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    Dear Sir/Madam, we have created our own framework using [login to view URL] with well secure fast and reliable. we are having online and offline payment integration method also, please find framework feature list below. About WEC WEC is an installable web framework. This framework is built on top of ASP.NET 4.0 with the focus of building state of the

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    Hi everyone! I need Deal Aggregator website. Entire project should be Open Source and done in --> .NET(ASP) & MS Sql 2008 or --> Php & MySql Graphic Design should be unique & Rich Front end should be unique with cool, rich and luxury Light Weight BIG UI like http://yipit

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    ...suggest email dropdown box to our online email system, so our users just starts typing in some letters and the text form auto suggest recipients accordingly. It is similar to as how it work with Microsoft Hotmail, Gmail and Facebook auto suggestion. It should be implemented within a standard HTML form on a classic ASP page. It should not search a

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    ... Add an online PHP IDE and debugger to my ASP editor, that I can run on my personal shared hosting ASP/PHP MS IIS server. No special DLLS or server requirements. I already have an online simpple ASP (classic ASP editor),? just to allow me to use my editor to just add a PHP debugger option to it and showing the line numbers in my...

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    ...jurisdiction it cars to do so. The Developer hereby waives and appoints Customer to assert on the Developer's behalf the Developer's moral rights or any equivalent rights regarding the form or extent of any alteration to the Work (including, without limitation, removal or destruction) or the making of any derivative works based on the Work, including, without limitation

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    1 bids customers have VERY little computer using abilities. But, they are capable of filling out online forms and uploading images. My goal was to create an or PHP app that would integrate a database into their sites, where they could log in ONLINE and add/edit their records. The sites mostly consist of about 5 categories, with 5 to 20

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    ...looking for an ASP / MS access site to to function like [[login to view URL]][1].? I currently own this site and want to utilize the same features with a FCK editor for data entry.? The site is a DB driven site where topics are automatically posted based upon the current date or week of the year.? People may submit replies online via a form that are sent

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    ...formatted newsletters via email.? This > module supports an unlimited number of newsletters and subscribers.? Each person can subscribe or > unsubscribe himself from the list online.? ? ? > ? > > ## Deliverables **Key Features:**? An advanced and yet easy to use newsletter? ?? Batch sending - Send x emails every z publishing and

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    3 bids to be used exclusively to accept multi-part applications online from potential clients. Would prefer to build as an independent script but interface with [login to view URL] to be able to track affiliate/reseller referrals. Specifications to be as follows:MySQL, PHP, ASP, .cgi,other ??? 1)Multi page forms that can be managed and

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    B2B Script provides everything we need to establish a professionally looking online B2B Website. All most demanded features are supported like [login to view URL] Front End Features:: Special Design / Look Multi-Language Support Sub-Domain for each user for his company profile: ( i.e [login to view URL] ) Trade Show Success Stories

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    ...Gallery - digital files to buy in four sizes. Tom and I can start to get the digital stuff organised, select certain images and work with them. This can be done offsite. 5) Online shop selling various canvases and prints, framed or otherwise, i.e the vegas shots - we need to be able to add/upload to this easily. 6) Get your own canvas printed - upload

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    I'm scouting for a Freelancer to produce an XML editor using ASP and MS Access - or MySQL, probably better to do it with MySQL but I am very familiar with Access so a conversion to MySQL could be handled as a different project. I need to produce a web form that can open/edit and update the attached complex XML document, I have tried myself many times

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    4 bids that I will send you to get up and running based on our working relationship with these menial tasks. Any suggestions from your skill/expertise in working with code .asp to improve the functionality, recording of data, forms, applets, etc... would be greatly appreciated. Please refer to the resource sources and the [[login to view URL]][2]

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    Hi, I need a flash project done for online brochure and other print materials designing and ordering. For reference you can visit Theirs is in asp but i need similar stuff in flash. Want it in a time bound schedule and should integrate with out php systems. A flash version example is available at Am

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    We have started a project using an online image editor. View the editor at <[login to view URL]>. We have started to intergrate the editor into an asp/access shopping cart system. We need someone to finish the project for us. The entire project is for an online postcard/flyer/brochure designer. Once the user designs

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    To develop an asp live chat that is unique with its code and functionality. (no coping from other sources allowed) Must include variables to easily migrate into other projects. Allow multiple conversations with various potential clients. Back end includes Admin * Log conversations and customer details * accept / deny client conversations * sound warns

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    The project is about improving and debugging or redesigning and programming a website that is currently online. We use an unique content management system that allows us to: - Post text articles with photos, under different catagories, - manage ad banners, - generate foto galleries under different categories, - manage user profiles, - manage

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    6 bids This script is used in our online asp classic training application that interacts with a sql database. We would like to be able to stream the video and audio in a streaming server environment on windows media server 9 platform, as well. Currently the back end of the training application has an editor function where we create our course

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    To develop an asp live chat that is unique Must include variable to migrate into other projects Allow multiple conversations with various potential clients. Back end includes Admin * Log conversations and customer details * accept / deny client conversations * sound warns when client wishes to talk to admin * admin can update their own details * Multiple

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    ...more inventory. It appears there will be around 100 items or SKU's. At this point I see the following web server requirements... A. Access to data base needs to have an online control panel to add and delete items when sold. Needs username and password access.. B. The data base will be loaded with each record containing the following fields...

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    ...HTML / ASP develop to assist with the development of a newsletter module for an existing intranet application. The newsletter application is quite simple - the admin would like to create/manage articles that appear in an online newsletter (sort of like blog postings). We would like to implement FCKeditor <[login to view URL]> as the online wysiwyg

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    7 bids me implement a dynamic image creation system and ecommerce solution. My previous coder has moved and I can't get hold of him. What I have so far is code for an online dynamic text generator- this allows you to enter text> choose colours, styles and heights etc. It calculates the cost based on a javascript file- at the moment this does not

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    ...those graphical touch up, but the site must function EXACTLY like [[login to view URL]][1] . We will provide FULL codes for the followings: -picture uploads -online text editor and word processor -image selector -banner selector (more info can be emailed to shortlisted candidates). This means you DO NOT NEED to start from nothing

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    ...allows users to edit site content and images. Application must allow users to setup an account, login and build a website online by selecting templates and then maintain and edit their website themselves with a: rich text editor and a file manager or CMS . We will have a designer on hand to aid in look and feel and would like application to be

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    ...probably asking yoruself ....** **1) ** In our website, faculty will have the option to add pages of their own and they should be able to edit the pages using an online HTML WYSIWYG editor (we are buying this software as well). This feature should be carefully designed so that Faculty member **A** does not edit / delete a page created by Faculty member

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    I need a website design plus a simple CMS and product catalog.(no online shop, no paying/checkout/cart). I prefer a sollution based on an existing CMS. **Design** * Webpage design based on concept logo ([login to view URL]) * color shema should partly match the logo , although you can add colors to design like orange, and you can somewhat adjust the

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    We have several websites that have been developed for us in Classic ASP where users can modify the content of pages contained in their site using an online rich text editor called htmlArea. The current version of htmlArea allows users to insert images into the rich text area, however the images must be uploaded to the website prior to inserting them

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    ...navigate to any subfolder. They can't navigate outside of their root folder. - The can move, delete, rename, copy any file in the folder tree structure. - They can edit any html, asp, cfm, etc.. file in a web based WYSIWYG envirornment. You can use the free component from - The user *must* be able to edit the *whole* html page

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    **Description:** The project is to create an online document management system in which a document is created by typing on the text-pad of a web browser. The content on the text pad is saved in an XML file and user (student) can give the file name. The file is saved in XML format with ‘control&' information [user name, creation date, creation time]

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    i'm looking for a simple html editor that that has the following features: **Images** upload images resize image crop image rotate image move image anywhere in editor (absolute position) background image **Page **set page size background color **Text **textbox with absolute positioning rotate textbox alignment

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    ...our web page but now it looks like it has became messy and we would need a new design. We would need a new design keeping the existing company Logo. The page has to be HTML / ASP, no frames and no database. What we would need it is the first page, contact page, products etc and a template for ONE product page for each category. We have many products

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    79 bids

    ...our web page but now it looks like it has became messy and we would need a new design. We would need a new design keeping the existing company Logo. The page has to be HTML / ASP, no frames and no database. What we would need it is the first page, contact page, products etc and a template for ONE product page for each category. We have many products

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    ...allow the customer to place thier order and pay for it online by giving thier creit card details. Xml will be used for the web publishing aspect of the system and the stylesheets xsl will be used to transform the xml documents. A dtd must be produced to validate the document. Active server pages(ASP) must be used for the client/server side. a database

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    ...user login system using ASP and MS ACCESS. The user does not have the privilidges to register them selves insted an admin staff has to give them a password and login id. Admin staff should be able to give out new login ids and passwords without having to type it in the database, the editing of all users' details should be online. The staff details that

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    ...mailing labels for special events. (All templates will be provided). Prompts for managers when tasks are not completed within a set timeframe Administrative functions: a template editor, such that templates can be added/deleted or modified in the future. Report generations: Included but not limited to overdue accounts, promotion trackers, attendance and enrollment

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    70 bids

    ...different templates) - assignment for portrait or landscape presentation of the pictures in the templates - WYSIWYG editor for the templates - Help file resp. online-manual for the contributors - Email notification for the admin (ASP-Mail), when a contributor wrote a new article, which should be published Please make suggestions for existing

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    I need a web based editor with a function for online encryption of the data i type on my keyboard. Data must be encrypted each time i press the space bar and I need to save it in a access database. The secret code for decryption must be entered before I can access the editor. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in

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    ...continuation. E-learning is an online learning and evaluation application. The application is extremely well laid out, complemented with easy to understand plug-ins and modules. It is your IT classroom on the web. You can access the entire application either on the web or work on it internally. This application will have online tutorials and exams. The curriculum

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    Requirements: · Must be coded in ASP · Database driven using MS SQL server · Full web-based backend for administration of site. This would include: o Full search engine for coder skill sets o Full ability to edit entire web site content - i.e. ANY PAGE from a web browser - so within the admin section, from a drop down list, we can call up a particular

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    The ASP Forum needs to be easily customized on-line through the password protected administration area where you to turn on or off e-mail notification, add or amend Forum categories, set the color, font, font size, etc. of the Forum to suite web site, and administer the forum. The Forum displays Topics in order of how recently a Reply has been added

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    ... We require a form of online web page editor that builds pages for user’s reports. The site will need a new user account set-up page, login page, update page and delete page amongst others. The design would be based around a site that lets users join the service, be able to login and then build their own Web site/page with an online editor. A similar site

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