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    We are in need of a developer to create PHP files of microservices in our existing platform. The current platform is not live and it's created just for academic reasons. Based on nuSOAP web services with four main services: tutoring, courses, collaboration and level. Our purpose is the addition of microservices to two of these services: tutoring and courses. This project is small and does not require a lot of time. The developer must complete the project before June 1st. If you are passionate, motivated and have the required skills, send your proposal.

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    Мы - продуктовая компания. Решаем сложные задачи в области веб-разработки ПО для автоматизации бизнес-процессов. В связи с расширением команды, ищем Senior Backend Developer (PHP), готового к работе удаленно на Full-time. Мы занимаемся увлекательной и нестандартной работой с Database storage, такими как Google Cloud Spanner, Google Cloud BigQuery, Amazon Aurora, а также с несколькими десятками Enterprise Service, такими как Pusher, LaClase и многими другими. Твоя роль Разработка веб-приложений, систем CRM и ERP с использованием PHP фреймворков в соответствии с техническим заданием Проектирование, кодирование и тестирование ПО Участие в командных мероприятиях и аудите архитектурных решений Участие в командных мероприятиях для сбора требований и технической экспертизы. Т...

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    My PHP website is facing urgent display issues on its mobile version, particularly with images not loading correctly. This requires immediate attention and resolution. Key Requirements: - Fix mobile version issues, please see this explanation: Thanks

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    ...a seasoned PHP developer to build a cutting-edge e-commerce website. Key Requirements: - Expertise in PHP: The website needs to be built with PHP, so a strong command of this language is a must. - E-commerce Experience: You should have solid experience in developing e-commerce sites, understanding the nuances of online sales. - Custom Development: The site will require custom features, so the ability to create and integrate these is crucial. - Design Skills: While the design will be provided, you should have an understanding of design principles to ensure a cohesive and attractive final product. Optional: - Experience with e-commerce platforms: Any experience with platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, or Shopify could be an advantage, though not mandatory. If y...

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    I'm looking for a professional to optimize our PHP web code. The main goal is to improve the website's load time, reduce server load, and enhance its scalability. Key Requirements: - Your optimization should aim to bring the website's load time down significantly without compromising its performance. - You should have experience and expertise in PHP, specifically with PHP 8.x version. - The optimization should also focus on reducing the server load and enhancing the website's scalability, ensuring it can handle increased traffic and data processing efficiently. If you have a proven track record of optimizing PHP web code, and you're confident in your ability to meet these requirements, I'd love to hear from you. Please provide ex...

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    I'm on the hunt for a skilled developer proficient in Flutter for mobile app development and PHP Yii1 framework for backend. I'm currently faced with two major issues: - **Backend Login Issue**: The login functionality on the backend is experiencing some problems. I'm looking for someone who is able to trace and fix these issues, ensuring that the backend login is seamless and efficient for users. - **Performance Optimization**: My app is facing subpar performance, and I'm in need of someone who can implement the necessary optimizations. Specifically, I'm looking for: - Database Query Optimization: Improving the efficiency of the database queries to enhance overall app performance. - App Loading Speed Improvement: Speeding up the loading time of the ap...

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    I need to make a modification to the search feature on my PHP website. This is for a stock photo site. The search feature is working correctly in the admin panel for searching for titles returning: The user needs to be able to search the catalog () from a form on the Wordpress site located on the primary domain () The user will come to the primary domain (), enter a 4 digit search term (1287), then gets redirected to: (or something similar that works)

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    I'm looking for a skilled PHP developer to help debug and fix some issues on our admin dashboard. The successful freelancer will be able to access a limited admin account to work on the dashboard. Key Requirements: - PHP Proficiency: Strong background in PHP development is essential for this project. - Bug Fixing Skills: Past experience in debugging and fixing issues on admin dashboards is highly preferred. - Security Awareness: Understanding of potential security risks with user authentication and database connections is an advantage. Access: The selected freelancer will be provided with limited admin access to the dashboard.

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    I'm in need of a proficient developer who is well-versed in Laravel, PHP, and React JS. - that can create apis - that have experience in payment gateway integrations - Can create chat related applications - Can create progressive web application - Can research and learn to do creative and innovation work. - Can take challenges and have confidence of doing impossible things convert it into possible. - Basic knowledge of blockchain implementation will be beneficial

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can seamlessly add a facial recognition authentication option to my existing PHP codebase. The project has two main sections: - **User Login**: The facial recognition system should be an additional layer to the current user login process in the website. The system should store and authenticate user identities based on their facial features. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in PHP - Prior experience integrating facial recognition systems into web applications - Strong understanding of MySQL for data storage and retrieval - Familiarity with user authentication processes and secure coding practices - Ability to manage the integration without disrupting the existing functionality of the website Attached is the existing lo...

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    I have a PHP project with source code that needs to be run and managed by a skilled developer. The tasks that need to be performed include: - Debugging and fixing issues: The project may have existing bugs or errors that need to be resolved. - Customizing features and functionality: Adaptations to the existing features or the addition of new ones may be necessary. - Optimizing performance: The project should be optimized for speed and efficiency. The developer should have experience working with PHP, debugging, customizing features, and performance optimization. Knowledge of web development and strong problem-solving skills are essential.

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    I'm in need of a proficient and versatile PHP and Full Stack Developer to handle multiple aspects of a C Panel project.  Tasks To DO 1. After Customer Received Parcel Shipment QR To Submit Success Order Option. => Add option to send OTP to customer to get parcel. Only then it will consider that Parcel is delivered. 2. OTP / Location To Failed,Cancel,Not Received Order Status Update Option - Add Below options for Delevery Partner - Status - - He will update his location manualy. ( zone wise / area wise / state wise ) - Options to update order - Send OTP to customer - Order Status - He will update order status ( Deleverd / Cancel / Customer refused to collect etc ) 3. Customer Login - Track Order => Add option to Track Order ( Need...

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    Word Press white screen PHP ? 6 days left

    Probably the template is outdated. Should be made PHP 8.2 capable

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    ...ensure a seamless user experience. My website currently uses PHP 7.3, after updating Prestashop I want the website to work with the latest PHP version 8.1 or 8.0 Key Tasks: - Update Prestashop from to 8.1.6 - Ensure compatibility of existing custom themes with the new version - Make my website compatible from PHP 7.3 to the latest version 8.1 - Identify and fix any bugs or issues that arise post-update Expectations: - The updated platform should be fully functional and all existing custom themes should work as intended - Any bugs or issues should be resolved promptly to maintain the site's usability - The modules should be updated and working after Prestashop update Ideal Skills: - Strong experience with Prestashop & PHP - Prior experience...

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    I am currently facing crucial issues with my Android app, developed with Java and PHP Laravel, which need immediate resolution. The issues are a mix of app crashes and functionality errors that are stopping the core operations of the app from running smoothly. Adding to that, I'm also looking for feature implementation that can enhance the overall functionality of the app and provide a better user experience. Key tasks are: - Debugging and solving the app crashing issues - Fixing functional errors - Implementing new features Ideal candidates should have: - Exceptional command over Java and PHP Laravel - Experience in debugging and fixing app crashes - Impressive track record of implementing new features on existing Android apps Due to the issues' severity, I ...

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    Hello I have simple PHP & MySql project and need to deploy on Azure. It should be done today. If you can complete it, please bid with 'azure'. Thanks

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    PHP Code - Edit for us 5 days left

    PHP Code Sample from Website from us in the attachment I need this id title description link image_link price availability Variable uses from this Can you send us the code?

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    I'm seeking a skilled laravel developer to enhance my laravel CRM system: Please note that the system does have API. any modification or customisation will be added to the api. - Fix sending login issues with a secure encrypted for company / clients / employees. - Create password reset button for company / clients / employees - Convert the system modules to addons with a subscribe pricing (monthly/annual) - make addons for extra storage space and additional employee. - help to fix https redirect for subdomain: https://*. (currently i figured that non-ssl showing error but when ssl is added, its fine. http://*. - error. - Sync timer with Task status to work in automation. When the employee start the timer to work on a task, the task should automatically move the incomplete task to ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled individual to assist with promoting our fundraising campaign. Key Points: - We aim to raise over $50,000 for relief efforts in Gaza. - The campaign will be conducted via various platforms, including social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), crowdfunding websites (GoFundMe, Kickstarter), and email campaigns. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in social media marketing and crowdfunding platforms. - Demonstrable experience in managing successful fundraising campaigns. - Strong communication skills to engage potential donors and volunteers. Please note: Given the sensitive nature of the cause, empathy and cultural understanding are highly valued.

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    I'm looking for a skilled PHP and WordPress developer to help me add a new feature to my existing website. In this task, you will change the maximum number of students a user can select from the same grade to 15. Additionally, create a single link for those students so their values can be uploaded to the PDF. The system is already doing this; it just needs a few edits.

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    I need an expert in PHP and CircleCI to help me troubleshoot failing tests at git As part of my project, I'm building a Docker image using CI/CD tool CircleCI. The tests are failing at git. I need an expert who can assist me in identifying the root cause of this issue and fixing it. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in PHP - Extensive experience with CircleCI - In-depth knowledge of Docker - Prior experience with CI/CD pipeline debugging - Ability to troubleshoot issues at git Your main tasks will be: - Investigating the failing tests at git - Providing a detailed explanation of the problem - Implementing necessary fixes to ensure successful image building Please, only apply if you have the necessary skills and experience to take on this task.

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    Convert PHP Backend to Nodejs 5 days left

    I have a PHP backend that I need to be converted to Nodejs, with some features to be added. I'm looking for a developer who can effectively and efficiently convert my PHP backend. I would also appreciate if you could help me add some features to the Nodejs backend, as I'm looking to improve the functionality of my application. Your responsibilities will include: - Successfully converting my PHP backend to Nodejs - Ensuring that the new Nodejs backend is fully functional and bug-free - Adding new features to the Nodejs backend. Please place your bid if you're certain you can handle this project seamlessly.

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    I'm seeking a developer proficient in PHP and Laravel to upgrade my current web-based software. The main task is to incorporate PHP-ML for machine learning capabilities. Key Requirements: - Strong PHP and Laravel development skills - Proficiency in incorporating PHP-ML into existing software - Experience with machine learning in PHP - Excellent understanding of recommendation systems and image recognition - The ability to optimize the software for improved performance Upon completion, the software should have: - A recommendation system to suggest personalized content or products to users - Image recognition capabilities to identify and process images within the interface If you have experience in similar upgrades, please get in touch...

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    I already have website which is built with PHP and it is already integrated with Stripe gateway. I want to allow my website to use Apple pay and Google pay option. I need experienced PHP developer who can integrate Apple Pay and Google Pay via Stripe into my existing website.

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    I'm seeking an experienced PHP Laravel developer for ongoing support, bug fixing, and enhancement of our existing application. - **Key Requirement**: I prefer working with developers who have experience in working with MariaDB or MySQL. - **Project Goal**: Your primary responsibility will be to take over support, bug fixing, and enhancement of the existing application. - **Ideal Skills**: - Thorough understanding of PHP Laravel - Experience in working with MariaDB - Proven track record in maintaining and improving existing applications Your role will involve: - Understanding the current application structure and codebase - Identifying bugs and issues that need immediate resolution - Enhancing the application based on user feedback and new requirements - Ensurin...

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    ...a game using BGA Studio (to be published on the popular website). The game is simple, similar to the classic game of Reversi. If you do well with this project we have another, similar game after that (though slightly more complicated) that we can create a separate job for. When the job is completed successfully, we'll rate you 5 stars for your good work! YOUR BASIC SKILLS PHP, MySQL, HTML4, Javascript (with Dojo framework), CSS DEV ENVIRONMENT For development you will use BGA Studio: Note that the BGA framework is accessible only within the studio environment TIMELINE For a simple game like this, it should take approximately 1 week, with a few more days to become familiar with the BGA studio environment. Estimate 2 weeks or less

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    I'm currently in need of an experienced full stack developer who is proficient in both JavaScript and PHP. Key requirements: - Strong skills in front-end development, specifically using JavaScript. - Proven experience in handling backend development with PHP. - Knowledge of SQL is also important. - While not a strict requirement, familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue and PHP frameworks like Laravel or CodeIgniter would be a big plus. - Experience with SSL implementation is a must, but there are no strict preferences as to the type of SSL to be used (Wildcard or EV SSL). Being able to pick the right SSL depending on the project’s needs will be part of your responsibility. If you're the kind of developer who is adept at ...

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    I need help; specifically, the entire PHP code (see attachment) needs to be repaired. All ECHO statements must be removed while keeping the HTML structures intact.

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    I am looking for a skilled professionals to create a compelling crowdfunding campaign. The goal of this campaign is to finance a float camp. - Expertise in strategic marketing and engagement - Knowledge in creating successful crowdfunding projects will be highly appreciated. - Since there is no strict deadline, this project is less about how quickly it can be done, and more about how well it can be executed. The ideal candidates must understand that it's not just about reaching the financial goal, but also connecting with potential contributors to make them feel a part of this project. If you possess these skills and have a keen eye for details, I would love to work with you.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer proficient in PHP to fetch certain details from Cruise APIs. I need Cruise availability, ship itineraries, and cabin types with prices. Ideally, you have relevant experience working with Cruise APIs. The expected output should integrate seamlessly into my existing PHP pages and be easily readable. Attention to details and deadline commitment is vital. Expertise in API integration is preferred.

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    I am looking for a skilled professionals to create a compelling crowdfunding campaign. The goal of this campaign is to finance a float camp. - Expertise in strategic marketing and engagement - Knowledge in creating successful crowdfunding projects will be highly appreciated. - Since there is no strict deadline, this project is less about how quickly it can be done, and more about how well it can be executed. The ideal candidates must understand that it's not just about reaching the financial goal, but also connecting with potential contributors to make them feel a part of this project. If you possess these skills and have a keen eye for details, I would love to work with you.

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    I need help creating a weekly sales report. Check if my contact form is well structured. I have my code made in php and I am testing it in XAMPP I send you the code and you help me with the request.

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    I'm in need of a skilled mobile app developer to craft a highly functional crowdfunding app. The primary feature of the app should be the real-time tracking of the funding progress of various projects. Key requirements include: - Compatibility with both iOS and Android platforms - Seamless user interaction through account creation/login - Real-time tracking of funding progress Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in mobile app development - Previous experience with crowdfunding platforms is desirable - Strong understanding of real-time tracking mechanisms - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for account creation/ login. Please note that the developer must create a legally compliant app that ensures the security and privacy of users. Your prior experie...

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    ...WooCommerce expertise to help me transition my site from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8. This will involve: - Ensuring improved performance: The upgrade should enhance the speed and overall performance of the website. - Compatibility with new plugins: The current WooCommerce site is experiencing compatibility issues with certain plugins. The transition to PHP 8 should resolve these issues. - Bug fixes: Any existing bugs or glitches should be addressed and fixed during the transition process. While I haven't customized any templates or functionalities, the upgrade should be done without causing any disruptions to the current layout and functionality of the website. Ideal candidate should possess: - Advanced knowledge of WooCommerce - Significant experience in PHP p...

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    FIXED PHP CODE 5 days left

    I need help; specifically, the entire PHP code (see attachment) needs to be repaired. All ECHO statements must be removed while keeping the HTML structures intact.

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    I am on the hunt for a skilled PHP developer to produce a powerful, yet user-friendly support ticket application. Key Features: * User registration and login * Register products by serial number * Ticket status tracking * Functionality for customers to open a ticket for a specific product User Roles: * Customer: Capabilities to register, login, view registered products, open and reply to tickets, view ticket status, and update personal information. * Agent: Must be able to reply to and close tickets through an agent dashboard. * Admin: Responsible for creating products with serial and warranty, in addition to regular customer and agent capabilities. The application requires an intuitive customer interface where users only see their registered products, and where the warranty pe...

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    I am in need of a PHP software ### Requirements for a Test Question Management Application 1. **Question Management by Class, Subject, and Chapter**: - The application should allow users to manage test questions categorized by class, subject, and chapter. 2. **Support for Various Question Types**: - The application should support multiple question types, including: - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) - True/False - Fill in the Blanks - Long Questions - Short Questions - Word Meaning - Matching Questions - Other types as needed 3. **Manual Input and Organization of Questions**: - Users should be able to manually input All class questions chapters wise one time in database and organize them by class, subject, and chapter. 4. **Test Pa...

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    ...looking for a PHP Laravel expert to help me with a range of tasks on a codecanyon script. The ideal candidate will have experience in database design and integration, user authentication and authorization, and API integration. - You will need to work on: - Database Design and Integration - User Authentication and Authorization - API Integration - Codecanyon Script Customization - For the codecanyon script: - Customization of existing features - Addition of new features - Bug fixes - The customization of existing features will include: - Modifying the layout or UI - Changing functionality or behavior - Improving performance or optimization If you have experience working with codecanyon scripts and can implement these changes efficiently in PHP...

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    I'm looking for a PHP developer who can create a Twilio SMS script that sends messages . Standalone script and can integrate to a website Key Requirements: - Use Twilio's API to send SMS Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in PHP - Experience with Twilio's API - Previous work creating scheduled tasks - Strong understanding of database management for storing messages - Ability to create a robust, reliable, and efficient script.

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    26 bids

    I'm looking for a Full Stack PHP Developer, with strong experience in Laravel and CodeIgniter. Key Tasks: - Front-end development - Back-end development - Site Improvement (Design and Speed) Site Improvement: - Optimize existing design - Improve loading speed Necessary Skills: - Proficient with PHP, Laravel, and CodeIgniter - Strong experience in front-end development - Proven track record in optimizing existing designs - Demonstrated ability to improve a site's loading speed

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    106 bids, while Members should only be able to view the projects. - **Project Focus**: The projects on the platform will be primarily around real estate investments and small business startups. The focus is on crowdfunding - where multiple investors contribute to a single project. - **Member Interaction**: It is important that Members have a view-only access to projects. They should be able to see active projects, but not interact with them beyond viewing. Ideal skills for this project include: - Web app development, particularly with a membership-based system. - Experience with crowdfunding platforms. - Strong understanding of UI/UX for clear member interaction. - Previous work with real estate investments or small business startups is a plus. functions: - prospective me...

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    76 bids

    I'm looking for a seasoned Full Stack Developer with a strong background in Laravel and PHP to work on an existing project to create new options similar to the existing development project. Your experience and past work will be crucial for the success of this project. Knowledge Required - Laravel, Php, Node Js, my Php admin, SQL and one must be expertise in back end and API design for critical calculation We require the following reports to be developed:  New Add Purchase  New Make a Bill  Purchase Payment  Purchase payment Receipts in pdf format We will provide you with:  A PDF containing sample data and designs of the functionality  The current codebase and database of the Cops Mart system. We are looking for these functionalities to be developed as soo...

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    I need some asset for my Kickstarter page, The total requirements are: A frame for the Title Images for 8 Tier Rewards (including frame, background, icon, and arts) Stretch Goal Below are kickstarter page that you can find corresponding items there. We are not using their style, just a reference to let you know what are those thing

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    I am seeking a talented Integration Programmer who can successfully integrate a multitude of job board APIs into our platform. Key Requirements: - Integration with the following job board APIs: Indeed, Monster, Dice, LinkedIn, , Trovit, , JobisJob, Adzuna, NLX, CareerJet, Jooble, Resume Library, Live Career, Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor, and Google For Jobs (Cloud Talent Solution) - Essential features include job posting and resume upload functionality The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in integrating multiple job board APIs - Strong understanding of job posting and resume upload functionality - Ability to work on urgent projects and deliver quality results within tight deadlines - Excellent communication skills to ensure smooth collaboration and project completion If you...

    ₹998 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    90 bids

    I have a panel that I would like to have 3 features added to it. it is integrated with the application, and I would like it if something is changed in the reseller panel to change the logo in the customer's application. I would like the database to be changed as well. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in PHP - Experience in integrating APIs - Familiarity with mobile app development - Prior experience with payment gateways - Strong understanding of user experience and interface design If you're a developer with a track record of delivering robust, secure, and user-friendly solutions, please bid on this project.

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    77 bids

    I'm looking for a PHP developer to work on a web project. The project entails: - Developing a website from scratch or enhancing an existing one. - Creating e-commerce platform or building custom web applications. The ideal candidate should have: - Strong experience and expertise in PHP. - Proven track record in developing websites or e-commerce platforms. - Ability to work independently and deliver high-quality, efficient code. Please provide samples of your previous work and your approach to website/e-commerce development.

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    31 bids

    ...need of an expert who can help me launch a Donation-based crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe. The main goal of this campaign is to raise funds for a specific project or idea. The business startup is an Eco Tourism Whale Watching company that would like to educate visitors about Marine Mammals in their natural habitat, protecting and admiring without interfering. Startup cost is significant... We need a new vessel, insurance, and marketing. Our operation is in the coastal areas of Nova Scotia Canada. We have already obtained the commercial property where we will operate from. This is a "for profit" seasonal business, with more of a passion to protect sea life than to make large profit. That's why we're looking for crowdfunding help. Our tours ...

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    27 bids

    Need a developer with expertise in PHP and Android development to implement a full KYC process, including document verification and facial recognition, within our mobile application. Key Requirements: - Extensive experience in PHP and Android development, as well as API integration. - Ability to design a robust KYC process that includes document verification and facial recognition. - Prior experience working on similar projects is highly desired. - Strong problem-solving skills and an attention to detail are a must. The KYC verification results are intended solely for use within a mobile application. You will need to create a seamless and secure way to integrate the verification process into the app, while ensuring that the data captured is accurate and secure. The ideal c...

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    8 bids

    Currently, I've created a web-based quiz for students. I'm seeking a skilled PHP developer to handle server-side programming connecting to a MYSQL database. Following are the tasks required: - Handling of quiz data storage, ensuring each student's attempts are accurately recorded (max 2 attempts). - Creation of function to automatically lock the accounts of students who have used up their attempts. Additionally, I need a dashboard designed for the supervisor with: - Ability to review, update, and delete student's quiz results. - Display quiz data in a tabular format for review on the supervisor's dashboard. The successful freelancer will have experience in PHP, MySQL, and creating efficient and user-friendly interfaces. Understanding of educati...

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    ...plugin dlls respectively. Both the client and the server are currently desktop. I hope to develop the client into a web PHP client. The server and feature plugin dlls remain unchanged and are still c++. Client Web PHP needs to communicate with the server and function plug-in DLL. The client Web PHP side needs to support the use of cloudflare and reverse proxy. Key requirements: - Convert C++ functions to PHP - User registration and login system - Utilization of MySQL database Design preferences: I'm looking for a minimalist and modern design for a web project. The design should be clean and professional. Desirable skills and experience: - Proficient in C++ and PHP - Experience with database integration, especially MySQL - Web d...

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    34 bids