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    I'm seeking an experienced video editor who specializes in editing social media videos. The aim is to deliver captivating, under-one-minute videos suitable for a social media audience. Key Re...captivating, under-one-minute videos suitable for a social media audience. Key Requirements: - Expertise in creating videos specifically for social media platforms. - Ability to incorporate special features like motion graphics, subtitles, and color grading. - Capacity to deliver sharp, engaging videos in a short length, under 1 minute. The ideal candidate will have a wealth of experience in creating short, compelling social media videos with a dynamic, trend-worthy feel. Proficiency in color grading and the ability to seamlessly integrate motion graphics and subtitles is cru...

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    I need a professional to edit less than 7-minute raw footage into an educational documentary. The goal here is to create a captivating yet instructive video for a project submission. Key tasks: - Comprehensive footage editing. - Incorporate subtitles and voice-over from Hindi audio - Ensure the final draft is professionally stitched for a seamless educational experience. Ideal Candidate: - Knows Hindi - Proficient video editing skills. - Excellent at adding subtitles and syncing voice-overs. - Familiarity with educational style documentaries.

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    I'm in need of a virtual assistant who can find and post TikTok videos to grow pages. Much of the job ironically involves you scrolling through TikTok to find viral videos to download and then repost for me. In some cases you may need to edit videos to either: merge them together to create compilation videos, replace watermarks, or add subtitles. But editing experience is not required *if you are extremely good at finding viral videos. I’ll also provide you with training video so you’re able to “spot” a viral video based on statistics, but otherwise this will require you having “good taste”. One last thing you may be doing is engaging with comments section. I will be creating at least a dozen TikTok pages. All with their own different ...

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    necesito un traductor que sepa hablar ,traducir,editar subtitulos de español a ingles y nada mas//I need a translator who knows how to speak, translate, edit subtitles from Spanish to English and nothing more

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    I have a small task that will require your expertise in data entry, specifically copying and pasting. I have a small snippet of code written in LabView that I need to have copied and pasted. Skills in using AnyDesk are required as the task will be performed through this platform. Ideal skills for the job: - Experience with LabView and understanding of its syntax - Data entry skills to ensure accurate copying and pasting - Experience using AnyDesk for shared workspace tasks

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    ...Spain. The animation videos will focus on the recolonization of the species and conservation efforts of the Cinereous Vulture. Responsibilities: The chosen animator will be required to customize visuals to depict specific wildlife species like the Cinereous Vulture, local habitats, and conservation activities in a creative and engaging way. Each video will necessitate voiceover narration and subtitles in three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The animator is expected to handle voiceover, subtitle integration, and background music as part of their service. Animation style: We are leaning toward 2D animation style but we are open to hearing your suggestions of the most effective approach. Script: The script for both videos in all 3 languages will be provided by us. ...

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    I am looking to fill a longterm editor position for multiple projects for my agency. I run a short-format content agency that edits videos for various coaches, businesses and podcasts. The videos are up-to 60 seconds long and I expect you to edit subtitles, b-roll, stock footage, dynamic motion/graphics and make the video in general: entertaining and highly engaging. I am looking for a person that can be my full time editor for the next 6-12 months with the possibility of consistent pay-raises when the agency experiences growth. You will be paid 10usd for every video-edit. The process is super streamlined. All videos are tailored by me = you get the raw footage, edit it and upload the edited videos in a separate folder. I expect a simple thumbnail that fits the ratio 1:1 on I...

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    I am looking for a professional video editor to perfect my 12-minute YouTube videos. You will be adding fun, engagi...flashbacks into my videos. They must have a vibrant, saturated color grading that grabs the viewer's attention instantly. - Background Music & Subtitles: The video will need both dramatic and playful music, depending on the scene. Your skills in score selection will be significant. Also, clever, captivating subtitles should be incorporated. The ideal freelancer would have experience with meme-oriented content, video editing software, color grading, and ability to match music to video dynamics. Having a good sense of humor and understanding funny elements would be a plus. Precision in the timing and placement of close-ups, flashbacks, and subtitle...

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    ...Candidate: - Experienced in producing high-quality, live-action educational content - Proficient in scriptwriting for educational tutorials that appeal to an adult audience - Capable of engaging viewers with compelling storytelling and clear instruction - Skilled in video shooting and editing, with an eye for detail to make complex information accessible - Experienced with sound editing and adding subtitles for a more inclusive viewer experience ### Key Requirements: - Create engaging and informative educational tutorials in a live-action format - Topics will vary, so ability to research and convey complex information in an understandable manner is crucial - Ensure the content is relevant and appealing to an adult audience - Handle the entire production process, from scripting...

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    ...Editing Requirements**: Trim, merge, and sequence clips to create a smooth narrative flow. Add engaging transitions and background music that complements the content and enhances viewer engagement. - **Social Media Focus**: Adapt the final product for optimal viewing on various social media platforms, considering aspect ratios, compression standards, and platform-specific viewer behaviors. - **Subtitles/Captions**: Not necessary for this project. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in basic video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro). - Experience creating content tailored for social media, with a portfolio showcasing previous work. - Creativity in storytelling through video, with the ability to convey messages effectively without the need for adv...

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    ...Highest Rated on Netflix etc. All data is stored in a MySQL database. Movies data is spread out over 3 tables, and Store data (Amazon, Netflix etc) is in another table. ---------------------------------------------------------- Existing stuff on the site that may help you ------------------------------------------------- There is a functions file containing most the queries needed, or at least for an example. For instance on the page for Movies , it already gets populated with movies (latest releases) by default, as on the page there is a call to the getProducts() function like so - $products = getProducts(array('LatestReleases'=>true)); and then a foreach loop populates the page with the latest movies. There is also a pager function that c...

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    I'm looking to share a Instagram story through an engaging cinematic-style reel video. Inclusively, a creative, narratively driven editor is ne...Inclusively, a creative, narratively driven editor is needed with a flair for emotive storytelling. Key Task: 1. Edit raw footage to create a compelling personal narrative film. 2. Apply a cinematic style to enhance the emotional impact. 3. Include attention-grabbing voiceovers that resonate with my personal story. 4. Incorporate evocative background music to boost the narrative pacing. 5. Subtitles integration for accessibility. Ideal Skills: • High expertise in cinematic-style video editing • Proficiency in narrative storytelling • Capability to execute high-quality voiceover and music integrations • Excellen...

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    I am seeking a professional to design a home theatre primarily for movie watching. Special importance will be given to those with: - Comprehensive understanding of Sony equipment - Proven experience with large room (over 400 sqft) setups Your expertise should include but not be limited to acoustic treatments, screen placement, projector setup, seating arrangements and, lighting design. Prior experience with Sony systems is desired. Your proposal should demonstrate your understanding of home theatre design fundamentals, alongside innovative ideas for a stellar movie-watching experience.

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    Trophy icon CineVerse Studios Logo Development 4 days left

    I run an existing enterprise, CineVerse Studios, and am in urgent need for a new logo. My company is a film and television production company that brings stories to life on the big and small screens. We produce a wide range of content, from blockbuster movies to gripping series, captivating audiences with compelling narratives and visual storytelling. I don't have a set style in mind, so creativity is encouraged. Here's what's important for me: - Originality: I want the logo to be unique and to visually capture the spirit of the company. - Professional Design: Even though this is a creative project, it's still a business, so a professional-looking design is a must.

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    ...engaged. - **Subtitles:** Essential for accessibility and ensuring content comprehension among non-native speakers or those watching without sound. - **On-screen Text:** To highlight key points and data, making information easier to remember. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in editing educational content for YouTube or similar platforms. - Proficiency in video editing software capable of creating smooth animations and integrating on-screen text and subtitles seamlessly. - A good eye for visual storytelling, able to present information in an easily digestible format. - Creativity in making educational content engaging without sacrificing the instructional aspect. - Excellent command of English, capable of correcting any grammatical errors in su...

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    Cinematic Video Editor Needed 4 days left

    ...footage to remove any unnecessary segments. - Adding captions and subtitles to enhance accessibility and engagement. - Performing color correction to ensure each video has a visually appealing look. - Enhancing the audio to complement the cinematic style. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. - A keen eye for cinematic aesthetics and the ability to incorporate them into various video contents. - Experience in color grading and audio editing to enhance the overall viewing experience. - Excellent time management skills to handle a large volume of videos while maintaining high-quality standards. - Creativity in adding captions and subtitles that align with the video's tone ...

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    I need a skilled video editor to bring my YouTube content to life with a storytelling style. This individual will make use of animated graphics and provide caption/subtitle overlays as needed for each video. Key Requirements: - Expertise in editing YouTube videos with a storytelling style - Competence in adding animated graphics to videos - Proficient in adding caption/subtitles Our ideal candidate has a strong grasp of storytelling techniques in video editing and is adept at enhancing the viewer experience through precise caption/subtitle integration and engaging animated graphics. Videos from raw audios, combination with photos and video sequences, 4 videos per week, each video 8-12 minutes.

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    ...depending on the product being promoted. - Voice-over Capability: The option to include voice-over is necessary. - Captions: Vivid and catchy captions are highly significant. - Trending Sound: The use of trending soundtracks is required to increase engagement. - Product Placement: Effective and strategic product placement should be emphasized. - SFX/VFX + Realistic Voiceover + Follow a Scripts + subtitles + Special effects Ideal candidates should have experience with AI video creation, TikTok algorithm understanding, and product placement strategies. Familiarity with viral trends on TikTok and the capacity to integrate trending sounds would be advantageous. This will be a chance for you to show us what skills you have and if we are impressed this will be a long-term project for ...

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    I'm currently seeking an individual experienced in media management to run my TV channel, focusing mainly on movies and TV shows. - Applicants will need to showcase their past experience in organizing and managing similar content. - Your responsibility will include curating and scheduling shows and movies, ensuring smooth channel operations, and potentially liaising with content distributors. - The importance of past experience can't be overstated here; having prior work in media management will be advantageous. Looking forward to receiving your applications. Let's create something extraordinary together. If you can do the job type (I am ready now) at the start of your message

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    ...Take raw video clips and edit them into cohesive, attention-grabbing content. Add Transitions and Effects: Enhance videos with smooth transitions, text overlays, and visual effects. Color Correction: Adjust colors and lighting to maintain consistency and enhance visual appeal. Audio Editing: Sync audio tracks, add background music, and ensure clear sound quality. Create Captions: Add captions or subtitles for accessibility and engagement. Optimize for Social Media: Format videos for various platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). Maintain Brand Consistency: Ensure that the final product aligns with our brand guidelines. Collaborate: Work closely with our team to understand project requirements and deliver high-quality videos. No Subcontract Allowed: We require direct comm...

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    ...within our preferred color scheme. **Key Requirements:** - The logo design must be **modern** and **minimalist**. - Preferred colors are **blue, black, and white**. - Although the blog concentrates on movie recommendations, the logo must carry an **abstract** feel, steering clear of overtly literal cinema-related symbols. - We are open to creative interpretations that subtly nod to the world of movies without relying heavily on typical elements like film reels or popcorn. Unique ideas that could represent the concept of movie recommendations are highly encouraged. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong portfolio in ***abstract*** and ***minimalist*** logo design - Proficiency in color theory, reflecting our chosen palette effectively - Creativity in translating concepts into...

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    I'm in search of a proficient freelancer who can hardcode already-translated Chinese subtitles into an 8-minute English video in MP4 format. Overarching requirements include: - Mandarin required - Experience with subtitle hardcoding. - Familiarity with Standard Arial, white font for the subtitles. - Timely execution. Ensure you have the proper toolset to perform this task efficiently, maintaining video quality throughout. Subtitling or video-editing expertise will be considered an advantage.

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    ...valuable knowledge. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in English and Spanish: Native or near-native fluency in both languages. - Experience in Educational Content: Understanding of adult learning principles to ensure translations are appropriate and engaging for the target demographic. - Video Editing Skills: Basic proficiency in video editing software is a plus, for embedding subtitles or voice-over synchronisation. - Attention to Detail: Ability to retain the educational content's original intent, tone, and context through accurate translation. - Time Management: Capable of meeting deadlines while maintaining high-quality work. **Responsibilities:** - Translate educational content accurately from English to Spanish. - Adapt content to suit adult l...

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    ...stock market. My goal is to consistently deliver content that not only educates but also entertains, catering specifically to beginner investors and market enthusiasts. Editing Requirements: - Incorporation of subtitles and captions to enhance understanding. - Integration of dynamic stock market graphics and charts to visualize data and trends. - Addition of background music and sound effects to enrich the viewing experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in video editing software, with a knack for engaging short video content creation. - Experience in adding subtitles and crafting compelling graphics and visual effects. - A keen understanding of the stock market or financial markets to accurately depict information. - Creativity in selecting music and sound...

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    I need a talented Android developer to breathe new life into my Android projector. Having served me well for streaming my favorite shows and movies, it’s reached a point where its outdated Android version has become a significant roadblock. I am unable to update critical apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and RaiPlay, which has effectively nullified its use for streaming media, the primary function it was intended for. **Requirements & Skills:** - Proficiency in Android OS upgrades on unconventional devices - Experience with Android-based projectors is a plus - Ability to ensure compatibility of the latest versions of specified streaming apps (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and RaiPlay) **Scope of Work:** - Upgrade the Android projec...

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    I'm looking for a skilled video editor with editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro). - Ability to work with a given timeline and deliver high-quality results. - Creative mindset to propose and implement engaging visual elements. - Excellent communication skills to understand and bring the project vision to life. **Additional Information:** Although not specified, having the capability to incorporate voiceovers, subtitles, and special effects as per future requirements will be an added advantage. Freelancers interested in this project should have a portfolio showcasing their experience in editing business videos with a cinematic flair. I'm eager to work with someone who can translate my vision into a compelling video narrative that resonat...

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    I'm in need of a skilled video editor who can handle basic cut-and-trim editing for YouTube videos. Some optional tasks may include embedding captions or subtitles. The key tasks you'll be performing: - Trim and cut YouTube video footage of travels - Potentially add captions/subtitles The ideal candidate is experienced in basic video editing for YouTube specifically, and comfortable with the possibility of adding captions or subtitles. Someone that is fluent in both English and Spanish as some of the videos are in both languages.

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    - Create a visual basic script that generates a HTML file on a press of a button. Into the file, should be integrated content from the excel file. - The spots in the HTML file where the data from excel should go are marked with "@" and the column name. - On press of a button it should import content of all subtitles files (srt) from a directory into the column B. In the column A should be name of the file. Every row in the table represents one subtitle file.

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    ... The ideal candidate must be fluent in either Urdu or Hindi, as this will be the primary language for our project. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Skills and Experience:** - Expert in Adobe Premiere Pro - Experienced with editing PC gaming footage - Strong understanding of the gaming culture and what makes engaging highlights - Fluent in Urdu or Hindi, capable of adding appropriate subtitles or commentary if needed - **Project Requirements:** - Editing PC gameplay footage to create captivating highlight videos - Incorporating creative editing techniques to enhance the viewer experience - Delivering a 1-minute sample video to demonstrate your editing style and proficiency. This sample will be a key factor in the hiring decision. - **Ideal Profile:** ...

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    Work Done 3 days left

    The work is done and the files are ready

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    1 bids expert academic writer to craft a comprehensive 2-3 page paper on the subject of character development within the comedy genre of film. This project aims to explore how character development significantly contributes to the humor and overall impact of comedic movies. **Key Requirements:** - **In-depth Analysis:** The paper should focus on dissecting the character development process in comedy films, showcasing how characters evolve and contribute to the genre's effectiveness. - **Examples:** Include analysis of specific movies that exemplify successful character development within the comedy genre. - **Impact Assessment:** Discuss how character development in comedic films affects the audience's perception and the cultural impact it may create. - **Referenci...

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    Cartoon Movies Short Duration 2 hours left

    I am seeking an expert animator for creation of high-quality 2D animation videos (Duration 3-5 mins, Total videos 10). I will provide with story. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in creating 2D animations, preferably with a portfolio showcasing previous works aimed at children. - Creative flair in both visual and narrative aspects, ensuring that each cartoon is both visually appealing and educational. - Familiarity with various 2D animation software and tools. - Excellent communication skills to ensure that client's vision and educational goals are met with precision.

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    I am in need of a talented and experienced Video Editor who can elevate my social media video content. This will primarily involve adding subtitles, music overlays, and special effects. The ideal candidate will be: - Proficient in editing software and techniques - Experienced with YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram video specifications - Able to add engaging elements to make videos pop - Comfortable with adding subtitles for easier audience comprehension - Skilled at overlaying music and employing special effects to enhance mood and viewer engagement A proven track record in social media video editing is highly desirable. Portfolio submissions showcasing your video editing skills on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram will be advantageous.

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled and creative professional to produce Instagram reels for business profiles on a monthly basis. These will be primarily commercial videos, showing off products or services. Requirem...Instagram reels for business profiles on a monthly basis. These will be primarily commercial videos, showing off products or services. Requirements: - Deep understanding of digital video production and Instagram marketing techniques - Able to translate our goals into engaging and effective reels Specifications: - Deliverables need to be in vertical video format - Videos should not include subtitles or on-screen text Ideal candidates will have previous experience creating reels or similar content for businesses, tailored to drive customer engagement and bra...

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    I am looking to fill a longterm editor position for multiple projects for my agency. I run a short-format content agency that edits videos for various coaches, businesses and podcasts. The videos are up-to 60 seconds long and I expect you to edit subtitles, b-roll, stock footage, dynamic motion/graphics and make the video in general: entertaining and highly engaging. I am looking for a person that can be my full time editor for the next 6-12 months with the possibility of consistent pay-raises when the agency experiences growth. You will be paid 7usd for every video-edit. The process is super streamlined. All videos are tailored by me -> you get the raw footage, edit it and upload the edited videos in a separate folder. I expect a simple thumbnail that fits the ratio 1:1 on...

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    We're in need of dynamic assets that elevate the videos production value. We are aiming for a diverse range of moods to fit various content themes. We have a a simple video creation tool. It takes input as text and images and creates a video with voice over, background music, a background video and overlaying subtitles. For this tool, we need to gather assets for various themes. For each theme we need the following: - Background videos (x5) - Background music (x5) - Fonts (x5) Requirements: - All assets must be free for commercial use with proof provided upon delivery. - Videos should be high quality, easily loopable, and versatile enough to fit various content themes. - Music tracks should be high quality, embodying the specified moods, and suitable for looping. - Fonts s...

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    I'm seeking an exceptional developer to create a video recorder application, compatible with both Android Auto and Apple Carplay systems. This application must allow users to: - Record and save video - Edit the recorded video - Share the edited video For the editing part, features should include: - The ability to add filters to the video - The ability to add subtitles or text to the video Ideal aspirants should have: - Extensive experience in creating video recording applications - Proficient knowledge of Android Auto and Apple Carplay software - A strong understanding of user interface and user experience - Knowledge of video editing features within applications. I want to make an application, which will connect to car cameras ( I don't know how to get to them ) and ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled video editor who can generate impact and engagement on social media using my vlog footage. Here's a high-level view of what you'll be working on: - Weekly editing of vlog videos for social media platforms - Creating compelling video content that tells a continuous story - Adding subtitles to all videos in the same language as the video This position holds a tremendous potential for growth and the possibility to scale salary-wise. Here are the ideal skills and experience I'm looking for: - Experience editing vlogs or similar types of videos - Strong understanding of social media platforms and what type of content engages users - Proficiency in video editing software - Excellent language skills for accurate subtitling This is a ...

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    I am looking for someone with strong attention to detail and experience in video editing and synchronization. The objective of...sync the SRT subtitle files with the corresponding MP4 video files, improving their timing while optimizing readability. Here's what the ideal freelancer should have: 1. Proficiency in English: All the video files and subtitles are in English. 2. Video editing savvy: With approximately 135 video files, it's necessary to have experience working with MP4 and SRT files. 3. Synchronization expertise: The main task is to adjust the subtitles so they match the timing and flow of the video files. Please note, there are no specific formatting or styling preferences for the subtitles - this is purely about ensuring the content syncs sea...

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    I need help with transcribing and creating subtitles for my German video files. There are approximately 900 videos, totaling about 11 hours. I have the video files on hand. Key Responsibilities: - Transcription of the German videos - Creating subtitles for the videos Ideal Skills: - Experience with transcription and subtitle creation - Attention to detail

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    More details: Which browsers or devices should the React app be compatible with? Chrome, Firefox How should the audio chunks be played seamlessly? Concatenating the audio chunks What is the primary source of the audio data streams? The audiochunks come from the websockets server as a response to the user audio

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    I'm in search of a certified Python developer who can take on the challenge of creating an intricate Telegram movies bot. Although I've not yet defined the entire feature set, factors such as movie suggestions, search functionality, and user ratings and reviews should be taken into consideration. The best fit for this job is someone who: - Is a Python specialist, preferably with a deep comprehension of API's. - Has extensive experience in developing bots for Telegram, especially in the movie niche. Key skills required: - Excellent knowledge of Python - Proven experience in API development - Experience in bot development, with portfolio proof - Strong understanding of user interfaces, preferably with bot user interfaces To apply, kindly provide details relating to y...

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    I'm in need of someone who can swiftly and efficiently edit my current flyer. The task involves: - Replacing existing images on the flyer with new ones I've personally taken - Replacing existing subtitles for these new photos KEEP CURRENT TEMPLATE. NO STYLE CHANGE Ideal freelancers for this task would have extensive experience in graphic design, specifically in creating marketing materials like flyers. English skills are required to communicate and follow up on any small changes I may need. Priority given to those who can deliver this project ASAP. Efficiency is key - you might need to adjust the layout or design elements of the flyer to accommodate the new images, but the overall aesthetic will remain the same. Very small amount of work. Small budget as large budgets ...

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    1 bids understand and more memorable. - **Subtitles/Captions:** Given the educational nature of the content, subtitles are a must. They should be accurately timed, easy to read, and error-free, ensuring accessibility for all viewers, including those who are hearing-impaired or non-native English speakers. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. - Experience in producing educational or informative video content, with a portfolio that showcases your ability to incorporate animations and graphics effectively. - Strong understanding of storytelling, particularly in an educational context, to make complex information engaging. - Attention to detail, especially in timing subtitles to match spoken...

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    Title: Estate Planning for Seniors with Adult Children Subtitles: Trusts, Wills, Probate and Tax Liabilities I'm in the process of bringing my non-fiction book to life and I am searching for a talented designer who can create a book cover that beautifully balances minimalist design with elaborate details. This project is close to my heart and I'm looking for a cover that will not only capture the essence of my work but also captivate readers at first glance. ### What I'm Looking for: - A designer with a flair for blending minimalist styles with complex elements. - Expertise in symbolic imagery; specifically, someone who can translate the core themes of my non-fiction book into compelling visual symbols. - A creative mind who can suggest and implement design elements...

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    I'm currently in possession of an English titled film that I would need translated into Arabic. However, rather than a dubbed version, what I require is the addition of Arabic subtitles. Ideal Skills: • Proficient in English and Arabic Languages • Previous translation experience, preferably in film • Familiar with movie subtitling software • Detail-oriented and accurate Your responsibilities: • Translate spoken English in film into written Arabic • Ensure translated content conveys original meaning and tone • Generate and insert subtitles using appropriate software Please provide a portfolio or examples of your previous translation work. Conducting this work will require a keen ear for language nuance, an understanding of colloquial...

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