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    ... Holliday, Matt; STL; 141; 520; 103; 156; 31; 1; 22 Headley, Chase; SD; 141; 520; 59; 130; 35; 2; 13 Assignment Deliverable You must turn in a file called – this is your source code solution; be sure to include your names, the project number and comments describing your code. Reminders Create tables and have output for the

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    3 small scripts for GIMP image manipulation program it must be .py and in menu of Gimp and i need a command what to write to execute ALL STEPS ARE HERE: script should be executed with command like this, something similar (this case might be wrong): 1) "C:/ProgramFiles/GIMP/[login to view URL] C:/PICS/ [login to view URL] C:/OUT/" 2) "C:/ProgramFiles/GIMP/gimp

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    I have a short, WORKING piece of PYTHON code (.py) that interprets the user's input file (.json) then executes by downloading data files (.hdf) from NASA ([login to view URL]). It then averages together several hundred data points and produces a single output file (.csv). The task I am asking for is to change a few minor elements to the input and output

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    Need to design (AI) algorithm -Reinforcement Learning-, as ROS node python (.py) to control 4W steering mobile robot for path tracking problem.

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    It's a physics model from the Saturn V in graphs

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    modifying a .py script to train a [login to view URL] on a csv. Project files in the attachment.

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    Hi, I need help to connect Arduino ESP8266 to Analytics Reporting API v4 [login to view URL] I would like to connect it to the API in order to display metrics on Arduino LCD Screen. Acceptance criteria: 1. User connect Arduino to wifi 2. User logs in Google Analytics 3.

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    I have an on-going need for tutoring help with Data Science and Machine Learning topics. I would like to find a free...Learn Example, which you can see here: [login to view URL] Are you able to offer tutoring on this topic and others?

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    Hello, I’m searching for a python developer who can setup the following script [login to view URL] input: api key, geo, and keyword, template Output: database table with new rows, each business only one unique row. Each row: title, phone, website, address. Additional Page (PHP?): html page with table of all

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    I need ros that recieves an image frame and feeds it to a...image frame and feeds it to a ready made python script. This requires prior knowlege of c++ robotic operting system, and python. If you have read this instruction, just write “c++py” in the proposal section. Please do not send me a generic proposal as i won’t consider anyone with that.

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    ..."/usr/local/cpanel/bin/packman_get_list_json", line 8, in import packman File "/usr/local/cpanel/bin/[login to view URL]", line 3, in import yum File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/yum/", line 53, in import config File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/yum/[login to view URL]", line 30, in from parser import...

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    We need a consultant for SAP FI/CO and one for SAP PY. About 3-4 years of experience. Prior experience with Tally to SAP PY migration will be a hug [login to view URL] work is onsite at Jaipur, India.

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    ...recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/pip3", line 7, in <module> from pip import main File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/pip/", line 59, in <module> from [login to view URL] import logger File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/pip/[login to view URL]", line 9, in <module> import colorama, pkg_resource...

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    ...fourth most frequent word appear, (11) fifth most frequent word (excluding stop words), (12) number of times the fifth most frequent word appear I am looking for (1) the .py program that would create the above columns to the given .csv file (can use .xlsx file if preferred) and (2) the output .csv (or .xlsx file) with the above columns added to the

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    Hi Alexeev, I need a python program to be run on 716 .rtf files and to have the output organized in one big .csv...python program to be run on 716 .rtf files and to have the output organized in one big .csv file (with one heading). I don't need the .txt files. I need the python program (.py) for this and one big .csv output. Thank you for the help.

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    1 bids[login to view URL] # [login to view URL] [login to view URL] # SessionStatusListener.h [login to view URL]

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    Need a python program that would extract information from text files (.rtf). Each .rtf file is a collection of ne...txt output file is attached (920415_The New York [login to view URL]) for the first newspaper article appearing in 920415_1.rtf. Please note that I am looking for the python program (.py) that would perform the above tasks NOT the output files.

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    I have some existing code written in Python that needs to be translated to C++ for use on another C++ for use on another project. The code is about 150 lines long and rather simple as it mostly involves only basic algebraic and Boolean operations. I've included the .py file as well as the input .txt file (for testing purposes) below.

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    ...local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/schedule/", line 493, in run_pending default_scheduler.run_pending() File "/home/infinity/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/schedule/", line 78, in run_pending self._run_job(job) File "/home/infinity/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/schedule/", line 131, in _run_jo...

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    Trophy icon Futuristic Police Station Ended

    Description: As the car approached the police station Py observed one of the many chimeras the city of Delphi had birthed in the last few years. The building was abnormal, an asymmetric mass of metal and concrete more akin to Frankenstein’s Monster than anything resembling planned architecture. It was clear that the original building had been reinforced

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    7 entries project effectively. 2) If your experience is suitable, I will send you the full project description. I have written an excellent Color-Coded description on a .py file. Therefor, for the Color-Coding to work, open it as a Python file for better efficiency. 3) Upon agreeing, I will assign you the project. Some work has already

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    6 bids chatting. However Currently I am looking for a small team to help me either test or help add features to my program! Everything is written in python and uses modules like py-crypt however I would like to have it be either converted to a native file, such as C or otherwise. To be on this team you do not need to have a lot of programming or crypto

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    I want to live trade 4 algorithms I have on Quantopian. Knowledge of Py and C needed. Knowledge of IBridgePy, Quantopian and Quantconnect highly advantageous. Thanks, Frank

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    ..."" as parameter, the web service will run/execute the "" file when called. 2. create a sample "" script to be called by the web service above. This sample script will call a. log function b. send email function c. log function d. send email function 3. the sample "

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    I want to live trade 4 algorithms I have on Quantopian. Knowledge of Py and C needed. Knowledge of IBridgePy, Quantopian and Quantconnect highly advantageous. Thanks, Frank

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    Hi i need a Python script that I can run from a linux VM. I want the script to si...Google Analytics or other web analytics tools (javascript trigger) 2. The script must simulate the traffic as per the parameters provided in the list above. I need this in a .py format to run on a Linux VM so please include instructions to get dependencies (if any)

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    7 bids to start a project using Flask in python and make an AJAX request. I have to struct a new web project with similar folders: . scripts (js files) services (py files) pages.html.. (root folder) I could work on mac or windows platform. I've readed this post ([login to view URL]) but I need to implement

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    I have a 6 page app designed in Photoshop, that I need created in Kivy. I will take the event handling for buttons etc, but the page layouts all need to be built with proper py and kv files.

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    To a text file in a system, apply Huffman encoding to compress a file and then dec...decompress it. It should be in Python language. python version 3 needed. do it in trees. its needed within 1 hour from now. you need to provide input (text) file as well as the .py file. the code should run flawlessly and should not be taken from google at all!!!

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    ...ability to accept input from STDIN, or from a file specified on the command line. This question should be written in Python. SQL Query The request is of a file name with your code Suppose we have 2 tables called Orders and Salesperson see attached: Write a SQL query that retrieves the names of all salespeople that have more than $1300

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    Make a js charts using the py data provided that works with all browsers and that is live.

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    Trophy icon Illustrate Something Ended

    ...jockeys to gain influence and fortune in a dystopian future of big data and A.I. set against the backdrop of global epidemic. ABSTRACT: The story begins following character Py as he goes out of his way to examine a dead body in an alley. He is overcome by darkness and the sensation of falling through time, attacked by a pack of feral cats before subsequently

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python.

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    We are a company based in Valsad Gujarat India. We are trying to connect Odoo V8 to Alfresco. ...based in Valsad Gujarat India. We are trying to connect Odoo V8 to Alfresco. There is no connector for Odoo V8. as we are trying to install alfodoo module to odoo V8. All .py files are ok and running fine but javascript api is higher so cant install.

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    ...written in python that allows me to send a command line mail, the email address must be entered from the windows terminal, and launched in this way "python mail@[login to view URL] script .py "the text and the subject of the mail must always be the same only changes the address for sending! The server I use for emails is Aruba and uses SSL no TSL Can you help me

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    The goal is to implement a python GUI with an embedded open GL (OGL) 3D space window (left) and some ...control (particle will have oriented front view and mouse will control direction whereas movement will be controlled by arrows like in a car game), etc. The supported file is .py script working directly from Linux shell under, e.g., XUBUNTU.

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    ...existing script is attached! hopefully only a few $ to fix it. and bonus if you have a better solution? I'm not trying to create posts only renew active listings! updating the .py file so it works is all required. bonus points if you fix the phantomjs problem under linux where the script exists and copies of phantomjs are still running (I have to kill

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    need a py developer for small work.

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    py Ended

    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data.

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    ...Slide Puzzle Program/ or /Buggy Simulate Program/ to debug. *Assignment Deliverable* You must turn in a file called,,,,,,, and – this is your source code complete debugged; be sure to include your names, the project number and comments des...

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    hi i looking for some one who can build py scripe or ad more function to the file

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    I would like to extract data to (csv) from survey webpage that name is (skytrax Airport evaluation/Jeddah airport) by this webpage by python [login to view URL] this webpage contained 80 respond. I attached a sample final file note: building (python) code for future use

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    The page below shows the requirements and I need this done in 12 hours maximum. Shouldn't be too hard a job for anyone wh...who has worked on Python before. This is work for my uni and since I haven't the time I am trying to outsource it. Looking to pay between £40 - £80. It should be 1 python (.py) file containing the html markup and everything.

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    Hi, My price code is "PONDICHERY" where P=1 O=2 N=3 D=4 I=5 C=6 H=7 E=8 R=9 Y=0 . In my excel sheet, in column A1 I have the product price aplhabetic value as PY and in Column A2 the alphabetic value is ND . I want a formula which coverts the A1 and A2 price codes to the actual price values like 10 & 34 in another corresponding Column (B1 & B2).

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    I would like to create a bulk email sender, where every 10 (can be configured) would change to another smtp. Can send attachment. Subject and message random. in .py

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    I am looking for a programmer who uses Python and may be based on OpenCV. It would be desirable to compile a compilation of different techniques which are freely available on the net. Possible input: runme. py -i image. png Possible output: "- algorithm A:"1" - algorithm B:"1" - algorithm C:"1" The probability is high that it is a 1."

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    I had a freelancer start work on a discord bot in python3 and they dissapeared on my, i need...can add to it, currently it auto assigns a discord role when someone goes live on twitch, i need someone who can add a commands system into it. I will hand you the entire .py file for you to work on as well as i have a dev discord server we can talk in

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    ...regression model Visualization Use as much as you want with new Visualization Including : ttps://[login to view URL]          Model          Neural Networds          Decission Trees          Random Forest   &nb...

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    ...version 2.7 OS : Windows START MUST WORK IN A FEW MINS ONCE I AWARDED THE PROJECT PLEASE COME ON CHAT FOR TEST URL Program must be simply executed, just execute the .py Program is a loop, looking for a number in 2 specific lines in a simple webpage (no authentification). When value of line 1 is more than 5 it displays "webpage xxx has line

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    Looking for an experiences Python programmer that can edit an existing project and read done and that is basically what I'm asking for. To do the improvements to an existing hangman game. I have attached the hangman script with all the pictures, wordlist, .py file and so on. I have also attached an image showing the improvements I need done.

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