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    Powershell VNo 5 days left

    I am looking for a powershell script to import CSV file into the Access [login to view URL] can create a new access database and create the [login to view URL] time we import the data , it should check if one of the fields VNO exists. If VNO exists and PRI field is 1, overwrite the row with the new information. If VNO exists and PRI field is 2, it should modify the

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    Hi, I'm running a Wordpress site with a simple Woocommerce implementation and an "events" plugin, which is working fine all the relevant files. As part of the deliverables I'll just need you to list any changes to code you made and exactly which files were edited, in case future updates overwrite your changes. Thanks for reading! Regards Carl

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    ...material in English which will be consumed by a Japanese clientele. We need a translation of these materials (approximately 20 minutes of audio and possibly dubbing to overwrite the English in the video). This material is required on an urgent basis in the next 3 days and the translator will be compensated for the rush. The content of the material

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    ...automatic, for new products (Important: don't modify existing old SEO URL!) 5) add upload date (format: [login to view URL]) to images, when they are uploaded. I have alredy auto image rename vqmod (it was made in 2017). To prevent files overwrite, add date to filenames during upload process. Please test performance and behaviour before refresh live site.

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    Hello DEVs, I need a small, light application that will backup a users data. This application will backup data from a list of up to 10 locations, encrypt / compress then upload to an offsite storage Icloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. on a schedule. Application must be installable on user machine. Please feel free to ask any questions. Application

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    ...has Arabic in it.  When you edit the file in Notepad++ you should be able to see the English and Arabic text.   You will see tags like this:  <%=[login to view URL]("catalog_start_quick_parts_selector")%>   You will replace with the exact arabic text, hit save, then send back to the ftp site and overwrite the file that is there.&n...

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    ...replicates the images for each listing (instead of overwriting them). So the media gallery has hundreds of duplicate images. I found a tried a plugin that was supposed to overwrite duplicate images but it didn’t work. None of the images showed up on the website after the first update so I removed it I need something done to prevent the duplication

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    ...Once the OCRLAT is used to scan the areas and the Data is provided as Output exporting the data to an ODBC format, it will enable the user to: • Download the data as a CSV file or other ODBC compliant format • Download images as multimedia files • View Images and Text output in a Form layout. Whilst the download is quite self-explanatory, the Form

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    ...populated the form will be imported into the site via an upload process in admin. The user will then be able to edit and update the data in the registration form. When the user submits the registration form, the data will be saved in a separate table as a completed registration and WILL NOT overwrite the original data. This registration data should be accessible

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    I can no longer load and overwrite wp files on amazon server via ftp (no changes have been made). i dont know why

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    ...Inventory tab=>Allow backorders: Do not allow. Now we need a script to overwrite this value/allow product order if our product attribute pa_backorder have value "1". In example: IF product qty is "1" or greater and pa_backorder have value "1", then allow product order and overwrite the current backorder setting. I think this job is very s...

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    I noticed your profile and that you are expert in Actionscript. I need a re...profile and that you are expert in Actionscript. I need a really simple job, a script to copy and overwrite an external file with as2 (or as3). I have a closed PNA unit running windows ce and I can run only AS on it and I want to change one single file on it. Multsumesc! :)

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    ...a list for date X and we do the above process but then we receive an updated list (with updated info) and we have to repeat the above process so we need to set a rule to overwrite info when is for same date X Of course more details will be given but I need someone who has experience in creating solutions from scratch so please let me know of any

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    ...last time I took med in hours and minutes. Now all I need to implement is a Write to File feature when the button is clicked, I want it to store the current Date and Time to a Text File that is saved in the same directory as my App. It needs to not overwrite this Txt file every time something is saved, but rather it needs to log the current date and time

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    ...ssm put-parameter --name "id_rsa" --type "SecureString" --value "$x" –overwrite Need to speak with someone KNOWLEDGEABLE with AWS Parameter Store. There is a debate about how to format the file; so unless you are confident, this may not work as was told a comma broken down file is needed. Need see if we need Python script for that ...

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    ...shield, the user can also enter a menu that offers the following functionality: o Save the statistics of the current virtual pet to the EEPROM and stop running. (This may overwrite another save, if it exists. You do not need to be able to save more than one pet.) o Delete the saved virtual pet. o Start a new virtual pet. o Leave the menu (return

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    Hello, I need a simple PHP script to check if a windows service running on a list of computers and put the result on an html or php page with these options below; 1. List of computers will be uploaded once and it should be kept in a MySQL database 2. When I push a button (such as Scan), it should check and update all the records for the status

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    Peer to Peer File Transfer in a BitTorrent Scenario in java Brief introduction to bittorrent: A BitTorrent client is any program that implements the BitTorrent protocol. Each client is capable of preparing, requesting, and transmitting any type of computer file over a network, using the protocol. A peer is any computer running an instance of a client

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    ...would also like to know how you plan on completing this task? Are you going to create a custom plugin? Are you going to add modifications to my Child Theme so that it doesn't overwrite the core code? Do you need a backup of my website or do you need to be added as a Administrator? What kind of sandbox are you using for Dev and QA? Please answers these questions

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    Write a class in PHP, under PSR standards(ready for PSR-4 Autoloader and written in PSR-2 standard) Cloud drives are associated to users, with access_token stored in mysql. Assume you already have tokens for each cloud needed for upload/download -> getting them is handled outside this project. Upload: 1. The class would access a simple database

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    ...converts the files and safes them. Everything works perfect; BUT: One file changed now and there are more columns then before. Now the program picks the wrong column and does'nt understand anymore how to handle it. Your Job will be ONLY to edit the column setting for the file called "[login to view URL]". The original Job description for was: 1.

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    We have here a pfsense that configure as NAT 1:1 . we want to setup a open vpn that when i'll connect to it will hide my ISP public ip and will overwrite it with the IP from my WAN . i need that 10 users will use this VPN and all of them will have the same Public IP (when they do on google 'what is my ip' they will the my ip and not the isp ip's)

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    8 bids of now usb pen drives path will be : /mnt/usb/sda1 /mnt/usb/sda2 /mnt/usbhost0 /mnt/usbhost1 /mnt/usbhost2 /mnt/usbhost3 /mnt/usbhost4 it will copy or overwrite the usb pendrive "thinpc" folder and sub folders to /sdcard/thinpc folder of that android device for example i will make 1 folder in the usb pen drive in my laptop named

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    9 bids of now usb pen drives path will be : /mnt/usb/sda1 /mnt/usb/sda2 /mnt/usbhost0 /mnt/usbhost1 /mnt/usbhost2 /mnt/usbhost3 /mnt/usbhost4 it will copy or overwrite the usb pendrive "thinpc" folder and sub folders to /sdcard/thinpc folder of that android device for example i will make 1 folder in the usb pen drive in my laptop named

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    ...version overwrites chosen main file [login to view URL] in order to accomplish this, which is not the way we want. Instead, we want to include a .js file in order to complete this feature. 2) Here is the file you'll be working on: [login to view URL] Same file as above but without the modifications

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    ...some good plugins already but maybe I need some support of you to bring it from live page into sub domain. And finally I need to move my page from sub domain to domain (overwrite current live page with new theme from sub domain). I will do most by myself but sometimes maybe I need some support. I just need 1-5 hours of you to ask you some questions

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    opencart module Ended

    We have marketplace system, admin can map category with options, we can map any category with any option no Files would be overwrite...Vqmod

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    I have a database with 200 thousa...AWS, so the application should be able to extract the ASIN to execute the updates of the respective products or by entering a list by XMLS or CSV, the application should overwrite the data and apply the changes found in the update. I require an experienced Freelancer, who has knowledge and related previous works.

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    In my wordpress installation I need to overwrite some english words into Spanish (change hardcoded values). Not using plugins, directly changing the value. (see attachments). Thats it.

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    ...recommend) then uploaded the csv file to the Custom Magento 2.2 Module This Module will compare the data with already loaded products and point them out in a table as As Our price - Competitors Price Next step will have a % amount field to apply and lessen the price e.g. 5% all products selected will get a new price overwrite of -5% then the original

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    We get a txt file which has the UserNo, USERNAME,STARTDATE,ENDDATE and some other values. We are looking for an application which will take the file, group them according to UserNo, USERNAME,STARTDATE,ENDDATE and show the remaining values for that user below that group header. All 26 lines in the report header and two lines in the footer should

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    Hello, I need a simple PHP script to check if a windows service running on a list of computers and put the result on an html or php page with these options below; 1. List of computers will be uploaded once and it should be kept in a MySQL database 2. When I push a button (such as Scan), it should check and update all the records for the status

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    I would like a graphic theme for my software.

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    ...stored in the cloud and stored per station. We want to be able to set settings in 3 ways. Save settings per site, per station or per location (franchise site might want to overwrite the button image that will be used on all stations at all locations). Now for the trickier part..... We need a back end system where we can set new sites up, license them

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    ...layout for the PDF in the format needed for the job (Indesign/Photoshop or similar). I want the information that I input into the Google Sheet to automatically update and overwrite the PDF any time a change is made. It also needs to place an image from a Google Drive link into the PDF. I would also like to create a multiple-choice drop-down menu within

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    Our website was developed using Laravel 5. Our developer is unreliable for support help us evaluate a new potential support partner. We are experiencing a permissions issue with accessing our Test Database. This issue occurred when we attempted to overwrite our TEST DB with the PROD DB. See the attached for more detail about the error.

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    I have an excel workbook that I have created(25 sheets) - I have it on a shared drive and I need to have a program that will make sure the participants do not overwrite each other. VBA I assume

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    ... The install has to prompt the user installing where the files will installed. If there are files already in the location then prompt the user Keep the existing files or Overwrite. Option to create a shortcut on the desktop to run the program. The next version It will also have to install a pdf creator that. You have to indicate the installer

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    This is the current code, need you to edit it for save file in PDF with file name from A1. it should overwrite if existing file. file should save to C:UsersUserOneDriveInvoice NAT Sub CreatePDF() Dim wSheet As Worksheet Dim vFile As Variant Dim sFile As String Set wSheet = ActiveSheet sFile = Replace(Replace(wSheet

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    Hi i need 3 functions in prestashop 1.7.x 1: Download delevery slip need a overwrite or module that makes it possible for me to download pdf delevery slip from a url. Something lige [login to view URL] 2:Readd product location on admin product page, in 1.7.x the product location field is removed

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    CORRECTIONS: * 1 picture in landing page (I couldn't change it myself...) * When you add a second plan to the calendar, the question "if you want to overwrite the current plan" is confusing, we just need to change that text. * When you add the first plan to the calendar, you can not choose the days you want to exercise, the calendar window should

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    I need somebody to upload a desktop server built wordpress web-site to my server please. I need this to overwrite and or delete any existing site on the server as well. I need it done quickly, i need somebody who uploads sites on a regular basis.

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    ...initiating synch is invoked, it will 1st ensure data on the mobile device has been uploaded (resynched) with the central system and then a fresh set of data will be downloaded to overwrite all data on the mobile device.  When an operator does an inspection on the app they will enter a user name and password. Using the username as a prefix, a new unique numbe...

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    99 bids, dishes, orders, etc..) will be obtained from a backend system via REST web services. The App needs to replicate on local storage some of that information and update/overwrite it when new data is available from the backend. Basic GPS functionality needed. Process flow diagram, desing/moqups template and brief explanation files are provided here

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    Im looking for content overwrite, 450-500 words. Will pay 5$ for each article, please check example. I will need 1000 + more contents like this example.

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    ...that existing data may be overwritten if you continue. If you add a row to a table or range by using a data form, Excel expands it downward. If expanding the table would overwrite existing data, Excel displays the message Cannot extend list or database. Rearrange the data on your worksheet so that the range or table can expand downward from the last

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    i am looking for somebody who can overwrite custom_key / operator key for mag 254. currently there is an operator key, locking it to a specific provider. anybody with linux knowledge should be able to do this very easy

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    ...handig is met wordpress. Ik wil een aantal aanpassingen doen waar ik zelf niet uit kom; bijvoorbeeld de padding aanpassen in de css. Daarnaast wil ik een eigen default css overwrite (zodat er na een thema update geen problemen zullen ontstaan). Momenteel gebruik ik Sydney (gratis wordpress thema) dit is in principe prima maar een ander thema in overleg

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    ...Settings. ☵ SMS Settings. ☵ Logo and Icon. ☵ Banner / Slider. ☵ About Section Management. ☵ backup database automaticly.. Config ( evry 6 houers, ) save 30 back , then overwrite. ☵ download page. ☵Make user moderator or delete from moderator. ☵ help and information page. ☵Faq page ☵social network integration. ☵ firewall , with and black ip

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    I have a ,sql database that was created by a developer. I am trying to get that wordpress database imported. For some reason, it will not work and I get this error: #1273 - Unknown collation: 'utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci' I just need to get the database imported. I am using MySQL and I am on SEO Hosting (Host Gator)

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