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    I'm seeking a skilled TypeScript programmer to contribute basic logical formulas to the open-source project Univer. Your collaboration will be invaluable in enhancing the utility and user-friendliness of this platform. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and integrate basic logical formulas into Univer. - Ensure the formulas are accurate, efficient, and well-tested. - Reference Chinese/English/Japanese/Russian content from Excel multilingual documents. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in TypeScript is a must. - Experience contributing to open source projects on GitHub is a must. - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with the existing team. Important points: - **Project experience:** We will review your open source project contribution r...

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    I am in search of a proficient Python programmer to develop a food ordering kiosk. Key functionalities included in the development are: - Customizable food options: I want my customers to have the ability to customize their food options from the menu. - Multilingual interface: My business seeks to serve diverse customers, therefore, the designed interface needs to support various languages. - Payment integration: Incorporating diverse and secure payment options into the system will be crucial. The ideal freelancer for this job will have a strong background in Python programming, experience with creating consumer-facing interfaces, and knowledge in secure payment gateway integration. Experience in developing similar self-serve kiosks will certainly be a deciding factor.

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    I am looking for a skilled Laravel PHP programmer to help me with a back-end development project. The main goal of this project is to fix some simple bugs and errors on my website and also implemnting some features. Key Responsibilities: - Fixing syntax errors and adding features on the website Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expert in Laravel PHP framework - Proficient in back-end development - Experience in fixing simple bugs and errors - Strong attention to detail - Good problem-solving skills Experience in Botble Framework OR MartFury Framework will be best. This is pay per hour project (base on quote and total task), you will need to know how to use freelancer timer. If i select you, i will be adding you to github, you must be able to run everything locally. Than i will e...

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    I'm in need of an experienced PLC programmer with a strong background in Siemens S7-1200 to help with a process automation project. Key Requirements: - Prior experience with Siemens S7-1200: The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in programming this specific PLC model as it forms the backbone of the automation project. - Process Automation Skills: The primary objective of this project is to automate our processes. Hence, the freelancer should have a solid understanding and experience in process automation. - HMI Integration: Knowledge and experience in integrating HMI systems with PLCs is crucial as the automation will require seamless communication between human operators and the machines. Please note that prior experience with HMI systems is not just a plus, bu...

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    9 bids and trends from the tech industry. Politics: Providing current political news and analysis. Fashion: Posting fashion trends, tips, and news from the fashion world. Technical Implementation Content Sources: Each avatar will receive a list of links to articles and blogs that are regularly updated. These sources will provide the foundation for the generated posts. AI Text Generation: Using an NLP model (e.g., GPT-4), appealing and relevant posts will be generated from the collected content. The style and personality of each avatar will be considered. Automated Publishing: The generated content will be automatically posted to the app, ensuring a continuous flow of new posts. Design and Integration: The design for the avatars and the dashboard will be provided. The techni...

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    I require a proficient programmer to create a multi-page application. Since I have undecided on the programming language, the professional should be adept at working with various languages such as Java, Swift, or Javascript. Key features in the application include: - A login and registration system; - An online payment system; - A database for information storage. Given the urgency, I need this project completed as soon as possible. Therefore, the ideal freelancer should have the capacity to deliver quality work under time constraints. Amateur programmers are advised not to engage, as I am looking for an experienced and professional individual for this job.

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    I am seeking a skilled Python and PHP programmer to assist with a sophisticated web development project. The primary goal of this project is to build an e-commerce website. Your task will be to implement the e-commerce functionality according to my specifications. It is crucial that you have a solid understanding of both Python and PHP. Key requirements: - Proficiency in Python and PHP - Proven experience in web development - Strong understanding of e-commerce functionalities

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    I'm in need of a skilled programmer who can replicate a specific interactive construction builder for my website. The builder should allow my clients to design and view Shops, Barndominiums and Polebarns. Key Requirements: - The program needs to mirror the functionality of the provided reference () - Clients should be able to design and customize their structures - The program should support Shop, Barndominium and Polebarn building Design and Layout: - The program should have a clean and modern design to match the aesthetics of my website. - It should be easy to navigate and straightforward for the user to interact with. Client Interaction: - Clients should be able to interact with the building tool by filling out a form with specifications. - The

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    Welcome, I have some live TV that randomly displays the serial number every few hours. I need a video filter that can remove the serial code (hash code). This serial is unique for each stb so the solution must include a way to change which serial it should be removed from Stream. There are many devices that did not work. I can give you some important points Your offer is my budget.

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    - **Main Goals**: The primary objectives of the preprocessing task include removing noise and irrelevant data, as well as normalizing the text. Your expertise in these areas will be crucial. - **Data Type**: The text documents in question are SEC filings. You should be comfortable working with this specific type of text document - **Noise Removal**: In particular, we need to remove 'stop words' from the filings. Understanding these and efficiently removing them is a key part of this project - **Final Submission**: The processed text will be used for LDA topic modeling. The drafted code (including accessing files and removing stop words) is provided. A list of URLs of SEC filings is provided. Please develop the Python code and show me clean results of the processed text. LDA topic...

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    I am looking for a skilled programmer to create a mobile app for my business. The specific language used for development is open to recommendation, based on your expertise and the nature of the project. Please consider the following: - Main Task: The core mission of this project is mobile app development. You must have solid experience in creating user-friendly, high-performing mobile applications to apply. Additional competencies in UI/UX would be advantageous. - Timeline: The project needs to be executed ASAP, indicating an accelerated timeline. You should be capable of working under pressure and delivering high-quality results within a short timeframe. In your proposal, please include your recommended programming language and any similar projects you have completed.

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    I'm in need of an intermediate CNC programmer who's proficient in Renishaw macros and variable programming for a Brother Speedio CNC mill. Key Responsibilities: - Develop Renishaw macros for the CNC mill - Implement variable programming to enhance automation The primary goal for this project is to increase automation in our production process. A suitable candidate should have: - Intermediate level experience with CNC mill programming - Proficient in Renishaw macros and variable programming - A strong understanding of CNC automation processes Experience with Brother Speedio CNC mills is a plus. Please provide examples of similar projects you've worked on.

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    I am in need of a skilled Programmer " Designer" to help create a comprehensive online course platform. The website should be designed to offer courses in Arabic and other Languages, catering to few course types. Your role will involve: - Developing an engaging and user-friendly website design. - Integrating a Learning Management System (LMS) for course content delivery. - Ensuring the platform is optimized for Arabic language usage, including fonts, layout, and navigation. - Creating a system that allows for new courses to be easily added in the future. You should have: - Very good Experience - good Arabic skills . - Prior experience in developing online course platforms or e-learning websites is highly desirable. Your expertise will be crucial in creating a platform...

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    Hello. I am looking for a programmer with a lot of experience in FLUTTER WEB only and FIREBASE DATABASE To build a simple real-time chat page according to my instructions. The task is very simple But it should be in a nice and good way.

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    I'm seeking a skilled Shopify programmer to assist in modifying my existing website. Specifically, I need help removing the parameter "?page=1" from pagination. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proficiency in Shopify programming and customization - Experience with fixing issues related to pagination - Strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills

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    ... Key Requirements: - Utilizing pre-existing LLMs APIs to fetch answers for set fields (titles, descriptions, transcripts) in our dashboard. - Creating a mechanism that generates tweets from video interviews which should be based on video titles, descriptions, transcripts, and quotes extracted from the interviews. Ideal skills for this project would include: - Proficiency in working with AI and NLP technologies. - Prior experience with creating and integrating automation tools. - Strong expertise in API integrations. - Familiarity with social media and content generation, especially in the form of tweets. - Good understanding of video processing for content extraction. Your role will be to make our dashboard more insightful and engaging by integrating these AI capabilities. Your...

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    In this project, I need a skilled Pinescript programmer to convert the RSI Multi-Timeframe into candlestick Bull/bear harami and Bull/bear engulf patterns for TradingView. Here's what you need to know: - The script must work with custom timeframes. - The conversion should trigger based on candlestick patterns, on realtime with option bar close Ideally, you'll have significant experience with Pinescript and an understanding of trading indicators and candlestick patterns for TradingView. Knowledge of RSI and trading chart patterns would be a plus. I look forward to seeing your proposals. original file can be download from

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    I'm looking for an advanced PyTorch and Large Language Model one-on-one tutor. Specifically, I'm interested in understanding the pre-training code of existing BERT models (and secondarily, other transformers-based models) and implementing them on my own data. - **Large Language Models and NLP**: I'm particularly interested in pre-training models from scratch, using Megatron-LM or similar and applying them to domain specific data, which will require adjusting the code to fit it. Your experience in this field is crucial. - **PyTorch Expertise**: My ideal tutor will have advanced proficiency in PyTorch. I'm looking to elevate my skills, so you should be able to explain complex concepts clearly and provide insights into best practices. - **One-on-One Tutoring**: I...

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    I am seeking a proficient PLC programmer who is well-versed in Ladder Logic. I require a detailed solution to automate the functioning of our industrial mixers. Key Tasks: - Program PLC to set speed parameters. - Enable automatic timing for the mixing process. - Develop system prompts for stage progression during mixing. Preferred skills for the job would be a strong understanding of industrial machinery, solid experience in Ladder Logic programming, and previous work with automated systems. Time efficiency and precision are of utmost importance in this project.

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    We are looking for a programmer with experience developing 3D RPG games using Godot Engine for an exciting game project. The ideal candidate will be responsible for implementing core game mechanics, including handling tricky questions, timers and visual effects. Responsibilities: Develop and maintain game code using GDScript within Godot Engine. Implement game logic, including interactive question and answer management. Integrate 3D assets and animations into the game scene. Configure and optimise game performance to ensure a smooth experience. Requirements: Demonstrable experience in game development using Godot Engine, preferably with a focus on RPGs and 3D games. Strong understanding of object-oriented programming and good software development habits. Solid knowledge of GDScri...

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    I'm working on a Unity project and looking for an experienced Unity programmer to help me implement a specific feature. This project is limited to 5 hours of work. The successful candidate should: - Be proficient in Unity programming - Have experience in implementing game mechanics - Be able to work quickly and efficiently, as this is a short-term project The main deliverable for this project is the successful implementation of the feature I have in mind.

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    I'm in need of a React Native programmer to develop a mobile application for both iOS and Android. The primary function of the app will be to display products along with their descriptions like brochure Key Points: - Platform: Both iOS and Android - Function: E-Commerce app for product display - User can ask for quotation for the product - Deployment on PlayStore and App Store Requirements: - Development of a high-quality, user-friendly application - Products on the app need to be dynamically updated from a database - Experience with React Native and API integration is a must - Prior work on E-Commerce or similar apps would be a plus - A good eye for design and user experience is desirable

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    The payment for this project is $40 Hi, I need a python programmer to create python script that parses and extracts data from input .csv, then runs online map API on data, then exports successful results to (one per line). The purpose of this script is to parse a .csv of data (up to 50,000 rows). There is 2 files for input. One is a .csv file with many rows and columns the script will parse (). Also, another file containing a GPS coordinate () For each row, the script will extract 14 entries of these 14 columns: "latestPosts/1/locationName" "latestPosts/2/locationName" "latestPosts/3/locationName" "latestPosts/4/locationName" "latestPosts/5/locationName" "latestPosts/6/locationName" "latestPosts/7/locationName&...

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    I am in need of an experienced Crestron programmer to develop an advanced audio/video control system. Key Tasks: - Set up and program an efficient, user-friendly interface with integrated automation and a custom GUI on my Crestron DM series. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Crestron programming. - Proof of past work on advanced, integrated automation and custom GUI development. - Deep understanding of Crestron DM series hardware for optimal programming. The successful bid will show a grasp of basically turning the system into a smart hub that sleekly manages our audio and video controls.

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    I'm looking for a skilled programmer who can update our existing WPF and Winforms control, currently integrated with Bing Maps, to instead utilize OpenStreetMaps without affecting the other functionalities of the control. Key requirements: - Switch from Bing Maps to OpenStreetMaps only - Implement basic map viewing and navigation features from OpenStreetMaps - Ensure the control remains compatible with other map providers for future updates - The application is targeting .NET Framework 4.8 Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in WPF and Winforms programming - Proficiency with - Strong understanding of map API integration, in this case, OpenStreetMaps - Prior experience in updating map controls - Familiarity with .NET Framework 4.8 or above Please include in y...

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    I'm seeking a VR programmer proficient in developing immersive, interactive floor plans specific to residential homes. The ideal candidate must be capable of integrating a feature to allow potential users to click and edit dimensions within these virtual plans. Such an aspect will bridge gaps between reality and digital realm, providing a true-to-scale and engaging experience for users. Your responsibilities will entail: - Building clickable, editable VR floor maps - Implementing functionalities for real-time alterations with dimensions - Ensuring user-friendly interface and experience Relevant skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in VR software development - Experience with architecture or floorplan software - Strong UX/UI design skills - Abili...

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    I'm looking for an expert AI/ML developer to help build an AI solution tailored for regulatory and government organizations. This project involves working with real estate data to create a Sandbox version of the solution. Key Skills: - Proficiency with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) - Experience with real estate data analysis is beneficial Project Scope: - Develop an AI/ML model that can train on various types of real estate data including, but not limited to property listings, sales transaction data, historical price data, and real estate valuation data. - You will be essential in implementing a Sandbox version of the solution. Ideal candidates should have prior experience with similar projects. If you have experience building innovative AI/ML ...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned CNC programmer with a solid background in design. I prefer that you are proficient in Aspire, as this will be the primary software used in the projects. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Aspire: You should have an advanced level of expertise in using this software for CNC programming. - 2D and 3D Modeling: Your capacity to create both 2D and 3D models is essential for prototype development. - Fast Turnaround: You must be able to submit designs within 24 hours. This is non-negotiable as the projects are time-sensitive. Previous experience with V Curve and Aspire is a huge plus, and will significantly enhance your chances of being selected for the job. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Minimum 5 Years Experience: I am specifically seeking professionals...

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    Little back story, last June, 2023, I was contracting with now my current employer to design, build and develop the program for a batch mixing operation. Simplifyber, being a start up company wanted to utilize Automation Direct components to help save money. I am an Allen Bradley experienced programmer and told my current boss that I have never programmed Click PLC, C-More HMI or Modbus. I had to learn all of the programs and communication protocol in a month. The program is for dosing water, manually adding fibers, followed by sequential addition of 8 chemicals from containers using the peristaltic pumping unit. Recipes are built in the HMI for auto operation of the system, while also allowing the operators manual operation of the system. I wrote the program but I can not get the ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled C# programmer with expertise in developing object-oriented applications. Your primary responsibilities will include: - Developing a user interface that's easy and intuitive to navigate - Ensuring clean integration - Implementing error handling and debugging strategies The purpose of this application is yet to be fully determined, as such a well-rounded skill set including experience in data management, game development, and web application development could prove beneficial. To succeed in this role, you should have a solid background in C# programming with hands-on experience in building high-performing applications from scratch, a meticulous eye for debugging and the ability to efficiently manage errors. Knowledge in UI/UX principles is essent...

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    Job Title: API Integration Specialist for and Job Description: We're seeking an experienced API programmer to integrate our billing/provisioning system () with our membership management system (). Our goal is to achieve seamless communication between these platforms for a smooth user experience. Project Scope: User Authentication and Login Synchronization: -Ensure users can seamlessly log in and access both platforms without issues. Membership Level and Subscription Management: - Automatically create and assign products in upmind based upon membership(s) in amember. - Synchronize membership status changes (e.g., cancellations) between amember and upmind. Provisioning and Account Management: - Automatically provision hosting products for active

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    I'm in need of a competent PLC programmer to create a intelligible program for a Delta PLC. The program should include input/output control for small variety of sensors and valves. It should have a HMI as well. Key Requirements and Details: - The program should have a clear and logical structure with comments, facilitating future modifications and developments by our team. - The timeline for the project is until the end of this weekend. - You can use either WPLsoft or ISPsoft for the programming, as per your convenience. - Ability to provide a clear and structured program with comments. - Able to deliver by the end of the weekend. Input/Output Devices: - Sensors: The program should interact with various sensors, mainly focusing on flow sensors and presence sensors. - Valves:...

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    Android Programmer Needed 5 days left

    I'm looking for an Android programmer who's proficient in Java and Kotlin, to work on an existing code in github notifbot app. The following are the key responsibilities: - Implement a new feature in an existing Android app based on provided code. Add apps identifier - Compile the app into an APK file. Additionally, we're planning to change the server language from java to PHP. Hence, experience with backend development and PHP is a big plus. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Java and Kotlin. - Previous experience with Android app development. - Familiarity with server service development, particularly PHP. - Ability to understand and adapt existing code. - Attention to detail for compiling to APK format. The project will require someone who is efficient, detail-orie...

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    I am seeking a skilled Python programmer for a project. I need someone with a history of Python coding projects to help me. The main goal of my project is to develop a software tool with Python. Please include your past work with your application.

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    I am looking for an experienced mobile app programmer to develop a social interaction app for both Android and iOS platforms. Your key tasks: - Determine a suitable design and format for our mobile app. - Ensure the app is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. - Develop an app primarily focused on facilitating social interaction. Skills and experience required: - Previous experience in mobile app development. - Proficiency in Android and iOS operating systems -Proficiency in programming languages ( Js, Css, ) - Understanding of design for user-friendly social interaction platforms. - Strong portfolio demonstrating previous work in this area. - Proficiency in one of the following would be a strong plus: Fronted / Backend. The goal is to create an engaging, mod...

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    I am looking for an expert in Rust programming to perform code optimization on specific modules in my project. Key Tasks: * Conduct a thorough review of module codes and identify areas that can be optimized * Create an optimization strategy and implement the same, ensuring minimal disruption to the overall system Ideal Candidate: * Excellent proficiency in Rust programming language * Substantial experience in code optimization tasks * Good knowledge of third-party libraries but strength lies in clean and efficient Rust code * An eye for debugging and resolving potential issues Your objective is not only to optimize the functioning but also to enhance the performance of our code. Please bid if you have the necessary skills and experience. Let's make our program faster together!

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    I am looking for a highly experienced professional programmer proficient in developing web applications using ASP.NET WebForm with VB.NET and HTML. The project involves building a six-page website that provides a service for submitting and approving requests by employees. The pages are as follows: 1. New Registration/Login 2. Admin Page for Account Activation 3. Request Submission Page with Attachments 4. Search and Report Generation Page 5. Request Review Page with Approval or Rejection Option 6. Final Approval Page **Creating a Professional User Interface:** - Design responsive and attractive web pages using HTML and CSS. - Ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience. **Website Functionality Development:** - Use ASP.NET WebForm with VB.NET to develop application logic. ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled C++ developer for a software development project in Indonesia. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in C++ development for at least 3 years, a passion for technology, and the ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. You will be responsible for developing, maintaining, and optimizing our software solutions. The successful candidate should have the following skills and experiences: - A solid understanding of the C++ programming language. - Proven experience in desktop application development. - Expertise in Windows-compatible software development. - Design, develop, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable C++ code. - Proficiency in C++ and its standard library.

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    I'm looking for a specialist in Unreal Engine, AI, and C++ programming to help in the creation of an action game. The game will have a strong AI component, though the specific functionality, such as NLP, machine learning, or computer vision, is yet to be decided. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Unreal Engine: You should have a strong understanding of Unreal Engine and its capabilities for game development. - AI Expertise: Experience developing AI for games is highly desirable, but not mandatory. - C++ Programming: A strong background in C++ is essential for this project. - Game Development: Prior experience in action game development would be a plus.

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    Key Responsibilities: Collaborate with our engineering team to design, develop, and integrate a microcontroller-based system. Write, test, and debug code in Python and C++. Implement and optimize algorithms for real-time performance. Assist in the development of RF (Radio Frequency) solutions. Troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software issues as they arise. Required Qualifications: Intermediate proficiency in Python and C++ programming languages. Solid understanding and experience with microcontroller programming. Knowledge of RF (Radio Frequency) technologies and applications.

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    Hi, I have indian guy designing a PCB that uses ESP32-S2-WROOM controller and LoRA module. He is not an expert on ESP32 programming and needs your support. The PCB contains connections and funktions for NPN sensors, model servo motors, analog read and LoRA module, rotary encoder, IR remote transmitter and receiver , CANBUS. See attached schematics. We need a second set of eyes checking the PCB design and also make a simple program that test all its functions and report back to the original PCB-designer. You will get a physical board later to run. If you are skilled, fast and and unexpensive, I will have more PCB and programming work for you. Reply to me with Chao Peter as a start to prove that you have read all the text. The budget is 100 usd I'm a mechanical designer with limite...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Laravel PHP programmer to join our team. Our primary goal is to enhance an existing application. We are looking for someone to work with us for 2 - 3 hours a day on an ongoing contract. Key Requirements: - Expertise in PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL - Proven track record in improving existing applications - Strong problem-solving skills - Ability to work within a team - Excellent communication skills This is a great opportunity to work on a substantial project with a dedicated team. Looking forward to your bids.

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    As part of our video editing workflows, we’re seeking an adept Python programmer who’s familiar with DaVinci Resolve platform to create a script that automates a specific process. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Python programming, specifically for automation - Familiarity with DaVinci Resolve’s video editing capability - Experience or knowledge of media file handling, particularly JPEG and MP3 file formats Goals: -Automate the loading of JPEG and MP3 files in a specific sequence -Automate the rendering process post-loading The right candidate should be able to translate our video editing goals into a robust Python script that can streamline our workflows and save us significant editing time.

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    I'm in need of a skilled JavaScript programmer for a front-end development project. Here are the details: - **Project Type**: The project is a website, so the primary focus will be on creating an engaging and user-friendly front-end interface. Ideal candidates should have: - Strong expertise in JavaScript, particularly in creating interactive and visually appealing front-end designs for websites. - Proficiency in HTML and CSS. - Experience in working on similar front-end development projects.

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