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    I'm seeking a skilled Python and C++ developer to create a Python wrapper for a C++ SDK that operates a camera. Key Requirements: - The wrapper must be compatible with Windows. - The main functionalities to control (focus adjustment, live view, capturing images and so on). - A basic GUI will be provided (in Qt Designer) so it would help if you have a working knowledge of PyQt or PySide - The GUI will have a Graphics view area and some buttons to click, focus, etc. You may use it to display the live image, focus, capture - You don't need to convert every function (there are 51 in the API) at one go - We can go milestone wise: + For example, 10 important functions in the 1st milestone: Initalise SDK, TerminateSDK, OpenSession, CloseSession, LiveView, Focu...

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    I am currently in the process of creating a custom toolkit for building AI powered software with specific capabilities in Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, Speech Recognition, Predictive Modelling, and More. I am looking for a skilled Python developer to help refine my toolkit. Main tasks: - Improving Error Handling to handle exceptions effectively and providing clear and info...all up into a zip file that I can easily extract into my projects to use my custom classes and methods Ideal skills and qualifications: - Proficient in Python - Experience in AI, specifically Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition and Predictive Modelling - Strong knowledge in Data Visualization, Error Handling, and Performance Optimization - Experience in building Interface classes for ...

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    I am seeking a skilled WordPress developer to build a unique and high-quality custom PC builder website. The website should offer similar functionality and design to the reference website attached, but also incorporate advanced filter options, compatibility checker, etc. I have already designed the user interface (GUI) for the custom PC builder tool. Please note that my budget for this project is $175. I understand this is a limited budget and am open to negotiating based on your experience and the final project scope. To evaluate your suitability, please share your portfolio, relevant experience with custom plugin development and PC builder implementations, and an estimated timeline for completion within 2 weeks. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    Namada Blockchain Explorer 5 days left

    I'm looking to have a specialized blockchain explorer deve...using open-source code and implementing Namada blockchain into further exploration: Namada website: GitHub repository: The ideal candidate for this project will be well-versed in blockchain technology. Familiarity with blockchain explorers and profound knowledge of developing customizable software tools is highly desirable. Professional skills in GUI design and UX are a must to ensure usability and accessibility of the tool. Please note that only bids from developers with proven experience in developing blockchain tools, specifically blockchain explorers, will be considered. Applicants should provide portfolio examples demonstrating their capability to deliver this type of work.

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    ...Preprocessing in parallel calculations 9. many SageMaker AWS instances Distributed Inference with autoscaling in parallel calculations 10. requests implemented by you developed python code for predictions may be done from any computer on web up to 1234 requests per second , everybody with credentials using python to web access can create requests (not ssh or any remote connection to AWS web site) 11. no GUI design, but all done by python SDK - only python code used 12. ML starter code and data will be provided or you can use your ML model code if I like it 13. Provide 2 solutions with Docker and without Docker 14 use 1 to 5 low cost AWS instances. Scaling time 1 second for both scaling up and scaling down for example for scaling up Or requests per second criteria less then ...

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    ...analysis with confidence charts and sensitivity charts. Milestones: Distribution Generator: Develop a Python script with a Tkinter-based GUI to parse organized data from an input Excel file, generate distribution information, and store data in a Distribution log file. (Week 1) Run Simulation: Create a Python module with Tkinter interfaces for running simulations using a Model file and Distribution log file. Allow for manual or dynamic retrieval of parameters from the distribution log file. Implement the simulation for yellow-coded input parameters and store results in a sample file. (Week 2) Sample Generation: Implement an iteration process in the Tkinter GUI to systematically populate sample values for yellow-coded parameters in the model. Capture output values for bl...

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    ChatGPT Prompt Builder WebApp 4 days left

    ...Language:** The project should be developed in Python, leveraging its robust ecosystem and libraries for web development and AI integration. - **Model Support:** Focused exclusively on the most current ChatGPT model. This specificity ensures the tool remains up-to-date with the latest advancements, providing users with a cutting-edge experience. - **Interface:** A web-based interface is envisioned. The GUI should be intuitive, facilitating seamless creation, customization, and testing of prompts. Usability is paramount. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Python, with a portfolio highlighting web applications. - Familiarity with OpenAI's GPT models, particularly the latest version, including implementing API calls and handling responses. - Experience in develo...

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    I'm in need of a capable Python developer to create a GUI for my project. Here's what you'll need to know: - Primary Objective: The principal aim of this project is to develop a simple Python UI for a number of machine learning models. - Required Libraries: Experienced use of the Streamlit and Gradio libraries is crucial for this project. Good to Know; Machine Learning An ideal candidate will have a proven track record with Python development and a deep understanding of GUI development, specifically with Streamlit and Gradio libraries. Please showcase relevant examples of GUI's you've developed in the past. Let's extract the power of Python together.

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    ... The system architecture consists of a central main node and multiple field nodes strategically dispersed across the field, ensuring seamless control, monitoring, and battery management functionalities. Key Features: • Main Node Integration with Raspberry Pi: • The central main node is seamlessly integrated with a Raspberry Pi 4, featuring a touchscreen interface. We have developed an intuitive GUI to simplify configuration and operation processes. • Field Node Configuration: Each field node, spaced at intervals exceeding 150 meters, is equipped with two digital outputs and two digital inputs. These nodes utilize Raspberry Pi Pico microcontrollers for efficient data processing and wireless communication. • Long-Range Wireless Communication via LoRa: The system...

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    As the client, I'm seeking a skilled Python developer who can create a GUI fingerprint authentication code for me. This system will support user login functionality. Key Requirements: - Develop Python code that involves fingerprint matching through API and the use of cv2 for image processing - Capacitive scanner compatibility is essential - GUI should be user-friendly with fields for username, password, and fingerprint data - Demonstrate high accuracy in user login authentication with the use of fingerprint data Ideal Experience: - Proficiency in Python, APIs, cv2 - Prior development work involving biometric systems, particularly relating to fingerprint recognition - Knowledge and prior work with GUI development Please note: I have a timeline of 5 months for ...

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    Launch WhatsApp Desktop app on windows without GUI. That means hide the GUI of whatsapp. Then control it using programming languages such as Nodejs, Python etc.

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can develop a simple POC iOS application using BLE Scanning to read specific advertising data up to 31 bytes and send it to an REST API (these functions are supplied) Application flow we can discouss in more details, source code and project for xcode or similar should be provided in the project. - **Core Functionality**: - GUI with a few buttons and some status text - SCAN BLE devices and read advertising data based on specific name and range (db) - POST custom raw advertising data to an API backend - up to 31 bytes - Receive JSON payload from API calls - **Skills and Experience**: - Bluetooth BLE knowledge - scanning, read advertising data - XCode is prefferable but other development tools are also - Flutter, Xamarin etc...

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    I'm seeking a talented web developer to create a cutting-edge platform that integrates voice-command functionality with a modern, sleek graphical user interface. Here's what I need: - Develop a web-based application with voice-to-GUI capabilities. - Ensure a modern, streamlined, and user-friendly design. - Integrate e-commerce features while prioritizing voice interaction. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in voice recognition technology. - Proficient in front-end development languages (React, CSS, ). - Strong experience with UX/UI design, focusing on modern aesthetics. - Ability to implement responsive design for various devices. - Familiarity with e-commerce integration and security protocols. Experience: - Proven portfolio with similar projects. - Positive feedback from prev...

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    We are looking for a skilled SAP S/4HANA Developer with expertise in creating Core Data Services (CDS) views for analytics consumption in Power BI. The role involves developing and optimizing CDS views to facilitate effective data extraction and visualization, supporting informed decision-making processes. Prior experience with Retail S/4HANA modules is mandatory. 1. Experience with SAP GUI and navigating SAP systems for data 2. Experience with handling Transport Requests 3. Experience in developing Calculation Views 4. SAP certification in relevant domains. 5. Experience handling large datasets and complex data structures. 6. Knowledge of other BI tools and technologies. Key Responsibilities: Design and develop CDS views in SAP S/4HANA for effective analytics and reporting. Seamle...

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    Job Description: I am seeking a talented developer with expertise in Python and GUI development to significantly enhance or potentially rebuild my existing ProxyApp tool. This application facilitates the searching, purchasing, and management of proxy servers through an external API. The ideal candidate will have the freedom to propose and implement solutions that may include using additional binaries or completely redesigning the application, provided the final product meets the project's objectives. Current Application Overview: Built with tkinter and themed with ttkthemes. Features include proxy searching, display, purchase, and management functionalities. Interacts with an external API for data and actions related to proxies. Implements threading for non-blocking UI operati...

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    I am seeking assistance in developing a framework using SDL2 and ImGui within Visual Studio and C++ to facilitate the creation of GUI applications. The objective is to establish a robust foundation for application development. While creating single-window applications is straightforward, I require support for handling multiple windows within our framework. Typically, applications consist of a main window and occasional secondary windows (such as options dialogs), often modal in nature (e.g., in C#, using ShowDialog(), where the parent window cannot regain focus until the spawned window is closed). Each window must possess its own SDL2 and ImGui context, with scenarios even allowing for more than two concurrently open windows. The proposed solution involves: BaseWindow Class: ...

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    BLE Data iOS App Dev 3 days left

    ...developer to create an application focused on visualizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data in real time. The goal is to present this data through a highly interactive and visually appealing graphical user interface (GUI) on iPhone devices. Below are the key project requirements and desired skills: **Core Features:** - Real-time data visualization using a custom GUI. - Incorporation of dial gauges and button state indicators for dynamic data representation. - Functionality for data logging and exporting capabilities into common formats for further analysis. **Visual Preferences:** - The GUI should majorly consist of dial gauges for analog data visualization and button states to reflect the binary status. - A clean, intuitive layout that allows for easy monitoring of...

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    ...**Required Skills**: - Proficiency in programming languages suitable for hardware control, such as C++ or Python. - Experience in developing software with hardware interaction, especially lasers. - In-depth understanding of laser physics to accurately implement power, speed, pulse, and movement controls. - Ability to design and implement a user-friendly interface, although the specific type (CLI, GUI, or Web-based) has not been determined, flexibility and suggestions in this area are welcome. - **Preferred Experience**: - Previous projects involving laser machines or similar hardware control software. - Familiarity with digital drawing tools and image tracing features, as future updates may include these functionalities. Although the user interface preference was ...

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    41 bids project to life. The application must incorporate several critical functionalities, including database integration for robust data management, user authentication to ensure secure access, and efficient file management capabilities to handle various types of documents and media. Here are the specifics about what I'm looking for: - **Graphical User Interface (GUI):** The application should have an intuitive and user-friendly GUI. While I'm open to the inclusion of command-line functionalities for advanced users, the primary interface must be graphical to ensure ease of use for all users. - **Core Functionalities:** - **Database Integration:** To support extensive data analysis activities, the application must seamlessly integrate with databases. Experience ...

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    ...Import/Export Functionality: The tool should support the import of binary files for editing and the export of the modified files, maintaining compatibility with various operating systems. Technical Requirements: Experience with binary file processing and understanding of different encoding standards. Proficiency in a programming language suited for binary data manipulation (e.g., C++, Python). GUI development experience for creating a user-friendly interface for the tool. Knowledge of data integrity verification to prevent file corruption during edits. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in software development, particularly in handling binary data and developing applications with user interface components. Please provide examples of previous similar proje...

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    ...tasks, we evaluate the quality and compliance of the work and then we proceed with the next tasks, step-by-step following point 3 above. 8) Required DB Design E/R Technical Specifications: - Microsoft BI latest version on our Windows Server - Database MS SQL server - Import from CSV/EXCEL files - Access via VPN (Wireguard) System Requirements - Create SQL initial structure - Create initial GUI Inserting, uploading files and data and Reporting - Records can be created manually or imported by external files Upload of: Excel/CSV files for client and supplier master data Excel/CSV files for general ledger transactions (Accouting First Entry) Solution Features 1. Work Order Management 1.1 Work Order Creation Utilize the Microsoft BI platform to create and manage work order...

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    ...release Project Structure: - Navigation Menus (realized) - Side Panel for Quick Editing (CRUD Actions) - Element List - Side Panel on specific action from websocket - Wizard to import or create configuration Demonstrated Skills: - Proficient in Angular with visible projects checking online the code (no HTML pages only) - The ability to recognize legacy elements and integrate them in the new gui - Experience with Role and Permission integration - Experiece in integration API REST - Reusable component developments Portfolio requirements: Overview of your experience with Angular, especially in UX design updates. Previous projects or demos showcasing Angular development skills. Estimated timeline for completing the specified tasks. Cost breakdown, including hourly rates and...

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    Set up communication between labview and PLC (in Sysmac studio) in 1 day. The PLC is of type Omron and primarily the PLC will be set up with ethernet cable. We will try to set up wifi or usb but thats unsure. As of now the PLC is connected to PC with ethernet cable. And i am on the other side to make GUI in labview. Everything is set up there but i need the labview to communicate with the PLC so that labview gets all data from PLC that is set up in Sysmac studio. I am thinking of using OPC UA server, but i dont know where to start on this part

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    I am looking for a software specialist (microcontroller and software preferably) to help me with teensy 4.1 programming of my hardware setup for infrasound logging on sd card and making an easy GUI software for presenting this data as spectrogram and similar visualization graphs.

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    ...and library paths with the appropriate paths for Visual Studio. Adjust project settings accordingly. Replace Embarcadero-Specific Functions: Replace Embarcadero-specific functions and classes with equivalent functionalities available in Visual Studio or the standard C++ library. Adjust UI Components: If your project involves GUI components, replace Embarcadero-specific UI elements with standard Windows UI controls. You might need to redesign certain parts of the GUI. Memory Management: Similar to Delphi, Embarcadero C++ Builder might use automatic memory management. Update memory handling according to Visual Studio C++ practices. Handle External Libraries: If your project relies on third-party libraries, ensure that these libraries are compatible with Visual Studio...

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    I'm pursuing a computer science project, requiring proficient skills in Javasc...revenue classes of (Bonds, stocks, cash, deposits, credits) and each client has their own ROA ( return of investment) where total revenue over total assets) The details will be presented in the document, The coding languages is java script and html, I need someone to "assist" me with this, by looking at the details and following up with me to finish this, maximum time for this is 3 days. I need a GUI, drop down menu, and data base, where my banker can edit delete, and all the codes I need to see because I need to explain the coding, so it should not be super complex. More deeper details will be shared when we discuss. Everything thats in my test plan has to be there. I am using visual cod...

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    I need a seasoned PYQT developer to create a comprehensive desktop application that not only serves as a user interface but can enhance an existing program. This work entails GUI control that will be housed on a RaspberryPI board. The core functionalities required include: - Display of sensor data. - Control of GPIO pins. - Ability for effective interaction with other devices. - Implementation of serial port communication. Despite skipped Question 3, the specifics of the sensor data to be displayed will be discussed and determined once we have established cooperation. Expertise in PYQT development, RaspberryPI boards, and proficiency in serial port communication and sensor-based data are essential qualifications for this project. An understanding of GPIO pin control and device in...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Python developer to build a program encompassing a diverse range of regression analysis capabilities and pre-processing methods. This tool should provide an intuitive GUI that can handle CSV and Excel data inputs. The program essentially fit a quadratic equation , a hyperplane using multiple input variables to one output using the GA with r2 maximization. Key requirements include: 1. Data Loading & Preprocessing: - The program should be capable of cleaning and normalizing data upon loading, ensuring their readiness for further analysis. 2. Feature Selection: - A genetic algorithm should be part of the feature selection process. 3. Regression Model Fitting & Comparison: - The program must possess the ability to fit, evalu...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Python or nodeJS developer to construct a cross-platform desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The main functionality needed is to fetch and print PDFs from a given endpoint. The app should have a Graphical User Interface (GUI), thus requiring the developer to have: • Strong expertise in Python or nodeJS • Proficiency in developing GUI applications • Understanding and experience with cross-platform development • Knowledge of handling PDF files and printers • Familiarity with interacting with API calls We need the source code (on github) and pipelines setup to build windows EXEs as well as Linux binaries. The app has a preshared url and uuid that identifies the printer, and only one printer is setup per uuid. The u...

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    Hello Asterisk Developer - Engineer - Tech, 1. I need an Asterisk auto-attendant - IVR with a TTS text-to-speach greeting generator - plugin. Canned greetings are so last century - customers want tailored greetings in a life-like male and female voice.2. No cumbersome GUI to handle this. I currently have a GUI running my Asterisk Voicemail that is over 10 years old...simple, liteweight and has what I need.3. If you are not experienced with Asterisk, you probably should not you.

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    ...reporting. My goal is to seamlessly generate and access these inventory reports through the SAP GUI, ensuring an improved user interface for easier data management and decision-making. **Requirements:** - **Data Extraction:** Ability to accurately pull inventory data from our SAP system. - **Report Generation:** Skilled in creating reports based on extracted inventory data, presenting information clearly and effectively. - **User Interface Enhancement**: Enhance the SAP GUI to enable straightforward access to the newly generated inventory reports. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in ABAP programming - Strong background in creating reports within SAP environments - Familiarity with SAP GUI and its customization - Knowledge of inventory manage...

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    ... - **Problem-Solving:** Ability to understand the specific needs and workflow I'm looking to automate, and to design an efficient script that integrates seamlessly with the desktop applications in question. **Ideal Skills:** - Proficiency in Python and its application in automation scripts. - Familiarity with libraries or frameworks that support desktop application automation. - Experience in GUI automation tools (e.g., PyAutoGUI) would be highly beneficial. - A knack for understanding user requirements and translating them into functional script features. This script aims to minimize manual intervention in repetitive tasks, thereby saving time and reducing the potential for human error. A successful project would result in a robust, reliable, and user-friendly automation...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned qt linux programmer comfortable with improving upon existing codebases. My focus is on enhancing the user interface of the iptables-GUI project found on Here's what I need specifically: - **User Interface Overhaul**: We're talking about layout design and responsiveness. The existing layout needs to be transformed into a more professional, cleaner design. Responsiveness must also be improved to provide a smoother user experience across all devices. Experience with UI/UX designs or working with similar projects would make you a perfect fit. A portfolio with examples of your past professional, clean designs will help me ensure that we are on the same page.

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    ... - **Problem-Solving:** Ability to understand the specific needs and workflow I'm looking to automate, and to design an efficient script that integrates seamlessly with the desktop applications in question. **Ideal Skills:** - Proficiency in Python and its application in automation scripts. - Familiarity with libraries or frameworks that support desktop application automation. - Experience in GUI automation tools (e.g., PyAutoGUI) would be highly beneficial. - A knack for understanding user requirements and translating them into functional script features. This script aims to minimize manual intervention in repetitive tasks, thereby saving time and reducing the potential for human error. A successful project would result in a robust, reliable, and user-friendly automation...

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    I'm in need of a developer skilled in Java, particularly as it relates to building engaging and intermediate-level Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). The core functionality that must be incorporated is the ability to select and display the count of encrypted and decrypted files. Key Responsibilities: - Dev...and display the count of encrypted and decrypted files. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a Graphical UI for a Java application - Make use of dynamic elements to increase user engagement - Incorporate a function to select files within the application - Visually display a count of encrypted and decrypted files Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in Java - Solid understanding and experience in GUI design and development - Previous work with encryption/decryption functional...

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    Hi Gabriel Z., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I am seeking a skilled programmer with experience in FORTRAN IV to develop a computer program that simulates the behavior of flames under various conditions. This project is currently in the initial concept and design phase, and I require both the creation of the program and a detailed write-up on the algorithm and methodology. Key Requirements: - Proficient in FORTRAN IV programming. - Strong understanding of combustion processes and multiple-flame systems. - Ability to translate complex combustion models into efficient code. - Experience with scientific programming and algorithm development. Project Scope: - **Development of a Multiple-Flame Combustion Model**: The core task is to develop a FORTRAN IV computer program capable of simulating flame behavior in diffe...

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    I'm in need of a proficient PyQt5 developer to create a Python application equipped with a graphical user interface (GUI). This project calls for a skilled individual who can deliver a quality product that aligns with my specific design ideas. Key items to note: • Main Functionality: The Python application will primarily focus on providing a user-friendly graphical interface. Familiarity with PyQt5 is a must in this instance, as most work will revolve around this aspect. • Cross-Compatibility: The application should be cross-platform and smoothly function on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. Having extensive experience with PyQt5, Python, and cross-platform software development will make you the ideal candidate for this project.

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    I am seeking an experienced freelancer to integrate and develop a GUI for an RTI (Real-Time Innovations) control system. This project involves programming that will facilitate seamless communication between different devices via RS232, specifically focusing on an HDMI matrix unit and TV's and projectors. This integration aims to enhance performance and user interaction through efficient event automation and control system integration. **Requirements:** - Develop an intuitive GUI for easy management and control. - Integrate RTI programming with various devices including HDMI matrix units and projectors through RS232. - Ensure the system supports event automation for a dynamic response to user input and other specified triggers. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Prove...

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    10 bids from SMTP responses to minimize bounce rates and improve deliverability. Logging and Monitoring: Develop a more detailed logging system to record the outcome of each email sent, including the proxy used, success or failure, and error messages if applicable. Include a mechanism for real-time monitoring or reporting of the script's performance and proxy usage. GUI or Command Line Interface (CLI): Optionally, create a simple GUI or enhance the CLI for easier configuration and control of the script's operations for users without programming expertise. Project Delivery Expectations: The modified script, fully documented with a clear explanation of the changes made and instructions for setup and usage. A testing report demonstrating the script's effec...

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    Looking for a simple, yet well-built out, GNC software (for poc) that can simulate a UAV movement flying from point A to point B. - A basic GNC algorithm for trajectory planning, attitude control, sensor processing, thruster and reaction wheels control. - A dashboard page with the above variables displayed. - A UAV movement GUI simulation on a terrain map. Ideally something like You get extra bonus if you can use or something similar on the mapping portion.

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    ...My project encompasses a wide range of tasks, and I'm seeking someone who can offer their expertise in data analysis, web scraping, and GUI development to bring this project to fruition. Here's a closer look at what I need: ### Primary Requirements: - **Data Analysis:** You'll dive into data visualization and statistical analysis, helping us interpret complex datasets to uncover actionable insights. - **Web Scraping:** As we've not specified sources yet, flexibility and experience in scraping various types of websites, from social media to e-commerce and possibly news outlets, will be crucial. The ability to adapt and propose solutions is key. - **GUI Development:** The final piece is building a user-friendly graphical interface that makes our comp...

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    ...Hyperparameters search 8. possibly many EC2 AWS instances Distributed Preprocessing 9. many EC2 AWS instances Distributed Inference with autoscaling 10. requests implemented by you developed python for predictions may be done from any computer on web up to 1234 requests per second , everybody with credentials in web can create requests (not ssh or any remote connection to AWS web site) 11. no GUI design, but all done by python SDK - only python code used 12. ML will be provided or you can use your ML model if I like it 13. If you need Docker use Docker, but better if you know how do to this without Docker, since docker makes calculations to be slow 14 use up to 10 low cost AWS instances 15 when new data added to s3 backet , ML model and inference end point will be automatical...

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    23 bids such as Blender, FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, LibreCAD, and BRL-CAD. b) Developing a permanent, user-friendly tool or interface (CLI or GUI) for converting such files in the future, ensuring no dependency on proprietary software. Deliverables: Converted files in open-source formats (e.g., STL and equivalents for ".cap" and ".adv") that are readable by the specified CAD solutions. Documentation outlining the conversion process for future reference is also required. A CLI or GUI tool for future file conversions, complete with user documentation. Necessary Skills: Proven expertise in converting files to STL and other CAD formats. Proficient in creating CLI or GUI for software processes. Familiarity with diamond scanning and design software is a pl...

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    ...technical domains and are keen to apply their expertise in a real-world scenario. **Key Responsibilities:** Noted: We will pay a monthly basis that you will work 4 hours daily (Our budget is 100-250 monthly basis). **Please if you don't have experience in Python, JS, CSS, Frappe, API, JSON, MARIA DB Don't apply here.** Must he expert (HealthCare: Eligibility check/Approval request/Claims) - GUI Professional --------> Very Strong - Python development --------> Very Strong - Frappe Framework --------> Very Strong - JavaScript and CSS --------> Very Strong - JSON and DB Maria - REST API integrations - Security for the DB and server and SSL - Back up from DB and send to another server -inventory management, Sales tracking, Purchase orders management, Account...

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    ...Hyperparameters search 7. possibly many EC2 AWS instances Distributed Preprocessing 8. many EC2 AWS instances Distributed Inference with autoscaling 9. requests implemented by you developed python for predictions may be done from any computer on web up to 1234 requests per second , everybody with credentials in web can create requests (not ssh or any remote connection to AWS web site) 10. no GUI design, but all done by python SDK - only python code used 11. ML will be provided or you can use your ML model if I like it 12. If you need Docker use Docker, but better if you know how do to this without Docker, since docker makes calculations to be slow YOU PROVIDE PYTHON CODE AND VIDEO of yours or our online meeting WITH EXPLANATIONS STEP BY STEP HOW TO DO ------------------------...

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