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    I have installed OpenSIPS 3.1 server with UAC, CP and rtpproxy on Debian 9 server with 2 network interface. (Asterisk server - OpenSIPS - Service Provider) Now I am able to establish calls and also registering to my service provider. I need someone's help to fix the rtp traffic and routing.

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    I am apart of a web hosting company that provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. We are looking to hire additional talent in Ukraine, to fulfill vacancies for full time Linux systems administrator. This is a remote position, for this particular position we are seeking talent from individuals who reside in Ukraine. The ideal candidate has great familiarity w...

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    Hi, (respond with "likemeethack" if you like, or respond will deleted) I am developing telepresence robot, based on rasp4. 1-2-1 view is set by google meet view. need a trick to click button "New meeting" ([login to view URL]) .. and ultimately automate a bit more. It will hack or trick. system : rasp4 & raspbian on raspberry4, standard last OS for rasp. (debian) p...

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    About the Project: The Vomela Companies is a mostly US-based network of small- to large- format graphics providers to various industries, mainly retail. We've done the design and development of an intranet brand site aimed at providing design standards and resource downloads to s ales and related departments for use in promotion of services to a wide variety of clientele. The site is pretty...

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    I have a sample image, which I am attaching. I am creating a game, in which the terrain consists of these hexagonal images. The idea is to create a script on imagemagick that creates these maps automatically. For example, a map would have 100 x 100 hexagons. Another map would have 50 x 50 hexagons. (So I need a script, because doing it manually is impractical) The image would need to be with a tra...

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    Site: [login to view URL] Should be fairly simple to setup: [login to view URL] All the documentation you need.

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    Hello, please help us solve issue in C# code... Application taking 50% CPU .. target are 0%-0.1% Code must run under Linux Debian with desktop via mono! (available source code are running under debian) Sources and readme steps for fast installation are here: [login to view URL] We need to fix it urgently... If you solve we will cooperate with you for LONG TIME ! Many thanks for your hel...

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    I am looking to setup server mirroring to another server for failover support. I currently am running a Laravel project on the first server (Debian), and need to setup a mirror in order to implement a failover solution.

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    We are searching a skilled person on ISPCONFIG , please do not propose Yourself if You aren'.t. These are the problems to solve in a production server with Linux Debian 9 , ISPConfig 3.2.2, Apache 2.4 , PHP 7.4 and let's Encrypt: - vhosts are online but main site (ispconfig host) is not reachable and uses the self signed certificate instead of let's encrypt; - postscript and dove...

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    I have a working Mastodon instance (installed on a debian 10 linux server) but because the VPS host I am using has IP addresses which are blacklisted by email spam filters, the emails from my VPS are ending up in peoples' spam folder (some aren't receiving them at all). I would like to get my Mastodon instance sending emails using Protonmail Bridge (I have a paid protonmail account). I w...

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    Hello, I need someone who have knowledge of docker and Hetzner network. I have create a server with Hetzner and installed Debian (minimal) and docker in the server. I want to give each container static ipv6 address (that works fine). Problem what need to solve is: I can't ping outside the server to container. Server config is here: [login to view URL] This job has to be done by anydesk ...

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    I have rented a VPS with Debian 10 installed on the server. I would like to hire someone to install Mastodon (fediverse social media) on that server such that everything works properly (including the ability of the server to send emails such as confirmation emails upon sign up which don't end up in the spam folder). See here: [login to view URL] Once the set up is complete I'd also li...

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    A2billing debian 13 hours left

    Hello I have a centos8 running kamailio asterisk and a2b, the service has chat with file transfers and of course voice and video calls, I have built it with several developers and I have also android custom built clients and apis, Im looking for someone to start installing the required above explained prefferably on debian 10 but 9 would do its a cooperative work between you and me to copy my curr...

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    We are building a platform for transport companies in The Netherlands. The platform seeks for truckloads throughout Europe based on GPS location. Our team is managed by guru level nerds :-) We use the following tech stack: Debian Laravel Bootrap 4 Mysql 8 Firebase Flutter What kind of developers are we looking for? We are looking for developers that are enthusiastic and passionate about ever...

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    I am apart of a startup that provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. I am looking to hire a full time, independent Linux systems administrator for a web hosting company, who will work in liaison with our current outsourced support team. Agencies/staffing companies please do not apply. This is a remote position, and qualified applicants from anywhere in the w...

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    for our project we use several VMs hosted on 2 Physicals servers (Virtualisation with Proxmox). I'm replacing the machines, and the news ones have QNAP Lan cards (QXG-2G2T-I225 and QNAP QXG-2G4T-I225). Usually I have no problem to have the lan cards to function properly to share network to VM with VMBR, but here, with theses 2 cards, no packet can pass. I'm not good with drivers on linux...

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    We are in need of a Application Programmer who can create software/firmware that can communicate with other IOT devices. This software has to be able to be created in Debian Linux OS for Raspberry PI 4 model B also the software has to be updatable for future updates and can integrate with preferred devices.

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    Hello, i would like to hire a freelancer that will create a working php 5.3 environnement from this docker image [login to view URL] my php script use zend guard (wich is not available on this docker but u can grab the ".so" here [login to view URL]) you will make sure that my script work inside docker on a server that i will provide (centos 7 or debian) also show me some tips for s...

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    Hi, we are looking for a freelancer with experience of working with Django application. We need to deploy an application on a VPS server, running apache 2 on Debian 10. Debian, Apache are already installed and running. We can provide TeamViewer access to a computer that has a terminal access to the VPS server.

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    Our postgreSQL odoo databases have been deleted, moved or corrupted. We need someone to run data recovery tools to see if they can be retreived

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    Right now we have an almost complete project running the following: - Nodejs The Lounge Chat that has a WebRCT server implemented for webcam usage on it. - The chat room is running connected to our IRC network where a user is able to connect via a parameter link (with some hidden ones aswell), and turn on their webcam for others to see. The webcat is running implemented with our PHP/HTML website a...

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    We're looking for a Galera cluster administrator to perform maintenance in our production environment (three MariaDB nodes on Debian). The right candidate has excellent knowledge of Galera clusters, MariaDB, and server admin for supporting the daemons, and good communication skills. Services must remain operational 07:45-02:15 GMT and data loss isn't acceptable - we have a range of back...

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    are you looking for... I'm looking for a Linux Admin & Windows Desktop Support expert. -- It will be on-going monthly support. -- Solid Exp with CentOS: Apache, MySQL, VPN, IPTables. -- Desktop Support on Windows 7 / 10 -- 3 hours per week -- High availability is mandatory IT Professional, Linux Server Administrator I am an independent Server Admin, I'm seeking opportunities to ...

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    I deep someone with a deep understanding of AWS Lambda, Python and Debian to help me write two programs. Raspberry PI Python program to link to AWS Lambda Python program and send small chunks of data Modify my AWS Python Lambda program to accept this data as a trigger event and send it to my Alexa Lambda program so Alexa can speak the data. What I have already: A threaded Python program in the PI...

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    This is an open source project to develop a variant of Sway which will run on Wayland. The project initially will involve making various improvements to Sway, but eventually involve significant new functionality. The goal is to generally replicate i3 on Wayland and go beyond that to create a superior window manager in terms of stability and functionality. Testing will be on Ubuntu, Debian and Arch...

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    Need a program written in Python that can subscribe to the COINEX crypto exchange websocket and receive all of the TICKER price updates for ALL of the crypto symbols/pairs the exchange offers. Program must subscribe, receive data, display/print data to screen when received in JSON format. Program must run on Ubuntu or Debian OS. Provide a list of Python support libraries that need to be loaded.

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    Our clients need to run a vpn client that will give them access to their servers. Clients are crosplatfor (ios,macos,android,windows) Clients need to have the ability to route the network via the vpn only when they need to access the server all other network traffic needs to go thru their own gateway. The client is a part of a group (company) Our need is to give a group a route from the VPN serve...

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    Need a routing expert to set routes for 3 interfaces. First interface is main network using [login to view URL] as gateway ([login to view URL]) Second interface is VoIP for phone using [login to view URL] as gateway ([login to view URL]) Thirth infterface is direct connection to SIP using [login to view URL] as gateway (ip [login to view URL]) and needs to contact [login to view URL]

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    we need an expert in netJACK that can configure for us netJack between audio devices and baresip all of this are in Debian 10 proot our budget is 150 $

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    For several Debian 10 (Buster) systems, where docker 20.10.1 is running, a bash based backup & restore scripts need to be built. A basic menu structure for user input need to be followed. Please look at the specifics within the attached requirements documents. Important: Only docker native commands and bash must be used and no database. Values need to be stored in flat-files.

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    Please provide source code, as we will not run any mystery binaries. Code must execute on x86/x86_64 hardware under Debian 10. Manual start-up of the bot is preferred, as it will be used primarily during live stream events. We have the resources to host the bot on our own hardware. Any language is acceptable, so long as the setup isn't comparable to pulling teeth. Thank you for your time a...

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    Here is the link to Debians Live-Build examples: [login to view URL] I need a build script based on an example above that includes the following: - Change hostname to CUSTOM - Disable boot splash screen wait. (by default must hit enter to boot)

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    I try to create my own host, i did everything good but site not working.

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    debian failed to open stream: No space left on device dh- i vdal space 100% need to fix this problem

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    Need a person to work on a short term project, need experience in PHP, Phyton, debian on AWS

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    My WordPress website running on a Debian Linux server hosted on a digitalocean account stopped responding today. Error is "Error establishing a database connection." When I run systemctl status [login to view URL] I get "failed to start database" I need a system admin to login to my server and fix what is wrong and see if we were hacked.

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    Hey, I'm looking for a web app developer who can setup my webserver from my source code on Github to my new Debian Server. The source code has full documentation for setup. Please let me know if you are available.

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    We have a running Debian VM under ESXi at Hetzner company. This server is a production server and running CMS on heavy load. We need to secure the server from attacks.

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    Hallo Haroon, Our server is attacked today which is running on Hetzner company. Our CMS product "Daktilo" is running under VMware as a virtual machine running on Debian box. We need to secure our server and need support. How can you help us? Thank you

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    • Your code must compile and execute on Debian-based unix platform. You will get 0 for compilation or execution errors • No multi-threading or parallelization is allowed

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    What you need to do - Build a simple Chat App for iOS and Android - Build custom back-end/front-end (do not use Firebase and other 3rd party or open source etc.) What we provide - Adobe XD files full design UI/UX, meaning you only need to code and you do not need to do design part (we have full design, in attachment we show you 1 sample of chats home page) Expectation - Test with your server, th...

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    We need an experienced OSG developer to start a prototype application showing same code for both Desktop and cloud/browser. There are a few OSG prototype requirement including tri/quad face facelist display, face-based data color rendering and vertex data color rendering. This is a quick prototyping project. Details will be provided. Please do a quick estimate of the cost if possible. Thanks! Fo...

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    Python network script: 1) Script will be able to run on any platform (including Cloud(Debian)/Windows/Linux/Mac) 2) Script will discover the network in the subnet mask 3) Script will report device name/workstation name, IP address, status When the script is run: *****This script will discover all the computers on the network, check their availability (offline/online) *** Main Menu: Q - Qui...

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    Need a person to work on a short term project, need experience in PHP, Phyton, debian on AWS

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    Need a person to work on a short term project, need experience in PHP, Phyton, debian on AWS

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    I have a wordpress page with a subdomain and I want to change to the main domain but when I try to do that, the pages don't load. I have the page in a VPS with Debian.

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    Hello, we are looking for skilled developer that have skills with running [login to view URL] libary under LINUX(debian) using MONO We need urgently help.. As proof you readed please write --> I have skills with [login to view URL] and mono........ Thanks for helping !!!!!

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    Upgraded From Debian 8 to 9 and now no MySQL as it goes to that Maria but now my websites are down. PHPMYADMIN says cannot login to the MySQL server.

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