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    I need assistance in migrating DPMA to Endpoint manager. having issues with installing the new version of Digium Phones Config so its disabled and I'm unable to enable it. Failed to install Digium Phones Config due to the following conflicting module(s): EndPoint Manager. also Look into why Voicemail to Email is not working.

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    Angular js project 6 days left

    HI, I need someone that has good skills in angular js, some tasks done, right away. you should have skills with AngularJS, HTML, JSON, PHP (MOODLE),AWS Please do not bid if you are a beginner, experts only. I will explain the tasks via chat, the total number of tasks is 7, should not take long from an expert.

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    I have the following error full of the following error: May 17 20:11:47 ubox systemd[1]: openvpn : Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 1. May 17 20:11:47 ubox systemd[1]: Stopped OpenVPN...status=200/CHDIR May 17 20:11:47 ubox systemd[1]: openvpn : Failed with result 'exit-code'. Over and over and over - about every minute. The OpenVpn as been uninstalled and purged, but obviously something remains. I need someone familiar with systemd init configs with Debian (Ubuntu 22.04 to be precise) to figure out what little commands are still out there and remove them from my system config sessions. Ideally, we'll do it via Zoom and screen share, I'll sign you in and help you su as you need to. Should be pretty quick for the right person with sysadmin skills...

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    Greetings, We have total 7 points to be completed in an existing website. I really want someone dedicated, who can start work immediately and show his/her best expertise. Technology Stack: AngularJS, HTML, JSON, PHP (MOODLE),AWS Protocols: REST, SOAP, XMLRPC, AMF Front-end Technology: AngularJS Back-end Technology: Moodle I will share 7 points details and send you source code for both Moodle & AngularJS. Please ONLY apply qualified developers and no beginners. Regards, Yasir

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    Looking to hire developer with knowledge in - 1. AWS - General understanding - VPC, VPC Endpoint Config, etc. Resources - DynamoDB, S3, AWS Lambda, etc. 2. AWS CDK - TypeScript - for CI/CD 3. Java SDK for AWS - for creating script for AWS Lambda / EC2 4. Familiar with Java - Guice for dependency injection, etc. Looking for atleast 1-2year of experience or 3-4 Good project on github with above tech stack used. Project or hands-on experience preferred. Should be atleast comfortable to be on-call between 9AM IST to 9PM IST - we do not expect to work for that long but helping us with a query or just a quick call shouldn't be an issue.

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    - this on moodle - please advise (should be in hebrew and translate to english ) ##audio files in hebrew - if can develop the english translation will be perfect i need to build home page similar to this:

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    ...Stop (stop recording), clear data (clear stored data). -Heatmap: Process an entire recording and show a single screen representation that shows all monitors and the heatmap of (1) mouse location (2) window outlines (3) window movements. I can discuss visualization ideas with the winning bidder -all non-hardcoded config values, store in a text file named Testing will be faster if values are not hard coded. Colors to display, time intervals, etc,. save all in config file and don't hard code. Any values that may need experimentation, put in this file. Use name value pairs, example Speed=12 Width=1920 Height=1080 -data model is worked is a beta. The data can grow large ( 8+ hours). It is important to not record when nothing is moving, but it may be a good idea to reco...

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    ...seamless switcher with 2 HDMI outputs which support 1080p (Full HD) In this project must use FPGA for SDI inputs with input auto-detect resolutions feature. Output interfaces (2xHDMI) must support full range resolutions up to 1080p. Each output must could configured separately (out 1 has just 1 mode and out 2 supports 2 modes) Each output could have own mode and resolutions, must not effect one out config to another output. Freelancer who want to doing this project must design hardware and software (FPGA Firmware) and send to us the sample hardware designed also at the end must deliver all source codes and source files like PCB layout and programming codes also must will describe all codes and designing to our engineers for programming new boards. All hardware costs (PCB + materi...

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    is an linux base operating system on Linux for internet Routers. We want to update all our router to openwrt and want to connect all hotspot device to our cloud system. I can make authentication and accounting from my cloud server I can control all device from my cloud system.

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    I urgently need to set up a Moodle evaluation instance for a client : LTI integration, course assignment, configure direct links to students (no login required), create / delete accounts from csv (or API). Currently have an evaluation instance on MoodleCloud. Australian based (Brisbane). Need immediate assistance.

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    I have a C++ console project working on windows version. I need developer to config C++ project for building on Linux version

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    We have 6 quizzes that need to be built in our Learning Management System Moodle

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    config error with mariadb on a wordpress site. hosted on virtualmin but somehow the database has disconnected and failed. error SQL show index from `wp_fa_user_logins` failed : Table './pchelpdock_wordpress/wp_fa_user_logins' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed error localhost

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    11 bids poorly and becomes unstable. The biggest problem that the website has is that it increases the load of the server and stops working well. I have noticed that when I edit a post or publish a new post on that website, the server load tends to go up a lot. In the same way, I have noticed that when I send a PUSH, the load on the server also goes up a lot, and I have to change some of the php config in plesk so that it works well for at least a while. Another thing I've noticed is that this website went through stackpath's WAF protection and I've noticed that sometimes when I disable that protection the load also goes up, I say sometimes because other times it simply doesn't do anything to disable the WAF . I have also noticed that the load does NOT go up...

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    I want to connect my office location and home location over a wireguard vpn hosted on Azure. I want two routers also configured to connect to the vpn such that the individual clients dont have to connect. For security reasons config will be done as a shared session, with you directing most of the work. Lastly I do want some help configuring a Cisco desk phone i purchased and am having trouble with someone with Cisco network experience is higly desirable

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    Unable to log in to the instance and getting application config error.

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    I have a Angular website that needs SSL fixing.

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    Teamviewr config of Router 3 days left

    Need to connect Teamviewer to a PC that have an unconfigured Router attached to the Ethernet port. The PC is connected to internet/Teamviewer thru Wifi. The router is connected with a LAN cable/RJ45 to the PC. When calling the default IP-address for the unconfigured Router = the WiFi connected router shows up.. Is there a way that I can have Teamviewer connected to the WiFi and force the to address the unconfigured Router at the LAN-port/RJ45 port on the PC. I have no possibility to change the WiFi routers IP to something else. It is the customers WiFi and I have not access to the router. The unconfigured router is brand new and the idea is that the customer have unconfigured routers on the shelf. When a router is needed it is connected in a rig with antenna 3G/4G/wifi and get new F...

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    ...SmartSliderAdmin and the blade tag would be <x-smart-slider-admin /> - Create multiple sliders - The slider must be configurable (width, height, layout, display options) - Add multiple images to a slider - Each image should be able to have text or html that will overlay the image - Two Database Migrations with Eloquent Models (sliders and slider_images) - Both Slider and Image data and config data would be stored in a MySql db table. - The Image Slider Component (SmartSlider) (Fully Responsive) - The component should be named SmartSlider and the blade tag would be <x-smart-slider /> - The tag should take at least the following parameters (slider-id, class) - The display page should allow multiple slider components on the page. - T...

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    00- You will add our site URL and the site name 01- you will add my logo 02- you will change the top and button colors to fit my logo 03- you will disable the download function to prevent us...privacy terms page You will assist us in how we compile and upload the apps to the play store from Google and Iso store. It's about as I have mentioned 3 apps 1- Android 2- IOS 3- Windows Desktop The source code is available on Moodle Github repository. How to create the Desktop app The app should be tested with the push server and works without issues. Big blue button apimate Please don't place a bid if you are not experienced in IONIC, MOODLE, AIRNOTIFIER MAX bid $450

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    Moodel theme Edumy 2 days left

    We just install a brand new Moodle instance. We install Edumy theme, but we don't know how to personalized the colors and the logo. We would like to do this personalization.

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    I have one website with some Email notifications problems and one bug that I need to fix the soonest possible. Looking for someone with strong wordpress skills.

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    I am running cucumber and i get some error on config. I need help to resolve it.

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    ...Configure Tags added via website to be written back to photo "XMP Keywords" Again there is a plugin for this that I need help to make work. Also need a way to automatically trigger either when a picture is updated or nightly cron job. PLEASE READ IMPORTANT!!! =================== - All enhancements must be completed using the existing site config. - There are plugins that allow overriding of some code this can be used. Otherwise any other changes need to be done via custom plugins that way I can apply updates to the site without breaking it. - DO NOT SEND ME A MESSAGE LIKE "Hey, I'm interested in your project. Please send me a message...". If you are interested in this project, please send me a detailed message regarding YOUR question...

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    Pump in the config to switch and save the configuration to a file. By running the running config from the switch, will be able to track those serial number in the excel file.

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    To save the running config in to the file in our desktop. and push the configuration file to multiple switch. Record the details in excel format

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    ...ProductA --internal_documentsProductA --internal_documentsProductA internal_documentsProductB --internal_documentsProductB --internal_documentsProductB internal_documentsProductC --internal_documentsProductC remote ftp server path: /public/files The Variable-Parameters (network share, remote path, remote server ip, username, password) should be in a config-ini-file. Addition requirements: 1. connect to the server and get a folder & filelist then check if a folder or file doesn't exist anymore on the network share if the ftp-server has a folder or file that doesnt exists on the local network share -> delete it on the ftp-side. (note: in the folder can be 1 or more files or no file) 2. if on the local network share is a folder that doesnt exists

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    Moodle upgrade 1 day left

    Hi there, We have Moodle set up for around 120 students, but we run it with 365 and it has limited functionality which we need to upgrade. We have a Moodle admin who works for us but we need help upgrading. Is there anyone who might help with this? We don’t really need hosting just setting on the right track if possible.

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    Pls see attached. I am looking to have two XYplorer config issues resolved. I've searched for the configuration items and can't find how to display the context of a cloud-folder or a shared-cloud folder in XYplorer. If you can show me where they are/how to show the two, then the $20 is yours. Thx! Len

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    2 new cisco switches and 2 cisco firepoweres need to be setup in HA and a site to site vpn asa/fp

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    Mailman isn't working on my Plesk server, and I have tried everything in the docs to get it working. Not sure if this is a DNS config issue, or mailman issue, or Plesk issue, but I just need mailing lists with mailman to work properly with Plesk and the server OS it's running. Please only apply if you have had some experience with Plesk, ideally dealt with Mailman previously.

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    Cisco Router Config 7 hours left

    Router Configure I currently use mikrotik Router I will use Cisco router in front of MKT router. Physical Config setup Basic router config Ports/IP Address Router Security Config and ACL access Configure BGP with ISP to access internet Configure LACP port Share Internet on LACP port Establish BGP on LACP Port Basic Monitoring and troubleshooting guidance

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    Hello, I have Laravel source code with Installation Instructions, but when i npm install have error when install ( see photo attach) it seem some code was outdated. My source code run on Ubuntu 18.04 with Nginx. I need help me to install, config and update code to working perfect. Tech me to get new code and install to another VPS. Thank you

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    ...project we will send are referenced the online ones. Likely you would need to change to local files. They are in "local_modules" folder. And of course to clean and arrange it a bit before new changes. And to actually do the parts of replacing some link to external files as now it uses a different API. So for those 3 modules: to build them with webpack, to npm pack them, remove them from package config and node_modules, and npm install for the app from local And fixing bugs, improving it, then adding a similar functionality for audio files as is for video ones. Anyway those we can talk when reaching there To have a general idea about the purpose of the tool, is to allow manual search/mark/upload to an API for the commercials found on TVs/Radios recordings. We'll...

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    WE have Moodle LMS where we are facing issue regarding restrictions on updating the contents. Need support regarding the same since there is a error reported everytime we make an attempt to modify the content already uploaded on the LMS

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    I have installed the Moodle e-learning platform version 3.8.2. I need to export the following data in Italian Language like the attached document in excel or csv file. I am explaining and showing it to you in English, simply to make a clearer communication with you, but I actually need the full report in Italian. I need to export the data in the following order: 1. Tax ID code (Alphanumeric 16 characters) 2. First Name (Alphanumeric 100 characters) 3. Last Name (Alphanumeric 100 characters) 4. Role /Type of participant (Ref Table E) 5. Freelance / Employee (Alphanumeric 1 character) 6. Participant recruited (Numeric with 1 whole digit) 7. Sponsor (Alphanumeric 100 characters) 8. Credits acquired (Numeric with 2 integers and 1 decimal) 9. Credit acquisition date (yyyy-mm-dd). 10. ...

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    We have a moodle platform already up and running - however, as we have it on a mobile app, the UI is not beautiful, nor user friendly. We also have a SCORM file sitting on the platform which takes long to load on IOS. Looking for an expert to help fix the user experience journey for both android and IOS mobile app. Thank you.

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    Urgent NDA
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    We need a boto3 python script that will: - Authenticate with assume role (run on an ec2 with IAM role assigned to it) - Go through each S3 Bucket in every region - If a bucket does NOT have a Storage Class Analysis THEN - Create a storage Storage Class Analysis -- Name: BSI_Config -- Apply to all objects in bucket AWS Documentation and screenshot of config attached

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    I have fresh CentOS OpenLdap server and want to restore data into it but I am getting errors. I need help on restoring the Config and Data ldiff files and ensure that OpenLdap query is getting correct results.

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    Hi I want a web application in React or in Angular that would communicate with the backend REST API written and deployed in AWS Platform. This application is a prototype of ML application. User needs to upload files to our server, the backend code do the ML predictions. The front end will have settings i.e. config settings to enter was credentials etc that API we will provide you. You need to display the predictions and also you need to create the dashboard by yourself or you can embed AWS quicksights reports that will be created by another person. Basically this app will contain max to max 10 pages includes GET/POST request. Following are the requirements: 1) User Registration 2) Authentiction / Authorization 3) REST API You need to take care of Sessions etc. This would be a v...

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    Hello; I hope you are well, I am working in a project using moodle and H5P, a quiz (H5P) and content (brochures & videos). This is only one day event. The only issue that I am having is that I need to upload a users' database that I am collecting from a WordPress page, into moodle and once this is done. The participants most access the platform with only their email and no password. Requirement summary: Configure moodle to let participants access the course only with their email, NO password.

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    Want to create a learning mobile app for students that have course content, video and audio. Needs experts so that we can decide on right technology and than implement it. Want to implement it in moodle LMS. Thanks

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    In early stages of looking to build a hotel site in SquareSpace. Will need to include the capacity to book any of multiple rooms in several properties by nights, rooms, rooms config, no people etc. As per a normal hotel booking site. All content images etc will be provided, this role will only be design advice and build. Please quote rate per hour and provide examples of stuff you have done that is similar.

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    ...sending the sms from ESME to the SMSC but my problem is related to the DLR. The Bearerbox actually received the DLR from the SMSC but it didn't route it to the ESME. What is the required configurations that could resolve the above issue. i need to route the DLR to the ESME Your help in this regard is highly appreciated and thanks in advance.i can see entries in db when i send msg Below are my config files and log error, 2022-05-07 14:36:47 [3023] [7] DEBUG: DLR[mysql]: Looking for DLR smsc=smpp1, ts=1a11039a-901d-43e3-8f99-1b42fa14aacb, dst=+260976198318, type=1 2022-05-07 14:36:47 [3023] [7] DEBUG: sql: SELECT `mask`, `service`, `url`, `source`, `destination`, `boxcid` FROM `dlr` WHERE `smsc`=? AND `ts`=? LIMIT 1 2022-05-07 14:36:47 [3023] [7] DEBUG: column=mask buffer_...

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    your job is to create me a docker / docker-compose for agorum core open agorum core open version needs to be select-able agorum core docker container is ubuntu 22.04 version select can be a config in a bash script or similar solution You can download agorum core open here: documentation to install it on ubuntu 20.04: and especially: base setup ocr setup

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    Yiimp Pool - config and set 10 coins -(PROP+PPLNS+SOLO each coin+api) The pool already installed (ubuntu server 18 - not vps) list of coin to add & config. 1. bitcoin (sha256) - (PROP+PPLNS+SOLO) (ethash)- (PROP+PPLNS+SOLO) -(PROP+PPLNS+SOLO) (skein,sha256, scrypt, yespower, myriad-grostl) - (PROP+PPLNS+SOLO) - (PROP+PPLNS+SOLO) (5 algo ) - (PROP+PPLNS+SOLO) coin- (sha256) - (PROP+PPLNS+SOLO) - (sha256) CKB- (eaglesing) 10.BitcoinCash-(sha256) config well coins - notifyblock & payments & API info as well. No milestone. Full payment after test and check job. Requirement: Experience Done it before - Must be Expert in YIIMP pool.

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    Necesitamos la creación de una plataforma de enseñanza a través de cursos sincrónicos y asincrónicos. En la que se compren, registren, se hagan el envío de facturación a los clientes/alumnos, emisión de facturación a los clientes/alumnos, emisión de certificado digital. Gestión y configuración de pasarelas de pagos (TPV, PayPal, Bizum, Stripe). Con un excelente aspecto visual, actual y profesional. Que funcione 100% de manera automatizada IMPRESCINDIBLE: Los interesados deben enviar un portafolio de trabajos del mismo tipo (LMS). Preferible comunicación: castellano, no indispensable. Moodle, LearnDash, MasterStudy y otros. Si tienes la experiencia solicitada, no dudes en envia...

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    Hi there, I have an e-commerce cart in php and it uses a lot of Ajax. I'm trying to access a config table of settings inside the cart so I can use it to hide certain fields if the Admin sets fields to hide. The settings table is like: ID, Name, Value I can force the cart to display the settings values but as soon as I change anything on the cart with Ajax it breaks the cart. I want to fix this right now. I can give you FTP Access, but I would prefer someone to chat with me or screenshare so we can fix it together quickly. Thanks!!

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    Set up the config related laravel site

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