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    myname is youssef mohsen this logo for jx collection company for women colthes

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    hi my brother myname is Sheikhmus from Turkey i want to customization my theme with this requrment ( wp residence Theme we ) will be a Turkish website language,  1) we want to set up categories and subcategories,  I want to define custom fields and custom Amenities and Features for each subcategory for listing details  2) for Listing Location default

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    ...text form. A "TextView" object to return the Dialogflow API's response. And, a decent background. 3. The name of the app at the top of the interface. 4. A small Created by "MyName" on the bottom of the interface. DIFFICULTY LEVEL OF THE PROJECT: The code is not gonna be too long. It won't take more than an hour for an experienced developer to complete

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    Hello, I Purchase a Script of Festival Wishes [login to view URL] Here Is A Small Issue That I u...Work Fine but 2nd Input Not working Not Showing on Page For Demo, Plz Fill both boxes and See Also, Its Must Have User-friendly URL Like This [login to view URL] and Same value on Share Link Also Must work on Whatsapp and Facebook

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    Will discuss later. Write "Myname" in proposal.

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    I want to create a WSE service that is listening on an incoming XML message. Need SoapActor as a name, a constant like "urn: Myname" Will discuss payment

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    4 bids the URL is for these stores. Now it displays like this: [login to view URL] but ideally, it would look better if it displayed like this: http:///[login to view URL] Also, having the ability to create a onetime personalized URL would be incredible. Let the user make their own URL like [login to view URL] Last but not least,

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    I have a domain setup and a hosting account through GoDaddy. I wan...GoDaddy. I want to have my own custom email address but i dont want to have to pay GoDaddy monthly. I don't know how to set this up but I just want to have an email address like I have Virtual Box and Linux servers installed on my computer already if that helps.

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    ...or JTL-Shop, you can freely chose by yourself which shop you want to take. The script should look something like this: [login to view URL],50&... Imagine the script to be executed on a salespage: Once the user only orders something through a direct paypal-Link, the

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    1) Set up a personal homepage - just information about me 2) Set up a website giving information, contact details and a contact form 3) Set up and main...a personal homepage - just information about me 2) Set up a website giving information, contact details and a contact form 3) Set up and maintain a personal email server (myname@[login to view URL])

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    ...Bluehost. I also use Gmail and have great success with it however, I want to use Microsoft Outlook and keep my current urls with bluehost. my emails have my business in them myname@[login to view URL] department@[login to view URL] my gmails are mybusinessname@[login to view URL] and a few others. I would like to keep a professional look by having my urls' in

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    ...also be able to remember login credentials. Example: LOGO Welcome! Please enter the following information to login to your account: URL: (Subdomain).[login to view URL] Username: MyName Password: MyPass Forgot your password? Click here to retrieve... ............................. After login the regular web page should be shown (similar to web explorer)

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    i want a youtube account that I can put my customize url Example: 1. [login to view URL] 2. [login to view URL] please you me that you own the customize youtube url so i can pay you quickly.

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    ...can figure out the MAX number of possibilities by doing simple math, this way you will know when to stop the loop. The results should be in a new work sheet, each value (MyName, MyPlace etc) should be in a cell of its own (in other words, I don't want ONE LONG STRING in one cell, I want the results each in its own cell next to the next value).

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    ...the channel is aelshazly82 it will talk about personal development and the content is in english and arabic The beginning should contain motivating music and include a logo/myname The Ending should have the following slogan Smile it's healthy my name/logo and similar music and ending animation it should contain the 3/4 icons of FB,youtube, instagram

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    is there any way to get my domain back? i think someone register my domain on his name. [login to view URL] it was under myname and account on [login to view URL] give it back and get 100$

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    ...type P12. For this I use openssl and the provider suggest to use the following command line : >> openssl pkcs12 -export -inkey [login to view URL] -in [login to view URL] -name myName -out [login to view URL] However, I keep getting errors and no keystore is generated. The task is to generate a valid keystore and an how to document. This needs to be done before

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    I'm starting a consulting company. I'm looking for someone to help me with the content, design, and marketing for *MyName*.com. I THINK this website should be like an online resume, but I also want the main goal to be for people to call me looking for my services. I want someone to write effective verbiage that will create an online presence

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    ...accessible from mod_cluster. Following are the rules. [login to view URL] should go to example folder in apache htdocs. [login to view URL] should go to folder e on apache htdocs as [login to view URL] (If this folder should be inside example i am fine with it.) All this pages will call application hosted in wildfly 'myapp' via mod_cluster

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    ...api/image/SetProfileimage?userName={userName}&path={path} GET api/image/Myimages?userName={userName}&off={off} GET api/image/friendsimages?userName={userName}&off={off}&myName={myName} POST api/image/Update GET api/image/Delete POST api/image/LikeInsert GET api/image/LikeGet?iid={iid}&off={off} POST api/image/LikeDelete POST api/image/CommentsIn...

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    ...starting the app first time a login windows should appear and ask for user & pass. -a request like this should be sent by the app: [login to view URL] the server will check and send a channellist or it will deny request and will send "wrong user/pass" -channellist should never be saved on the device. i should

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    1 bids an example of a post request from Hotmart: [login to view URL] Upon receiving post request the PHP file will match the product ID and the membership level (i.e. prod 8832 = membership

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    ...event and upload new images as they appear in the folder to Giphy via their API. I need to be able specify the channel that they are uploaded to (i.e [login to view URL]), what folder to monitor and the API Production Key. All of these need to be able to be changed in the app as the upload channel, monitored folder and API key will change from

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    // Divide and conquer public static void out1(int data[], int n) { // 1 element on the left, the rest of the array on the right public static void out2(int data[], i...does not make sense so you should not call the recursive method on an // empty array. public static int maxBlock(int data[], int n) { // The usual public static String myName() {

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    im looking for corporate [login to view URL] of company ZININE . It about myself (Z)-Zulkiflee (I)- Ibrahim ( NINE ) [login to view URL] number . Combination of myname with 9 equal to ZININE. Creative idea such clever logo.

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    I want to copy this video with with own logo and own name no other changes needed only replace propennyauction to myname in video and audio both

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    ...documentation guide: Using Ubuntu 14.04 server setup Postfix Document how to create accounts so I can send email from multiple domains authenticated for instance myname @ [login to view URL] and myname @ [login to view URL] Additionally document what needs to be set in DNS for this and SPF TXT records as well. I need this within 24 hours and will hold to deadline

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    Email banner with logo+slogan+description, letter header same as email banner, letter footer with address/phone/email/website, envelop address labels with logo/myname/address

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    Hi, I have a basic yet urgent task. I need the HTTP POST request below to be translated in MQL4, so that I can just copy and paste it into...dynamic variables at this stage, I really just need it as it is. [login to view URL]

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    ...scanner to find me that ip from those 200 who have /path/[login to view URL] (e.g) and to save it to output.txt. also i need this scanner to let me chose what path i need for ex: /myname/[login to view URL] or /yourname/[login to view URL] , will be amazing if it will be another file named cgifile , and there i can put whatever i want him to find from my ips. ./cgiscan iplist

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    ...profile. * Must have Advanced knowledge of LinkedIn (tips and tricks) * Must be able to "sell" me with the written profile * Create custom URL through LinkedIn ([login to view URL]) * Write a catchy headline * Write a catchy summary (5 paragraphs) - Work passions - Key skills - Unique qualifications

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    * FRONT PAGE: The starting will be opening with af lotus followed bymilk and rose petals shower, with a nice ganesha's idol. For this front page the song in the backgr...BHATH 21st January 2014 THE WEDDING AT Location 4th page: FAMILY (this will be in the middle with animation and on the right corner in small font card designed by myname)

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    A. Write a report which explains your method. Give a simple example. B. Write an algorithm to create a computer programme. C. Build a computer programme And myname Batuhan Buyruk and 15. question

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    9 bids

    ...autoresponder, perhaps connecting over port 8080 (configurable). So as an example, the configuration in my autoresponder may be something like. server = [login to view URL] (or IP) user = myname pass = mypass Port = 8000 The information for SMTP servers in the sender script may look something like this: Server = [login to view URL] user me(at)[login to view URL] pass = mypa...

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    ...[login to view URL])); result = [login to view URL](name, update); return result; } The parameters would look something like this: name: MyName update: {"0":{"wp":[22,478,26,471]},"1":{"wp":[25,477,133,468,205,466,215,468,242,467]},"2":{"destruct":true}} For the project, you can us...

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    ...[login to view URL] and it does what I want as far as setup, but when I do the output, it does not output correctly. So if I have an entry for "shortcode 1" as "myName" and I put this in the page editor, http://[shortcode1].[login to view URL] it outputs http:// myNname .[login to view URL] instead of outputting it as an actual hyperlink of http://myName

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    Hi, I need a simple script that converts a list of facebook profile into in *.txt format containing all the list of profiles and output shall be in *.txt also. Example: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] . . . [login to view URL] 521862067 521870067 . . .

    ₹1651 (Avg Bid)
    ₹1651 Avg Bid
    8 bids should look like just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about: (not sure if it's programmatically correct though) [login to view URL]?name=myname PLUS I need two pieces of code, one for name and one for email that I can add to the page that will display that information. Thanks! PS. Please add "I have read

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    * FRONT PAGE: The starting will be opening with af lotus followed bymilk and rose petals shower, with a nice ganesha's idol. For this front page the song in the backgr...BHATH 21st January 2014 THE WEDDING AT Location 4th page: FAMILY (this will be in the middle with animation and on the right corner in small font card designed by myname)

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    Fan page, landing page design, images, full Tab page, icon, configuring, installation and the 1 day delivery. I want the business name to end behind Facebook url, ex: Face... landing page design, images, full Tab page, icon, configuring, installation and the 1 day delivery. I want the business name to end behind Facebook url, ex: [login to view URL]

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    11 bids

    ...upload - Add/delete/edit withdrawal option - Bank wire, Debit card or send to Introducer Broker - affiliate link 3. Referral Operation - Referal link like [login to view URL] - list of referrals - statistic/list of income from referals 4. Language: Arabic, English, and expandable Introducer Broker Area Wallet [login to view URL] operation -

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    ...user friendship sector. • Ability to create pages & groups with full editing functionality similar to facebook. • Building customized user short URLs ex: ( [login to view URL] ) • Billing & Connecting outsource payment aggregators • Adding content resources and merging them with the project ecosystem • Monitoring system core development

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    ...canvas should be editable only after login. * Please use flat file system for user/pass , no db required. Login pop-up can be done from the page itself like [login to view URL] Note* - There should be all basic functionality like change password, verify account. - If user is not logged in for 30 days, please delete his account. - Give us the

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    We want to build a website where people can visit the site then check to see if a unique url is available - for example - [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Then they can build a one-page webpage on their chosen unique url. So, the basic concept

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    ...automatically display on the community page and will be able to create topics, groups, publish content (post and/or video). 7. Paid users can have their own url - [login to view URL] 8. Paid users can paid extra to be displayed as featured blogger at the top of the users' page. 9. Statistical information for each user' social profiles and website (such

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    ...Need: I need this variables to display of each product bought with the above categoryID: - customer ID - order ID - customer Email - product price - custom attribute “myname” The budget is under $ 25,00 for this simple script and is needed in hours from now. Write “I HAVE READ” at the beginning of your offer so I understand than you are a

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    Hello. I have macro to complete this form: [login to view URL] Something like that: domain email submit myname submit responsible submit reserved submit Can you create a script to decode the captcha (8 chars) for this form? and a interface to get the result in VB or PHP. Best Regards,

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    ...and selected users could leave a feedback or rate them. Members should be geottaged and categorized by set fields. Each users could customized their profile url - [login to view URL] - and it has to implement (as onward option to members) a way to see insight analytics/statistics. (see [login to view URL]) Members could also create groups, invite other people already

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    21 bids

    ...The primary domain (I will call it [login to view URL]) is NOT under the public_html root folder, but under a subdirectory. Example: /home2/myname/public_html/primarydomain In /home2/myname/public_html/ i created an .htaccess to correctly redirect the traffic arriving to [login to view URL] It works fine as long as the URL has a final

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    ...that value the script should use either NYC time or Tokyo time. If the script cannot complete or if it cannot find today’s data it will send an alert mail to the address . myName will be another constant defined at the top of the script. The script should be written so that it will be easy for me to add additional fields to write to. I cannot

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