...

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    Stata Code 5 days left

    ...does the treatment effect vary across your chosen measure of heterogeneity? Do not forget to address both the estimate and its associ- ated standard error. 3. Figure 6 Replication (a) Replicate Figure VI (titled Performance of Treatment and Control Employees: Phone Calls) It is okay to not provide the on-graph text labels, but be sure to label the axis and give the figure a title and format the figure so it can be easily understood. (b) Instead of graphing the treatment and control values, graph the difference be- tween treatment and control over time (the average treatment effect). Does this effect change over time? Why might it?. Be sure to format the figure so that it can be easily undestood....

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    I need an Excel spreadsheet that will allow me to efficiently manage health care payment data. - **Data Entry Form**: The spreadsheet should have a user-friendly data entry form to ensure easy and accurate data input. - **Calculation Formulas**: It should include calculation formulas to automatically process and analyze the payment data entered. - **Chart/Graph Creation**: The ability to create visual representations of the data in the form of charts or graphs is essential. The payment data that needs to be entered into the spreadsheet includes payment amounts, reference numbers and location. I need this project completed as soon as possible. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in creating user-friendly Excel spreadsheets with data entry forms - Adv...

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    Graph model (optimization) 5 days left

    I have one graph model project which requires to develp and refine graph models for the music recommendation system. The optimized graph models will be evaluated using accuracy metrics.

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    I have a simple project that I need help with. The task involves creating a basic simulation model of a drone on Simulink in MATLAB. The drone is required to start from the ground and hover at an altitude of 250 meters which is done. I divided the project into two phases. The first phase is where the roll, yaw, and pitch angles are 0. This phase is completed. The model has an output graph for representing altitude. The second phase I need to edit the model I did such that there are output graphs of the system representing the roll, yaw, and pitch angles. Key Project Details: - The task is specifically for designing the simulation model. - The model should be at a basic level, focusing on the essential components for the drone's operation and hovering at 200 meters. Ideal Fr...

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    I am looking for a proficient Java coder who can design and implement a code that will graphically visualize the Critical Path Method (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) networks in project management. Requested to implement a program in Java programming language and graphically visualize the network/graph generated as a result of executing the Critical Path Method (CPM) and Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) in Project Management. Key functionalities include: - Generating CPM network - Generating PERT network - Graphically visualizing CPM network - Graphically visualizing PERT network The code should be designed to take input of project tasks, duration and their dependencies, creating a detailed and clear diagrammatic network. Skills and Expe...

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    ...from 1) obtained using algorithms: greedy (the vertex order according to its number) LF method (ties are solved by the vertex number) SLF method (ties are solved by highest vertex degree, and if there is still a tie choose the vertex with the lowest number) the number of different C4 subgraphs the number of the graph complement's edges Input In the first line there's a number k of graphs. The following lines contain k graph data sets. A single data set contains a number n - the graph order - and n lists of neighbours for each vertex. A list contains the number of neighbours (s) and s neighbours IDs. Neighbours IDs are numbers from 1 to n. Output You should print k sets of responses. Each set should contain the designated parameters in the order in which...

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    I'm looking for a custom add-on for Perfex CRM. The add-on shall generate a graph that can be filtered by personnel and date. Key requirements include: - Display data: The graph should show the number of opportunities. - Chart style: The preferred style is a line chart. - Filtering: The graph should be filtered based on selected personnel and date ranges. Ideal skills for this project include familiarity with Perfex CRM, strong PHP and MySQL experience, as well as an understanding of charting libraries for graph representation. A professional who can work efficiently and deliver a user-friendly, visually appealing solution will be highly appreciated. There is a ready-made page similar to our needs in Perfex CRM. I just want it to be converted into a plugi...

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    ...meaningful by adjusting the bin size so you can see the shape of the histogram. Write several sentences explaining the process/steps by which you created this graph. -Create a histogram of the stock trading volume (in the column labeled "Volume"). Make sure the histogram is meaningful by adjusting the bin size so you can see the shape of the histogram. Write several sentences explaining the process/steps by which you created each graph. -Complete the following for each of the four graphs: Make sure the x and y axis have appropriate labels—“Stock Price in USD” or “Date D/M/Y” for example. Change the title of the graph to communicated what the graph is communicating. Add options—color, trendlines, legend, other? Cal...

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    The website is already programmed is necessary to simply create a second level of subcategories and the client cannot publish in subcategory level 2 only in level 3. The following is necessary: 1st. Create a second subcategory level linked to another subcategory. 2nd. In that second level of subcategory, at the top there appears an image of the category, a descriptive text and a graph that shows the evolution by month and year of the price from lowest to highest. That graph will take the price data of the ads in the subcategory. 3rd. Add an option to add a shipping cost to the products. 4th. There is already a search in the subcategories but we also want to put it on the front page of the website and show the results classified by main category, subcategory 1 and f...

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    I'm in need of a developer proficient in Python who can create a video tutorial. The tutorial should showcase the process of building a user authentication login page for a web application using the Microsoft Graph API. The loging should just allow pre-registered users (from azure dashboard) to enter the app. Ideally the should build a little login page using streamlit! Key Requirements: - Expertise in Python: Comprehensive proficiency in Python is a must, as the tutorial is centered around this language. - Familiarity with Microsoft Graph API: The ability to leverage the Microsoft Graph API for user authentication is essential. - Video Creation: While I'm not looking for a professional video maker, the candidate should be able to record, edit, and produce...

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    I'm in need of a developer proficient in Python who can create a video tutorial. The tutorial should showcase the process of building a user authentication login page for a web application using the Microsoft Graph API. The loging should just allow pre-registered users (from azure dashboard) to enter the app. Ideally the should build a little login page using streamlit! Key Requirements: - Expertise in Python: Comprehensive proficiency in Python is a must, as the tutorial is centered around this language. - Familiarity with Microsoft Graph API: The ability to leverage the Microsoft Graph API for user authentication is essential. - Video Creation: While I'm not looking for a professional video maker, the candidate should be able to record, edit, and produce...

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    I'm looking for a design professional skilled in creating memorable logos...incorporate additional colors only if they blend well and look professional. The blue from the website is hex #087E8B The while from the website is #F7F7F9 - Style: The logo should have a modern look, steering away from traditional designs. The text on our website for headings is 'Nimbus Sans Extended' & the text is 'NEUE HAAS UNICA - Optional Symbolism: You could incorporate an upwards arrow or graph as a key element in the design to depict growth and progress. This element should be subtle yet explicit in its representation. We are open to seeing other symbols or none. Our website is: Please use this to get a feel of the existing branding, colours & approach of the busine...

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    I am in need of an Excel expert who can create a dynamic and well-structured line graph based on data from a questionnaire that automated itself using text and numeric data. This project requires knowledge and practical experience with: - Excel data manipulation - Advanced graphing techniques - High attention to detail. The project specifically involves working with three or more different data sets and multiple excel books. The right candidate should have a track record of creating visually stunning and effective Excel graphs that allow for easy interpretation and extraction of meaningful insights from text data. The line graph should allow for a comprehensive overview of all data sets at once. It should make it easy to identify trends and changes over time. Previous e...

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    As a tax accounting firm, we need a modern and minimalist brochure/front page template created on Canva. This design will be a vital part of our client communications, underlining our commitment to transparency and professional service. Key Features: - The template needs to have individual fields for 'Client Name', 'Financial Summary', and 'Tax Advice Tips' & a 'performance graph'. - The design should embody a modern and minimalist aesthetic, reflecting our firm's expertise and reliable standing. - We would want the content creator to assist in creating the content. Then we would want generic fields or a pivot table to input data that then flows to the brochure/template. So that each client receives a personalised brochure. I...

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    I'm looking for an experienced WHMCS developer to help improve an already developed financial history graph. I had a developer from before that told me he could improve the module by take order dates and other dates already in the database to fill in missing data of the graph. Right now the graph just records order and financial information in the database and displays it on the graph. Where there is no data the graph just shows a straight line as shown in the demo screenshot. So I want the graph to show the data that its table is missing by getting this information from the WHMCS database. The end result would fill in the missing data of the straight line and also show the history on the graph from the start of the database, right now ...

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    I'm looking for a knowledgeable individual in the field of Mathematics, specifically Graph Theory, who can efficiently and accurately rewrite my research. The primary goal here is to create a fresh version with distinct wording while preserving the important findings and messages. The main section requiring your expertise is the Methodology. I expect a comprehension of mathematical concepts and a strong proficiency in interpreting and rewriting complex research methodologies in a clear, engaging manner. Key Skills & Experience: - Proficient in English - Mathematics, specifically Graph Theory - Exceptional writing and editing skills - Experience in research re-writing. - Solid understanding of research methodologies. Please only bid if you can demonstrate your cap...

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    I have a substantial Excel table and I am in need of a skilled data analyst to help with correlati...analysis between Column 1 to 9 of my dataset, which contains more than 4200 rows and 9 columns. Need the source file of xls with formula too Key Responsibilities: - Perform accurate correlation analysis on specified columns - Generate line graphs to visualize the correlation Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and correlation analysis - Solid understanding and experience with line graph creation - Excellent problem-solving abilities - High attention to detail I'm looking for accurate and efficient work so I can understand the relationship between my data points and act accordingly. Your experience could be the key to enhancing my project. Looking forward to se...

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    We are looking for 5-10 years of .Net experienced developer who can also have experienced in React and .Net based web development. Long terms multiple projects development. Using Mainly Azure SQL server database with Visual Studio .Net Core API. Graph QL and EF. Worked on Azure Key Vault, Azure Logic app, Azure function is bonus.

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    I'm seeking a disciplined developer to convert my current WordPress website into a headless CMS with a frontend, giving it a new minimalist aesthetic. The intended functionalities include: - A contact form ...login functionality - Incorporation of JavaScript graphs The new design should exhibit a sense of clarity and simplicity, aligning with a minimalist approach. Please note, the frontend should also be responsive but optimized for tablets specifically. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience with WordPress and - Exceptional understanding of JavaScript, particularly JavaScript graph libraries - Astute UI/UX design skills with a minimalist preference - Good knowledge of responsive design, specifically for tablets. Looking forward to your promising proposals...

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    The work will be done based on using segmentation and graph cut network

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    I'm seeking a skilled Node.js backend developer with expertise in real-time applications and , for a project with chat and graph features. Requirements: - Develop a robust backend in Node.js - Implement real-time chat functionality - Handle graph visualization using Ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in Node.js backend development - Strong understanding of real-time applications - Previous work with - Proficiency in data visualization, specifically graph data structures Please note that this project requires an expert who can deliver efficient, scalable, and secure code.

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    18 bids need of a wireframe design for a front-end dashboard tailored for school teachers. This dashboard will have a range of essential features, driving a seamless user experience for educators. Requirements: - Incorporate attendance tracking, grade management, and lesson planning functionalities - Develop a graphical design that displays the daily and weekly progress of each student in a bar graph format - Each student's picture should be displayed as a profile icon next to their name on the screens - A base design with each lesson (math, science, reading, history), and all the data is linked via Chatgpt (GPT) backend process with an API - Detailed customizable report generation process Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in UI/UX design, particularly wi...

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    I ur...maps based on coordinates received from an API. Path Generation: Develop logic to create paths using GPX files fetched from an API. Real-time path follow : Enable users to follow paths generated from GPX files in real-time. Navigation Information: Display essential navigation data including distance covered and remaining, speed, and current elevation. Graphical Representation: Create a base graph at the bottom of the screen using GPX data and link it with the displayed path for better visualization. Ideal candidates should have: - Expert level experience in Kotlin - Proven experience in Mapbox integration - Past projects involving the development of real-time navigation modules for Android Refer UI example attached Please provide examples of your previous work in th...

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    I need to hire an expert to develop a poc (proof of concept) for me with flet + python or flutter. A line graph, a bar graph and a canvas must be made with a background image with 5 variables located in different places on the image, showing new data every 10 seconds The deliverable is the sources installed in Visual Code, publishing and running on an Android cell phone and a website It must be developed with async and fastapi methods, depending on the results we can look at 100% development of the app, but a proof of concept needs to be done before starting the large project. thank you so much Demonstrated experience in dashboard development with flet or flutter is valued

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    Hello, I saw your profile and I am interested in requesting your support, I need a poc (proof of concept) with flet + python that makes a line graph, a bar graph and a donut graph on an android and on a website It is very important that from my computer I can install the project on an Android mobile that works with async and fastapi methodology, depending on the results we can look at 100% development of the app, but I do need to do a proof of concept before starting the big project. thank you so much

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    I need a skilled developer to create a graph logic application in either Core PHP, JavaScript, or JQuery. The application will focus on visualizing user engagement data, specifically the bounce rate. Key Requirements: - Develop a graph logic application that utilizes Core PHP, JavaScript, or JQuery. - The system should effectively visualize user engagement data. - The application should specifically focus on visualizing the bounce rate metric. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Core PHP, JavaScript, or JQuery. - Experience in developing graph logic applications. - Understanding of user engagement metrics.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to create a line graph in Excel. This graph will be utilized for report analysis, showcasing the trend for a single data set. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a line graph in Excel - Present the data trend effectively - Ensure the graph is tailored for report analysis Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel, particularly in creating graphs - Prior experience in crafting visuals for reports - Ability to convey data clearly and effectively This project specifically does not entail comparing different data sets, as it solely focuses on illustrating the trend of a single set. The ideal candidate will deliver a polished graph that can be seamlessly integrated into a report.

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    need help for a small C project. It uses Graph. Very easy and small project

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    I need a simple PowerShell script created for a SharePoint Online site. This script will help me get the DocumentID (DocIDRedir) for each folder in a specified document library and then generate a CSV file with the name of the folder and its respective DocumentID. - When a folder lacks a DocumentID, the script should still output the folder name with a placeholde...The script should also incorporate information about subfolders within each primary folder. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in PowerShell scripting is a must. - Proficiency in working with SharePoint Online. - Prior experience with SharePoint DocumentIDs, particularly DocIDRedir. - Familiarity with creating CSV files using PowerShell. In case it is not possible via PowerShell, A Microsoft Graph equivalent can als...

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    ...Windows File System or macOS File System * Index local files and folders * Search * Search local database and file system for relevant results * Display search results in user interface * User Interface * Develop user interface for Quivr Agent * Include search bar, search results, and settings Cloud Component: Calendar Service * Calendar Integration * Integrate with Microsoft Graph API for calendar data * Retrieve calendar events and appointments * Event Processing * Process calendar events and appointments * Extract relevant information (e.g., attendees, location, time) * Notification * Send notifications to users for upcoming events and appointments * Use SendGrid for email notifications * User Management * Integrate with Azure Ac...

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    The client portal dashboard is experiencing an issue where the graphs and charts are no longer displaying. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in debugging front-end issues - Proficiency in JavaScript and data visualization libraries - Knowledge of client portal systems Key Points: - The issue is limited to the graphs and charts not displaying. Other elements appear to be functioning correctly. - The problem is consistent across all web browsers. - No recent updates or changes have been made to the dashboard that could have triggered this issue. You will be expected to: - Identify the root cause of the problem - Implement a solution that will restore the proper display of graphs and charts without affecting other elements of the dashboard.

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    I need a seasoned GNN specialist, highly skilled in machine learning and data analysis. The project requires support as domain expertise, rather than specific application to finance, healthcare or marketing. Key Responsibilities: - Act as a domain expert - Guide through broader concepts of GNN ...GNN specialist, highly skilled in machine learning and data analysis. The project requires support as domain expertise, rather than specific application to finance, healthcare or marketing. Key Responsibilities: - Act as a domain expert - Guide through broader concepts of GNN Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in Machine Learning - Strong Data Analysis abilities - Deep understanding of Graph Neural Networks - Prior experience acting as a domain expert within GNN projects would b...

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    I am seeking a proficient freelancer who can effectively extract data from six graphs (line and area) and reproduce the graph in Excel. Please review the attached Excel file for grahps (3 of them are already processed as an example). Ideal Skills & Experience: - Demonstrated ability in data extraction - Excel competence - A keen eye for detail Freelancers should include examples of their past work for consideration. Your bid should be reflective of your skills and experience. I am looking forward to viewing your proposals. Please make them as detailed as possible.

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    Good day guys, I am looking for someone to make a Nice video explaining the transformation of graphs of the sine, cosine and tangent functions. I will be telling u the exact topic to you in private chat. I will be asking you to make a sample video explaining a topic with nice PowerPoint explanations used in explaining the topic. You surely must be very good in Mathematics and also good in making PowerPoint Presentations as I want all explained using PPT's and writing. My budget is $10 - $15 for this so if you are planning to bid more than this, I would not consider you bid at all and also please type "Transformation of Graphs of Trig Functions" in the bid so I know that you are not a bot and have read the requirements thoroughly.

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    I'm in need of a professional's help to create static line graphs in Microsoft Excel for scientific data presentations. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in using Microsoft Excel to create line graphs - Experience with scientific data visualization - Understanding of best practices in graph creation Additional notes: - The data for the graphs will be provided to you - The graphs are expected to be clear, accurate and visually appealing - Familiarity with scientific terminology is a plus, but not strictly required.

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    ...stories should be well-structured and clearly defined to facilitate development. - GRAPH: You'll also be responsible for creating a graph that visually represents the requirements laid out in the user stories. Ideal Skills and Experience: - BUSINESS ANALYSIS: A solid background in business analysis is a must for this role. This includes understanding the methodology of writing user stories. - DATA VISUALIZATION: Experience in creating graphs or data visualizations will be highly beneficial, especially in the context of representing user story requirements. Please note that the main goal of this project is to effectively translate my requirements into user stories and present them visually through a graph. The project should be completed with a high level of...

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    I'm seeking an experienced math tutor to specifically help me with Trigonometry functions. Here's what I'm looking for: ...- Tutoring through online video chat. - Expert knowledge in Trigonometric ratios, Unit circle, and Trigonometric identities (the focus areas). I want to start with trig function transformations. I want to start with basics such as amplitude, period and principal axis. After that I want to to do vertical shift which will be easier once you have those basics are covered. You may start from the graph of y = sin(x), then move on step by step until reaching y = a sin(b(x - c)) + d; where a, b, c and d are real numbers. Also, provide the same progressive explanation for cosine and tangent functions Please type in "Trig Functions" So I know ...

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    ...them on a program. Report the statement and branch coverage for the program when run using the series of test inputs. Requirements 1. Statement Coverage Objective: Determine the percentage of executable statements in the software that are executed by the test cases in the test suite. 2. Branch Coverage Objective: Identify and report the number of acyclic paths through the program’s control flow graph that are covered by the test suite. Input Specifications Your program should take 2 command-line arguments: The path to a Python script The path to a directory containing a set of input (.in) files It should be called using the following command: python <python_program> <input_file_dir> Output Specifications Your program should produce output indicating: ...

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    Hi , Developers skilled in Node.js who can complete the first stage within 3 days should apply. If you can ...chats • System Prompt: Allow system prompt input like Ollama UI does • Admin Panel Final: 1. Add a button to gift a 1-month subscription when editing user info 2. Access chat histories when editing user details 3. Provide daily, weekly, monthly, and total token usage statistics for both 3.5 and 4.5 4. Display the number of daily, weekly, monthly, and total premium subscriptions purchased 5. Show a graph of the top 10 countries with the highest recent access • User Settings: 1. Edit username, password, and full name; update language and country 2. Enter and store billing info Github links : RAG : Search :

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    I need a graphic designer My project entails reformatting two line graphs. They are currently in PNG format, and I'd like them to mirror each other in style. Coloring of the lines will help differentiate the data on the graphs. Simple project

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    ...developer to create a website featuring an interactive graph for displaying stock market data, specifically price trends over time. The goal of this project is to provide a clear, engaging, and easily understandable picture of stock market price movements. Key Project Requirements: - Excellent understanding of data visualization principles and tools - Ability to design and build a responsive and user-friendly website - Extensive experience working with financial data, particularly stock market price trends - Proficiency in coding languages such as TypeScript(Angular) and Python - Attention to detail to ensure accuracy across all data representations Your role would be to design and implement an interactive and visually appealing graph that can effectively represent the f...

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    ...struggling to grasp the concepts of sine, cosine, and tangent graph transformations. I’m hoping to find a skilled and patient mathematics tutor who can: - Simplify these complex concepts for me. - Use practical teaching methods where I can apply what I learn. The perfect candidate: - Is experienced with teaching sine, cosine, and tangent transformations. - Is comfortable delivering lessons practically rather than visually or audibly. - Can use simple, clear language to explain concepts. Your objective will be to help me understand these transformations intuitively by translating theory into practical applications. I am interested in learning transformation of graphs of the sine, cosine and tangent functions. You may start from the graph of y = sin(x), then mov...

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    ...= rho*Cp*dT/dt. (The work should be done on ANSYS Fluent). Key Tasks: - Conduct detailed thermal analysis and simulation on a Li-ion battery. - Show the transient response of cell temperature vs. Time (s) and heat generation (W/m3) vs. Time (s) - Temperature contour plots - Update UDF code. - Provide recommendations and solutions based on the analysis. - The simulation data should match the graph (Fig. 5 from the paper) Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in thermal analysis and simulation tools. - Strong understanding of Li-ion battery technology. - Experience in similar projects preferred. - Experience in ANSYS Fluent and UDF functions. Note: Please provide samples of previous work, especially if they are related to battery technology. I have attached the following: - ANSYS Fil...

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    ...tailored for APT detection. Your experience in this area is crucial. - Provenance Graph Analysis: Your ability to analyze Provenance Graphs and identify anomalies, potentially suspicious activities, is paramount. Ideal Skill Set and Experience: - Proficiency in cybersecurity and Graph Neural Networks (GNN) is a must. - Demonstrable experience in improving APT detection accuracy. - Proven track record in developing AI models, specifically for cybersecurity applications. - Extensive experience in analyzing Provenance Graphs to identify suspicious activities. The expected timeframe for this project is 1-3 months. Please only apply if you have a solid background in cybersecurity, GNN, AI, and Provenance Graph analysis. Your expertise will be pivotal in helpin...

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