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    i need to make model for construction waste prediction using MATLAB program the models will be hybrid models which are Grey Wolfe optimization algorithm integrated with ANN and ANFIS and Archimedes Optimization algorithm integrated with ANN and ANFIS the Optimization algorithm will be used as feature selection algorithm

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    i need to make model for construction waste prediction using MATLAB program the models will be hybrid models which are Grey Wolfe optimization algorithm integrated with ANN and ANFIS and Archimedes Optimization algorithm integrated with ANN and ANFIS the Optimization algorithm will be used as feature selection algorithm

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    As need of statistical analysis, I'm looking for a professional to perform hypothesis testing on a research dataset. Key requirements: - The main objective of the analysis is to test the relationship between variables. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in statistical analysis, with a specific emphasis on hypothesis testing. - Proficiency in data analysis software (e.g., R, SPSS, SAS). - Ability to interpret and present statistical findings in a clear and concise manner. - Previous experience with research data analysis is preferred. Please note: This project is solely focused on hypothesis testing and not on descriptive or predictive modeling. The successful candidate will be able to draw meaningful conclusions from the data, based on the hypo...

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    I'm an intermediate SPSS user, with a primary goal of mastering SPSS data analysis techniques for Hypothesis Testing. I'm seeking an expert in the field to guide me through the following techniques: - T test - Chi Square test - ANOVA test - Structured Regression Modeling - Factor analysis - Levines test The ideal candidate should: - Be an expert in SPSS - Have a strong understanding of Hypothesis Testing - Be able to clearly and effectively teach complex statistical techniques - Have experience teaching others SPSS data analysis techniques, particularly in the context of Hypothesis Testing

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    Wind turbines are playing a major role in renewable power generation in the UK. The electrical generator system is one of the core parts in a wind turbine. Using information gathered from a minimum of 8 different sources/references (e.g. books, journal papers, company websites, etc...), write a report that identifies the operating principles, renewable power generation in the UK. The electrical generator system is one of the core parts in a wind turbine. Using information gathered from a minimum of 8 different sources/references (e.g. books, journal papers, company websites, etc...), write a report that identifies the operating principles, characteristics and application of the DFIG-WT. Use any appropriate/available software (e.g. MATLAB) wherever applicable within your ...

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    I need a skilled computing application expert to assist me with various tasks. Please note that the specifics of the application and the tasks to be performed will be shared with the selected candidate. Key Skills and Experience: - Proficient in computing applications, especially Microsoft Excel, MATLAB, and Python programming - Strong understanding of data analysis, task automation, and modeling/simulations - Able to efficiently organize and analyze data, automate tasks, and create visualizations or reports Please apply if you have the necessary experience and expertise in this field.

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    Tableau and spss 7 days left

    follow the instructions in pdf

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    For this project, I need a capable freelancer who is well experienced in the use of both Tableau, SPSS, and Excel Solver. As a statistical analysis expert, you will: - Analyze ordinal nominal data primarily using descriptive statistics methods. - Convert these statistics into easily understandable visual data. Ideally, you should have a background in statistics or a related field and have prior experience working with nominal and ordinal data. I require someone with substantial skills and proficiency in Tableau, SPSS, and Excel Solver. If this sounds like you, I would like to consider you for this project.

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    Hey, As discussed, I will convert your whole MATLAB code to python with in 3 days. Kindly accept the code then I will start this project. Looking forward to your response.

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    ...public Openstack instance on Infomaniak. Key Details: - My VM is running on Windows Server 2012. - The storage controller driver in use is LSI Logic SAS. Challenges: The major problem I've been facing is a 'boot device inaccessibility error,' causing a BSOD after migration. What I need: I require a foolproof method for this migration. Primarily, I need help with the right technique to inject the storage controller driver into the Openstack instance. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in VMware and Openstack. - Previously accomplished Windows VM migrations. - Proven experience troubleshooting BSOD on similar setups. - Familiar with LSI Logic SAS and the intricacies of their drivers. Your task would be to guide me through each step ensuring a stable and ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled software programmer who's proficient in MATLAB or C or AI imaging or TensorFlow etc. to develop a dynamic pixelation feature for a Windows PC program. Key Requirements: - Strong proficiency in image processing - Experience in developing Windows PC programs - Capable of implementing dynamic pixelation The main goal of this project is to create a user-friendly, Windows-based program that features a dynamic pixelation functionality (not simple grid pixelation). This will involve pixelating an image in real-time, based on pre-defined parameters. The program should be efficient, intuitive, and capable of handling pixelation across various sizes and resolutions of images. Ideal candidates will have a strong background in Windows software development...

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    I want to change the matlab code to pyton that can be used in colab or kaggle. where there are 2 interrelated programs (actually 1 program that is split into 2). where the data used must be interpolated from weekly data to daily data.

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    I have a set of quantitative data that requires in-depth statistical analysis using SPSS. The primary objective is to understand the relationships between variables within the data. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in SPSS for statistical analysis - Expertise in quantitative data analysis - Ability to derive and interpret relationships between variables Your role will be pivotal in unlocking insights from the data that can inform future decision-making. Please apply only if you have a strong background in statistical analysis and are comfortable working with quantitative data.

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    I'm seeking an expert in Matlab to develop a mathematical model of a prosthetic arm. It should encompass: - Grasping and releasing objects - Arm movement and rotation - Sensory feedback from the arm I need the model to be of intermediate complexity and realism. I expect this project to be completed within 10 days.

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    SPSS expert to help with corretional analysis for RQ1 and RQ2

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled and experienced statistician for my research project. The project entails analyzing experimental data as part of a data analysis effort. Key skills and qualifications: - Proven experience in data analysis, specifically with experimental data - A strong background in statistics - Ability to handle large data sets - Proficient in statistical software, such as R, SPSS, STATA, or Python Freelancers who are interested should send in detailed project proposals, outlining their approach to analyzing the data, their relevant experience, and any similar projects that they have completed. I have attached an example of the data file and will need regression analysis between the variables to elucidate connections not previously apparent. An example of th...

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    I am in need of a statistical data analyst with expertise in SPSS. The goal of this project is to conduct a statistical analysis on a specific dataset provided by me. Key Requirements: - In-depth knowledge of statistical methods and tools, particularly SPSS - Ability to run complex statistical analyses and interpret results - Strong understanding of data cleaning and preparation The ideal candidate should have prior experience in statistical data analysis, with a keen eye for detail and the ability to explain complex statistical concepts in a simple and concise manner.

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    I am looking for a skilled statistician with experience in analyzing survey data using SPSS/STATA. The primary goal of this analysis is to help me with both descriptive and multivariate analysis. The sample size of the survey data is more than 500. Ideal Candidate's Skills: - Proficiency in SPSS/STATA - Strong knowledge of descriptive and multivariate analysis - Experience in analyzing survey data - Ability to handle a sample size of more than 500 - Strong communication skills to effectively convey the insights gained from the data. Experience in a similar role would be highly beneficial. Please provide examples of previous projects and outcomes for my review.

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    I'm in need of a developer who can quickly integrate full Matlab syntax highlighting to the open source SyntaxHighlighter tool () by creating a Matlab specific "Brush" file , see examples in Note that this must run on my local setup, which uses an old version of SyntaxHighlighter (v1.5.1) Key Responsibilities: - Implement Matlab brush file that works with specific version of SyntaxHighlighter (v1.5.1), environment in which it must work is provided by me. - Ensure the brush file captures all Matlab syntax - The resulting syntax highlighting in SyntaxHighlighter corresponds to the official Matlab syntax highlighting Deliverables - The file "shBrushMatlab

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    I'm seeking a MATLAB developer to implement a physical-layer watermarking scheme in a 5G system. The primary goal of the project is to validate and ensure the effective operation of the watermarking code in Gaussian channels. Key Requirements: >> Intermediate level of experience in MATLAB >> Implementation and validation of watermarking code in Gaussian channels >> Ensuring robustness of the watermarking scheme against noise The successful candidate should have a good understanding of 5G systems, physical-layer watermarking techniques, and experience in coding within MATLAB. The ideal candidate would also have experience in working with Gaussian channels and an understanding of noise in digital communications systems.

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    We are seeking an experienced SPSS data analyst to conduct statistical analysis and write a detailed 15-page report in English. The project is based on a provided outline and involves social science research. Project Outline: Introduction: Statement of the Problem/Topic Describe the topic (e.g., relationship between gender and politics). Reference similar studies and briefly quote important scholars. Make predictions and formulate hypotheses based on the topic. Data Description Describe the data used for the project, including sources (e.g., ESS, Arab Barometer). Provide a brief description of the selected variables. Methods Description Detail the statistical methods used (e.g., Cramer’s V, regression). Carefully choose and describe the right variables for the right metho...

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    ...with a project involving OptiSystem, MATLAB, Optical Communication, and MATLAB Code Integration. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in these areas and the ability to integrate MATLAB code with OptiSystem for simulating and analyzing optical communication systems. Responsibilities: Develop and optimize MATLAB code for optical communication simulations. Integrate MATLAB code with OptiSystem software. Perform simulations and analyze results to improve system performance. Provide detailed documentation and reports of the work performed. Collaborate with our team to ensure project milestones are met. Requirements: Proven experience with OptiSystem and MATLAB. Strong knowledge of optical communication systems. Experience in integrat...

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    9 bids renewable power generation in the UK. The electrical generator system is one of the core parts in a wind turbine. Using information gathered from a minimum of 8 different sources/references (e.g. books, journal papers, company websites, etc...), write a report that identifies the operating principles, characteristics and application of the DFIG-WT. Use any appropriate/available software (e.g. MATLAB) wherever applicable within your report. Your report should discuss the following points (aided with solid graphs, plots, tables, and numerical data): • Introduction to the structure and operation of a generic wind turbine system. • The major types of electrical generator used in wind turbines and their typical ratings. • The operational principles of Permanent Magne...

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    16 bids renewable power generation in the UK. The electrical generator system is one of the core parts in a wind turbine. Using information gathered from a minimum of 8 different sources/references (e.g. books, journal papers, company websites, etc...), write a report that identifies the operating principles, characteristics and application of the DFIG-WT. Use any appropriate/available software (e.g. MATLAB) wherever applicable within your report. Your report should discuss the following points (aided with solid graphs, plots, tables, and numerical data): • Introduction to the structure and operation of a generic wind turbine system. • The major types of electrical generator used in wind turbines and their typical ratings. • The operational principles of Permanent Magne...

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    ...Description: We are seeking an experienced freelancer proficient in both Matlab and Python to translate existing Matlab code into Python. The task involves translating all functionality of the code and ensuring the Python version produces conceptually equivalent results. Project Details: 1. Objective: Translate existing Matlab code (~150 lines of code) into Python. Code must produce the same outputs, but the code's structure/performance/simplicity should be improved wherever possible. The new Python code should have a set of sensible unit tests. 2. Input files: There are 6 input data files in ".mat" format. They must be translated to Parquet files. 3. Output file: The Python code should produce the same output as the Matlab code, but stored ...

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    ...need of an experienced individual to help me evaluate the reliability and validity of two tests using SPSS. Key project details include: - Each test comprises 7 multiple choice questions and 4 true and false statements. - I intend to calculate Cronbach alpha for reliability and the correlation coefficient for validity. - The correct answers will be provided from 10 respondents. - Both tests are based on English Language reading. - The answers to the multiple-choice questions are coded as a,b,c,d. Ideal freelancers should have: - A solid background in test assessment and statistics. - Experience using Cronbach alpha and correlation coefficient in a similar context. - Experienced in SPSS. If you have relevant experience and are confident in your statistical abilities...

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    25 bids Author's MATLAB code: Note that, since this is an image super-resolution problem that improves the input image, without changing the image dimensions, I have computed the PSNR just providing the input as model output to have a baseline, which yields 29.5, this is a baseline I first adopted. I am having some difficulties getting the model to learn beyond this value. I am wondering if you would have any insights on the reason for that. I am using the VOC2012 to train the data and the SET14 to test it. I am training up to 50 epochs. But previously I had long runs, up to 200 epochs without any improvement. I implemented your model described in the `cnn_init.m` in your MATLAB code, that is:

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    I require an experienced Matlab developer who is capable of creating a code that simulates Visible Light Communication in the physical domain. In detail, I need: - A comprehensive simulation of Visible Light Communication processes - Advanced understanding of physical simulations in Matlab, particularly with a focus on wireless communication systems - In-depth expertise in the field of Visible Light Communication The ideal candidate must have extensive experience in Matlab programming, particularly in generating physical simulations related to optics or wireless communications. Ideally, they should also have knowledge or experience in photonics, optoelectronics, or related fields. The final deliverable will be a fully functioning Matlab code ready for testi...

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    I'm seeking an expert in the field of Nano optoelectronics, specifically with GaN UVA LED, to assist with my Master's degree study. Key Areas of Assistance: - Simulation te...techniques - Numerical analysis - Experimental setup - Semiconductor ( GaN LED UVA ) Study Objectives: The main goals include: - Comprehending the band structure - Evaluating device performance - Design parameter optimization Note: I'm currently using 1DDCC for this study. If you have experience with this software, it would be beneficial. Experience with COMSOL Multiphysics, Sentaurus TCAD, and MATLAB would also be a plus. Ideal candidates will have a solid background in nano optoelectronics and a strong understanding of GaN UVA LEDs with the ability to translate theoretical concepts into...

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    Hi, I am looking for a MATLAB expert with good expertise in Optimization techniques. I will share work details in chat

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    I'm in need of a professional with a strong understanding of explicit finite difference equations, particularly in regard to hydrodynamic analysis of bearings in MATLAB. The project is urgent and must be completed within a day. Key points: - The primary goal of the analysis is to investigate stiffness and damping, not just predicting pressure distribution or assessing lubrication performance. - The most crucial aspects of the bearings for this analysis are pressure, film thickness, stiffness, and damping. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in MATLAB and solving explicit finite difference equations - Previous experience with hydrodynamic analysis and bearings - Knowledge of stiffness and damping in the context of bearing analysis

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    I'm seeking a Matlab expert for an image detection project. I have a set of images that I need analyzed using Matlab. Your role will involve: - Developing the code to detect specific objects or features within the images - Implementing the code and testing it to see if it works effectively - Providing a comprehensive report on your findings - Assisting with any troubleshooting that may arise It would be beneficial if you have previous experience with image processing and a strong understanding of the Matlab programming language. The images are classified as natural, medical, or satellite, so experience with these types of images is a plus.

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    I'm in need of a skilled MATLAB programmer to implement a complex mathematical optimization model that tackles the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) with great urgency. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in MATLAB: You should be well-versed in MATLAB to efficiently translate the mathematical model into a functional program. - Mathematical Optimization: The project heavily revolves around optimizing a vehicle routing problem, thus a strong background in optimization techniques is necessary. - Communication: I'm seeking a freelancer who can effectively communicate complex results and operationalize the model for practical use.

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can help me with a specific task. I need to evalua...collecting and preprocessing COVID-19 time series data. - Model selection: I'm looking for someone who can recommend and implement appropriate ARIMA models using both MATLAB and EViews. - Forecast Analysis: Your role will involve analyzing the results of the forecasting models to evaluate the effectiveness of the vaccination campaigns in reducing COVID-19 cases. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in time series analysis, specifically with ARIMA models. - Experience in data collection and preprocessing, particularly with COVID-19 data. - Strong understanding of the impact of interventions on time series data. - Proficiency in MATLAB and EViews as these will be ...

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    I need a proficient SPSS expert to assist me in data analysis from descriptive to correlational matrix. I am looking to process secondary quantitative data for academic research purposes using SPSS. Key Tasks: - Data analysis - Ensure accurate and reliably analysed results - Deliver a comprehensive report on insights gained Ideal skills and experience: - Previous experience with SPSS correlational analysis is key - Background in handling academic research data - Exceptional skills in data interpretation.

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    I'm in need of a sophisticated model or algorithm that can effectively heat Lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles. The primary objective of this model is to enhance the performance of the batteries by heating them within a range of -20°C to 0°C while also ensuring the highest safety standards are maintained. Having experience in Model Predictive Controller MPC is plus. Key requirements and considerations for this project include: - **Performance Improvement:** The model should be designed to enhance the overall performance of the batteries. This could involve improving their energy efficiency, power output, and overall capacity. - **Safety Enhancements:** Safety is of utmost importance. The model should incorporate features that prevent over-heating, over-charging...

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    I'm in need of a professional who has a strong background in both Ltspice and Matlab. The project involves designing a Wheatstone bridge circuit with memristors, focusing on exploring the hysteresis characteristics. Key Project Details: - Utilization of Ltspice for the design of the circuit - Analysis of the memristive properties - The project's main objective is to explore the unique properties of memristors, particularly we have to reproduce one paper based on memristors Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in both Ltspice and Matlab - Solid understanding of memristor theory - Experience with circuit design and analysis - Ability to conduct in-depth hysteresis analysis . - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills If you have a good grasp of these concepts and tools...

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    I'm in need of an expert in data analysis to perform a review on my survey data. This data consists of less than 10 variables, which simplifies the complexity but places more importance on accuracy. Your responsibilities will include: - Importing and cleaning the data set in SPSS - Conducting the necessary statistical tests - Providing a written report summarizing and interpreting the results Since the ultimate goal of this analysis was not defined, I expect whoever takes this project to possess strong communication skills. This is to facilitate any necessary discussion about the direction of the analysis. Experience with SPSS and survey data analysis are a must. A background in statistics is also required to help perform the correct tests and interpret t...

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    41 bids simulation and modeling within the field of Civil Engineering. - Specialization in Structural Engineering: Since I am specifically studying Structural Engineering, I need someone who is well-versed in this area. - MATLAB Proficiency: The freelancer should be comfortable and highly skilled in using MATLAB for simulation and modeling. Ideal Skills and Experience: - In-depth knowledge and experience in Civil Engineering, with a specific focus on Structural Engineering. - Proven track record in software simulation and modeling. - Extensive experience in using MATLAB for engineering purposes. I'm looking forward to working with a professional who can help me in understanding and practically implementing the concepts of Structural Engineering through soft...

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    I am in need of a skilled individual who can develop a Matlab code for the analysis of scientific experiment data. This code should particularly be tailored to perform correlation and statistical operations. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Matlab - Strong understanding of data analysis - Experience with correlation and stats in Matlab - A scientific background or previous work with scientific data would be advantageous. Job Tasks: - Develop a Matlab code tailored for analyzing my specific scientific experiment data. - Ensure the code performs correlation and statistical operations proficiently. - The code should be clean, efficient and easy to understand. Please only bid if you have the relevant skills and experience. Looking forward to work...

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    I'm seeking a skilled MATLAB professional who can help me with two key aspects of a MATLAB code - debugging errors and understanding the logic behind it. Key Responsibilities: - Debugging Errors: The code is currently throwing errors and not functioning as expected. I need someone who can carefully analyze the code, identify the root causes of the errors and provide a solution. - Understanding Logic: The code was developed by a previous developer, and I need to understand the logic behind it better. This includes the methodology used, the algorithms implemented, and the expected outcomes. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in MATLAB: You should have a strong understanding of MATLAB and a proven track record of working with complex codes. - Critical Thinker: Th...

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    ...AI, so you will need to bring your own skills and expertise to the table. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A background in public health, with a specialisation in the area. - Strong medical writing skills, specifically in constructing research manuscripts. - Experience with data analysis in the context of scientific research. - Familiarity with any of the preferred data analysis software (SPSS, R, or SAS) will be a plus. - Structure and format the PhD manuscript research writing - Data analysis and thesis writings. - Ability to source latest peer reviewed scientific literature in Australia to use in writing manuscript - NO GENERATIVE AI WRITING. - ZERO PLAGIARISM & TURNITIN REPORT REQUIRED - Extensive medical writing experience, specifically with lates scientific peer...

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    ...looking for a skilled developer to create an algorithm that can detect landmarks on lateral cephalograms using deep learning. The next requirement would be to incorporate a formula that would assess the bone age for boys and girls. Key requirements of this project include: - Development of the landmark detection algorithm. I'm not specific about the programming languages to be used, but Python, Matlab, and Java are preferred. - As of the development method, you are open to develop it from scratch or use existing libraries and frameworks. - You are also open to use pre-trained models or train the algorithm from scratch for landmark detection. Ideal candidates should have an in-depth understanding of machine learning, AI, and deep learning, as well as experience deali...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned Matlab/Simulink expert to develop an advanced control system for our ammonia synthesis process. The primary objective is to enhance the product quality by focusing on optimizing the temperature control. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and implement a robust control system that ensures increased temperature stability. - Reduce temperature fluctuations during the synthesis process. - Optimize the temperature setpoints for the most efficient operation. - Implement an advanced (or intelligent) temperature control approach. The ideal candidate should have: - Previous experience working on chemical processes, ideally ammonia synthesis. - Proficiency in Matlab/Simulink and a strong understanding of process control systems. - A proven track record of dev...

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    ...the model to work efficiently. - **Programming Languages**: Proficiency in Python, MATLAB, and C++ is essential for this project. You will be tasked with implementing the mathematical model using these languages, so experience in all three will be a significant advantage. - **Model Features**: The model should include an advanced optimization algorithm that can handle the complexities of our CVRP-TDD requirements. Additionally, an appealing data visualization tool is essential to help our team understand the results and make data-driven decisions. Ideal Candidate: - An expert mathematician with a background in operations research or related field. - A proficient programmer with experience in Python, MATLAB, and C++. - Prior experience in developing mathematical models fo...

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    I am in need of an EEG Lab expert who can teach MatLab/EEG Lab analysis. The required skillset should include: - Proficient in various EEG software for efficient data collection and analysis - Able to apply necessary signal processing techniques for clear and useful results Understanding of EEG data interpretation will be advantageous, although not required. However, the candidate must demonstrate a high level of proficiency with relevant EEG software. This project is geared towards generating robust data to further our research goals.

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    I'm looking for someone with excellent SPSS skills to help me with a comprehensive data analysis project. Key Tasks: - Data cleaning and preparation: There is a mix of both numeric and categorical data that needs to be cleaned and prepared for analysis. - Descriptive statistics: I need detailed insights into the nature of my data. - Hypothesis testing: This is crucial for the decision-making process I'm working on. - Graph creation: I'd like to have clear visualizations of my data. - Inferential statistical testing: I need to understand the significance of my findings. Ideal Candidate: - Should have extensive experience with SPSS - Proficient in data cleaning and preparation - Adept at both descriptive and inferential statistics - Strong background in h...

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    I am in need of a professional designer with experience in symbolic logo creation. This logo will serve as the mascot for our company, and will be used across all platforms, from business cards to our website. Key details for this project: - The style should be symbolic - Preferably, please include examples of symbolic logos you have designed before in your application - While we didn't specify a purpose for the logo, bear in mind typical purposes such as brand recognition and company representation I'm excited to see your previous work and to start a discussion about our project!

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    I am currently in need of a skilled radar engineer, specialized in...LaPlace transform of that function and after that integrating this inverse LaPlace function on a certain interval from zero to threshold voltage. Specific values for Signal SNR, beta distribution parameters, Number of pulses, Probability of False alarm and Threshold voltage are provided. Both slow and fast fluctuation cases will be dealt with. We have to implement the detection probability part in MATLAB. I would like to mention that it is not the Swerling cases. we can compare the results with Swerling cases for Chi-square distribution. The research article is attached. Discussion on implementation part is welcomed. Your expertise will be crucial in making sure that our detection probabilities are accurately...

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    ...skilled statistician who can help me with a comprehensive data analysis project using SPSS, AMOS, and SMARTPLS. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in conducting descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and structural equation modeling (SEM) using SPSS, AMOS, and SMARTPLS - Experience with survey data analysis - Ability to validate a hypothesis with the analysis - Strong attention to detail and an analytical mindset Your role would be to analyze the survey data provided and conduct the necessary statistical tests to validate a specific hypothesis. The goal is to derive meaningful insights and conclusions from the data, and present them in a clear and understandable manner. Ideal Skills: - Advanced knowledge of SPSS, AMOS, and SMARTPLS - Previous experience in wo...

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