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    We're looking for a skilled freelance 3D designer who can create an STL file for an enclosure box that will house a 16x2 LCD module. The design should be modern and appealing, moving away from the traditional boxy look. Requirements: enclosure should be designed to accommodate a 16x2 LCD module and rotary encoder (6mm) It must have 2 connection inlets and one power inlet for connecting cables. The design should be aesthetically pleasing, with a focus on sleek and modern lines. The final deliverable should be an STL file ready for 3D printing. If you're interested in this project, please send your portfolio showcasing your previous 3D designs, especially any similar enclosure projects. We're excited to see your unique take on this design challenge!

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    ...aspects of my DVB-C TV system operations project. Your role will involve configuring the IP Encoder or simply to guide me, setting up the IPQAM or simply guide me, CAS server is already installed and configured, and training me on the Gospell operation management system. Key Responsibilities: - Configure the IP Encoder - Set up the IPQAMI am in need of a skilled professional to help me with several aspects of my DVB-C TV system operations project. Your role will involve configuring the IP Encoder or guidance , setting up the IPQAM or simply guide me, CAS server is already installed and configured, and training me on the Gospell operation management system. Key Responsibilities: - Configure the IP Encoder - Set up the IPQAM - Understand the CAS server - Pr...

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    I'm in need of experienced Python programmers who can write a parallel computing project related to bitcoin mining. Your main goal will be to develop an efficient btcoin miner program. A strong understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development is essential for this project. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Python - Knowledge of parallel computing - Experience in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development - Familiarity with bitcoin mining Please provide examples of previous work in these areas when bidding.

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    Hi! The tasks are as follows: 1. Use a model of the exi...angles: Link: Your task is to generate a 3D model based on these sample pictures and produce a video lasting between 10-12 seconds, mirroring the specifications of the first task: 360-degree rotation, with the doors opening and closing. Specification: 1. Video quality 2160 x 3840 (Vertical 9x16) - 4K high quality 2, MP4 H264 at 35-45 Mbps @ 29.97/30 FPS 3. The video background should be white. 4. Maintain the model proportions as demonstrated in the examples I provided; avoiding cuts in the video preserves. For reference, please access the examples via the following link: Thanks

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    ...Talkback Support: Implement incoming SRT stream capabilities for audio-only or audio-video (talkback), enabling field personnel to receive real-time audio or video communication. (a simple srt link in "caller" mode) Custom Branding: The application should prominently feature our logo across its interface, reinforcing brand identity. Codec Selection: Provide users the ability to select between H264 and H265 codecs for their streaming needs, depending on quality requirements and bandwidth constraints. Advanced Camera Controls: The UI should offer comprehensive access to advanced video/photo functionalities akin to leading photography apps, including resolution, frame rate, exposure adjustments, and white balance settings, front / rear camera selection. Local video reco...

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    I'm in need of an expert able to produce ten very short 40-90 second Adobe CC tutorials. The primary focus of these tutorials will be over the basics of video editing. Tutorials needed: - how to fix audio peaking in adobe audition - how to fix audio clipping in adobe audition - how to convert MOV to MP4 in media encoder - how to convert MP4 to MOV in adobe media encoder - how to add automatic captions to video (burned in captions) in premiere pro - how to bring after effects composition into premiere pro (Adobe dynamic link) - how to do spell check in Premiere Pro - how to edit a time-lapse in premiere pro (lots of images in an image sequence) - how to use both warp stabilizer and change speed on a clip together (by nesting sequences) - how to import and edit a premiere...

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    For this project, I need a skilled Verilog programmer with FPGA implementation experience. The key task is to encode a 4x4 binary (black and white) image into an 8x8 image using least significant bit replacement. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing a least significant bit replacement algorithm. - Delivering clean and efficient Verilog code. - Ensuring compatibility with FPGA hardware. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Verilog code - Understanding of LSB replacement - Experience with FPGA implementation - Working knowledge of image processing, specifically with binary images.

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    5 bids to predict the time it takes to pass testing. Optimal algorithms will contribute to faster testing, resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions without reducing Mercedes-Benz’s standards. Following actions should be performed: If for any column(s), the variance is equal to zero, then you need to remove those variable(s). Check for null and unique values for test and train sets. Apply label encoder. Perform dimensionality reduction. Predict your test_df values using XGBoost....

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    I am keen to hire a freelancer with a strong background in physics and lab experimentation. The aim of this project is to study the behavior of torsional oscillations in a rotary system. Key Responsibilities: - Scale and set up torsion pendulum, strain gauges, and an optical encoder - Conduct measurements related to the period of oscillation, frequency and mass moment of inertia - Analysis and interpretation of data measured - Write a detailed and comprehensive lab report on the findings Desirable Skills: - Profound understanding of torsional oscillations and rotary systems - Experience with physics lab equipment including torsion pendulums, strain gauges, and optical encoders - Exceptional data analysis proficiency - Excellent report writing skills

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    i am seeking an experienced XML developer to assist in integrating an X20 device equipped with encoder, decoder, and IP switch cards into our Network Monitoring System (NMS). The project entails optimizing real-time data retrieval from the device using XML API or protocol. Key Responsibilities: - Enhance XML parsing, processing, validation, and transformation capabilities for seamless integration. - Identify and rectify missing XML API code for the IP switch component. - Ensure accurate and consistent data retrieval from all three cards of the X20 device. - Collaborate with our team to refine XML processes and enhance the performance of our web application. Requirements: - Proficiency in XML parsing, processing, validation, and transformation. - Experience in integrating devices...

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    We are seeking a talented and experienced software engineer to implement an Opus encoder and decoder in C# for seamless integration with Asterisk. The project involves handling voice audio from Asterisk, decoding it, incorporating Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality, and encoding the synthesized speech before sending it back to Asterisk. The ideal candidate should possess the following skills and experiences: - Proficiency in C# programming language. - Extensive experience with audio processing and Opus codec. - Familiarity with Asterisk, SIP, and IVR systems. - Knowledge of Text-to-Speech (TTS) integration. - Ability to deliver high-quality code within specified timelines. Main Tasks: - Implement Opus encoder and decoder in C#. - Integrate the solution with Asterisk for aud...

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    Looking for a program to control machine with rotary encoder and HMI 1. Press button on screen Motor starts 2. Encoder position display on HMI 3. Program and screen to have 12 outputs that hmi has input start stop times in degrees. All outputs can be turned on and off separately if not required 4. Press stop and stops at point Omron cp1h x40 Omron hmi Omron encoder

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    Hi Encoder IT Limited, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hello, I used the transformer and Federated learning methods FedPer and FedAvg in the field of HAR. In this way, I used only the Encoder part of the transformer and instead of applying positional encoding to the input, I applied it to the attention matrix. Then I came to the methods FedAvg and FedPer, on the client side, I used a transformer to train the model, and on the server side, I used a transformer to aggregate the weights. I considered the number of epochs as 100, and 2 learning rates, one 0.01 and the other 0.001, and batch sizes of 16, 32, and 64. I chose to measure the accuracy of the model in these lrs and different sizes.i have used two datasets (PAMAP2 and MotionSense) and my model gained 99 percent of accuracy. I want to test my model on another two datasets (WISDM an...

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    Hey, I am looking for someone who will Design Hardware for ESP32 (Lighting with WS2815). I will do software by myself 1. Power Supply - Battery-operated - 2x18650 batteries connected in series - Ability to be powered by 12v (mains adapter) 2. StepUp to 12v for powering the programmable WS2815 LED strip (unless someone convinces me...programmable WS2815 LED strip (unless someone convinces me that it's better to use WS2813 with StepDown) - Power consumption for the LED strip, at least 50W, max ~200W - Logic level converter required from 3.3v -> 5v 3. StepDown for powering the ESP32 4. OLED display 128x64 I2C 5. Measurement of power supply voltage and power consumption 6. Power activation via a mechanical switch 7. 2x rotary encoder with button 8. Connector for pro...

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    I'm on the lookout for an experienced C++ QT developer who can create a Windows application incorporating a few key features. - Streaming: The app should support video and audio streaming. It needs to use h264/h265 and Opus video codec to deliver high-definition quality. Experience in developing software with live streaming capabilities would be a massive advantage. Please include any similar projects you've worked on when you apply.

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    I am in need of a freelancer who has solid intermediate-level expertise with OpenCL and Rust programming. Key tasks involve: - Writing OpenCL kernels - Implementing parallel computing algorithms - Debugging existing code and ensuring it functions as desired The eventual goal is to yield fully functional code. Your ability to navigate and improve upon an existing system is imperative for this project's success. If you possess the required skills and the capability to handle the necessary tasks, apply now and let's transform my vision into functionality.

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    I have a simulation in Python/CuPy of electrons in a wire that I want to translate into Rust (or Vulkan, or OpenCL, or CUDA, or Julia or fix the Python so it uses far less memory, maybe calling PyCUDA) and make a major modification. The simulation calculates the coulumbic forces between all pairs of electrons every delta-t and then after that uses the force to calculate the new positions and velocities. It also outputs a graph showing the density of electrons at each slice of the wire at each delta-t. From this I can see how fast a signal is propagating down the wire in the simulation. I have tried to allow for the propagation delay between the electrons by using the velocity to estimate where the electron would really have been back in time and calculating the force from tha...

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    I have a encoder but I need better performance. If you can handle: Adaptive partitioning Block-wise mode decision Adaptive decision function ME of fractional-pel accuracy In-loop and Post-filtering any of these let me know.

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    We are looking for a skilled Optical engineer, who have prior knowledge and experience in the optical design of optical encoders and Rig Design for testing the phenomenon. The primary responsibilities of this role include designing and p...designing and prototyping testing rigs, and the selection of optical components ensuring accuracy and functionality and conducting performance tests. The candidate should have excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of various optical encoder calibration techniques. Core Requirement: The optical encoder can operate at the speed of 5000 RPM and have a resolution of 19 bits. Relevant skills: - Optical encoder technologies - Designing and prototyping - Performance testing - Problem-solving - Optical enc...

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    This project involves two main tasks centered around video processing techniques using Python or Matlab. Task 1 focuses on frame prediction and error visualization in an uncompressed video sequence without and with motion compensation, including the implementation of an encoder/decoder for both scenarios. Task 2 requires making an object disappear from a short video with mild movement, utilizing motion compensation to achieve this effect, alongside documenting the entire process and implementing a system to manage these tasks. Deliverables include documentation, source code, and any necessary additional files in a compressed format, emphasizing the importance of originality to avoid plagiarism. Analytical Details in chat Budget $70 USD deadline 19/2

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    I'm looking to develop a Chrome browser extension named SpoilerGuard, which harnesses the power of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) for the real-time detection and blocking of spoilers in texts displayed on web pages. This extension is intended to enhance the browsing experience by safeguarding users from unwanted spoilers across all types of content, including news, text sports events. **Core Features:** - Utilize the BERT model to accurately detect spoilers within texts on all web pages. - Blur detected spoilers to prevent unwanted exposure while allowing users to interact with the content if they choose. - Capability to block all levels of spoilers, ranging from mild to major ones. **Required Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Machine L...

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    Hi Encoder IT Limited, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...application should be optimized for minimal lag and high performance during both streaming and recording. Notes: Here's a detailed bullet point summary for the A/V System project posting: - Develop a Windows desktop application for medical training purposes. - Implement a login page with three user levels: user, admin, and super admin. - Enable live video streaming from 3 IP cameras and one IP HDMI encoder using RTSP protocol. - Feature to record screens from all four video sources. - Include camera control functionality using SDK or provided documentation. - Incorporate annotations with color tagging linked to the video player. - Facilitate two-way communication with enable/disable options for built-in microphone. - Allow users to review and search previous recorded sessi...

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    ...encoders. This information will be published on a topic for further processing into robot odometry, crucial for robust control systems. Key Functions: - Ros2 foxy - encoders communicate via i2c - Utilize this data, publish it on a topic within the ROS2 ecosystem for further processing. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with ROS2 platform development is mandatory. - Experience with encoder data collection and interpretation. - Understanding of robotics odometry will be advantageous. - Background in autonomous robotics is a significant plus. Pm for more details I have more information if needed As deeply involved as I am in the robotics niche, I am looking to work with someone who is as passionate about robotics as I am. I need this project to begin and complete ...

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    Se desea controlar mecanismo de 4 motores que cuenta con retroalimentación a través de encoder mediante un lidar utilizando Ros y Raspberry pi.

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    I want to control the movement of a 4-motor robot using ROS from a lidar sensor on a raspberry pi. The motors have encoder feedback, if possible you would still want to put ultrasonic sensors and if these have a certain distance, turn off the motors

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    Hi Encoder IT Limited, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to create a user-friendly assembler, C / C++ software for a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Motor Controller. This system should precisely control motor speed using encoder signals. This system controls a patented High Speed Fabric Roll Up Door Drive is used for PMSM 3 Phase Outer Rotor Motor. Developer has to integrate a full Pole Estimation / FOC module specific to our PMSM Motor. The Current hardware is already designed and is based on the ST Micro STM32 MCSDK, 2 ARM Processors with a 5" touch screen LCD Hardware is fully operational (R&D Version). STM discontinued their FOC in their SDK. Key Features: • User Interface Design: Intuitive for monitoring and adjusting motor speeds. • Database Integra...

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    I need to generate compressed or uncompressed wif (bitcoin private key) and check the validity of the generated wif with sha256. This code should be able to run on one or more gpu. It should detect the number of GPUs and work accordingly. I have missing wif codes. for example, the last 12 characters of a key are missing. or the middle 5 characters are missing, so I need the source of this code. I am using Windows visual studio 2022. Those who want to do this simple project, please contact me. Driven by quality, efficiency and creativity, the ideal freelancer should have: - Cuda - A Solid foundation in C++ - Windows Visual Studio 2022 - Capabilities to harness the power of multi-GPUs Although we're asking for intermediate level experience, we're open to professionals who can d...

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    ...RFID readers, or other authentication methods, to permit or restrict entry. All of these methods are connected to one of the ‘Commands’. These commands are divided into following: - O : only starts the opening movement - C : only starts the closing movement - O – S – C : is a toggle function between opening, stopping and closing Position detection: The controller uses feedback from an encoder and two (ore one) limit switches to determine the gate's precise position along the track, ensuring accurate opening and closing operations according to their respective motion curve. Safety protocols: To avoid any risk of crushing between the latch post and the gate leaf in closing motion, the horizontally moving leaf must not exert more than 40...

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    I am in need of a data encoder who can handle both text and numbers for a small volume of data (less than 1000 entries). The ideal candidate should be proficient in using Excel for data encoding. Requirements: - Experience in data encoding with both text and numbers - Proficiency in using Excel for data encoding - Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal. Thank you!

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    Write firmware for STM32 blue pill with small OLED and rotary encoder. Must have experience with STM32 programming. We do NOT want Arduino programming. All details are in the attached document. Please add word STM32 at the top of your proposal to confirm that you have read the project description. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank You !

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    I am in need of a data encoder who can handle both text and numbers for a small volume of data (less than 1000 entries). The ideal candidate should be proficient in using Excel for data encoding. Requirements: - Experience in data encoding with both text and numbers - Proficiency in using Excel for data encoding - Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal. Thank you!

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    ...intuitive interface for effective live stream management. i will provide dashboard template you have to know about FFmpeg live streaming and codecs and all other metrics for good quality live streaming / transcoding. h265 and h264. main functions: - dashboard home 1.1 -> show total streams online, show total connected users, show offline streams, show total gpu's 1.2 -> show cpu and ram utilization with charts and number details 1.3 -> show network metric utilizations, incoming outgoing mbps/gbps charts 1.4 -> show all gpu's seperatly with utilization of status encoder / decoder, card status(heat fahrenheit celcius) total streams attached / active streams / disabled streams per gpu utilization graphic should be used by charts with graphics. - pro...

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    ...measures. SPSS Network Model Figure depicts the SPSS block diagram. In contrast to unit-selection synthesis, its more complicated models provide broad solutions without necessarily requiring recorded speech in any phonetic or prosodic situations. The work plan involves several phases: 1) Data Collection and Preprocessing 2) Conventional Methods 3) End-to-End Neural TTS Synthesizer a. Development of Encoder network b. Development of attention model c. Development of Decoder d. Post processing Net and Waveform Generation 4) Integrating with open source screen reader and Communication of data through IoT 5) Performance comparison 6) Production...

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    I need this to get fix by today itself, so people who can deliver same day please bid I have an .mp4 video that I need to run as an RTSP video. This means I should be able to access the video using the following URL: rtsp://localhostip:8554/h264 with VLC Media Player's 'Open Network Stream' option. When I paste this URL into VLC, I should be able to see the streaming, and anyone should be able to view the stream. You can use any language for this, preferably using Node.js

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    ...sensor with USB data output (see image). I have a Raspberry Pi 4b. I have a micro servo motor. I have a touch screen for Raspberry Pi. I have a rotary encoder with push button. I want to use Raspberry Pi to receive the signal from the displacement sensor and rotate the servo in real time The function from displacement to angle is not linear. The function has to be calibrated. The setup must be able to work in two modes: 1. Calibration 2. Operation. In Calibration Mode, the displacement sensor, the rotary encoder and servo are connected to Raspberry Pi. Displacement sensor takes a reading D but the servo will not move. The rotary encoder will be used to rotate the servo to the correct angle S. Push button will be pressed to lock in the tuple (D, S) . Several read...

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    ...with specific size requirements - Experience with simple PCB designs 2 sided PCB APPLICATION: Application of the PCB are in an actuator with 2 DOF with two motors,as per image attached. There is a need of two types of PCBs, Encoder PCB Controller PCB PCB specification: Encoder PCB : (Dimension 19 mm x 19 mm) Encoder reads the output rotation of the actuator, and links with other encoders by RS485 protocol. Encoder should be an absolute and magnetic rotary encoder. Encoder ic used - AS5045 PCB should have 1 input and 1 output connector 6 pin ffc/fpc connector. Encoder pcb image is as per figure shown below in this document. Controller PCB : (Dimension as per figure) Controller PCB collects data from all encoders, and drives the motors...

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    I'm currently grappling with an issue on my motion control user program. My concern is the incorrect motor movements occurring within the system. I've noted that during operation, switching inputs in motion can lead to overshooting the aimed target, potentially crashing the vehicle. This is a problem that I need to resolve as soon as to develop & test a suitable solution to manage the dynamic inputs during the motor's operation to inhibit overshooting and avoid crashes. Ideally, the contractor should have: - Familiar with Nidec Control Techniques SyptPro software DPL language. - Thorough expertise and experience in ST FBD & LL, especially motion control user programs. - Proficiency in handling motor drives and preset encoder positions. - Ability to d...

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    Our team is looking for an experienced debugger to help us resolve issues with our motion control user program. We're using control techniques DPL program software that drives to preset encoder positions or functioning through pedal control. Unfortunately, we've run into some roadblocks and we need an expert in debugging to assist us. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Deep experience with debugging complex systems - Experience with ST FBD & LL is essential, & a robust debugging background is what we value most. - Hands-on experience with motion control systems would be an advantage. - Please ensure to include your relevant experience in your application. We hope this will be a rewarding project for the selected freelancer!

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    ...OMC marine application. I already have a working version but need to replace the motor with a stronger one and add an encoder. Project objectives: 1. Robustness and reliability of system is top priority. Please choose only quality components. 2. Design PCB to mount Arduino Nano, Pololu Tic 36 v4 and board to wire terminals directly to new PCB. 3. Add Encoder and re-code Arduino sketch as needed. I have picked a matching encoder form Nanotec but this may not be the best choice for this setup, I am open to whatever encoder will work best but prefer to keep the motor/gearbox/stepper combination from Nanotec as a package. 4. Add a relay circuit that is driven buy the encoder position and direction. Please see attached 'Shift ' for details. ...

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    44 bids and implementation of a motion controller for a DC motor, incorporating precise speed control through Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and real-time feedback using an encoder. The system utilizes an AVR microcontroller (ATMega328p) and involves programming in the C language within the ATMEL Studio 7.0 development environment. 1. **PWM Speed Control**: The heart of the system lies in its ability to regulate the speed of a DC motor through PWM. The PWM parameters can be configured and controlled, providing flexibility in adjusting the motor speed. 2. **Encoder Feedback**: To ensure accurate speed measurement, an encoder is integrated into the system. This feedback loop allows the controller to continuously monitor the motor speed 3. **USART Communication**: Th...

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    ... Down Switch, Left Photo Interrupter, and Right Photo Interrupter to determine the selected gear.i.e a combination of Left interrupt sensor and up switch = 1st gear = button 1 on USB encoder, Additionally, the circuit will be connected to a USB zero delay arcade encoder (as per photo). and then be connected to a windows PC. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in circuit design - Experience with gearbox control systems - Familiarity with arcade cabinet components - Proficiency in working with photo interrupters Attached is a video of a test photo interrupter attached to the USB Zero Delay Encoder. Note When left Photo interrupter and up switch is activating Button 1, button 3 should not be activated (up switch only) other combinations. Please note t...

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    ...access. * Internet access comes in from Muscatine Power and Water (1 gig up and down) * First appliance: Watchguard T15 Firewall - connected via cat6 cable * Second appliance: Cablecast Violite Channel Server (IP received from firewall) - connected via SDI video cable to BlonderTongue * Third Appliance: Blonder Tongue HDE-CSV-QAM/IP Single Channel MPEG-2 HD Encoder (IP address received from MPW cable system head unit) - Connected via cat6 cable * MPW cable system head unit Basic concept: * Video files on server are played out via the SDI out to the BlonderTongue * BlonderTongue ingests the SDI signal and converts to h.265 for MPW head unit * BlonderTongue pushes out signal through the only ethernet jack on the unit ...

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    Automation is needed. It needs to be automated such as blog comments, forums, and profiles Can you make it the same way as this? Please let me know the price and duration

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    ...I know telegram gifs are very short. So, cut it to the minimum, speed it up, do whatever is needed. High res video sample here if needed Do your research! For example I found this here "Telegram and GIFs Telegram natively supports h264 encoded videos, in either the MP4 or MOV containers. Here’s what I’ve found to be the best settings: Resolution of 640×360 (for 16:9 content) Framerate of 25, 29.97, or 30fps Data rate of 1.5mbps No audio track 10mb or less total size With these settings, it is possible to get really good-looking GIFs that can run for up to about 45 seconds, and still fall under that 10mb limit. Above 10mb, Telegram

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with a project involving simple image segmentation using U net and VGG16. The purpose of the image segmentation is for medical imaging analysis. I already have a specific dataset for this project. I am looking for someone with experience a...specific dataset for this project. I am looking for someone with experience and expertise in image segmentation techniques and who is familiar with U net and VGG16. The expected accuracy of the image segmentation is not specified. More details: I need a simple image segmentation of abdominal CT scans for organ level segmentation. The model I am trying to implement is U-Net but with a pre-trained encoder VGG16. I have the code already, but I think I am missing something, need few modifications and...

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    FOC based Motor Controller Voltage Range: 48-350V - The motor controller needs to be able to handle a voltage range of 48-350V with isolated and non isolated varient. Maximum Current Rating: Up to 500Amps - The motor controller should have a maximum current rating of up to 500Amps able to opereate with 2/3 hall current sensor. Control Interface: Analog, Digi...strong knowledge of power electronics and motor control systems, and proficiency in analog and digital control interfaces. Familiarity with CAN communication protocols and the ability to handle high voltage and current requirements is also a must. Project should be based on either TI or Infineon MCU with ISO26262 compliant hardware and software design. Should work with Hall, Resolver, Angle, Encoder interfaces for Motor c...

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