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    spss project 2 days left

    I need to analyse data having red light running as a dependent and total traffic volume as independent variable and some constants lik...analyse data having red light running as a dependent and total traffic volume as independent variable and some constants like lane width, number of lanes, speed etc. which method you recommend me to use? please help.

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    Hello, I have AutoCAD designs of a powerhouse building. I would like to model it in Revit so I can integrate cost and schedule. (BIM 4D and 5D) also, I want a Method of statement or something like a simple report which explains the process of the design in the Revit

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    Commercial Script Writing 2 days left

    ...for a short promo commercial for my small salon. I am looking for a rather specific formula to be used that is said to be fool proof. Please do your research on the "PROHVEN" method - Must interrupt the the pattern of ones usual mind -must make it relational to the client and can feel that they are connected to something bigger than themselves -must have

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    Ride App Android 2 days left

    I wan to make android app like BlaBla Car without Payment method and live location

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    ...of an unknown dog image against the database. You can refer to the following information [login to view URL] • You will take/download some dog images to test your method. • You will need to have a web interface to allow user upload the dog image and prediction results should be shown on the browser in numbers. • Please study and follow the

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    By using The heuristic algorithm known as Particle Swarm Optimization To solve is the latency between each node and the numbers of controllers will ...and reliability of the network and reduce placement expense and consuming of power. To find practical results despite the fact reaching specified time limitation a heuristic method is combined into PSO

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    Need help with Matlab code 2 days left

    ...reliability of the bisection method with the speed of Newton's method. Such a combination is implemented by running the bisection method until we have a narrow interval, and then switch to Newton's method for speed. Write a script that implements this idea. Start with the bisection method with an interval [a,b] and switch to Newton's method...

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    ...category, where we need to change some wordings in the 'customer information' section and shipping method. And also we need to remove the apple pay option when the website is accessed through a mobile device, and change it to the default payment method. These are very simple changes but not sure if it can be changed. If youre interested give me a message

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    I need an expert in JAVA Round Robin method to help me out with some stuff. I'll share complete details in the inbox

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    ...talented finance freelancer who can calculate the VaR (99%) over the next 252 trading days of 5 different stocks in a portfolio. If you can do this well please let me know. The method used should be 1. EWMA 1: λ=0.94 for both variance and covariance. 2. EWMA 2: λ=0.94 for variance and λ=0.98 for covariance. 3. Historical Simulation 1: Rolling window with

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    The name of the website is "FundingMarket" I want a design of a website based on following examples: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] I want to have my own version of those website. PSD, sketch and any design files works fine. I want to know what is your business Plan? FundingMarket is a website were business owners/companies

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    I require a python script which will generate headers that will meet my requirements. The method of building the headers will be shown via a screensharing application so you can fully understand the requirements. - You must know how to read in Java as the building of headers is in Java language - The script must be written in Python 3.6 - You must

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    ...2. Discount entry payment option to be added in script if we want to add in invoice. 3. In invoice we want to add vat no., customer name, joining date, expiry date, payment method. referred by, course type, .demo : [login to view URL] 4. Dashboard - Active and Expiry Search Membership Options. | Active Members

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    i have a asp dot net project. if i want to change db connection i have to modify on all page. You have to show me a method where i can modify all db connection by one modification

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    To provide top-notch customer service and cutting-edge sale...donations for charitable causes. Explain products or services and prices, and answer questions from customers. Obtain customer information such as name, address, and payment method, and enter orders into computers. Record names, addresses, purchases, and reactions of prospects contacted.

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    9 bids expected from the freelancer to be able to complete the above tasks on their own. I do not have the time to teach this. You should probably already understand what a DCF method and a monte carlo simulation is. - The frontend should be written in Angular and look half way decent (bootstrap is ok). The backend should be written in Python, as existing

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    ...monitor all files in a directory. We really only need to support monitoring a single file, but support collecting from a rotated file when the log is rotated. Our current method is to monitor a single file, but when a file is smaller than it was when last read, we look to the rotated file to ensure no logs were missed. Metrics from Linux and Windows:

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    Rest API Fix 1 day left

    Endpoint 404 error getting brands from woocomerce word press website The following url to retrieve them produces no results with ...per_page=100&page=1" "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found." & vbCrLf & "{""code"":""rest_no_route"",""message"":""No route was found matching t...

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    ...customers can upload there own cards to sell and automatically show rates depending on the card brand and amount. I can either accept or deny the offer and then whatever payment method they preferred. Also wanted a full customer dashboard that also has a Verification section were customers can upload proper verification for better rates, accepting BTC and

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    I am looking for a very Magento Expert. The module is a Purchase Order one for Market P...Purchase Order one for Market Place. It has already almost been converted the M2. The extra thing is to build the Capture Paypal method on M2. I know what M2 has already the Paypal method. But I want the Capture Paypal method. Only bid if you are a Magento Expert

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    ...reserves the item in cart and lets you complete the purchase. The URL of that checkout page can be copied and used on any other browser to checkout the item. The reason why this method is signifcant is because on Nike desktop site, when you successfully add a product to cart, it still doesn’t mean you can successfully purchase it. That is just one more step

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    Topic is about IKIGIA japanese method of life .

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    I am looking for a very Magento Expert. The module is a Purchase Order one for Market P...Purchase Order one for Market Place. It has already almost been converted the M2. The extra thing is to build the Capture Paypal method on M2. I know what M2 has already the Paypal method. But I want the Capture Paypal method. Only bid if you are a Magento Expert

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    - Build a website to sell classic cars (design and develop) - Responsive design for desktop, table...least 4 images of his car - To display a car, an approval of admin is needed - Search and filter to view vehicle make, model, year, etc... (will be shared later) - Payment method (Credit card, paypal, other options) for car owners to be able to display

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    ...(70%) 1) Your application must be contained within a function constructor 2) You will need a prototype method for adding 3) You will need a prototype method for subtracting 4) You will need a prototype method for dividing 5) You will need a prototype method for multiplying 6) You will need to create event bindings for the: 1) Button to evaluate (or the event

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    A 3000 word report clearly articulating and analysing the organisation Virgin and it's entrepreneurial characteristics and capabilities dr...entre-intrapreneurial business models and processes. Make sure entire report is structured and correct use of report template, also accurate, clear, concise and correct harvard method referencing used throughout.

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    1 - make php class [login to view URL] 2 - create properties top that are the required parameters 3 - add method to get the actual cost estimate from click2mail 4 - no html only class file [login to view URL] bids over $25 won't be hired. guaranteed great feedback if

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    I am searching for an experienced GMB SEO to train me on the method of verifying multiple business listings on google my business without the need for postcard verification. I am looking for one on one training teaching me the method. If you are successful I will pay a great consultant fee. Please do not bid unless you are confident you can verify

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    The objective of this study is to determine if intramembraneous bone formation and remodelling during trabecular bone fracture healing could be simulated using FEA. We will send a model of geometry.

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    I am a Life skills coach and need to outsource my article writing project as I do not have time to do so. The topic area ...skills coach and need to outsource my article writing project as I do not have time to do so. The topic area : (1) the pitfalls of online dating compared the traditional method (2) why your advanced should not define you

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    I have a DLL and there is a method inside a DLL "action()" . I need to call this method using the object. Like : [login to view URL](); obj is the Object with all the member variable populated.

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    12 bids passenger name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, contact information etc. 2A/v - They proceed to pay for what they have selected by inputting their payment method (credit card) details and contact information 2A/vi - Then, a ticket is displayed which shows essential information like passenger name, service class, flight time, airline

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    ...should change to "reserve" and at checkout payment methods should be disabled (e.g. "pay in store" used or something similar). Only "collection" should be available as shipping method - if "out of stock" selected, then "add to cart" button should change to "enquire" linked to pop up contact form with name/email/message fields. ...

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    20 bids user COPIES the text box. You could create a BUTTON named COPY and make sure that comment is removed when a user clicks on the COPY button. Make sure no alternative COPY method is allowed so the script can reconize which comments has been copied without error margin. Around twenty comments will be listed in the users area in one page. People will

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    ...A_1 -----/ Work A_2 -----/ Work A_3 -----/ eventually running the script much faster than Instance 1) And I came up with a question, Maybe I can even imply this parallel method to Cloud computing. And I'm pretty sure there's an way for it. already existing as function in the Cloud Computer services I named above. Please, If you have experience

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    ...if you have gone through any better solution than this. I'm sure there must be something that I am not aware of, and maybe better than my method. Question 2. Related with Question 1, could there be any method to 'open' only when specific part of computer program is turned on? for example in a chrome webpage, only allowing the access when entering

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    ...appearance 1 man and 1 woman and doing simple task like unloading box from truck. This project is to help find a freelancer for a bigger animated project so I want to see your method on how to communicate with the storyboard etc. Please note that I am looking for realistic setting such as that shown in reallusion industrial2 model pack which you can see

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    I need you to integrate PayPal payment method in my php website. I have to link it to may business PayPal account.

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    Hello, I am looking for well experienced Magento developer to create the below payment method with English and Arabic store views + 6 months of extension support [login to view URL] Please go through url before submitting your offer!

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    ...improve the existing traffic estimation method which is used in arterial roads (refer to attachment). The proposed novel method must have documentation which must include: What I'm expecting: - Propose a "novel method" to improve traffic estimation in the given paper (ps. later I will run the proposed method, so it should be real idea and im...

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    ... number A place on the bottom of the receipt for custom messages. example: "Thank you for stopping by XYZ Store Please Come Again Soon" a method to call to begin the printing. I am thinking something like this... Dim PRINTMODULE as new TheClassYoudevelopForMe [login to view URL] = "Epson TM-TM20ii Receipt printer"

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    i want to add destination vs price in table rate shipping method of magento 1. you need to create csv file with all pincodes from australia with specific shipping cost for specific pincodes. i have the price sorted out for the pincodes. and after you need to upload the csv and reflect those chances on the website. i have added a pdf with all the pincodes

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    Simple C++ Project 16 hours left

    ...movies. - Make sure that the user will select only one of the available options. - If the user chooses, the program should take the full name, age, address and the payment method which usually credit card or cash. - The program also should must contain warning message in these cases: o The user under 15 o Wrong choices from the main menu and

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    ...2) Less application overhead 3) 1000+ users a day I researched: Spring Multi tenancy architecture, and Dynamic data source routing. I want to know efficient solution and method to do it. Here is my scenario, DB1: jdbc:postgresql://localhost:9090/test1 DB2: jdbc:postgresql://localhost:9090/test2 . . DB2: jdbc:postgresql://localhost:9090/test100 Every

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    LaTeX Help 13 hours left

    ...document (article class) I am working on. There are two issues. One, I can't get it to compile, though it was compiling until I went back and fixed the citations with the cite method. Now it is only compiling the first page. This should be an easy fix (like less than 10 minutes). I just started using LaTeX and am still learning. Second, I can't get the

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    matalb task using kansa method 12 hours left

    bid only if you know please thanks

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    Email Relay Manager 12 hours left

    ...preferably Ubuntu 18.10. Some side notes: - The interface should be clean and support modern browsers. - The interface should support a basic username and password authentication method. - Relay services will need to support syslog to report connection sources, connection times, and message delivers response codes. - Relay services will need to use a store

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    As final result I want to have a working easy to use method to scrape data on great buildings from forge of empires online game. Information needed, in excel: player name, Great building name, points contributed, total points, list of contributors, list of rewards.

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    This application will be based on pubg tournament. Match joining Match results Player profile Ongoing match(Direct link to Youtube page) Payment method (add money/withdraw money)

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