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    I need a really short animation. Someone touches de screen of a difital toten, have a QR code scaned and get a card from toten

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    ...2018 (T2) and I need to calculate The volumetric differences of T1 and T2 to evaluate the tooth material change . I need to superimpose two models on each other on the best fit method and then calculate the change, is there a software can do this ?? I need to do something like the file attached, can anyone help me or suggest a good software for that?

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    I have a family tree image that was d...someone who can provide the woodwork service, but they had an issue with the image. The lines are not fine enough. They are rigged due to having been drawn with a pencil. I need this drawing converted into a clean digital image with fine lines so that it can be used to design the wooden home decor I am planning.

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    I have a point cloud from a scan acquisition of a Facade I want to turn it into a 3d Model. the mosque have been scaned only from one side the precise complementary part of this building doesn't interest me, I'm only lookin for a model 3D with a good render. With the dome and the minarey I would like also to dispose of to video of the process (find

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    Need very high end 3D models to be done... 1)Full motocross rider with detailed skin/face and etc also with mx gear cloth helmet goggles... 2)Full mx bike very very detailed model 3) need to make character also very detailed from 3D scaned human... All this models are going to be used for game Cinematic Animation... All of the models should

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    i got few pages of comic book that i really luv it, and i just have it scaned, but i need someone who is really good at illustrating it. vector file actually... i need it print on huge size.

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    we will give uh a hard copy scan file .files are attached its scaned copy and we need CRD clear File

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    I need to scan a room with a mobile phone and insert 3D figures on it.

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    We have scanned building inspection forms we need entered into excel. We are located in manila, and will send the scans by email a couple of times a day.

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    ...picture painted on paper and scaned. We need to make it digital, so that it goes good for website. It is kind of Logo. but not exactly. In attaches you can see. Where it is should be (so you can understand how it should be lokking). And the Daisy picture. You are free to use our picture or to cteate new one. All we need is a good result. It thought

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    Input: a PDF file, contains pages with music staff. Those scaned pages need to rotate some angles. (0.30 degree clockwise or -0.25 degree clockwise, for ex.). Therefore, 1. get a line (from staff) close to the middle of page 2. get the degree of this line and horizontal line (for ex., 0.2 clockwise) 3. rotate the whole page this angle (0.2 clockwise

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    6 bids of my choosing. For example, I have the cover of the menu and, since i dont have it in a digital form, I cannot simply add text on the digital form unless i work on the scaned version. And so all the properties of the elements present in the cover must be done in a way it can mimic the existing design. And i only want to add a message on the cover

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    We have some scaned copy in jpg format and we want typing in word

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    I have a scaned document that I need typed and saved as a google docs format and emailed to me. The document is 7 pages long and must be typed up in the exact format shown.

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    There is 250 pages Scann...original file and in plain text and table format which should be completely accessibility compatible (means no objects, no textboxes, no frames, no shapes, no effects, no stylish business). And file should be .doc/.docx only. And in any case you should not use any image to word or pdf to word converter or OCR or anything.

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    ...square it meansthat the person from that place is camed and is in the Theatre [login to view URL] App must have some 3d code generator for tickets and for the invitation...that can be scaned before entering in the show from the people that are in the entering of the Theatre...with a phone App that can comunicate with the database for indexing for the

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    Need a software to send multiple mails and SMS to multiple number of conatcts.

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    You will get a scaned paper with 2 personla signs. crop this out to a png with transparent background to make it can use for digital documents give 1 hour time for it

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    I have a scan image and I want to make it look like new

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    i need a professional developer android for get information from whatsapp contacts ( open source android studio ) needed

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    Have a spread sheet which will be sheet 2 in excel
I want to be able to add data into row 1 of sheet 1 of j2. Once j2 is scaned want it to auto populate in the following manner a2 populates from j coloum B2 will draw data from n Colum C2 will draw data from o D2 will draw data from p e2 will draw data from d sheet 2 will be populated with

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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. i have 100 scaned pages i want them in notepad file... indian freelancers most welcome thank you

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    ...specific information. (Information on receipt will be order number, numer of pages in file, copies, total number of print pages, file name, print mode, printing costs and business logos – able to change logo as I said above and a message) . Admin should choose the path of the saved log file. User side: See a nice friendly user home screen

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    I have a p...the [login to view URL] file at public_html changes and the sİte doesnt work after i change the file it works again. A few weeks ago header and footer folders was changing too. ı scaned with lots of virus scanner program but i couldunt solve the problem. it is urgent and please if only you have an experiense abouth the problem ask for work

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    I have stl scaned file,(we be share after award) It needs to convert solid model step or iges. ( you can use geomagic or rapidform xor). If you dont use them ,rhinoceros or Catia can acceptable. Previous works [login to view URL] is ongoin project, if we satisfied the result we have more file. Thanks.

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    Manufacture automation system. We need an automation system for our company. We need the system on our domain so that from there we are able to: Calculate, based on client measurements all the parts (we have all the formulas); Send offers with the parts; If client accept the offer the product goes to creation fase; There are departments

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    We need a rewards club app, that will operate as an E-Wallet, actually we need 2 apps: one for the user and other for the stablishment or company where the user will buy the product. What we are looking for is pretty similar to the payback app (you can search it like: payback - ofertas y cupones), with the aditional feature of creating QR codes after

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    ...chocolate, hollow fiber glass sculptures, etc. Responsibilities: -Create models, textures, and materials for objects. mostly are organics. -Clean up, and detailing 3d Scaned object -preparing the sculpted files into 3d printable version -Assist in scoping work for on time milestone deliveries Skills & Requirements Portfolio of work demonstrating

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    data entry in the excel sheet. from any scaned docoment or photos

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    ...and list of people registered but not scaned. -> finalise event (sync all the scan data to server) Normally user are registered and assign a NFC tag from web and mobile app downloads list of people with tag id so when tag is scanned in app it knows the person name. Now, I need to make an enhancement - need a screen where after syncing event

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    ...passport and id scann, but too simple and with possibility to mapping readed fields from scaned ID or PASS with web based form field. The form are like 15 fields (with "TAB" to go on next field) and the format are: - simple text field, - data field (we need to be able to choose the date format - translate from readed date to our format), - countries

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    two booklets the first 38 pages the second 50 pages supplied as scaned pages in PDF mix of photo, tables and graphs with several pages of descriptions and estimates to be made so we can edit the information contained in the booklet finished doc to be in word

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    I need someone with linux administration knowleged because i need to scan my centos for safe boot on next boot, for example i need to scaned to see if will comeout in good conditions after restart my centos 6.5 server, i also need to make back of my entire centos OS in my hardrive copied to my external hardrive as back in case i need somefile in future

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    ...editable templates. I won't be able to accept image files that cannot be edited. Photoshop PSD files are required. Would like to have perfect quality visa and mastercard credit card template with the following four PSD files: - visa front side - visa back side - mastercard front side - mastercard back side When I open the PSD file, I must be able to choose

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    Create excel tables from scaned images. Use EXAMPLE TABLE file attached as a template.

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    I need Android app that compares picture taken by its user and recognize it from database of 20 000 pictures (scaned paper) and gives back result.

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    ...editable templates. I won't be able to accept image files that cannot be edited. Photoshop PSD files are required. Would like to have perfect quality visa and mastercard credit card template with the following four PSD files: - visa front side - visa back side - mastercard front side - mastercard back side When I open the PSD file, I must be able

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    Create Excel product tables from scaned images. 1 row per part numbers

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    I need you to rewrite some scaned papers co i can upload to ebook sites.

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. My project cosist of two button, the first button should automatically dial *133# and the second button should open the camera and scan about 8 numbers and then dial *133*(8 numbers scaned from the camera ) #

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    I need you to write some content for a website.i can copy typing in part time.i can scaned document copy toworddocument.i can workat sl time 10pm-2am.

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    I need paper drawing to be modeled in AutoCAD 2010 version. Please DO NOT BID if you don't know AutoCAD version. It's urgent. More work will be given to successful candidates. Scaned paper plans are provided to be modeled (see attachment) for a 2 floors house : Ground floor plan basement plan Two section plans 4 elevations plans No 3D views

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    custom remote desktop connection linux scanner 1. it has to scan port 3389 and save the ips in a file 2. after the ips are scaned it has to test them and save the protocol for every ip ( [login to view URL] windows server 2003 and so on) 3. bruteforce the ips like this : from a file_list ( users) from a file_list2 (passwords) save the

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    3 bids pay cards) but can scan any card, both sides + comment field and app is protected by finger print. rnfirst page is same as iphone wallet with a possibility to browse through cards and possibility to add a card. Cards scans are encrypted/secured and not visible/stored in iphone photo albums. rnwhen you select a card you can swipe left to see comment

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    I have a data set of scaned English words. all images are in .PNG format. I need a customized C# library to read the words from the images. this accuracy must be over 95%. Some of the images were attched.

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    Write scaned documents to MS Word, no picture allowed.

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    Fill in a form from a scaned file

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