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    Full design and implementation of a bilingual website for a television station: - We expect the site to intially have about 10 pages plus the required pages for the shopping cart - Home page should display the summary of the television programs, links to latest news, an embedded media player to show video clips, and other links to the other pages of

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    I have a website which uses ASP.NET code to display profile information of the page users. It is pulling data from an Access 2000 database. One of the fields in the database record is a hyperlink to a photo. I need code written to display the photo with the text from each record. ## Deliverables 1) Complete fully-functional working program(s) in

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    ...change the banner at the top of the page, etc The website must be built in ASP driven by an SQL 7.0 database. My host can support CGI, CDOUTS etc.. No components can be installed or used. Each connection to the database must refer to 1 file for the location, so if we move the database then we just need to change that one file not all of them, this is

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    I own a digital photo lab and am looking for a simple autorun program to include on our cd roms. The main purpose of the program I need is to distribute to my photo lab clients. -The program would be made available on any CD-ROMS that we produce of scanned images. Hence the need for an autorun or autoinstall. -The program would also be available for

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    I need a nice design for my programmer's site. I am a database- and web-programmer with a website that should be visited by local customers. Design should be nice but no overkill. May have small animation/flash-animation to attract attention (no flash intros please). What I need is a design template, that I can slice into the necessary parts. The site

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    I am a front-end web designer. I would like to build the interface/graphics/flash/layout for a dating website targeted at Catholics. This is strictly a programming project ??" graphic design is not needed as I will take care of this. I would like to find a programmer who has a strong programming skillset that can program functionality that is similar

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    ...we are seeking: First Site: Domain Name List and site overview: [login to view URL] concept: For general concept see [login to view URL] This is an e-commerce driven website with fully functional shopping cart and searchable items database required. Additional features will include customer registration and recognition of returning customers.

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    I need a dating/personals site for people with Herpes. I would like the site to mirror that of [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] Along with it looking like either of these I would need a field for the people to specify what type of herpes they have. As for the search I would require those similiar to the afore mentioned sites. i.e

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    ...want to provide photo hosting on the site for an additional fee. Kind of like a combination of ebay and photopoint. It would have to require an user id & password for bidding,selling, viewing, etc and also the ability to selectively authorize those user id's and passwords for the ability to upload their photos. Bids must be for the website plus the auction

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    Our small coin shop has finally decided (preliminarily anyway) to use the Akopia InterChange website system for our new online shop. We are looking for a website designer who is familiar enough with InterChange that they will be able to modify both the look, the functionality, and the code to fit our needs. The cart is already installed on our system

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    The purpose of this website is to get our state chapter of DECA on the internet. DECA is a small competitive program for our high school. Here is a little description of what we would like. If you refer to [login to view URL], this is another state website that we really like. We would like to have something similar (but not to be an exact copy). What we would

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    I need a clone of [login to view URL]! Features: - Login and location cookies - Icon to indicate if user is online - Thumbnails returned by all searches - Email address confirmation. - Extensive Searching capabilities for registered users. - Allows guests to search on limited criteria for users. - Integrated double-blind email systems allowing annonymous

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    Collage Ended

    I would like a photo-quality collage for use on a website. It should be rectangular (800 pixels wide by 150 pixels high) and have a theme that reflects web development services. I prefer something that has people in it and computers obviously. It should be dynamic and fresh with lots of blue accents (website background is white). If you are interested

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    I require a Dating Website based on ideas from some of the best sites on the web. The site will be in English and will run on a Linux Webserver with Apache. The website design can be in any combination of languages/tools like PHP, MySQL, flash and java. A couple of reference websites are - [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    Hello, We require a new flash site done for our website [login to view URL] . We have had it done before but the coder who did it was not up to scratch se we need it done again. The content of the old flash site is what will be used for the new flash site SO PLEASE VIEW IT BEFORE BIDDING. We have attached the old flash files as well as a file called

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    Basically I have built a html based site and i need someone to convert certain areas to php and add some php features. A preview of the site can be seen at [login to view URL] I need someone build and add the following php features to it: -A recommend friend -Mailing list. -Forum ( An existing forum script would be fine) -An advert board

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    ...simply cannot hire a programming student or hobbyist. The person we select to work with us must be very experienced, very professional and very willing to be a team player. We need programmer who is: -able to devote the time and energy to complete my project within two months, -creative and easy to work with, -easy-going in his communications, -professional

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    I need a client application which will allow members of our website to communicate using one or a combination of methods specified below. It will also have to integrate into our existing website and private mail system. Basically this will involve passing a few parameters back to our server which are sent at login, or when another user joins the chat

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    I am creating a MEMBER website. It will have a free (YAHOO type) my page, sign up. Upload a photo to display on MEMBER home page, change fav links, change addl email accounts links, add forum links, Change Nav links, ect.. basic stuff. Have selected aMember PHP script as member pay gateway script. I want GOOD COMMUNICATION I want a project total

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    I require a personals website that closely mirrors the options and functionality of Some of the features I would need are: Login - Allow for user registration and login to the site, effectively limiting viewing ads to those who are subscribed. Local Searches -- Search By Country, State, or Zip Code/Province Photos -- posting

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    I need a logo and a color scheme for a web site. The website is about 4x4 Off-road. The layout of the web-site will be the clasic top banner (sponsor),a left side menu and the content in the middle( the logo in the top left corner). No frames, just a table to distribute the space I need a good combination of colors (matching the logo)

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    What we require is a website that will list our available properties for sale. Please see the attached file [login to view URL] this is how we want the contents of the Access database to be displayed in a file, with 5 entries on each page when a user clicks on view details it should take them to a page which will show the properties details ([login to view URL]) and

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    Please go the following website [login to view URL] and for each sku, extract the data from the “See Larger Image?? link (for the example sku, the page is here: [login to view URL]) and put

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    ...Interested in a 3D Software Box graphic for a new website - [login to view URL]! I am building a new site to sell software that stops PopUp Ads from actually opening ... It's called "PopUp Nanny" and I need a super designed 3D Software Box with a photo on it. Don't know if it is possible to get a photo of a nanny, librarian, maid, etc. with boxing...

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    My website ([login to view URL]) has several PHP & CGI/Perl scripts installed which I make use off. All of these scripts have there own user details & tables. They all use a MySQL backend. I would like to itegrate all these together so that if someone signs up for one of these services they are then automatically able to login to any of the other areas

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    ...check [login to view URL] -chatroom . The room will be launched from our website - and we want to be able to show (which we can pass via asp or some other language) the age, gender, headline, and photo if availible. The load on the server should be minimal - if its own server is needed I need technical base specs ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    My wife and I are relocating to Australia soon and I would like a website designing for our family. I have looked at other websites and think we would need the following: 1)A page about our family with a few pictures of us. 2)A diary that we could update to let people know what we have been doing. 3)A calendar that we can update with important family

    ₹14754 - ₹22130
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    I have a website Christian community using mysql database I would like to have a IM messenger for my community. You will get credit and exposure and you will be added on our website as a contributor. I am looking for a coder work for hire meaning I get all the source code and copyrights at the completion. My project save the coder time and efforts because

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    Need enhancements to website driven by php/mysql See [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Normal coder unavailable, need immediate assistance. Very small project to finish up website. 1. Rentals area....Need small table added to existing mysql db that will contain fields for 6 jpg photo paths, keyed

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    I need to get some images for a website I am creating. The images should be meaningful, as they are, on the [login to view URL] website. Every page has a different image, and carries a meaning. I am interestd in getting links from webdesingers/graphic artists who have previously created such images; or from general net researchers who have seen such

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    ...members would download the client for free and all they would need to do to start broadcasting images is enter a broadcast username. From that point on the software would have hard coded into it FTP username and password information, along with the server path to upload the photos to. No website programming will be required as we will setup the view list

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    I need a logo designing for a new website. The logo must be as close to the one at [login to view URL] But must have odd twinle on it. It should say 'All Star Pageant' Please provide examples

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    Hi i am a student trying to create a website for medical students..its main feature is a gallery uploader. The following is what i require: SECTION 1 UPLOADER i basicallly require a gallery uploader where i can upload 100 photos at a time onto my website A really good example is [login to view URL] It will require

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    need logo for an insurance company I have a photo of their sign but they want a new design that can be used on their website and put on t-shirts colors light blue, white and red. I'll send the exact colors and info to coder ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    Hi there, I need a professional and good looking banner 468 X 60 for an adult website. Photo will be provided. Pls bid with url of samples. Must be able to accept payment via Paypal.

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    We're in the process of making a website for a hosting company and need a few simple graphics done. Nothing special is needed but something better than I can do would be nice (I am pretty rubbish at graphics work). I'm not specifically after the most technical graphics in the world just something that looks good on the page and gets the message across

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    13 bids able to approve/disapprove profiles and photos before they are viewable by other members. Either have a section on the website where I can go (perhaps when I login ) and then I will see all of the profiles and photos that need to be approved before they are released by other members. Could you possibly make checkboxes by the profiles and I would select

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    I need a coder who can build a desktop application and website for my film locations team. The aim is for the location scout to download photos from a digi camera, arrange them on the laptop, add text data and then fire them into cyberspace. Using the same application another user accesses the website, downloads the sent data onto the desktop and assembles

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    This is two medium sized applications for a Wedding registry website. These applications should have 3 seperate areas. 1. Couple 2. Visitor 3. Master Admin. And MUST be user friendly and esay to navigate. You can see the exsiting application at [login to view URL] to see how it is currenly laid out. The site uses a Session Variable called the CoupleID

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    I need a Picture Rating System with ALL of the categories contained in [login to view URL], BUT I also need the following in addition to what the website already has to offer. I want it where members can earn points have access to special features. I need it set up accordingly: 1)After rating every 15th picture, there is an advertisement (paid for by

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    I am currently in need of a Flash intro movie for a Video Rental Store website. It should be about 30 sec. long and would include photo images and sound and shold be lightweight for quick download. You can see a similar intro at [login to view URL] The clip will include the company log(provided) and text effects (the text will be provided

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    73 bids registry. The couple will have the opportunity to purchase web space to upload and store a family photo/wedding album. ## Deliverables The album should use SimpleASP Upload component to upload the images to a directory on the website. If the couple purchase the album option it will create a folder within the PhotoAlbum named their CoupleID

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    ...front page of the script. The inner workings of the script to manage all the submissions should be very similar in nature. User signup addition of recipe with option to add a photo using a url to call to or if you can program a image upload feature with tight security then this would be a better option. The image must be set up as 250 wide x 150 high in

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    I need a component for the members of my website that will take their photo and shrink it so that it fits inside a fixed square. Any extra space is filled by a color of my choosing. ## Deliverables a) accepts gif, bmp, jpg files - rejects the photo if its not one of these formats b) resize it proportionally until one dimension is less than 300 pixels

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    This one is quite easy - what I need is a very simple and quite generic photo gallery page for an already built website. This website currently has a static photo gallery, but it needs to be replaced with a dynamic one. I need to be able to upload photos through the admin interface. There will be about 20 thumbs per page (you should be able to click

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    ...can be found at [login to view URL] and also ProgrammersPackageZip (case sensitive) We have approximately 250 data fields in an Access database. We need to have a very tight report generated that will translate that data into an individual page in our book). A rough draft has been created in HTML (the basic type face must be

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    I have a website which allows members to post photos. The photos must be in (1) jpeg or GIF (2) less than 300x300 pixels and (3) square in size in order to fit on the site. The problem is that members do not have the right size and don't have the ability to change them. I need a "converter" which will take their submission, convert it to the right size

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    Adjust HTML template -- 2 3 days left

    I need HTML template adjusted to cover my needs. Already bought the following template: [login to view URL] End product must look close to [login to view URL] website. Here is what I need: 1. Top of page is the dark blue strip, would have links and some cookie information 2. Below that is the green-ish bar which scrolls

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    The activities / checks that I should carry out on the Website that you find at the link [login to view URL] are the following: 1. Define a default size for the post boxes, in order for everyone to have the same size. As you can see in the links [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] currently

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    Need a business development manager for a cloud based SaaS product. Ideal candidate is good at networking and proactively talks to digital agencies, event organizers, photo booth service providers and website developers.

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    ₹1498 - ₹12481
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