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    must download and install 1 specific house mod. HOUSE MOD INSTALL TUTORIAL: [login to view URL] SPECIFIC HOUSE MOD: [login to view URL] must download and install 1 specific car mod. CAR MOD INSTALL TUTORIAL: [login to view URL] SPECIFIC CAR MOD: [login to view URL] a brief description of the video will be waking up in the villa mansion. handling business. going and driving the car and do...

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    I have to complete ASAP an assignment for a macroeconomic exam. The tasks consist in: modify an equation in a given dsge model, derive it analytically and then simulate using Dynare. So, you have to send me a pdf file with the complete solution of the exercise and comments about the simulation of the model; also I want the mod file used for the simulation with Dynare. I will send you a pdf file to...

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    I want code that use it for encryption and decryption by using all key mod in Arduino on ESP32

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    WHMCS Module for game servers 5 days left

    Hello, I need an WHMCS module that allows me to create game servers like minecraft, Rust, ARK (of possible), Garrys Mod, CS and more. There should be the possibility that the server of a user will be deleted if he doesnt use it for X days. If the server is deleted, a backup of the latest version should be sent to the user by mail. With a backup it should be possible to create a server for the ...

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    I don't know if anyone plays GTA here and has a good gaming computer but I'm looking for someone to film a 5 to 10 minute video in first person of them driving around doing things etc. no talking just have to act out the actions I asked you to. but you have to have the ability to mod. Don't want any Xbox screen recorded footage. has to be PC modder. meaning you can install custom ca...

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    Hello, We have a PHPBB 3.3 forum and we need to do minor customization to make it look like our main site. Here are the high level tasks: 1. Take the header html from our main site and put it in phpbb 3 template overall_header to change the header to match the header as shown on the main site. The main site is a joomla website and contains the menu. This menu needs to be put in the phpbb3 header...

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    I need a very detailed 100,000sqmt town u can put High rise buildings in the backround I have this assets you can use Also I need flying cars in the backround Set during night [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to vi...

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    I am looking to have a custom mod created for me! I'm planning on splitting this mod’s order into two phases (two separate orders). This is just for me to simply ensure the quality of the delivery is to a standard that I am happy with. All the icons and 3D models are already on standby, and ready to be handed over. Instead of trying to explain this mod’s features right here, I&rs...

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    bleach reborn 10 hours left

    need help doing a minecraft mod

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    Hi, Curious if I can find any Hearts of Iron 4 modders here :) I need a mod that will show individual units when zoomed out. Like this guy has done: [login to view URL] Thanks,

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    Your task is to modify your server.c so the RPC server can support multiple clients. You can choose either to have multiple threads (like this server_t.c) or multiple processes (like this server.c) to handle multiple clients. Additionally, your server should keep running even if clients exit. If you need a quick tutorial on how pthread library or fork system call works, here are a few links: Mult...

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    Busco de una persona capacitada que me pueda crear un modmenu para el juego free fire, (como ejemplo esta el de cuban YT,)... Y QUE PUEDA SER MODIFICABLE, cosa de que pueda realizarle las actualizaciones debidas... agradeciendo una pronta respuesta.. quedo pendiente. por favor dejar numero para colocarme en contacto.

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    Web application mod

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    Hello, I recently tried to make a mod for GTA 5, but 3D modeling is not my expertise. I am looking for a modder that has experience in making GTA 5 ped mod in PC with some unique skills in the mod. The model I want is from a anime called Bio Booster Armor Guyver. The ped I wanted created is known as Guyver 1, which has main color of teal. The ped should be able to do the following unique skill...

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    It’s about an online game called Call of Duty Mobile i seen and used many mod menus(cheats) for it but now i would like to get my own private one.

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    It’s about an online game called Call of Duty Mobile i seen and used many mod menus(cheats) for it but now i would like to get my own private one.

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    convert minecraft mod 1.12.2 for 1.7.10 [login to view URL]

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    Please only bid if you are able to do this straight away as I am on a time deadline and I need to get my site back up ASAP. The issue started after I clicked the 'Flush Static Cache' button in admin, but after doing so, my site lost all it's formatting. I have tried a number of things which I read should fix it, but they didn't: php bin/magento setup:upgrade php bin/magento...

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    I need an existing website rebuilt. I already have a design, I just need you to build it. Drupal upgrade with new content architecture and data visualization mod usage

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    I have upgraded to php 7.2 from php 5.4 on my managed host running Apache. My affiliate links no longer work. They are being redirected using mod rewrite at the ht access level. My mod rewrite rule directs to a php file containing a script and associative array of URLs. I think there is a backward compatibility issue with this script or htaccess. Shouldn't take long for someone with ...

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    I want to create a website same as [login to view URL] I can pay whatever you want but I want my website in 10 days.

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    Hey! Are you familiar with light coding and core mods? I am searching for someone who can fix me a light core mod called Albedo. I already asked different people but many of them don't know anything about mod development when it comes to lighting and core mods. If you're interested, I can send you more details! ?

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    Hi Here is an example of the logo that we like We want a new logo that looks similar to this that we can use as our own We want additional text at the bottom added Deliverable We would like to receive .ai files and png files

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    Hello, I'm looking for my own Game Server (DayZ), a developer who can develop some mods for me, the mods are small. For example : As an example, I want an action post or a flagpole that does the following: 1. Prevents the base items from disappearing for xx days. 1.1 The XX days can be between 1 and 30 days. 1.2 The XX days can e.g. Place trees, wooden boards, nails, or metal in it. 2. The ...

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    teen patti game ki application mere pass roayal game krke uska mod apk banana h jisme pahle hi pata chal jae kon jeetega

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    Hello there! I am the owner of a community called Prime Nation. Recently, we have started a development for a new PrisonRP server. We've got a custom map being created currently and a community of players buzzing to join! We recently went down the custom route for the gamemode, however, due to personal reasons with the current developer; we have decided to go with DarkRP as the gamemode. It&#...

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    Garrys mod is a pc game made up of multiple game modes and there is a game mode called bunnny hop. A strafe optimizer makes you strafe to a perfect angle to get the most gain in your strafes to gain speed on a server. I am looking for someone who knows c++ and is up for it.

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    I am trying to create the NYC subway system in Minecraft 1.12.2 Forge. The system uses mine carts, with that said some custom mods are needed to improve the short comings of mine carts. Here is what I need: -A mod that adds 3 additional styles of tracks that I can use my own textures on the tracks must include: powered rails, detector rails, rails. The 3 extra sets should be named "Concrete&q...

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    I need someone who has good experience in creating gaming videos "especially GTA5" to upload these videos on my channel as I have no time to upload videos so I need someone who has free time to upload viedos every day if possible or at 3 or 4 weekly The channel has more than 12k subscribers and the monthly profits now is less than 50$ as i uploaded only 1 videos weekly , it was 70 or 80...

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    I need someone who can make 3d bus model with highly detailed

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    I want someone who can develop a custom mod for my 7 year old who is fascinated with MineCraft. There is a small budget for this but there maybe the opportunity do additional add-on's down the line if I like what you are able to create. The attached is a perfect world big idea project - derived from notes i took when talking to my 7 year old. Let me know what it would take for something li...

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    I need someone with the capability to write lines of code to scrape data from NBA 2k on PC.

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    Necesito modificar en el dashbord admin of the Company, Driver, Vehicle los siguiente: fotoU1 01 mod Dashbord Admin an Company, ADD + EDIT fotoU2 Company Driver Vehicle Colocar un boton individual de guarda por cada seccion - Dashbord Admin fotoU3 Dashbord Company : place the button WEB: driver : place the button and the 2 document number field and the expiration date foto WEB, WEB2 02 mod DRIVE...

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    Hello all, We are looking for a new game launcher built for minecraft & Mods. You are able to choose your own language when creating the launcher however please note that it will need to be cross platform (Windows, Mac & Linux) and also support the ability to have an anti cheat later on. The launcher will focus on user experience, However we will also bring several new features to the t...

    ₹902 / hr (Avg Bid)
    ₹902 / hr Avg Bid
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    We use Capsule CRM and we can attach files via email to people details, opportunities and job cases. Due to the limits imposd by the software supplier we have a storgae quote. Within the system there is no easy way to locate, identify and delete atatchemnets that could be JPEGs, PDFs, PNGs etc. The onl way is to go though each presons records, opportuniy or job case and delete manually The s...

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    For this project it is necessary to develop a Poker system in Lua or TypeScript. The objective is to create a poker system allowing players to play a game of poker among themselves (maximum 5 players, minimum 2). This realization must be done on FiveM (Gta 5 MultiPlayer Mod). If you don't have the skills to create a FiveM script, please go ahead.

    ₹17370 (Avg Bid)
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    I would like to hire someone to give me ESP Mod for the game TheHunter Call of the Wild. I want to use the mod to see all animals of which rank these animals have or whether they are male or female I thank you and wish you a nice day

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    I want to hire someone to make 6 type of halo Covenant land vehicles. 3 different Wraith or 2. 3 different type of transport vehicles. I have some picture to show you what I like it to look like but some are going to be custom to. I want all these vehicles in Simfphys good textures and work very well. and this well be in Garry's mod.

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    In need of 3D model, textured, rigged and animated that resembles my dog for a custom mod project. Must generally resemble the aesthetics of Untitled Goose Game. Requested: Animations - Idle IdleSneaking TurningLeft TurningRight Walking WalkingLeft WalkingRight WalkingSneaking WalkingSneakingLeft WalkingSneakingRight Running RunningLeft RunningRight Barking -An .fbx file with the animation...

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    Im looking for someone with experience to help me create an custom gta 5 mod menu. It must work for both online and storry without ban chance. The menu will be sold for 25$ each and you can keep 20$ for each menu sold for a period of 6 months (with 20$ guaranted) from the release of the menu (im not responsable if the menu is not succesful and no money is earned other than the guaranted amoun). Co...

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    Details in attached pdf and angular /src/ attached All reasonable details are illustrated in pdf file. if you understand bid other wise abstain

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    I am looking for someone with lua experience who can make me a unique admin system (like ulx) and a custom ticket system, when a staff takes your ticket i would like for it to say who took it or if they closed it. I would also like a feature when you can do something like !viewstaff and see the current staff online and their total ticket claims.

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    I would like to hire someone to give me ESP Mod for the game TheHunter Call of the Wild. I want to use the mod to see all animals of which rank these animals have or whether they are male or female I thank you and wish you a nice day

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    I am looking for a developer to create a Mod Menu for GTA Online on a PC. I have a great project that can be successful, but I can't create it myself and I need a person who knows C ++.

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    i am looking for android & ios app developer that can do some modification to the android app (i believe it will be minor mod) from open source gps tracking software (traccar). The original source code is available. Deveeloper is expected to do modification from the source code and assist until apps can be published. I believe, for experienced app developer, it should just take 1-2hr work to ...

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    I need android mods people who can modify apk files for android and make mod menus

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    Reddit ([login to view URL]) is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. I use a Firefox browser extension, named, 'Reddit Enhancement Suite' ([login to view URL]), which adds a variety of features for browsing Reddit. One of them is called, 'Never Ending Reddit', which automatically loads content. When browsing through a Reddit page,...

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    i'm making a half-life 2 mod called the Breach Chapter 1 and i need a sci-fi Secret government facility Logo heres the original image make your own and it must be 470x187 and transparent heres the original image:

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    I am receiving syn flood on my apache server with php 5.6, unfortunately cloudflare is unable to handle it due to free plan, since I do not want to disable cloudflare I need mod cloudflare to get real ip from cloudflare visitors on apache and install mod evasive to stop syn floods on my website

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    All I need done is a Minecraft Forge mod done (for 1.15.2), where once the game would load into the main menu there is a new GUI. The GUI needs a text input with a "Continue" button, that once typed and the button is hit, the Clients username is changed. This would need to work for offline servers and singleplayer. After the username is hit they are brought back to the main menu like no...

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