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    Use the bag ADT provided to create an array-based implementation for bags. Then use your bag to implement the dictionary ADT provided you. This means you have to implement your dictionary using the bag functions. Test your bag and dictionary implementations with the [login to view URL] file I’ve provided for you. If you are not able to fully implement all the functions of the dictionary a...

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    ###HAS TO BE FINISHED WITHIN THE NEXT 6 HOURS### Write a Python program that makes simple room planning for a calendar week provides. To this purpose is only a class to write the class RoomManagement_CW, in the following information is: - The calendar week (as an integer) - The information about all rooms (provided as a dictionary, where the key is (unique room name is and the value of the numb...

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    Here is the scope of what we would want the script to do. Automatically, extract the data in the IPTC caption field of an image and write it to the Alt Text field of Powerpoint when the image is placed in a PPT slide. Or Be a droplet that you could drop a PPT file on and have it go through and write the IPTC caption of all the images to ALT Text that has already been placed on the slid...

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    Build a dictionary web app 4 days left

    What is it about? Etymology dictionary app that searches for the origin of words in any language. Where does the data come from? The web app interacts with an API that runs in the backend which makes the search and provides the result in json format. Example json files and when development starts the endpoints will be provided. Will the application be updated? The plan is to initially release a ...

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    code in c or c++ language. Implement dictionary tree that provides the abilities for a caller to insert words to a tree to build a dictionary and search the tree to find if a given word matches (case- insensitive search) any stored word in the tree.

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    Dictionary 2 days left

    develop a dictionary for a new language.

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    we are looking for a full stack developer for the project with experience of something similar to this project (Dictionary). with a very good looking UI/UX . *What is the project ? Dictionary Web app that make the user search for the terms with more definitions and will give you fixed translation for more accuracy and professional translation. similer websites [login to view URL] [login to view ...

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    Basic python coading using list, dictionary ,strings,looping ,smart techniques using for user. Programming have password when you run code============== password= --------------------new----------------------------

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    We need a plugin/module for major webservers (at least nginx,apache,IIS) that allows to alter html pages before they are sent to clients. In particular we need to recognize some scripts or iframe in the page, based on their content, and to add or alter some attributes of the corresponding tags. Example Given the following script <script async src="[login to view URL]****" data-...

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    Project Deadline: 1 to 2 Days Project Type: Simple Custom Wordpress Plugin Project Budget: $40 Project Overview: Functionality 1) After page load (not before, not during) query a script which will return JSON data of dictionary data 2) Scan the content body area of the page and blog post - so anything added to the page editor. Must also work with WPBakery content 3) Find matches in the content w...

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    Distributed systems using gui interface

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    I need a bunch of Python code examples spread out across a list of topics. Please see the file attached for a breakdown of the topics. * Examples in each topic can only include concepts from that chapter and the earlier ones. For example, print examples cannot include a list / dictionary because they are covered later. However, a list example can contain print / string manipulation statements. ...

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    We want a simple book cover created with red background and the symbol attached on the front. The title of the book is "The Summam Bonum Dictionary" and is to be under the symbol.

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    Hi, I am looking for a developer which will create a Safari app extension. This extension will work only on one webpage. On this webpage, there are links with specifics class names. This extension finds that <a> tags, parse href and based on parsed href add <img> tag into <a> tag value. Src of <img> tag will be chosen according to parsed value from href. The extension ...

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    we are looking for a full stack developer for the project with experience of something similar to this project (Dictionary). Web app - iOS - Android we need it to be ready in 6 weeks. and we need the maintenance for 1 year and to be renewed. (updates, fixing, etc..). Attache the full details. 1st milestone : providing a UI/UX Prototype . 2nd milestone : completing the web app. 3rd milestone...

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    i need to make a very minor but key change to an existing python script. in a dictionary (lookup table), i need to specify an entire group of elements, instead of listing the elements one by one as currently the case USD 10, need an answer in 15 minutes.

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    We have an old and very simple Android application called "19K Word Dictionary". Recently is has stopped working on new versions of Android due to API changes. It has been developed using Eclipse and therefore you may need too rewrite some of its codes ( mostly UI components) Your job will mainly be to: • Debug the currently available code/application and make sure it runs seamle...

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    I am looking to create a scraper to extract all racing odds from a betting website. This data will then be used by another program we have running. ( Please refer to the formats below re data) Every day new races will be updated on to the site, this is information will need to be scraped. ****Please Respond with the following**** Have you created a scraper before and was it more complex than ...

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    Hi, I'm working for printing company, in Mongolia. We just developed Mongolian Spelling dictionary and affix files for indesign. But for now we need a plugin for indesign to use this dic and aff files and we can sell the plugin to Mongolian printing companies.

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    I need you to program to read and save data through a rest api call in a dictionary

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    I'm building a Proof of Concept for an application working outside of SAP, this will be for SAP ECC 6.0 and HANA audit table data structures and sample data in xls format. Can you please confirm the following information is able to be derived in these tables when providing a response. As part of your proposal please submit - a. Working details (sample working code) on how a 3rd party applic...

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    This is a 2-3 day project that involves extracting data from a relational database on clinical trials. Necessary skills: PostgreSQL, SAS, R Download link for database: [login to view URL] Overall parameters: (1) Please fully read the instructions below before bidding or contacting me. (2) Please exclude data from trials begun prior to 2015 ("start_date"). (3) Please only focus ...

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    Mr Hashan, I from Sri lanka.. මට ඇප් එකක් හදා ගන්න ඕන brand finder app එකක්. මම detail exel sheet එකකින් දෙනවා. මට ඒක app එකක් විදියට develop කරගන්න ඕන. ඒකෙ brand name එක තියෙනවා generic name එක thiyenawa. Brand name eka gehuwama generic name eka widiyata develop karaganna one.. hariyata sinhala english dictionary ekak wage. App eka paid ekak widiyata develop karaganna one.

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    Need original sound files in good clear standard American English, without strong accent, for dictionary. This quick project is for only 800 words. Bids that provide good samples for the words "microbiota" and "chargeless" will be favored. Each word should be in separate wav file without leading or trailing silence, and easily tracked to the relevant word (e.g. with filename c...

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    I need a database table or spreadsheet of words in a dictionary and then synonyms for those words. Simple as that - must be comprehensive and I must be 100% satisfied with the work. All words would be in the English language. Lowest price and most comprehensive resource will win this bid. Let me know how many words and synonyms you can provide me with.

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    Wordspeller Phonetic Dictionary grew from a books to Apps. No internet required, no data mining. Simply search for your word 'by the way it sounds' designed to help people learn to spell American English words without knowing how to spell. Need to update all apps to current platforms using xcode. I'm a rookie learning xcode and require remote assistance to update - change out files ...

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    Produce a Requirements Analysis Document (RAD) for the above system. This should include a problem statement, system requirements, user requirements, use case diagram and class diagram. You also need to include a data dictionary showing validation techniques, comprehensive designs of your interface and reports as well as normalising the two attached forms (normalise each one separately and then me...

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    Trophy icon Cake - Booty Design Ended

    We are looking for an original computer illustration to be used for a t-shirt. The design we need is of a cake that resembles an athletic woman's hips/butt. The shirt is about 'Cake' but referencing the urban dictionary definition of the word cake. The urban dictionary definition of cake is: a woman with a nice butt. So we are looking for a design of a cake that is personified to lo...

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    I have a mini project on my python course and i need someone to help me on the codes and flow as im not familiar with coding. this is just basic import of pandas, seaborn, and matplotlib. I have started the project but not sure if im doing it right so might need guidance with proper solution. I have attached the following: I have attached the data sets namely: 1. Problem Statement 2. [login to v...

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    B2B Multi Recharge Portal with Source Code & J2Me + Android App. ready portal required

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    Hello, Please, give me examples of yours android projects, ~price, how many time will you need (I'll NOT response you without it) I need a responsive android application for learning languages. I'll provide you swagger with open API. I will need: 1) Register / Login form (I use bearer token). 2) Two layouts which show user's books and dictionary (just a normal list) 3) Page for r...

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    I can develop the complete EDC Solution along with Encoder with Meddra Dictionary inbuilt into it and also able to develop EDC for BA/BE studies along with Encoder for BA/BE Studies Also able to develop IWRS system for clinical trials I have done B-tech from IT branch and I have 9+ years of experience in software development in .net technologies along with MVC architecture ,Jquery,Javascript,angul...

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    For my research project I need to scrape data from an online dictionary.

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    Build a website via PHP, MySQL and HTML. The idea is that it lets users define their own dictionary and then use it to translate to english.

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    Build application for pharmacology that contain a dictionary and game. the dictionary have categories of human body sections, in each of these category ,the user can search the drug about this section in the body.

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    1. Write a python program with a main function to read the file, and produce a list of all countries with a population above 400,000,000. The report will look something like this: Countries with a population over 400000000.0 China 1313973713.0 India 1095351995.0 2. Modify your program so that the user can enter any positive value and the program will print a list of countries with populations a...

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    Want a website that lets user define their own dictionary and then use it to translate to english

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    I'm building a Proof of Concept and require SAP ERP 6.0 audit table data structures and sample data in xls format. Can you please confirm the following information is able to be derived in these tables when providing a response. ADDITIONAL POSTING DETAIL - As part of your proposal please submit tables that address each of these requirements, assumptions around the use of these tables and al...

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    Need new idioms of your languages and the explanation about that in english. I gonna make an idiom dictionary. help me I will discuss price in an interview

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    I need help coding this project in PHP. The idea of this project is to let the users define their own dictionary and then use it to translate English texts in input. You will have to: Build a web page that: •Ensures a secure Session mechanism. •Allows the user to submit a file (dictionary file) that contains English words of your choice and the direct translation in another language ...

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    Just need a chatbot on AWS to show recent transactions, transactions for a certain merchant and transactions over a specified date range. You can use any dummy data to do this. The data doesn't have to be on dynamoDB. It can be on the lambda function as a dictionary.

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    I need to build a very small python program Personal Expense tracker(just a small text based menu but without GUI or databases on anything that needs installation). User registration, user login, and choose the task to input expenses or income, checking the available balance are some of the key functions of this application and generate the monthly, yearly income/expense reports and view expenses...

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    I want to create an app that will allow users to search this dictionary: [login to view URL] - Android + iOS - The app should work offline - When the sheet is updated, the app should be updated when it goes online - Users should be able to query and find words in any of the first six columns - Arabic diacritics should not affect the query, meaning that looking for عَن will still yield عن and vice-...

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    We are looking for an editor who have experience about cryto currency market. We will start with 10 blog posts a month. The content strategy will be; - brands seasonal announcements and service updates - trends, breaking news and new stuff in crypto currency market - how to blog articles for beginners - crypto currency dictionary (in the long run, second phase) As we are an SEO and performance a...

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    Explain and evaluate, using referenced evidence and data what the peak oil or peak coal or peak gas is. You should explain whether this concept is cause for concern or whether humanity can find ways around this problem. Provide evidence to justify your position and provide different perspectives on this issue. 500 to 750 words excluding bibliography. Part b: Critically assess the strategies energy...

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    Method: Dictionary Learning using only Curvelet Transform. Development platform: MATLAB. Documented source code.

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    existing code enhancement . Existing C# code which need modified and enhancement and also json file need to be used.

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    Hi, I need a python code that extracts information from pdf and words documents saved in a file. Result should be a python dictionary with key:value pairs for each document as below: doc1 { mainTitle : "main title of the document" numPages : "number of pages in document" numPara : "total number of paragraphs" subTitle1 : "1st sub-title" para1.0 : "1s...

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    Hi! I'm looking for someone to create a (physical) ERD for a pet store. I can submit several attempts of the ERD so if it is not approved then I'm expecting you to edit as necessary. I want the ERD to have these entities: CUSTOMER, PET, SERVICE (or HELP), SERVICE-PAYMENT, SALES, SALES-PAYMENT, PRODUCT, PURCHASE. Once the ERD is complete, it will be used as the "blue print" to i...

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    I have this code for a guess game in python. I need to store the input data in a csv file and read data from the csv file for the guess game. Only using csv reader and writer / dict reader or writer in python. I have attached the file. The csv file should be like: Name: Player1 name: jim, Age: 40, Movie title1: Starwars, Movie title2: starwars2 etc. Player2name: kim, Age: 42, Movie title1: Shar...

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