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    12,584 how to autofill numbers in excel without dragging jobs found, pricing in INR to earn some good cash? I am looking for a branded version of these types of software, without source code, right, only the executable version with any files that are needed in order for the app to run and any help files that you have. Since I don't need any source code, only a branded version of these software, please bid accordingly to that

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    ...application to compliment our website. This application (call it applicationX for now) would let people "de-bundle" content from different web pages and re-arrange it how they want. Imagine if your browser could extract/view just the text of a news story at The idea would be not just to view just images or text, but to be able to organize th...

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    I need a script in asp/xml that copy the content from one page to my own page without leaving my website. I have a sample of this script that only work with ODP([login to view URL]). Instead of ODP I want it done on: [login to view URL] You can see this ODP script in action here: [login to view URL] You may download

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    ...developer to help with the following project: A simple flash website that allows web user to create a "layout" of objects online by dragging and dropping them from a library to a grid on the right. The objects will need "snap to the grid". In addition, once the layout is created the web user will need the ability to ...

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    ...developed in to do the following. HTTP upload of an Excel or CSV file from the users local hard drive or network drive. Parse the data in to a SQL table for processing counting the maximum length of each field in the file. The import must cater for standard text formatting of the fields such as financial columns with "," set <...

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    I am in need of the services of an accomplished c++ programmer to create a win32 application for me containing a wide array of functionality. I am only providing the basic details of what is required to give you a taste of what I need...interested parties will receive more details upon request. What I need: - Application must be in c++ - Application

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    For my homework assignment, I need to be able to retrieve the number, when my ISDN number is called; I need to be able to read the caller ID from the ISDN and show this in a simple interface on my PC screen. This needs to be done in C#. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program in executable form as well as complete ...

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    ...fill in the textboxes and submit forms on other websites from your website. I am not trying to do anything bad or make a bot. I want to do something like google toolbars autofill feature but from my website. To give you even more detail, for the site i develop for my clients, i would like them to login to my website and have my site log-in...

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    I need someone to quickly help me password protect a php page that gets called up by a htm page. I'd rathe not use htaccess -- rather use some php session on a page not a whole dir I need this asap ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

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    17 bids linked to another site which will have all the customer needs but we need to have a form which takes the customers details if they want us to help them sign up and connect their free numbers/paid numbers for them... so main site - fill out our form to receive/begin connecting your free numbers etc - something like this - but this has to...

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    Hi, I want a way to scroll to the end of a Richtextbox like scrolltocaret, without needing to focus the richtextbox. **With VB .net 2003 !!!!** Bye Mike ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install

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    I need a program that will assist with quickly dialing phone numbers (telemarketing). I have a text file of phone numbers (one per line), followed by a note, like this: 14155551212,acme company 5558735,call back on friday 5559823,abc company 12125553235,xyz company The program should have buttons for: 1) scrolling the list (text box with up/down

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    ...method should test your class for numbers between 20 and 30, numbers between 490 and 500 and numbers between 8120 and 8130 (inclusive in all three cases). Fo up to 10 points of Extra Credit, write a method to find the smallest odd abundant number. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well ...

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    ...a method. It requires that a program be written to find all perfect numbers. A perfect number is a number that is equal to the sum of all of its positive factors excluding itself. for example 28 is a perfect number because 28 = 1+2+4+7+14 A program needs to be written to list all perfect numbers under 10,000 through an exaustive search. Implement

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    ...that uses simulation to see whether the units digits of the random numbers are uniformly distributed. Begin by declaring count as a 10-element array of integers. Using a loop, generate one million random integers in the range from 0 to 99,999. For each value, extract the units digit(value %10), and increment the corresponding value in the array. Output

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    ...randon numbers (N can be less than or equal to 10,000) from a uniform distribution on the interval from [0, 1). Store them in an Array and display them in a combo box. Perform the Goodness to Fit test to determine if the numbers do follow the uniform distribution. Using 10 intervals (0, 0.1, 0.2, ect.), determine the number of random numbe...

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    ...that number in two 32-bit words. You may assume that the integer is small enough to be stored in 64 bits. Briefly, the algorithm works like this: You process the string from left to right, and with each new digit you multiply the previous result by 10 and add the numerical value of the digit. This is tricky because besides the need to convert ascii

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    ...submitting to Access database and I'm getting stack overflow errors. Sometimes the description field contains a lot of data, usually no more than 50-100k. I need someone with expertise on getting around recursion limits. Or any workaround (binary?) that doesn't bog down the server too much. I'm not a coder but it would help me to select you

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    Problem Description: In this assignment, you have to develop a mechanism to carry out arithmetic for very large numbers, say around 40 digits long using stack operations on an [login to view URL] numbers can be positive or negative numbers. Your program should operate in the following way: When your program starts it should ask the user to pr...

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    ...file of the program and class. The missing data to be done is: Using a for-loop, find the sum of the entries in the salesQuantity array. Using sum and the value of the counter variable, assign the correct value to the average variable. Assign the value true to the variable statsUpToDate. I'd like to get this as soon as possible. The next part

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