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    I am seeking a proficient PLC programmer who is well-versed in Ladder Logic. I require a detailed solution to automate the functioning of our industrial mixers. Key Tasks: - Program PLC to set speed parameters. - Enable automatic timing for the mixing process. - Develop system prompts for stage progression during mixing. Preferred skills for the job would be a strong understanding of industrial machinery, solid experience in Ladder Logic programming, and previous work with automated systems. Time efficiency and precision are of utmost importance in this project.

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    I need a controls engineer with experience configuring a Bardac VFD and an IDEC PLC, particularly for a manufacturing application. Key Tasks: - Demo a configuring a Bardac VFD with precise speed and torque control settings using Modbus. - Set up the IDEC PLC's input/output controls to manage the VFD and send the VFD controls through Modbus. Ideal Candidates: - Prior experience with Bardac VFDs and IDEC PLCs, with a focus on manufacturing applications. - Strong understanding of speed and torque control mechanisms. - Proficiency in configuring input/output controls in PLCs. - Ability to work independently and efficiently to fulfill the project requirements.

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    I'm seeking a skilled Control Panel designer with exceptional Carel PLC programming experience to assist me with a project. Key Tasks: - Designing an efficient and effective control panel for HVAC systems. - Writing reliable, scalable, and well-commented code using Carel PLCs. Desired Control Panel Functionality: - User-friendly interface for easy control. - Monitoring and controlling the HVAC systems. - Seamless integration with other systems for optimal performance. Key Features for Carel PLC Programming: - Implementing data logging and analysis for system performance monitoring. - Designing an alarm and notification system for prompt issue identification. - Creating a secure and reliable remote access and control function for remote management. Ideal c...

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    Little back story, last June, 2023, I was contracting with now my current employer to design, build and develop the program for a batch mixing operation. Simplifyber, being a start up company wanted to utilize Automation Direct components to help save money. I am an Allen Bradley experienced programmer and told my current boss that I have never programmed Click PLC, C-More HMI or Modbus. I had to learn all of the programs and communication protocol in a month. The program is for dosing water, manually adding fibers, followed by sequential addition of 8 chemicals from containers using the peristaltic pumping unit. Recipes are built in the HMI for auto operation of the system, while also allowing the operators manual operation of the system. I wrote the program but I can not get the ...

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    I'm in need of a competent PLC programmer to create a intelligible program for a Delta PLC. The program should include input/output control for small variety of sensors and valves. It should have a HMI as well. Key Requirements and Details: - The program should have a clear and logical structure with comments, facilitating future modifications and developments by our team. - The timeline for the project is until the end of this weekend. - You can use either WPLsoft or ISPsoft for the programming, as per your convenience. - Ability to provide a clear and structured program with comments. - Able to deliver by the end of the weekend. Input/Output Devices: - Sensors: The program should interact with various sensors, mainly focusing on flow sensors and presence sens...

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    ...performed. Payment will be made within milestones at the end of the 10 days scanning. The money will be send through Freelancer. Application Objective: We are a technology company, and this project aims to validate the health of domains and IPs by checking if they are online/offline from the Internet Service Provider. For UK Freelancers ONLY: Check if your ASN (Autonomous System Number) is in the provided options. Verification method: Visit and validate the asnum displayed on the screen. ASNs Available for Validation in United Kingdom: AS2856 - British Telecommunications PLC AS5089 - Virgin Media Limited AS5607 - Sky UK Limited AS786 - Jisc Services Limited AS12576 - EE Limited AS13285 - TalkTalk Communications Limited AS5378 - Vodafone Limited AS6871 - Plusnet

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelanc...integration of an eplan system with an inductive SCADA system Key requirements include: - Integration: Ensuring the seamless connection and interaction between the eplan and Inductive SCADA systems. - Real-time Monitoring and Control: Setting up a system that allows for real-time monitoring and control of the electrical systems within the building. - Fault Detection and Diagnostics: Implementing a feature that can detect faults in the system and provide diagnostics to aid in troubleshooting. I'm looking for an individual with substantial experience in both eplan and Inductive SCADA systems, with a track record of successful integrations. Excellent communication skills are a must, as we'll need to discuss the specifi...

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    I'm in the process of building a site named "Virtual Jobs" on the domain www.vj.dk. The focus of the site is IT outsourcing, and I'm looking for an experienced designer to create a logo in a clean, Nordic style with light colours. MAX 3 entries per freelancer. Only 3 will be considered per person. Key Requirements: - Incorporate the domain name in the logo if possible. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in logo design, particularly with a Nordic aesthetic. - Understanding of IT outsourcing and ability to reflect this in the logo design. - Proficiency in working with light colour schemes. Feel free to include your previous work or ideas that align with this project. I'm open to your creative input while sticking to the Nordic-inspired, clean...

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    I'm seeking an experienced PLC programmer in the CORK IRELAND area with expertise in Siemens S7-1200 modifications. A software update has necessitated this change and your task will include: - Back up existing software - Upload new software Ideal skills: - Strong proficiency in Siemens S7-1200 - Proven experience in PLC logic modifications - Problem-solving skills and thorough approach to testing

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    I am looking for an expert to assist me with PLC programming for the Allen Bradley CompactLogix system. The focus of this programming will be on process control applications . The software is "Connected Components Workbench" and using function block on the programming. Key Responsibilities: - Developing the PLC program specifically for process control. - Ensuring the program is optimized for efficiency and reliability. - Testing and debugging the program to identify and rectify any issues. Specifically the project is allen bradley micro 820. It will have 2x analog inputs 0 to 5vdc . The program must average the 2 inputs . Scale it to read from 0 to 100 percent . Have a sample time that updates each 0.5 seconds and display the information

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    ...automation engineer with experience in PLC programming. The job involves programming a Micro 820 PLC to scale and display data from 2 analog inputs, updating every 0.5 seconds. The project would require: - Scaling two analog inputs in the range of 0-5V. - Displaying the scaled data numerically. - Using Function Block Diagram as the programming language for the Micro 820 PLC. Keeping the program efficient and making sure the data updates and displays correctly every 0.5 seconds will be the main focus of this project. If you have experience with PLC programming specifically with Function Block Diagrams and data display, then this should be a straightforward task for you. Please ensure the quality and reliability of the automated control. Effici...

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    I'm seeking a knowledgeable PLC programmer to develop a comprehensive program that can successfully automate vegetable harvesting. The ideal candidate should have: - Prior experience developing PLC programs for agricultural equipment, specifically geared towards automation - Understanding of common vegetable harvesting processes and requirements The final program has to consider field conditions, crop types and sizes, and optimize for efficient and effective harvesting. If you're familiar with this area and confident in delivering, please apply.

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    I need a professional who can quickly recover the password for my Beckhoff PLC project. This is a time-sensitive matter, so I'm looking to have this resolved as soon as possible. This is a TWINCAT 2.10 PROJECT. I have tried the Beckhoff Key 2.51 to recover the password but it failed. Keep this in mind when bidding on this project as this may require deeper knowledge of reverse engineering. Key Requirements: - Beckhoff PLC expertise: You should have a good understanding of Beckhoff systems, particularly with regards to password recovery. - Time-sensitive: Given the urgency of this task, the ability to work efficiently and effectively is crucial. - Professionalism: I'm looking for a reliable and discreet individual who understands the sensitive...

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    PLC Programmer Needed 22 hours left

    I need an expert in Rockwell Studio 5000 software to help with programming basic control logic for my HVAC systems. Key Responsibilities: - Programming PLCs for HVAC applications preferred The ideal candidate should possess: - Strong experience in Rockwell Studio 5000 software - Prior experience in programming HVAC systems...software to help with programming basic control logic for my HVAC systems. Key Responsibilities: - Programming PLCs for HVAC applications preferred The ideal candidate should possess: - Strong experience in Rockwell Studio 5000 software - Prior experience in programming HVAC systems - Excellent understanding of basic control logic and functions This project is perfect for a professional who enjoys working in the HVAC industry and has a solid grasp of PLC...

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    I am seeking a seasoned Matlab freelancer to develop and simulate control logic for my project. Key Responsibilities: - The development of control logic in MATLAB is the primary task. - Simulation of the developed logic in Simulink is also required. - The created logic will be part of an IEC certification process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Matlab and Simulink - Excellent knowledge of Control Logic development - Familiarity with IEC certification process - Experience with Requirement Manager, PLC coder, and EN50128 is a plus.

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    I'm in need of a seasoned web developer proficient in PHP and Laravel to build a sophisticated website for my Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) business. Key Responsibilities: - Design a sleek, user-friendly website with a professional aesthetic - Develop the site using PHP and Laravel Ideal Freelancer: - Extensive experience in PHP and Laravel is essential - Prior experience or knowledge in the recruitment industry will be a plus, but it isn't a requirement During your application, please highlight your relevant experience in PHP and Laravel, including projects where you've utilized these technologies. Your comprehensive experience will be a key factor in the selection process.

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    ...Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for a conveyor belt control system. However, it's not just any solution I'm after, but instead, a comprehensive one that is done on paper. Here are the key requirements for the project: - Develop ladder diagram logic for controlling speed of the conveyor belt - The solution should be in written form because I need to understand all the details clearly Since I'm studying this subject, it would be immensely helpful if the freelancer possesses: - Adequate knowledge of PLC programming - Proficiency in diagramming and visual representation of programming logic - Ability to explain technical concepts in a simple, understandable manner. Your assistance would be greatly beneficial in helping me understand how to accura...

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    1 Project Description: We are seeking an independent professional with experience in PLC and SCADA programming in the Rockwell environment to program control systems for individual equipment, which will later be integrated into the control of an industrial plant. Each individual project involves programming and testing the control system of a piece of equipment, with the possibility of repeating the work with many other pieces of equipment. 2 Responsibilities: • PLC programming in the Rockwell environment for a piece of equipment. • Programming the corresponding SCADA part for that equipment. • Collaboration with the rest of the development team to ensure system compatibility and efficiency. 3 Requirements: • Demonstr...

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    (WITH ONLY LADDER DIAGRAM) I need a PLC program that can turn on and off a motor, and if possible, to be displayed on an HMI panel. The project is urgent, and you'll have a video explanation to understand the exact requirements. I'm open to your advice and suggestions on how to best execute this project in a short timeframe. Key Skills: - Proficient in PLC programming - Experience with motor control - Knowledge of HMI panel is a plus - Ability to work quickly and decisively

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    I require a custom-developed data monitoring software designed to work on a static IP with PLC input and IoT capabilities. Here’s what I need: - A data monitoring system for tracking and analyzing pressure levels, flow meter and energy meter readings and run hours of systems in real-time. - The software should support the creation of real-time alerts and notifications to inform about changes or anomalies in the data. - The monitored data should be displayed on a user-friendly dashboard that represents the data in an easy-to-understand format. The perfect candidate for this project would be someone who has proficiency in data monitoring software development and has strong knowledge of IoT, PLC input systems and static IP interfaces. Familiarity with the specifi...

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    I am looking for an expert Siemens PLC programmer to help with system integration for our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Tasks include: - Integrating our PLC with the WMS - Ensuring seamless communication between systems Key WMS functions you will work with are: - Order Picking and Packing - Goods Receiving Ideal skills and experience: - Expertise in Siemens PLC Programming - Proven experience in system integration - Solid understanding of WMS operation - Proficient in handling order processing and goods receiving in a WMS.

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    I'm looking for a PLC programmer skilled in using Zelio Soft 2 Ladder Logic to create a program specifically designed for conveyors and timers. This software will focus on: - Control and Automation of Conveyor Functionality: Primarily, the program will focus on the stop/start functionality of the conveyor system. Ideal candidate would have: - Proficient experience with Zelio Soft 2 Ladder Logic - Experience in designing PLC programs for conveyor systems - Good grasp on automation and control processes - Strong understanding of safety protocols, including stop/start functions for control systems.

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    ...Design Engineer for a project that will involve circuit design, electrical load calculations, wiring and layout design. Key Requirements: - Expertise in AutoCAD - Proficiency in PLC & HMI Programming - Solid experience in industrial or commercial projects - An Electrical Engineering degree Your responsibilities will include: - Creating and optimizing circuit designs - Accurately calculating electrical loads - Designing efficient and practical wiring layouts - Utilizing AutoCAD for the development and modification of electrical designs - Assisting with PLC & HMI programming tasks The ideal candidate will be someone who is both creative and detail-oriented, with a strong foundation in Electrical Engineering and a proven track record in industrial or commer...

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    I'm currently seeking a proficient expert in Rockwell programming, specifically with FactoryTalk View Studio to help build and implement several key functionalities on my project. Requirements: * Skilled with PLC-SCADA communication systems utilizing Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) devices. * Proficiency in designing an optimal HMI interface. * Proven experience in diagnostics and troubleshooting in a FactoryTalk View Studio environment. The perfect candidate will have a rigorous understanding of the FactoryTalk View Studio software and the ability to skillfully navigate its complexity. Proven past experience with such projects will be favored in the selection process.

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    I'm currently seeking a proficient expert in Rockwell programming, specifically with FactoryTalk View Studio to help build and implement several key functionalities on my project. Requirements: * Skilled with PLC-SCADA communication systems utilizing Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) devices. * Proficiency in designing an optimal HMI interface. * Proven experience in diagnostics and troubleshooting in a FactoryTalk View Studio environment. The perfect candidate will have a rigorous understanding of the FactoryTalk View Studio software and the ability to skillfully navigate its complexity. Proven past experience with such projects will be favored in the selection process.

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    I have 18+ years of experience in IT and I'm looking for a professional who can help me restructure my LinkedIn profile. The goal of this restructuring is to attract high-value projects from startups. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in LinkedIn profile optimization - Experience with IT industry terminology - Understanding of startup business environment.

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    As the owner of a UK based outsourcing company, , I am looking for a skilled and experienced professional in the outsourcing industry who can help me establish partnerships with reputable companies in specific countries. Key Requirements: - I am particularly interested in partnership opportunities in India, Philippines, Pakistan, Turkey and East Europe. The ideal candidate will have a comprehensive understanding of the outsourcing landscape in these regions, particularly in relation to IT support, customer service, data entry, and call center services. - The primary goal of these partnerships is to achieve cost savings. Therefore, the chosen individual must have a proven track record of negotiating and securing financially advantageous deals. Your Role: - Your main ...

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    As an organization that values its employees, we put a lot of effort into seeking the best senior-level talents in the fields of technology, finance, business process outsourcing, and business management processes. To meet our expectations: - You must possess an outstanding understanding of these industries and a proven record of sourcing senior talents within them. - Extensive experience in working with C-suite executives to identify and fulfill talent needs is a must. - The ideal talent should have a fine mix of leadership skills, technical expertise and problem-solving skills. - Excellent skills in negotiation, talent assessment, and exceptional communication is desired. Our objective is not just to recruit, but to identify and secure high-performing individuals that will c...

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    I need a program in CX-Programmer (v. 9.73) , that the main purpose is to use the Function Block and to show how the Function Block can work. The main purpose of the program is to create like a checklist where a worker have to fulfill some safety criteria before starting operate a machine (like for exa...meets all safety requirements. As soon as the operator meets all the criteria and starts using the machine, a counter must be used to count how many minutes the machine was operated by the worker. IMPORTANT: 1. The program should prioritize the use of function blocks, as this is the main objective of the program; 2. The program should be delivered in the software CX-Programmer (v.9.73); 3. The PLC to use must be CJ1M from OMRON; 4. Delivery date should be 1-2 working days. Rega...

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    ...understand their requirements, expectations, questions, and feedback. Your main avenue of communication will be email and video call if the client requires. - Outsourcing- Once you get the requirements you need to outsource the work to a particular freelancer/agency. Ideal candidates have experience in: - Intermediate-level technical understanding: You should be comfortable discussing technical topics to a certain extent. - Client communication: You must be proficient in email communication and demonstrate professionalism, empathy, and responsiveness in all interactions. - Project coordination: Although not listed among the tasks, basic project management skills will be a plus, allowing you to understand the structure and flow of outsourced work. Join us in prov...

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    I need an experienced PLC programmer who can quickly convert an algebraic equation to Rslogix5000 PLC code. - Convert Algebraic Equation: You'll be provided with a mathematical formula that needs to be converted into a PLC code. The code should be well-organized, efficient and easy to read. - Preferred Language: You can implement this code either in a flowchart or a scripted language. Proficiency in both options is preferred and will give you an advantage. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Proficiency in Rslogix5000 - Extensive experience in PLC programming - Ability to convert complex algebraic equations into efficient PLC code

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    Hello, We are looking for a professional developer to design and develop a website. Below are the details of the project: Project Requirements: Design: Modern and user-friendly interface Mobile-responsive design Color scheme and style similar to the referenced site Main pages like home, about, projects, news, contact, etc. Content Management: User-friendly CMS Easy content updates Features: News and announcements module Event calendar and registration form Contact form and map integration Social media integrations Technical Requirements: SEO-friendly structure Fast-loading pages Secure and robust infrastructure Development with PHP Skills Required: Experience in web design and development Proficiency in PHP and CMS systems Knowledge of SEO and speed optimization Exp...

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    we are an outsourcing company, we pride ourselves on connecting top talent with exciting opportunities across diverse industries. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has made us a trusted partner for clients worldwide. We are currently expanding our team and seeking a dynamic Personality Development Trainer to join our network of professionals. we are currently seeking a seasoned Personality Development Trainer who can help me enhance my communication skills, leadership abilities, and confidence. The ultimate goal of this training program would be to improve my public speaking, leadership skills, and self-esteem. Key requirements: - Develop a holistic personality training program - Prioritize my current levels and areas of improvement - Tailor the program to specifically...

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    I need a skilled specialist for wiring and paneling of industrial machinery. This role is key to ensuring the efficiency and functionality of my enterprise's equipment. ...efficiency and functionality of my enterprise's equipment. Key Responsibilities: - Wiring and paneling of industrial machinery - Designing and implementing a process automation solution using PLC Preferred Skills & Experience: - Extensive knowledge of industrial machinery - Experience in wiring, paneling, and configuring industrial machinery - Strong experience in PLC programming, with a specific focus on process automation. - Familiarity with Mitsubishi brand PLC systems. Your dedication to industrial machine operations and expertise in Mitsubishi PLC programming will be n...

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    I need assistance with PLC programming and ladder logic design, specifically for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) designed sensors and motors/pumps used at landfill sites. The goal is to develop effective controls for monitoring and managing these equipment. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong proficiency with PLC programming and ladder logic design - Prior experience working with OEM designed equipment (sensors and motors/pumps) - Knowledge and understanding of landfill sites machinery or similar environments will be advantageous - Solid understanding of controlling and automating industrial systems Main Tasks: - Develop PLC programs for OEM designed sensors and pumps/motors - Design ladder logic for efficient equipment control - Implement the program ...

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    ...industrial facility. The HMI will interface specifically with our Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). About the project: Currently I have a project with factory talk me for Panelview from Allen Bradley. Its a Panelview standard 10”. I am using emulator to simulate the HMI. I need help with setting up the graphics. Key requirements for the project include: - 3/4 HMI display system - overview page showing several conveyors and divertors - Use of parameters for graphics and tag population - Conveyors to have running /stopped and faulted, this can follow an already made graphics, its just the population of tags and testing - FTME version 10 and Logix designer V32. currently using emulator. PLC code is not ready yet Other requirements: - Real...

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    I'm in need of an expert in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems to help me automate and monitor industrial processes. Requirements: - Utilize PLC and SCADA to monitor and control the industrial processes - Collect and analyze specific data such as Temperature, Pressure, and Flow rate - Set parameters or setpoints for controlling the processes based on the collected data Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record of working with PLC and SCADA systems in an industrial setting - Proficiency in programming and troubleshooting PLCs - Experience in data collection, analysis, and visualization - Strong understanding of process control and automation theory - Ability to set up an...

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    ...programmers for the Siemens 1500 series PLC based automation line in Divitipally Village, Mahbubnagar, Telangana, India. The tasks at hand will require you to: • Write code using the Structured Text and Function Block Diagram languages in the Siemens 1500 series PLC. It will be a significant advantage if you have an understanding of industry standards and best practices for these coding languages. • Develop functionalities to control motor speed, monitor temperature, and record production data. Expertise in designing and implementing these specific functions is a must. • Design a control system that can provide semi-automated operation for the entire automation line. This includes intricate knowledge of the components of the Siemens 1500 series PLC...

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    As the one in charge of manufacturing systems in Divitipal...Mahabubnagar, Telangana India, I'm urgently in need of a skilled PLC programmer. Key Responsibilities: - Upgrading existing manufacturing systems to enhance performance and efficiency. Ideal Skillset: - Extensive experience in programming Siemens 1500 series PLCs, specifically in the context of manufacturing systems. - A strong background in troubleshooting, system analysis, and optimization. - Previous experience working with and upgrading existing systems in a manufacturing environment. Proximity to Divitipally Village, Mahabubnagar, Telangana, India is a major plus. A clear understanding of the local context and an ability to respond swiftly to any challenges on-site will be important in partnering fo...

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    I'm looking for a professional and creative logo designer to create a minimalist logo for my company, Sparrow Outsourcing. Key Requirements: - Design Element: The logo should incorporate a sparrow as the primary design element. - Style: I'm keen on a minimalist style - something simple, clean and elegant. No intricate details or busy patterns. - Color Scheme: The color scheme is flexible as I haven't made a decision yet, so I'm open to suggestions based on the expert's opinion. Please consider using colors that are suitable for a professional services company. Like a dark navy blue. Ideal Freelancer: - A logo designer with a strong portfolio of minimalist designs. - Experience in designing logos for companies. - Knowledge of how to incorporate a specific ...

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer who can help me with selling ad space on my website. Key requirements for this project include: -Experience in creating and selling all types of ads including banner, video, and pop-up ads. -Utmost knowledge in handling ad placements manually. I'd like to personally oversee this aspect as opposed to adopting an ad management platform or outsourcing to an ad network. Looking for experts who have a proven track record in successfully managing such projects. Your bid should reflect your experience, strategic plan to increase ad sales and your proposed rate. Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

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    I'm in need of a skilled professional with deep knowledge and experience in PLC programming, particularly Siemens PLC, and a strong understanding of SFC and ST. Key Tasks: - Proficiency in CoDeSys and ability to work with Siemens PLC is a must - Programming the Start/Restart Button (Button B) - Conveyor Belt Control - Sensor Integration and Support Detection - PLC-Robot Communication - Timing and Delays - Fault Handling and Indication - Variable Declarations and Adjustments Preferred Programming Language: - Sequential Function Chart (SFC) with actions in Structured Text (ST) Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Siemens PLC and CoDeSys - Strong background in SFC and ST - Experience in industrial robot control system programming - Prior experience in m...

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    ...talented PLC programmer to assist with a project that involves programming a Schneider Electric PLC system for machine control. Key Responsibilities: - Design and implement a robust and efficient control logic for the machine using Schneider Electric PLC. - Configure and integrate the PLC with the machine's various components to enable seamless operation. - Ensure the safety, reliability, and accuracy of the machine control system. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Schneider Electric PLC programming. - Strong understanding of machine control systems and processes. - Previous experience in designing and implementing PLC systems for machine control. - Attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality work. If you have th...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer to create a hig...- Instrument status display ie level switct status The key goal of this project is to have an aesthetically appealing and user-friendly interface. Ideal candidates for this project should: - Be experienced with IDEC HMI layout design - Have a good understanding of real-time data monitoring - Be proficient in designing for the WINDO/I-NV4 platform - Have a creative eye for aesthetically pleasing graphical representation of data - Be able to create a user-friendly interface that can handle the required data visualization. Overall i am wanting a modern and crisp looking display, similar to what is shown as the exampe on the attached link

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    I'm seeking help with Siemens PLC LOGO Comfort. Simple program/ladder language.

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    I'm in need of a professional skilled in Codesys SFC development for...process automation in the manufacturing industry. Your role will primarily involve setting up communication with a SCARA robot involved in conveyor belt operations. This project also entails the automation of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) conveyor belt, thus the freelancer should ideally possess relevant experience. Key Requirements include: - Proficiency in Codesys SFC - Understanding of SCARA robot operations - Familiarity with PLC and conveyor belt systems - Experience in process automation, particularly manufacturing Satiate your bids appropriately based on your skill set and experience pertaining to the project at hand. Be sure to highlight any similar projects you've...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can help me train a ChatGPT model specifically for the field...guidance - Generating engineering reports – specifically in areas of Design, Testing, and Failure analysis - Developing and generating PLC code Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Strong background in electrical engineering - Experience working with or creating AI/ML models, particularly with GPT-3 - Knowledge of PLC code and its applications in electrical engineering - Strong writing skills and ability to convey technical information in a clear and concise manner Your primary role will be to guide the training of the model so that it can provide accurate and relevant answers, generate detailed engineering reports and assist in preparing ...

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    My main goal is to establish a reliable early warning system for fire and gas leaks. This system is crucial to prevent potentially devastating outcomes and ensure the safety of the premises. Key Components: - The system should integrate smoke, heat, and gas detectors to cover a broad range of potential hazards. - The sensors should be meticulously calibrated to ensure accurate and timely detection. - The integration should be seamless and robust, ensuring that the warnings are transmitted promptly and reliably. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in programming Studio 5000 V35 is a must. - Previous experience in designing, implementing and testing fire and gas detection systems is highly valued. - A strong understanding of safety regulations, particularly in industrial setti...

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    ...with expertise in Omron PLC programming to create a customized program for controlling a specific task within my packaging equipment. Key Project Details: - The specific task that needs to be controlled is the Filling and Sealing process. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Omron PLC programming, with a demonstrable track record of creating tailored programs for control systems. - Prior experience working with packaging equipment is highly preferred, as this will allow for a more seamless integration of the new program into the existing system. - Strong understanding of industrial automation and control systems, particularly in relation to machinery tasks like the Filling and Sealing process. - Excellent problem-solving abilities, as the successful execution of this ...

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