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    Formmail Viewer Php/Perl MySql I need to allow visitors of a Property Portal to fill in a form of their wish list for a property to buy - area, type, price range etc... The data sent should then be stored in a MySql db where it can be queried by authorised users (property agents) using a web interface by similar form fields as above. - area, type

    0 bids URLs. A Picture slot and upload facility if possible. 3. Allow members to store unlimted number of URLs, the corresponding text Ad, site description, and 4 more fields that can be setup and activated by admin as needed. 4. Pages replicated for each member without "?" please. Member URL should be [login to view URL] or a subdomain

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    ...Number 2) Column Head 3) CompanyName 4) Title 5) address = 6) City, State, postal code 7) Phone Number 8) NOTE (text) 9) contact Name 10,11,12,13) RES,HA,MS,BC These are 4 fields of table that have text in them. SEE [login to view URL] FOR FOLLOWING Now problem comes in with the second entry below the one Refer to gif for following: I have marked. Notice there

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    I have the complete same PHP script and Mysql database as ScriptLance and I need a webdesign for it. I would like a professional looking site with easy navigation and a complete wedesign set out simular to [login to view URL] with the catagories and sub catagories for a home page. Below is other features I need: * Intergrade [login to view URL] insted of PayPal

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    ...easily be adapted to do this, but I am not knowledgeable enough yet to do it. I would like it to be written in PHP and use possibly a 01) in front of the name tag as to add any number of fields I may want in the future. If you have further questions please contact me at 3038820368. Thanks ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    ...Manager program to hold information about links pointing to jobseekers on line resumes. I have identified Turboseek from Focal Media ([login to view URL]) as the best option (PHP/MySQL), since it has great admin functions. (I'm open to other choices of scripts though, but must be capable of having custom fileds defined when adding URLs and holding several

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    3 bids of these characters to be. This will be stored in their profile along with 3 number fields, and 5 misc fields(keep as text). Then I need 10 different pages (.html) each which adds or decreases the fields shown below: DB Structure ------------- 8 fields (Add as many others you may need, maybe for .gif location of image?) Score, Num1, Num2, Text1

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    ...Orders Database Some of the data fields are images. The program should do the following main processes. 1. Add, Edit, Browse stock locally with search and print ability 2. Sent part of the data to the website database. * Images also should be sent * Only selected stock items and selected data fields should be sent 3. Read Customers

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    PHP script using MySQL to store and manage account information for affiliate companies advertising on a website. The finished product would be similar to the websites of Commision Junction [login to view URL] and Tradedoubler - [login to view URL] Project requires a complete set of scripts to deal with client sign-ups from HTML form and convert the input data

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    ...good ASP person. This is an ASP page which communicates with a MySQL database. I have a page for managing some database fields, and the "Options" page's links all pass unique query string variables in the URL to the receiving page, which has a Select Case statement. There are Cases for: -Add Record -Delete Record -Edit Record -Else ...and right now all

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    ...[login to view URL] this is the information I currently ask for and is shown on the search results page. This information will be stored in mySQL database, logo if uploaded can be no bigger than 20K in size or they can link their logo from their site (if this is done then a 35K size limit), product images can be no bigger

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    PHP/MYsql Surfers/Researchers Notes script I have $21 in my scriptlance account. After fees that leaves $16. I'd pay that plus up to $20 more dollars if you can build this today or tomorrow. Its about 3-4 hours worth of work... I want full resale rights to this. No open source code may be incorporated. You must write this from scratch and fully

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    Background Daemon to updates MySQL database. Add/Update MySQL database via PHP web forms. Timed C Program background daemon queries MySQL database executes functions and updates MySQL database. MySQL will have three tables: 1. DOMAIN_TABLE (3 fields) 2. CONFIG_TABLE (2 fields) 3. DOMAIN_RESULT_TABLE (2 fields) ## Deliverables Applic...

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    I need a database driven password web page using any of the following xml/java/mysql or anything that is relatively safe and easy to use and [login to view URL] msaccess please. User page must open in a borderless window for user input of password and user name, with a maximum of 2 tries after which user would be redirected to a site of my [login to view URL] click

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    PHP script using MySQL to store and manage account information for affiliate companies advertising on a website. The finished product would be similar to the websites of Commision Junction [login to view URL] and Tradedoubler - [login to view URL] Project requires a complete set of scripts to deal with client sign-ups from HTML form and convert the input data

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    ...viewers to add a link upon approval that is a clone of [login to view URL] but with the look and feel of the pending website and without the ability to modify any of the information on the site. (categories and existing site colors and logo to be provided upon bid acceptance). * article submission page that contains the fields existing for

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    Two entities: Teacher & student. I want to match the class taken by the student with the class which the teacher has been assigned. For example: Student has 6 classess: hist-1111-315-01, hist-2222-315-01, hist-3333-315-01, hist-4444-315-01, hist-5555-315-01 and so on The number assigned to each class is unique. THe teacher has been assigned calssess:hist-2222-315-01, pols-2898-315-01, hist-289...

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    This must be in PHP. I have an article system that allows me to add new articles. 1. When adding a new article I want a check box that says: Send email to members? Yes NO If I click yes and submit. The system should only send the email notification after the article is published not before. So, if article is set up to publish two weeks from now

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    I need a PHP/MySQL app to manage a fleet of trucks and drivers. Requirements: Ablity to Add/Edit/Delete the following fields. Trips: - Week Number - Trip Number - Control Number - Unit Number - Trailer Number - Driver Name - Destination - Date - Revenue - Carrier - Broker - Footage - Rate - Search Function for all fields Drivers: - Driver Name -

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    Hi there: I need a php script that can be used to update many table structures in a single mysql database simultaneously. The format of the function should be something like: function updateDBStructures($dbinfo,$suffix,$process) $dbinfo will be an array with all the connection & database info $suffix will be a common string to search for at the

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    ...functions. My site is made on cgi and mysql. I would like to make my site run on PHP. What function are in my site and what should be changed to PHP? 1. user uploads essays to temporary database 2. after I look through it it may be edited deleted or added to real database. 3. Users can search for essays in all fields: name, author, text. At the moment

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    ...eliminate any possible duplicate records by checking 3 or 4 fields to make sure that a duplicate doesn't exist. unfortunately, the most important field is an address field which doesn't lend itself well to indexing. i may need to break the address up into seperate numberical fields and alpha fields so that i can index the numerical portion of the address

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    6 bids where people fill out fields and upload it to the site server, and the server automatically creates a webpage based on the description the user filled out. I have already made the layout html for what the automatically generated pages should look like. I would like a user/password database where people can login. Add/edit/delete what they have

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    ...The online verision will be scored and the score is transferred to her online gradebook where she can manipulate students' data. Languages: PHP, javascript, flash Database: mySQL PORTAL ENGINE Users: 1) Admin 2) Teachers/Parents 3) Students ADMIN FEATURES: 1. MOST IMPORTANT: built for easy plug-in integration of future modules from multiple programmers

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    need to change fields for phprecipes. will require retooling php files and editing the sql

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    ...that looks like this: [login to view URL]~FD-7~PD-2017203 5/[login to view URL] All of this information sould be stored in a MySQL database. Here are the fields that would be required: Qty. Available Manufacturer (Index Field) Model Number One line Description Detailed Description Picture Link (to Jpeg file in images

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    ...Video. We find it hard to add, change, delete portfolio entries, because we need to create a new html file for the new entry and change the rest of the html files to link the new one. 3. We need a simple content management script written in php that uses mysql database and template based variable substitution. Details: - MySQL database with table containg

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    I will provide Access 2000 DB I need a Search form to search Company Address tbl. This tbl also has 2 Memo Fields. "Company Profile" and "Company Products and Services" User will enter criteria into txtBox. Multiple words may be entered by user Select from the following 1 - Search for all words 2 - Search for any words 3 - Search for exact Phrase User

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    ...determine the database used. This database will be Access or MySql or Microsoft SQL server and selected via a radio button. The system will have clearly identified within a security file settings for no of concurrent users, no of companies. There will be an area where users can add fields to a screen so they can store additional information if required

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    ...there website (if any).Please it should record the ip address of the person submitting it. 2 The section where people upload there they upload there files the has the following fields. The name of the download, they creater(s),a scroll down menu where they pick section the download belongs [login to view URL] note when the file is uploaded it should be uploaded a

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    ... name,address,city,etc. ipaddress customer's ip address product_id product code for the product purchased x_website website url x_ can be used as pass through fields. EX: x_petsname=alphanumeric)> x_shoesize=alphanumeric)> x_haircolor=alphanumeric)> What I would like to happen, is when a customer enters my website - on any

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    ...both the Title and the Subject Line in the Microsoft properties window. The summary, should populate an add in field named Description. I tried using VB and book marks, but it would not hold in a template. Additionally it still required me to add the book marks to each document. If I had to do that , I might as well just cut and paste the information

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    ...existing script admin demo can be found at: [login to view URL] Your should review this site befor bidding. 1) Add a create a page funtion. This will be as simple as adding a table with two fields link ID and a memo field and some input form pages. The intent is for users to be able to create a page (if they do not have a site)

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    ...variable is already in place. If it is not, it should capture the href, store it into a database and assign its pass variable. If the href already exists in the database, it should add a hit and send the same pass code through the pages. I need to track the code everywhere within the website and then update a number of href's on the final 'join' page. For example

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    An e-commerce web site, using PHP and mysql. It will have the functions of displaying misc software products. the visitor to the site, will be able to view misc products. moreover he should be able to add/remove products from the shopping [login to view URL] total amount of the products price should be displayed. an admin interface also should be included to be

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    18 bids Contact Page (form) ??" Name, Email Address, (optional fields ??" username), Comments Picture Uploader - the user will log-in at the forums and will be able to upload pictures via a web form into ‘defined’ directories such as convertibles, supercars (admin will be able to add/delete/modify categories as well as move pictures from one category

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    ...and contact pages. He wants to be able to change text, add new text, delete text..... whatever. I don't want to allow him to add pictures since he really has no clue about graphics for the web and it is tricky with the use of style sheets ..... the alignment etc etc. There is an existing MySQL database and the Obituary section of the web site is already

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    ...first name) 6) By date of interview (00/00/00) 7) By district name (text field, ie., East River School District) 8) sort by survey question Each survey question will need two fields. One will be a field for a coded answer - either numeric or text answer (ie., Y for yes, N for no and D for Don't Know). The other field required for each survey question will

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    A [login to view URL] script "clone" + lay out regarding the dating/matching script: MySQL / PhP based it has to give the ability to easily change questions or or add fields by the administrator for the visitors. The chat script is already running and for that we use [login to view URL] -> It has to be fast and stable. regarding the lay-out of the site: the...

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    user - enter a domain and a email and a renewdate admin - first status is = clear - admin can change status to = boletook - then admin can change status to = pago and email will be sent to email2 and email3 defined in admin - admin can change status to = faxed - admin can change status to = done and email will be sent to useremail with a default message admin can define in admin. (here admin can c...

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    user fill a for with 5 fields admin will see the form data and click a link to send a mail to email2 (status changed to email sent) admin then can click another link to change the status to closed and script will email user informing the status change. admin can delete data and user will be informed via email with the description. script must let admin

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    Need a script that will process a Paypal IPN subscription message and do several things- 1. Add information to a mysql database. Forward request to a server for execution. 2. Change apache configuration, creating a virtual website configuration from the fields in the IPN (domain name).use include directive(?) Restart apache with new config. 3. Setup

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    Hi, This is what I need- I need a script written so I can imbed it in to an html page, the page will then be imbedded into an ebook. The script will allow the user to ...the information again when the program is closed, but the user will be able to re-enter the info again if he wishes. The script will need to be easily customizable so I can add to it.

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    ...(00/00/00) 7) By district name (text field, ie., East River School District) 8) By individual survey questions (survey question #1, #2, #3, etc.) Each survey question will need two fields. One will be a field for a coded answer - either numeric or text answer (ie., Y for yes, N for no and D for Don't Know). The reason for this is so we can ask the database to

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    ...subcategories listed under the main categories on the front page. Need to have up to 10 customizable fields for input option for check box or text box, registration is not required, preview posting before listing, password to edit posting, completly searchable, add header and footers, color changes, email poster when ad is expiring (able to set the time) include

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    The project is to add a contest entry form where participants enter their information to get a free gift. All fields in the form are required, and we must provide the validation for email addresses and phone numbers. We will also create a user-tracking module to track user's IP address, referring URL (website), time & date, browser and OS type. We will

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    ...adjust it where he needs (makes this bold and stuff, complete list below). The user enters also data in other fields. The user clicks on the submit button. The data from the editor is automatically converted to HTML. A connection is made with a mysql database and a unique IDnumber is generated (preferable on highest number + 1). Next page the user sees is

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    3 bids browser window which accepts fields of text and warns when things are empty or incorrectly submitted, and 3) a Thank you page after a proper submission has been made. The host server to be used is UNIX, running Oracle software. I'm told by our IT person that the code should be written with perl/cgi, NOT PHP and MySQL. Deliverables: Complete and fully-functional

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    ...solution is required to allow users to log in to access a MySQL database (exported from Microsoft Access 2000) and provide search and edit capabilities. Specific requirements can be found in the attached files. A User table (and possibly others) will need to be defined. Access to the MySQL database will be given; existing table structures are provided

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    ...replicated websites for my affiliates - I need the option to add more fields in this replicated websites. Currently there are only 5 fields the affiliate can add with their information. I will be needing more than this. And also these fields will need to work in href links. Currently these fields show up on the replicated pages only as regular text. But

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