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    I'm in need of experienced Python programmers who can write a parallel computing project related to bitcoin mining. Your main goal will be to develop an efficient btcoin miner program. A strong understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development is essential for this project. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Python - Knowledge of parallel computing - Experience in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency development - Familiarity with bitcoin mining Please provide examples of previous work in these areas when bidding.

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    I am in need of a freelancer who has solid intermediate-level expertise with OpenCL and Rust programming. Key tasks involve: - Writing OpenCL kernels - Implementing parallel computing algorithms - Debugging existing code and ensuring it functions as desired The eventual goal is to yield fully functional code. Your ability to navigate and improve upon an existing system is imperative for this project's success. If you possess the required skills and the capability to handle the necessary tasks, apply now and let's transform my vision into functionality.

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    I have a simulation in Python/CuPy of electrons in a wire that I want to translate into Rust (or Vulkan, or OpenCL, or CUDA, or Julia or fix the Python so it uses far less memory, maybe calling PyCUDA) and make a major modification. The simulation calculates the coulumbic forces between all pairs of electrons every delta-t and then after that uses the force to calculate the new positions and velocities. It also outputs a graph showing the density of electrons at each slice of the wire at each delta-t. From this I can see how fast a signal is propagating down the wire in the simulation. I have tried to allow for the propagation delay between the electrons by using the velocity to estimate where the electron would really have been back in time and calculating the force from tha...

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    13 bids to know. What is required is that you have a very strong understanding of all C++ concepts and computer graphics programming expertise since this is what my plug-in revolves around. To give you an example, one of my current challenges requires serialization / deserialization of data. Other challenges require help with optimization, object pools, UI, and more. GPU programming knowledge like OpenCL, OpenGL, CUDA would be great because I know nothing about it and would love to be able to eventually implement it. Finally, you should be especially strong in mathematics so as to help with algorithms and of course have a strong understanding of fundamental computer graphics concepts. So basically, I need someone who is well experienced in most aspects of software development using ...

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    i need a programmer to who can write a cuda or opencl program for seed recovery of crypto knowledge of cuda c++ , crypto and blockchain is mandatory

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    ...emission, and more. Unfortunately, my colleague needs to move on to another project so I need to find someone capable of taking over. The project has been developed with Visual Studio C++, the After Effects SDK, and associated GPU libraries. It is half-done and it compiles fine but still needs a bunch of additional features, as well as bug fixes. Currently it only works with CUDA but it will require OpenCL and Metal compatibility as it will need to be compiled for Mac as well as PC. I am looking for an experienced GPU developer who is willing to take on the project and work with me to see it through to the end. A significant number of features are still required, along with bug fixes, and aforementioned GPU compatibility. I have a detailed list I will be able to share. The ide...

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    I can handle java Only. So i wrote the code with Java. I want to run code on GPU to accelerate the speed(large amount of calculation). I hope you can handle OpenCL or Cuda.

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    I am in need of a skilled programmer to parallelize a loop on GPU using OpenCL in C++. The project requires expertise in the Intel OpenCL Software Development Kit. Programmers who are familiar with OpenCL and C++ programming and with experience in parallelizing loops on GPU using OpenCL are highly encouraged to apply. The project requires a code optimization for the loop using GPU acceleration. The aim is to increase the speed of the computations. The steps of the project: 1- add a time mesurement to the existing code and mesure the time without modifying it. 2- parallelize the loop step 3 on the GPU using OpenCL, getting the same result on the csv file and higher speed. 3- send me the two codes for a check. If I can run and compile them with no issue ...

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    Hi, I am looking for Cuda and OpenCL programmer for a job. If you have experience with Java that will be great plus. More details through chat.

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    Hi, I am looking for Cuda and OpenCL programmer for a job. If you have experience with Java that will be great plus. More details through chat.

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    Hi, I am looking for Cuda and OpenCL programmer for a job. If you have experience with Java that will be great plus. More details through chat.

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    I have a project written by Java. This project is very simple. Hashing with Sha256, and curve25519. ex) password = name123 name123 --->hashing with sha256--->hashing with curve25519--->result I need more than million calculating power. I don't care about language if program works. ( python, c++, c, java etc) Maybe openCL or cuda or GPGPU is required ( in my opinion )

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    ...relatively easy to do and can be added after the base features are there) - Plugin must be developed in a manner that can be taken over and clearly understood. Additionally, cross-platform compatible functions must be used as this will also be compiled for Mac. Milestone 2 - OpenCL Optimization for the Physics Solver. ( This would be done after the core is there not as a final optimization, but as a framework for future optimization too when starting to work on more advanced features it will be easier to have a framework for OpenCL optimization. After giving it some thought I think that Multi-Threading would be useless in this case the problem of simulating thousands of particles is a task best fit for GPU not CPU.) - Add collision with planes and shapes but *not* 3D ...

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    ... This tool allows for real-time inference of Convolutional Neural Networks on Pathology Slides (images have a size of 200 Mb- 4 Gb). GitHub project: It is absolutely necessary to be familiar with the Fast-pathology project (Download and test it to understand the requirements) This project is written in C++, front-end: QT-Widgets, backend: OpenGL/OpenCL/Tensorflow engine. Examples of necessary features are: - Better design if possible, changing the logo/ name of the app... - A scale (in millimeters if available otherwise in pixels) on the bottom and left side of the screen to better localize the position of the cursor within the slide. - A mini-screen in the bottom-right corner to visualize the point of view of the user when he zooms in on the

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    I need a gpu-based brainwallet search pereferably in cuda opencl is also good. skill in cuda and c++ is essential

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    I need a cuda or opencl (purely gpu-based) program to generate valid mnemonics for crypto based on my wordlists and my rules

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    Hey , hope everyone is good , please don't apply if you don't know what i'm talking about i need a kernel to calculate a keccak hash of an unsigned char * containing a public key need to be able to remove the leading 04 and to handle endians to produce correct hash thank you

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    Looking for someone to make a video tutorial on how to fix an opencl issue when running hashcat Windows 11 and Kali Dell Alienware Nvidia 3080ti

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    We are Expertise in QT software full scale development automotive, medical, etc. All design documents , development, testing full sdlc implementation. Expertise in languages c++, python. Windows,Linux operating system. Expertise in Parallel programming, cuda, opencv, opencl, opengl, LabVIEW, matlab.

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    Need expert of OpenCL library, want to compile some open sources in github. I will share link via chat.

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    hello if you are good with opencl and know ethereum address generation algorithm post in this job i will not consider any generic offer as it tends to be devs that can't do the job thank you

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    I currently have a golang project written and I need to rewrite it to c ++ (opencl / cuda) because it is quite slow. The project uses secp256k1 and mt19937 if you are familiar with secp256k1 and keccak algorithms on gpu , and you have knowledge of ethereum address generation please apply and we can talk more in messages. I need this ASAP :C

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    OpenCL, C++ GPU implementation required Bid if you have good experience Budget is 100AUD

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    TASK: Create project WPF that used OpenCL NuGet in which need to compare calculation speed for parallelization on CPU cores and GPU cores for jagged arrays of different sizes. ADDITIONAL TASK: Determine if the video card is present. Get data on the number of CPU and GPU cores. PARAMETERS: Variable int i, j, k in range {100;3000} Const in double presentation Input array INP[i+1][j][k] Output array OUT[i][j][k] Formula for(int i = 0; i < valueI; i++) for(int j = 0; j < valueJ; j++) for(int k = 0; k < valueK; k++) OUT[i][j][k] = * (INP[i][j][k] – INP[i+1][j][k])

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    We are developing a new OpenCL-based GPU-powered text to speech model, called Tandem TTS (or GPT2) trained on a large-vocabulary, language modeling task in order to produce more accurate speech output than traditional n-gram models and neural net architectures. We have developed a fast, efficient algorithm for training on OpenCL-based GPUs and demonstrated that realtime decoding can be achieved for short phrases on GPU and CPU devices. This work should help us to create a more robust, more accurate, and more powerful model for generating high quality speech. Job Description: You will be tasked with testing a prototype of the Tandem TTS model on a dataset of language samples that we have collected. The model will generate text in one of a few languages depending on the la...

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    We need somebody to set up OpenCL and OpenGL on our Linux computer. It is an ARM-based machine with a MALI 450 GPU. Linux 20 is already installed and running. We will provide you SSH access to the computer plus a video stream of the machines output, so you can work remotely and see the output. What the deliverables should be: - We will supply a number of OpenGL demo's. These should run on the HDMI output, when started from SSH. - Clappr video player should be installed and should be able to play videos on the HDMI output, using the GPU, when started from SSH terminal. - lolminer (or similar) should be installed and should work with GPU support. - Documentation should be included to set up all of the above on other identical devices.

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    We need somebody to set up OpenCL and OpenGL on our Linux computer. It is an ARM-based machine with a MALI 450 GPU. Linux 20 is already installed and running. We will provide you SSH access to the computer plus a video stream of the machines output, so you can work remotely and see the output. We have a number of OpenGL demos that should run and also minerd (or some other mining software requiring a GPU should work).

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    ...problem myself, eventually, though I'd rather have someone do the task for me or help me. I assume basic skills in OpenCL/OpenGL/C++ are helpful, if not even required. I want to be able to communicate with you easily, so I test whether you have read this description or just copy-pasted your default resume like an senseless opener: In case you have read till here, start your bid with "IR EAD IT" followed by 2 plus 8 in the first line. Also, start with a small bid and we can have a chat/audio talk and agree on a larger budget and realistic milestones after that. In case you want a sample, there is a file attached called ``. You have to install gnuradio 3.9, opencl, build utilities, git, gr-fosphor ... and then you can open `` and run it. This is your starti...

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    I need a simple program that must run on a gpu. This program should create a set (or array) with a range of numbers. This array can contain billions of numbers. After creating the array, I must be able to check if any of the numbers in the created array is in another array I will provide. If so, I must save this number in a txt file. Remember about concurrency, because the array I will provide will be accessed by multiple threads at the same time.

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    I'm looking for good talents who: 1. familiar with GPU/CUP 2. Professional knowledge of HPC(High-Performance Computing) 3. CUDA or OpenCL

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    Hi. Dmitriy. I am interested in a CUDA or OpenCL implementation of the SECP256k1 library. It should be fast as it will be used for brute-forcing. To meet my requirements, the final code should be able to do : let crackingCandidates = <cracking candidates>; let privateKey = SHA256(randomValueGeneratedFromGlobalIdx); let pubKey = (privateKey); if ((pubKey)) return 1; There are similar things implemented, I could give you references. Thanks.

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    There is a tool to recover addresses from seed (set of words) for crypto wallets. It is 100% opensource: https:/...number of addresses OUTPUT: first N addresses with privkeys I will NOT execute compiled code - I must be able to compile it on my machine. The code should be compilable at Ubuntu64. Additionally here goes interesting document I find usefull for C programming of crypto: If somebody is interested in creating GPU (openCL) version - I would be more than happy. Here you can read about it written in rust: Maybe we need just to tune this code a little bit? I am OK with it if it can be fitted to my needs.

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    Want to build an OpenCL mining software to mine Ethereum on specific hardware using intel OpenCL SDK. Basically, you would be building an ETH Miner using OpenCL that runs on windows.

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    RU: Необходимо перенести C# код PBKDF2-HMACSHA256 + AES GCM256 в OpenCL/CUDA. Язык программирования C/C++/C# Исходный код предоставляю только пользователям с рейтингом! ВНИМАНИЕ! Я НЕ ЗАПУСКАЮ ИСПОЛНЯЕМЫЕ ФАЙЛЫ НА СВОЕМ ПК! ВСЕ СДЕЛАННЫЕ ПРОЕКТЫ ПРИНИМАЮТСЯ ТОЛЬКО ИСХОДНИКАМИ! КОМПИЛИРОВАТЬ И Я САМ УМЕЮ! EN: It is necessary to transfer the C # code for PBKDF2-HMACSHA256 + AES GCM256 to OpenCL / CUDA. C / C ++ / C # programming language I provide the source code only to users with a rating! ATTENTION! I DON'T RUN RUNNABLE FILES ON MY PC! ALL DONE PROJECTS ARE ACCEPTED ONLY BY SOURCES! AND I AM ABLE TO COMPILE!

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    We want to put together a fast system for vision processing. We currently have a Intel Core i7-9700 CPU with a Nvidia Quadro P1000 which we use for both CUDA and OpenCL. We are using this for a custom vision system. We're looking for a hardware expert who can suggest Windows 10 system hardware that will give us roughly four times the image processing ability than what we have now. We need it to go about four times faster than it is now. The images we are using are 4096x3072, and the vision system uses a neural network which is processed using GPU: CUDA, with additional processing using OpenCL.

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    RU: Необходимо реализовать программу на языке C/C++ для работы с хэшем PBKDF2 Подробности указаны в техническом задании EN: It is necessary to implement a program in C / C ++ to work with the PBKDF2 hash Details are indicated in the terms of reference Sorry, I don't know English, so I use a translator. If you do not understand something, please let me know and I will explain for you

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    Hello, Peter O.! I drew attention to your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss the details in the chat.

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    Main task: translate JS code from website to OpenCL to run on PC using GPU power Operating system: Only Windows 7-11 Supported GPU devices: Nvidea and AMD GPU Programming languages: С/C++ (and those close to them) Program type: Console Source: Main site () Enter the top field: {"data":"jT/M86sHkxLqm0K0//R5s6dRGtuai271Sup5JgT7vZ9isxY9cSlIYI5kanDZFcnwgf2jeUNMvnVH/Zdt6b+b5zxs2tbGDrsTOAIzpvl4p5FQ5V2wTE0XBRV3wwRZrrF6a76AR0Z6m0g3Gk1tHUzo7+kF6fFoma+DZxkyd0Zb34ZyZn0Gq6H+7GgH/pt3lXypihxl34ETvxBHf2rGR6t7rpvD7A6FdcDk6u2uiYiTMBnqVBVIYEta0RD8KkHw","iv":"HuSa0jN+eW/L8Jl/X8bihQ==","salt":"ohwQ4zm5UbfSxf2YSqtbjJZBDL+Xv49Qf2P/8In4vJI="} Enter the password field: Qaz12345 As a result, we get a password from a cryptocurrency wallet [{&qu...

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    I have an OpenCL optimization project (VS2019/C#/OpenCL). The actual OpenCL code that needs to be optimized is about 200 lines long, it is supported by about 1000 lines of C# which formats data into OpenCL buffers. This is my OpenCL code and I think it could be improved and optimized to run about 5x faster than it is running now, because I am doing redundant things (reformatting data redundantly, moving data to and from the GPU redundantly). Please describe your OpenCL experience and let me know you have read and understand the project description.

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    Hi Karteek S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project: I have an OpenCL optimization project that you may be interested in. If you are available for this, I can send a test project which demonstrates the OpenCL that needs to be optimized.

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    Hi Sergey P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I have an OpenCL optimization project that you may be interested in. If you are available for this, I can send a test project which demonstrates the OpenCL that needs to be optimized.

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    ₹620 - ₹620 / hr
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    Hello, I am looking for the expert in opencl

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    I need a working OpenCL (GPU) sort example in C#. I prefer the C# Cloo API, but ANY working C# OpenCL API will be acceptable (if it works with .NET Standard 2.0). For reference, here are some OpenCL GPU sorting examples In your bid, please say, "I have OpenCL experience" and tell me a bit about what you have done with OpenCL in the past.

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    Hi Choudhury R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my OpenCL C# project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Need to convert some specific loops in a C++ code to OPENCL for execution on FPGA

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    I am in an algo class/ethical probing and we need to a simple miner for the haven/cryptonote heavy protocol without the extra code from other algos. Xmrig is a good open source model, but I am new to programming in c++. So instead of spending days stripping out other algos and just focus on haven. I wonder if someone might b...has to successfully pull down a request, hash it and submit a successful share. Good sites to test against are or (haven side). Code must also have either good notes or remarks so I can follow from beginning to end. coin website = code must compile on linux or windows via gcc compiler or visual studio compiler 2017 code only needs to run on cpu, no opencl or nvidia programming required. No specialize speed enhancements.

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