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    I am seeking an experienced database architect who can assist in creating an extensive database with listings for Engineering companies, Accountants, and Restaurants/hotels in Australia. Your task will be to collate valuable data to include: - Comprehensive Contact information - Business Address - Company Website - Detailed Business Description - Director's Name - Director's Contact details - Postcode - Company Size (Small, medium, large, multinational) - Number of Staff employed - Type of Services Also, I want these listings to be sorted Alphabetically to promote navigation ease. The freelancer who takes on this job will ideally have: - Experience in database creation and management - Excellent attention to detail - Good knowledge of Australian ...

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    Java Developer Needed 6 days left

    I am in need of a skilled Java Developer to assist me with my project. I'm looking for someone who has a solid understanding of Java programming and can work with me on various aspects of my project. It would be beneficial if you have experience with backend development, frontend development, and database management. Ideal Skills and Experience: - We are looking for a Senior Java Full Stack Developer with a minimum of 6-7 years of hands-on experience in developing scalable and efficient web applications using Java and Angular. The ideal candidate should be proficient in Angular (versions 8 and above) and possess a deep understanding of frontend technologies. As a key member of our development team, you will play a crucial role in designing, implementing...

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    In this project, we're developing a cellular network device with the goal of enhancing the communication experience for residential users and rural areas. Our focus is on: 1. **Signal Strength Improvement:** We are specifically seeking to boost the signal strength, resulting in better call quality and data transmission. 2. **Coverage Extension:** The device should extend network coverage, making services more accessible in distances and terrains that typically struggle with connectivity. Our ideal device will feature: - **Multi-band Support:** For diverse frequency capabilities, the device must support multiple band ranges. - **Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Capability:** For crisp, clear communication, the device should be VoLTE enabled. For successful execution, we ...

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    As an analytical machine learning entrepreneur, I'm in need of a specialist to gather diverse sets of satellite imagery data from Google Earth, NASA, and the European Space Agency. - Data Types: The project involves procuring three specific types of data; Optical imagery, Radar imagery, and Infrared imagery. - Resolution: The desired spatial resolution for the images is medium; falling between 1-30 meters. Ideal candidates should possess: 1. Skill and experience in data collection from specified sources. 2. Proficiency in working with satellite imagery, understanding its specifications such as type and spatial resolution. 3. Knowledge or background in remote sensing and machine learning would be a great asset to this task. With your help, we can...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to convert a scanned PDF document into an enable editing of the content. Thus, it's crucial that the output is a fully editable Word file, with all text, images and formatting preserved accurately. Key Challenges: - The PDF is a scanned document, not a text-based one. This means that OCR (Optical Character Recognition) will be necessary to convert the text into an editable format. Your experience with OCR tools will be essential to this project. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficiency in OCR tools, particularly those that can effectively handle scanned documents. - Proven experience in PDF to Word conversion, especially with a focus on making the content fully editable. - Attention to detail is crucial, as the accura...

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    As an optical engineer, I'm embarking on a venture that requires specialist knowledge in spherical lens design and optical system analysis. The primary objective is centred around enhancing image quality. I'm seeking an experienced professional who can help me accomplish these key tasks: - Design and Optimization of Spherical Lenses: Skilled in the creation of spherical lenses, you will bring a systematic and creative approach to improving our lens design parameters, balancing multiple optical performances. Proficiency in lens design software such as Zemax, OSLO, or Code V is a must. - Comprehensive Optical System Analysis: Alongside lens design, a vital part of your role will involve conducting...

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    we are looking for a trainer to provide us the training on below topics: Midjourney Dall-E2 PIKA Chat GPT Any new tools with Gen AI which helps in image building, video, audio etc.

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    I'm seeking a skilled Mechanical Engineer, with a specialized focus on machining manufacturing processes. The project at hand pertains specifically to vending machines. Requirements are as follow: - Extensive experience in Machining Manufacturing Processes; - Be able to guide the due diligence process of vetting a vending machine OEM and their products; - Knowledge on working and designing vending machines is a big advantage.

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    ...skilled technical writer to assist me in creating 30 detailed papers on various engineering topics. Here's a detailed breakdown of what I need: - Subject Matter: The papers will all be focused on the field of engineering, AI, Cybersecurity, and Observability, so a background in this discipline is crucial. - Depth: I need each paper to go beyond just an overview and delve into the technical specifics and data analysis. - Format: Each paper should include an abstract and introduction, methodology and results, as well as a discussion and conclusion. Ideal candidates should have experience in writing technical papers, particularly in the field of engineering, and should be comfortable with the level of detail and research involved. A d...

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    I ...a series of short audio files in WAV format that need enhancement. The primary goal is to improve the clarity of whispered speech. This is crucial as the majority of the content is whispered and must be clearly understood by the listener. Key tasks include: - Enhancing whispered audio for improved understanding - Removing snoring sounds - Eliminating background noise (e.g., fan noise) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Audio engineering - Noise reduction - Whisper enhancement - Proficiency in working with WAV files - Attention to detail The average file length is less than 5 minutes. It is important that the enhancement process doesn't distort the original content, preserving its integrity while significantly improving audibility. A keen ear and experience ...

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    In this project, I'm seeking a proficient AutoCAD freelancer who can help me with a college assignment by modeling a commercial building in 3D. Your role will involve: - Utilizing AutoCAD for the 3D modeling of a commercial building. - Creating a model that is intermediate in complexity, hence you should be comfortable with the intricacies related to architectural structures. - Balancing of accuracy, detail, and scale when building the model. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AutoCAD - Excellent knowledge of 3D modeling, particularly in the context of architectural structures. - Expertise in modeling commercial buildings would be a significant advantage. - Experience in similar projects and portfolio to showcase your comp...

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    I'm in search of an environmental process engineer, specifically with experience in water treatment. Currently, I'm at the research and planning stage of my project, and I need assistance in moving forward. Key Requirements: - Specialization in water treatment - Experience in environmental process engineering - Strong understanding of research and planning Your application should focus on your experience in this field. I am looking for someone who can provide me with insights and possibly a detailed project proposal to help me move forward. The right candidate will be able to demonstrate a track record of successful work in this area.

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    I'm in need of highly accurate, detailed DWG drawings for diamond a single tube diamond coring system with a core lifter to extract core. The drawings must include: - Precise dimensions and proportions - Specific material specifications An in-depth understanding of engineering and mechanical diagrams as well as experience with industrial mining equipment would ideally suit this project. Proficiency with CAD software, specifically able to output in DWG format, is essential. My expectations are clear and detailed drawings that adhere to the specification and serve as an accurate guide for manufacturing. Dimensions of hand drawn drawings may not be accurate in this drawing. Drawing dimensions will be specified once project is awarded.

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    I am looking for expertise in Creo design with a specific focus on mechanical engineering for manufacturing equipment. The main task will be to diligently design a model for packaging machines. Ideal Candidate: - Practical experience with Creo software - Strong background in mechanical engineering - Previous experience designing manufacturing equipment, packaging machines in particular - Attention to detail - Ability to work within specified deadlines. Candidates with proven track record in such projects will have an added advantage. I am keen on professionals who can deliver precision and detailed work. Your bid should reflect your ability to meet these expectations.

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    I'm seeking a proficient PTC Creo designer for my project. My main requirement is specific design modifications, specifically, the addition of new elements to existing designs. Key Project Details: - The scope of work involves the addition of mechanical parts to existing models. - Familiarity with mechanical design principles is highly essential for the task. - A strong understanding of PTC Creo software and its capabilities is required. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with PTC Creo - Expertise in mechanical parts design - Proficiency in design modifications and enhancements. This job requires a thorough understanding of mechanical design and proficiency in PTC Creo. The ide...

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    ...Electrical and Mechanical Engineer to help with a multifaceted project that requires expertise in software development, PCB design, and prototype creation. The ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas: - PCB Layout: You will be responsible for designing the PCB, ensuring it meets the specified size and dimensions, and implementing optimal component placement and routing strategies Needs to be wifi accessible - Firmware Development: You will need to create software that enables the control and monitoring of electrical components, integrates seamlessly with mechanical components, and features a user-friendly interface for easy operation. - Prototype Design: You should have prior experience in building prototypes, unders...

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    I'm in need of a sound engineer with a particular expertise in cleaning up and enhancing audio. I have a less than one hour, MP3 audio file that requires attention. Specific issues I'm currently facing include: - Background Noise interference - Muffled Voices - Low Volume As a potential candidate, you'll not only have substantial experience in audio enhancement but also the skills to unearth and amplify voices from a noisy background. Ultimately, I need the audio to be clear, with minimised noise and audible voices. Professional experience in sound engineering is a must, with a portfolio showcasing similar tasks undertaken previously. A fast turnaround is also desired. Thanks!

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    ...customized mechanical hydraulic stand that is highly durable and able to comfortably support arm while tattooing. Key requirements and features include: - Intended to provide comfort during long work hours - Ability to support over 10 kilos - Constructed primarily from metal material - hands free with a foot pedal to change the height of the stand -the arm portion is ideal to be on a rotating quick latch lock so it can be moved in different directions and slants -no pins The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Extensive experience in mechanical engineering and product design - Knowledge and experience working with metal materials - Ability to perform durability and stress tests - Experience with ergonomic design will b...

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    ...seeking a VR programmer proficient in developing immersive, interactive floor plans specific to residential homes. The ideal candidate must be capable of integrating a feature to allow potential users to click and edit dimensions within these virtual plans. Such an aspect will bridge gaps between reality and digital realm, providing a true-to-scale and engaging experience for users. Your responsibilities will entail: - Building clickable, editable VR floor maps - Implementing functionalities for real-time alterations with dimensions - Ensuring user-friendly interface and experience Relevant skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in VR software development - Experience with architecture or floorplan software - Strong UX/UI design skills ...

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    19 bids tanks (typically ranging from 500 to 1000 gallons) to ensure a constant supply. Water dispensing rate designed to fill a gallon jug in under 30 seconds. Materials and Construction: Durable, weather-resistant materials for outdoor installation. Stainless steel and food-grade plastic components for water contact areas to ensure hygiene. User Interface: Easy-to-use touch screen or button-based interface. Multi-language support to cater to diverse user populations. Coin, bill, and card payment options for convenience. Dimensions and Installation: Compact design to fit in various locations (specific dimensions vary by model). Options for both freestanding and wall-mounted installatio...

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    ...focus on how these tiles are utilized in professional environments, particularly offices. Key Points to Include: - Benefits for Noise Reduction: Detail how these tiles effectively reduce noise pollution, and how this can benefit a work environment. - Design Options and Aesthetics: Explore the range of design options these tiles offer, focusing on their aesthetic appeal and how they can enhance the overall look of a space. - Must be at least 700 words - Must use references that will be provided. Do not use any unapproved references Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong Writing Skills: The ability to present complex information in an engaging and accessible manner. - Understanding of Interior Design: Prior experience writing about home or office de...

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    As discussed, this is the quote for 2 hours of consultation.

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    ...with a specific focus on Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) components. The main emphasis will be on electrical systems. Key project features: * Detailed component layout – The project will entail comprehensive coordination of various attributes including dimensions, connections, and materials. * Focused on MEP components – The project is centered primarily on the MEP aspect of the construction, requiring specific understanding and experience with these systems. * Emphasis on electrical systems – Despite being a comprehensive plan, the central interest lies with the electrical systems. Hence, familiarity and expertise with electrical system coordination within BIM is critical. The ideal freelancer for this project would have: * Knowledge and experience...

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    I'm in need of an experienced CAD designer proficient in CATIA V5 to create a series of intermediate mechanical parts. These parts fall within the complexity range of gears and shafts. I would need to make these two pieces in Catia VR 5. The pieces must have their reference axis. I have an stp file to be able to measure it, so I can do it from there Could it be done by tomorrow?

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    ...water generators - Taking part in research and development projects - Providing advice and offering solutions in the field of engineering - Carrying out the necessary documentation and reporting processes Required Qualifications: - Having a bachelor's or master's degree from the relevant engineering departments of universities - Having expertise and experience in atmospheric water generators - Having worked in research and development projects and achieved successful results - Having experience in documentation and reporting Fee: Hourly or project-based pricing can be made. Remuneration details will be determined according to the candidate's experience and work schedule. If you have the above qualifications an...

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    ...Title:** Mechanical Engineer for 3D Modeling Project **Description:** We are seeking a skilled mechanical engineer with experience in marine engineering and SolidWorks to develop a 3D model of a mechanical device. The project involves converting detailed sketches and specifications into a professional 3D model and technical drawings. Due to the sensitive nature of the project, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be required before any project details are shared. **Responsibilities:** - Develop a 3D model based on provided sketches and descriptions. - Create detailed technical drawings with dimensions and specifications. - Ensure all components are designed to withstand marine environments. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in SolidWorks or si...

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    Detailed Structural Analysis of an Aluminium Jet Engine Fan Blade Using ANSYS (LS-DYNA) Project Overview The aim of this project is to perform a detailed structural analysis ...solid objects. The goal is to assess the material resistance and impact forces to determine the pros and cons of using specific material for the fan blade. An exemple is attached. To do: -Fan blade design in CAD -Simulation in ANSYS -Calculations Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in using and understanding the intricate functionalities of ANSYS, CATIA, CAD Design. - Solid background in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering. - Previous experience with jet machinery parts or similar. Please include past experience or degrees related to this field and y...

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    I'm in urgent need of a highly skilled individual with a broad and deep knowledge of coils, generators, and magnets. This project is at the prototype design stage and requires the expertise of an advanced level physicist, an electrician, and an electronics engineer. Key Requirements: - In-depth understanding of coils, generators, and magnets - Practical (applied) physics expertise - Proficient in electrician and electronic engineering - Extensive experience in designing generator prototypes Your responsibilities include: - Translating theoretical physics and engineering concepts into a practical, functional generator prototype - Collaborating with the team to ensure the prototype meets the project's requirements - Conducting tho...

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    Seeking a proficient individual with a strong background in Physics and Electrical & Electronic Engineering for a project that involves a mix of practical physics and advanced engineering. - Your responsibilities will include conducting research, troubleshooting, and repair work. - Engaging in the design and analysis of circuits. - Participating in R&D activities. - Proficiency in Coils and Generators, Magnets and their role in the project would be a great advantage. Given the technical nature of the project, the ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of both Physics and Electrical Engineering, and be able to apply this knowledge practically. Strong problem-solving skills and a high level of creativity are ...

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    I'm seeking an engineer specialized in deck construction to review and approve an existing deck plan that was recently completed. Because the design differs from standard construction, the local building inspector requires an engineer to look at it an approve the design. Key tasks include: - Review plans and photos - Providing an engineering stamp to satisfy local building codes Ideal candidates will have: - Experience in mechanical or civil engineering - Previous involvement with outdoor development or landscaping projects

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    I am seeking a skilled Autodesk Revit professional who can assist with the architectural design of an industrial building. Astra Engineering has been contracted by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Heritage (DCAH) to create a 3-storey state-of-the-art library that will serve as a centre of learning, cultural exchange, and community engagement for future generations. Your manager, Stephen Choo, has appointed you to assist the architect and the structural engineer in completing the draft of the building. Your manager has sent you the following email regarding this project.  Dear <<Name>> I hope you are doing well.  As you are aware, Astra Engineering has been contracted by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Heritage...

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    I'm in need of an expert in networking, particularly with extensive experience in configuring RTSP for IP cameras. The task at hand is to enable the IP camera to be accessed on other network connections beyond the immediate LAN. For this, we'll be utilizing port forwarding. Key Requirements: - The IP camera needs to be configured for Remote access using RTSP. - Utilize port forwarding to enable access from networks beyond the LAN. - Implementing basic encryption for security purposes. - Ensuring that the camera can only be accessed via PC or Laptop, and not from smartphones or tablets. Ideal Skillset: - Network engineering with a focus on RTSP and IP camera configuration. - Proficient in setting up port forwarding for devices. - Understanding ...

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    I'm in need of a detailed, full-scale, mechanical drawing of a machine. The project will include the raw materials, operations, and a conclusive depiction of the machine. For this project, the primary focus should be on raw material drawing and various maching operations to get final drawing. It should include construction diagram, conclusion,raw material design and instruction cards. Also..I can provide examples of other works to get an idea. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in mechanical machine drawing, preferably with metals as a primary component. - short deadline of 2 days - Strong understanding of machine operations. Experience required: - Prior experience with mechanical drawings. - A background in working machinery designs. - E...

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    I am seeking a civil engineer to perform design and structural analysis on GRC panels to be used for commercial buildings. The main goal is to ensure a structural durability of 20-30 years. Skills and Experience: - Strong background in design and structural analysis. - Proven experience working with GRC panels (Both with steel subframe and grc ribs). - Extensive knowledge of commercial building requirements. - Certificate of professional competency in civil engineering. The selected freelancer will be expected to: - Conduct a comprehensive structural analysis for various projects. - Suggest necessary anchor/bracket types and sizes for various panels. - Assess the structural durability of GRC panels. - Provide expert advice to enhance performance, dur...

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    My project involves implementing an efficient approach to optimize network performance, reduce latency and boost network security via O-RAN research. The core requirements include: - Building simple xApps, catered to function on a high-fidelity RAN and an RIC. - Design xApps that supports various control experiments pertaining to these technologies. The ideal candidate should possess robust knowledge and experience in Network Engineering, O-RAN architecture, xApps knowledge, and 5G network concept. Proficiency in using terminal, network concept, and various 5G work. If you are adept at designing efficient control experiments that can contribute to the network's enhanced performance and security, you are my perfect fit.

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    I'm seeking a skilled network engineer to address some challenges and optimize our current network infrastructure. The main tasks include network troubleshooting, network configuration, and enhancing network security. Key ...issues that are causing slow internet connection and network connectivity problems. - Configuration: Optimize the current LAN, WAN, and wireless network setup to enhance performance and reliability. - Security: Implement robust security measures to address any vulnerabilities in the network. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in: - Network engineering - Troubleshooting and problem-solving - Network configuration - Network security Having certifications like CCNA, CCNP, or equivalent would be a plus. Experience in simil...

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    Key Responsibilities: Collaborate with our engineering team to design, develop, and integrate a microcontroller-based system. Write, test, and debug code in Python and C++. Implement and optimize algorithms for real-time performance. Assist in the development of RF (Radio Frequency) solutions. Troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software issues as they arise. Required Qualifications: Intermediate proficiency in Python and C++ programming languages. Solid understanding and experience with microcontroller programming. Knowledge of RF (Radio Frequency) technologies and applications.

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    Hi, I have ...motors, analog read and LoRA module, rotary encoder, IR remote transmitter and receiver , CANBUS. See attached schematics. We need a second set of eyes checking the PCB design and also make a simple program that test all its functions and report back to the original PCB-designer. You will get a physical board later to run. If you are skilled, fast and and unexpensive, I will have more PCB and programming work for you. Reply to me with Chao Peter as a start to prove that you have read all the text. The budget is 100 usd I'm a mechanical designer with limited knowledge in this matter, so you will report to the original PCB designer in you local language if you prefer. We are on a VERY tight budget as a new startup, so if you know that you a...

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    ...renowned team of seasoned professionals specializing in mechanical engineering services across diverse domains such as Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Heavy Vehicle Engineering, Material procurement, and Manufacturing. Our innovative solutions coupled with cost optimization strategies distinguish us in the market. Catering to a broad spectrum of clientele, ranging from students to startups, MNCs, and government organizations, we excel in delivering top-notch services. Job Description: We are seeking a dynamic and results-driven Business Development Manager to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for shaping and implementing our sales strategy, driving business growth, and establishing strong relationships with clients and compa...

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    I'm seeking a professional to design a practical and aesthetically pleasing housing for an RFID decoder to be used in sports timing for events like marathon running, fun running, ocean swimming, downhill mountain biking and triathlon (to name a few). We need to act quickly on the first pahsae of this project so we an produce promotional materials in advance of product completion. The equipment is used in a demanding outdoor environment, that requires robustness, waterproofing, reliability of all things, and aesthetics. Equipment is frequently exposed to heat, sand, rain, mud and rough handling by operators and volunteers. There are two phases of the project, being v2 'Dec2' and v3. v2 is the current priority, and when completed we'll mo...

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    Urgent Sealed NDA
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    ...related to Data Engineering & RPA Automation, and we are looking for someone who has experience in QA from both of the areas or at least on the RPA automation are looking for Manual + RPA Automation Testing experience with 5-6 Yrs. of Experience. The project will start by this week and it will be a remote opportunity. 5+ Yrs Testing experience in RPA (Blueprism, Uipath, Power Automate etc.). Experience in JIRA or similar tool for creating system Integration test cases, UAT test cases. Experience in creating test plan and test run execution for providing test evidences. Single point of contact for SQA, PO, Business owner for closing JIRA tasks. Involved in designing, planning, delivering End-To-End automation solution and producing detaile...

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    ...individual to assist in the development of an engaging, entertaining, and educational radio drama aimed at children. Key Roles: - Crafting a dynamic and imaginative script that is both entertaining and educational. - Ensuring the content is age-appropriate and engaging for the target audience. - Implementing sound design and audio engineering elements to enhance the listener's experience. - Working proficiently in a radio/voiceover environment. Successful applicants should: - Provide detailed project proposals showcasing prior experience in radio drama scriptwriting or similar areas. - Demonstrate an understanding of children's entertainment, with the ability to balance fun and learning. - Be able to create a diverse range of characters an...

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    I am in need of a skilled .NET developer to create a calculation module focused on Civil Engineering, with a primary function of designing steel beams. Key Tasks: - Develop a calculation module that can perform various civil engineering calculations The module should be user-friendly, accurate and efficient, ensuring the calculation results are both precise and reliable. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in Civil Engineering, particularly in structural design, and experience in developing similar calculation modules. Prior experience in .NET is essential. Skillset Required: - Proficiency in .NET - Strong background in Civil Engineering - Thorough understanding of steel beam design...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to assist me in building a water pump for my project. This involves understanding water mechanics, wiring, and designing the electronic components of the system. Key Requirements: - Building a water pump: The primary goal of this project is to design and implement a water pump. - Understanding Water Mechanics: A good understanding of how water behaves and interacts with mechanical systems is essential. - Wiring: The successful candidate should be proficient in wiring and connecting the pump to the necessary power sources. - Electronic System Design: I need assistance in designing the electronic side of this project. Specifically, we need to create an automated scheduling system that controls the pump...

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    As an electrical engineer specializing in product design and development, I am looking for a professional who can help me with my project. The main focus of this project is Power distribution and management. Key Requirements: - Expertise in electrical engineering and product design - Specialization in power distribution and management - Proficiency in implementing these functionalities within a product Skills: - Strong theoretical and practical knowledge of electrical engineering - Proven experience in the design and development of electrical products - Adept at power distribution and management systems - Ability to work within project timelines and constraints

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    ...supervision of our engineering team. The model will need to be used for fabrication and will require the creation of 2D drawings as well. Key Features: - Designs should be created in SOLIDWORKS Native Files format. - The model should depict a large-sized engine frame, we will have similar 3D model for reference, cloud scan data for reference. - The design should be moderately detailed, featuring defined features and assemblies. (reference attachment) - Create 2D drawings for manufacturing reference Ideal Skills: - Proficient in SOLIDWORKS 3D modeling and weldment software. - Some knowledge of sheetmetal structures and welds. - 2D Drafting for Manufacturing This project offers a great opportunity for those who have an interest structural engineering...

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    I am looking for someone to help me complete a drawing submittal package for the City of Long Beach. I have already built out the room addition in SketchUp. I just need someone to create all the drawings in Layout and to stamp the drawings. Once complete I would like the full pdf stamped package along with the final Sketchup and Layout files for my records. The ideal candidate will have previous experience in residential architecture and be able to provide accurate and precise drawings. The remodel includes : 1. A 17’x8’ room addition with a bathroom and closet for the Master Bedroom (raised foundation and modification to existing load bearing wall) 2. A modification to an existing load bearing wall to accommodate a new window 3. Curved awnings over all th...

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    I'm looking for a skilled electrical engineer to design a circuit for power distribution. The primary purpose of the circuit is to support consumer electronics. I also require the design to have short-circuit protection in place. Key Requirements: - Designing a power distribution circuit for consumer electronics - Including short-circuit protection Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in electrical engineering and circuit design - Previous experience in designing circuits for consumer electronics - Knowledge of incorporating safety features like short-circuit protection $50 Budget

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    I'm in need of a proficient sound engineer to manage the sound setup for a live charity event on the 21st of July focused on fundraising. We will provide the sound system and microphones we just requiere a person that feels confident helping us with the sound during the day to make everything run smoothly during our harp and cello performance from 17:30 to 19:15. The event requires someone with experience in live music events, and with the right attitude. The location is a garden in Lavenham, accommodating up to 100 attendees. The right candidate will be able to effectively work within this space, ensuring sound quality and levels are optimal for our audience. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience handling sound engineering for similar live ev...

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