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    I have a problem with a web project. I build websites using Tailwindcss in VS Code, using nodejs/npm. I'm no longer able to build using 'npm run build' due to error 'FATAL ERROR: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory'. This issue started after a windows update, so im not sure if the issue is related to device or i need...

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    Our electronic products integrates an I2C memory (NTAG I2C PLUS). We would like to update our existing Android application: Nexelec Config Tools available on PlayStore. This app makes it possible to read / write / modify plain text NDEF records. The main tasks involves: - Adding new products in the application - Taking into account new text record - Modifying the GUI - Adding multilingual feature...

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    For this project there should be a major emphasis and focus on utilizing deep learning techniques using Python and Jupyter notebook for visualizations (.ypnb files). Each utterance in a dialogue has been labelled by any of these seven emotions: Neutral, Joyful, Peaceful, Powerful, Scared, Mad and Sad. Question to answer: How can be improved detection, classification and accuracy of speech reco...

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    I want to learn C++ (CPP) and learn some Unreal Engine as well. My main goal is to know CPP and be motivated enough to continue every day. I also want to learn the underlying software design and testing and computer networks, operating systems, memory management, and reverse engineering. Linux knowledge is an added plus. Math and calculus are also an added plus so we can work on those as well. I...

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    A two scene political cartoon of young couple watching news channel (tv) above it floating tropes. second scene is elderly-older watching same news channel same tropes. one says to other, “remember when we all got along?” a comic to politics and memory bias. style somewhere between Calvin and Dooesbury.

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    We are getting a strange Fatal error: Allowed memory size of bytes exhausted on the Woo Commerce product page even though all of the PHP settings are set to memory_limit : 512M Can't work it out! Can't view the product page.

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    php eml decoder view 5 days left

    LANGUAGE: PHP 5.3 NO FRAMEWORKS PROCEDURAL STYLE CODE ONLY. This should be done with the smallest number of lines of CODE. If you are using a framework - RIP EVERYTHING OUT that is not used. TESTING should be done on YOUR server with the multiple test eml files. NO SERVER ACCESS WILL BE GIVEN FROM ME. 1.) The program should load, and read the test eml files into memory 2.) the program should...

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    Webview apk for iOs 4 days left

    There is a full-fledged working site adapted for mobile devices. It is necessary to develop a simple webview iOs mobile application, which initially opens a fixed web-address ([login to view URL]). Link to android apk [login to view URL] The site has implemented: - Upload a photo from the camera or folder - making calls to a phone number with the ability to select an installed messenger or phon...

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    I have a Python script within a shared server of 1GB ram, which imports data from a TXT file (1GB) to a MySQL DB. The objectives of this project are the following: 1.1. Check the server where the script will run and install the necessary pip modules for the script to function. 1.2. Optimize the existing Python script to provide so that the whole data will be imported without errors. With ssh tunn...

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    Three 32-bit registers RT, RS, RD, 16-bitIMM16, 32-bit Memory Address Register(MAR), 32-Bit Memory Data Register (MDR), design arithmetic logic unit comprised of ADD/SUB and Bitwise operations.

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    Given the following assembly code snippet, assume <SP> = $9000. Line #: memory address Assembly code 00: 00001000 LEA $6000, A1 01: 00001004 MOVE.W #%1000000000000001, (A1)+ 02: 00001008 MOVE.W #%1100000000000011, (A1)+ 03: 0000100C MOVE.W #%1110000000000111, (A1)+ 04: 00001010 MOVE.W #%1111000000001111, (A1)+ 05: 00001014 MOVE.W #%1111100000011111, (A1) 06: 00001018 LEA $6000, A1 0...

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    whispering grasses 3 days left

    I am a legally blind, 67 yr old woman in desperate need for grant writer. I am an archaeologist, paralegal and mediator who can no longer do the work I was trained and educated for. Hating poverty, I want to open a canoe -,kayak tours with home base in Beaufort NC. I can apply all I have learned, known and love while making money. I plan on copyrighting my research and stil poke around. I am ...

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    We are an Australian manufacturer and developer of IOT systems, specifically within the Keyless Entry System space. We require a hardware/firmware engineer to create a universal keyless entry system based on an existing product we are aiming to replace. Successful applicant will work closely with our existiong API and Web Interface developers to create a universal, secure keyless entry system w...

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    build me in easy eda a pcb card with the following characteristics, with the essential programming libraries to work, I require for now only the basic programming, that is, without conditions, only reading of each sensor and printing of sensors on the monitor. The hardware features are as follows: FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION: This is a switch actuator module for AC voltages in addition to the ambient ...

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    Hi everybody! We collect audio data to develop voice recognition software (like Siri, or Alexa). We’re currently looking for native American people (from the USA) to help developing voice recognition software. The task needs to be done by 2 native people with a smartphone working together in the same room. It takes 2 hours and it consists into record free conversations about different argum...

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    Need to create a 8052 softcore on a CPLD which will communicate with some Logic ICs, external SRAM Memory. No restrictions on Timing as such.

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    Hi everybody! We collect audio data to develop voice recognition software (like Siri, or Alexa). We’re currently looking for native american people (from USA) to help developing voice recognition software. The task need to be done by 2 native people with a smartphone working together in the same room. It takes 2 hours and it consists into record free conversation about different argum...

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    Hi Guys, I am studying Cyber Security and one subject is about Exploit Development, C programming, Kali, memory overflow, shell coding and few things more. I need hands-on assistance with Labs and study. Thanks

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    Please consider the fact that the project needs to be done and submitted within 12 hours, and give me the final bid. Also, please write the time it will take for you to do it. If you could do them sooner, you have a better chance of getting the job. Each answer should be 1~2 US regular size pages) (use 11 or 12 font size). → 1.5 Spacing. If you include a table or a graph, is needs to be 2...

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    Looking for .net 5 core developer who also know how to write xunit tests , to implement some requirements on our .net core web api project , job will include REST API integration with third party providers . Modifying Database to accommodate to the new requirements. Have solid design skills , as no spaghetti code allowed. Good understanding of .net to write efficient code without memory leak...

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    This help you understand the impact that cache memories can have on the performance of your C programs. You will write a small C (not C++!) program of about 200-300 lines that simulates the behavior of a cache memory.

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    Design the instruction set architecture of a single cycle processor with 18 bit wide instructions, and data-word width of your choice. need to show the hardware implementation details of the processor. In particular, provide the • Instruction set along with the binary codes • Instruction encoding/decoding logic • Discuss various tradeoffs made in your design to optimize the followin...

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    Hi I am working on an ANPR device and need a web interface. The web interface is just like the interface of CCTV cameras/DVR/NVR. The interface will have multiple features such as: Login/Logout Security to not let access to main algorithm Configuration menu A search menu to search detected vehicles based on filters like (number, timestamp, location, etc) I need the dashboard/interface to be as ...

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    This help you understand the impact that cache memories can have on the performance of your C programs. You will write a small C (not C++!) program of about 200-300 lines that simulates the behavior of a cache memory.

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    I need to develop a project with STM32L010 and / or STM32L011 Microcontrollers. The project is as follows: I need a system in maximum energy saving with two fixed switches, that when they change each one from high to low they remain in deepsleep or standby (Lower energy consumption), when the two switches have changed each one from high to low, they must add a counter and store it in non-volatile ...

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    Hi, i need an android memory card game for uni with splash, main screen that has play now button and about button (in about button it explains the game and has the game version for example "Memory card v1.0") and on play now the game it self. i want it to be as easy as possible so i can understand it my dead line is in 18/7

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    Hello, i need a freelancer who has watched many tv series of his country and has a big memory to remember details of episodes watched

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    I have thought myself justified in printing the following narrative, found among the papers of my dead friend, Douglas Cameron, who left me discretion to deal with them as I saw fit. It was written indeed, as its opening words imply, rather for his own solace and relief than with the expectation that it would be read by any other. But, painful and intimate as it is in parts, I cannot think th...

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    Need database expert. ORACLE DBA OR IN MEMORY DATABASE EXPERT. I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux.

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    Good day We are looking for a new design for one of our IoT products There will be 3 communication stack options of the device. They will be: • SigFox (RC1 for now, other regions will be added later) • LoRa • GSM The following main feathers must be included in the design: • GPS Tracking • Temp and Humidity • 3-axses accelerometer and Gyro Scope • BLE 5 (used as ...

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    cnc integration collect daily production [login to view URL] CNC to Computer system using lan/wifi 2. Load Program through my computer 3. Set parameters Run Time :0 Part Count :0 Part Req : Part to Manufacture: etc 4. download parameters Run Time : Part Count : Cycle Time : Operating Time : Total Part Count : etc CNC have communication mode RS232C ETHERNET PEN DRIVE MEMORY CARD

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    We are a video processing company and we use the Jetson Nano for face recognition and people counting. Currently, we are having problems integrating a traffic counter which detects, tracks, and finally counts cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. The developer has to have a Jetson nano to be able to develop the solution and provide a tested source code as a deliverable. The final code ...

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    Title: Upgrade Assimp file loader to support both LWO2 and LWO3 file format types. The current Assimp project supports loading LWO2 file type. However, it fails to load LWO3. Current Assimp Command-line converter reports: "Unknown LWO subformat: LWO3". LW03 is completely NEW object formatting from version 2018. All required code and documentation is currently open source. Reference Mat...

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    I need developer who can customize existing app to add new features in to existing feature in the app, the app old features are like tinder with added business features. The new features are as follow 1- the front screen works as tiktok app mean play random videos chosen based on user interests, or based on commercial algorithm set by the admin at backend. 2- The app can link users videos ma...

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    Assignment 1: Relational Model and Relational Algebra Keep in mind that this is a homework assignment, not an exam. You can save your answers and come back to revise or continue as many times as you like, before the assignment becomes due. PART 1 (10 points): SQL CREATE TABLE In each database, write a SQL CREATE TABLE statement (with proper data types for attributes and proper primary key) for ea...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design 3 days left

    I am looking for a logo design for a new business. The business brand is K2. My preferred colour pallet is green or a combination of green and blue The business activity is equipment rental for civil and mining applications, but the logo does not necessarily need to include pictures or diagrams to highlight the applications. My thinking is a strong logo showing the K2 brand Any queries please ...

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    The project's pdf will be updated! I want to hire someone who ability to code in cpp/c for Operating System Simulation. ------------------------------------------------------------- Check PDF First! Just Do Instructions! Visual Studio required! Comment Lines required! Separate Files like m3.h and [login to view URL]! ======================================== Output Screen Shot is provided! Tra...

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    Need to work on the professional C programming using dynamic memory allocation

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    Raspberry pi Project 1-Touch screen digital device has USB output for flash memory stick for copy process. 2-Raspberry pi will emulate USB flash stick to read CSV instead of Stick memory. 3- Source device will write four -CSV files on USB/alternative Raspberry pi device by user copy press. 4-Read CSV file NO 1 -data will be processed to make some statics and to make report format. 5- Report will...

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    Need following modules integration/design i) Power system module design ii) GPS Module integration iii) GSM Module Integration iv) Controller Module design v) Auxillary Battery Power Supply Design and Integration vi) Sleep mode system design vii) Memory unit integration design Software is not required, just the schematic with best practices is required.

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    I am looking for developer who is expert in Ruby On Rails, we are facing memory related issues and we require more assistance.

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    Hi, I am working on a project in [login to view URL] /JavaScript and I need the ability to calculate PI digits starting at the beginning and going for as long as possible. Currently, I am using the Spigot Algorithm that can be found here: [login to view URL] This code works but after a day of it running non-stop it begins to slow down because it takes more and more CPU calculations to genera...

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    Trophy icon Code patch for Unity 3D simulation 9 days left

    Hi all, We have an education game for 9-10 year old pupils, creating awareness of how far plastic waste can spread around the world. This game simulation was created using Unity 3D engine and runs on a standalone Windows 10 PC. Game challenge is for students to guess where & when particles impact on crust. These are the key elements: a. Fixed movement parameters for initial particles –...

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    Optimisation for [login to view URL]

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    The user interface should show 20 cards, in 5 rows and 4 columns. The user can click on a card and see what is on the other side. The user then clicks on a second card to see what shape is under that card. If the two cards match, then they are removed from the interface and some happy sound file should be played. Otherwise, they should be flipped over and the user can continue clicking on cards, a...

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    Hello, I have a research project on Depth of Processing and the Retention of Words in Episodic Memory. It is psychology-related and is due on the 16th of July, 2021. I have attached a file containing the research and objectives, please take a look at it.

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    EduGames is a start-up which aims in providing education to children by the means of entertainment such as games, animations, movies and music. We are just starting and we need to expand our team, so we need expects who can help us in the execution of our idea into reality. We need content-writers, game-designers and back-end support persons who can help us to manage the game as well as database. ...

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    After emptying [login to view URL] file Mysql server is not starting. Need a expert to immediately fix Mysql starting problem. Magento website shows this: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory [root]# mysql -u root -p Enter password: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/[login to view URL]' (2) [login to view URL] 2021...

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    Need you to build PPT Technical features differentiation between 12c/19c/21c for Database administrators . It should cover the following 4 sections and example as below in each section. We would like further divide specific to new features alone One PPT and enhancements with new features in another PPT. PPT should cover on below sections and sub areas of each section. I will provide data to refe...

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