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    We want to setup a simple Oauth platform such that there is a single Google/MS app created and multiple applications can be linked in with it for Oauth without having to setup individual accounts - so something like > click oauth link > go to > redirect to google > google goes back to > redirect ... > redirect back to the final page with auth credentials the system should support any client but have some sort of security elent so only authorised applications can connect (perhaps a whitelist, perhaps a key) initially I want to keep it as simple as possible - logs should be retained though to be monitored or resolve issues. No UI required (logs/apps can be accesseddirect to db via PHPMyAdmin) google/ms keys should be in a config file

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    Trophy icon Login System Challenge 12 days left

    Coding languages (Vanilla as much as possible): Vanilla OOP PHP (basic + backup validation) Vanilla HTML (no divs, use proper tags) Vanilla Javascript ( a plus). Store geolocation in the database. Take those results and display them on the Google map. Proper navigation to all GUI pages. Include all basic validation for each input on the page(example: if password is too short or does not match, username already taken in database). Pages: (direct after login) Database: Phpmyadmin Note: This contest is guaranteed, so a winner will be selected regardless. However, the winner of this challenge who satisfactorily meets coding standards (as stated in challenge description) gets an opportunity to join in ongoing projects.

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    TO DO registration form 1) i cant register any new accounts, pls check and fix where problem i see new email address have added in db table but any email come with confirmation and any message on website like account is created s...can see password) 4) i need to add text under buttons google, fb (restore password - link same as in login page), after click to reset link i can put adres email and script will send new randomly generated password login form 1) add text and link to Registration form under buttons (see attachment image ) another TO DO 1) phpmyadmin databse run very slow, some times have to wait long time, check where problem we use Wordress, Codeigniter and gitlab

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    wanna increase phpmyadmin sql upload limit

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    I need help to fix a login programm with two differents type of users and a validation by an admin. And depends on the type of users, we gonna have differents access to the site. I already implement most of the work but I need help for the 2 differents users connexion and admin (and to put my query on the right pages).

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    HAPPY 2022 VP Server ... Finish setting up phpMyAdmin as it is already installed Also install ... / SSL / iRedMail / ffmpeg / red5pro / with FTP CentOS 7 64bit NOTE: payment upon completion .... after evaluating the results of tasks above.

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    VP Server ... Install phpMyAdmin / SSL / iRedMail / ffmpeg / red5pro / with FTP CentOS 7 64bit

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    I have a MySQL Database that has GPS coords for each row. I would like to be able to input a point and MySQL tell me all the points within a radius. Here looks similar to what I need. Can you write this SQL query and show me it works within phpMyAdmin?

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    Hello, I have an issue in my website. When a user try to buy the data that use in database is wrong. The weird this is when I copy/paste the exact files and database in another cpanel then add the correct data. The code is correct 100% and working, something is wrong with phpMyadmin? Chat for more details

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    Hi Matias Gaston P. Would you be able to uninstall PHPmyadmin < security issue. I'd also like to discuss blocking remote IP connections to the database, or whitelisting only specific IP addresses to editing it. Thanks, Jared

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    I've a website running in AWS. I've login details and key pairs. I need to configure it such that I can access files and db easily. So basically I need to configure FTP and PhpmyAdmin. Need to start urgently.

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    I have a source MariaDB database with a Wordpress system on it. I also have a target MySQL database. I have made hundreds of migrations via phpmyadmin or mysql terminal command. This particular sql will not import to target, it gives off an error: ERROR 2013 (HY000) at line 106202: Lost connection to MySQL server during query. The tables seem all there, but there are a lot of fatal php errors. Server support guys think it is a bug in MySQL 8.0.27. I need this database imported to target system and the wordpress running without visible fatal errors. You can have the sql file and access to target system. I need a estimate on cost.

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    Hello guys, I want a simple pl/sql code that works on phpmyadmin to do the following. I have two tables, the first is called products and the second is called order. The two tables have a column with the name of quantity. When I add to the order table, the quantity from the products table decreases. The problem is that I want to make a trigger, see if I was adding an unavailable quantity in the products table, or see if the quantity in it is 0 and send me an Exception telling me that the quantity is not available, for example, please help me with this simple code because I did not find a simple solution for it

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    Hello, The job is to install mySql and PhpMyAdmin on a Linux Ubuntu 20.04 server then execute a script to create the database ? Thx

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    I am running LAMP stack on CentoOS 7 and some upgrades were done (not by me) and now when I try to access phpMyAdmin page I get error "NOT FOUND The requested URL /pma was not found on this server" I am looking for someone to help troubleshoot issue.

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    I need to format, insert, delete and update tons of rows in some big tables (that have millions of rows/records). And, I can't seem to get any of these queries (from the links below) to work, but I'd like someone that knows how to do queries like this. So far, I've just been running my queries in the SQL tab in PHPMyAdmin with limits of 10,000 or 100,000 or 500,000 or 1,000,000 and waiting for it to finish. And, that's been succssful, but I keep having to go back in and see if the query is done and pasting it again to run it again. So, I need it to be more continuous. A CRON Job might be good, but I often need to run different update queries, so I really want to just know how to do this with the batch method. I've read that using the PK (primary key) to...

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    welcome .. I'm facing a simple problem in phpmyadmin because of the issue I can't create a database.. I need urgent help within hours

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    Happy new year people, I am looking for someone that can help me write php/js scripts. Task1 Add select file button to my admin panel to upload image into database into “image” field for specific session, without need of clicking submit button to submit the image. Task2 storage data from 3 input fields in DB and view instantly on admin panel (i already made fields in phpmyadmin) Task3 repair php file (use script from old website for this new website) and some other lil issues i have a total budget from 50 EURO'

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    This is an educational website for schools, coaching centers, universities, and many more. This project is made using the language:- HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT PHP BOOTSTRAP This website has a database too. That is made with mySQL, PHPmyadmin You can use this website for any purpose:- Online educational We also provide Apps and custom website

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    ...I saw the following information. I want please these security updates done and the blog set up so that these posts cannot be made again in the same way if possible (but we do still want legitimate bloggers to be able to post as they do already.) To the winning bid I can provide the bidder with the WordPress username and password, and of course the host access – which means you get access to PHPMyAdmin, MySQL and FTP settings. Feel free to add/edit the current settings, but do not change the functionality. Plugins list is as follows and site security updates WordPress recommends are in the attachment. Below@ an example of a post that should not be displayed. Wordpress Login Web address. To prevent Google indexing this for the URL, and also to ensure this is read and...

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    Hi- I currently have a spreadsheet that is a great public reference tool for information. Problem is, sharing the google spreadsheet link around is tedious and is not memorable like a regular website URL is. I would like to take all of the data which is in the spreadsheet, import it into a database table (i can do this part) and then have a webpage use this database and displ...simply need to visit the website instead of a google sheet. I care more about functionality versus the beauty of the website in this particular project but the site should at least be attractive. I assume PHP would be used in this case however I am open to other options. There are various changes that are made to the data over any given year but I am okay with updating the backend table using PHPMyadmin ...

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    I want a ZKTECO real time SDK expert, or who can connect my web application with zkteco attendance machine (MB460) model. The project is simple i want to fetch data or information from biometric device to a table in phpmyadmin. The developer required to fetch user_id, in_time, out_time etc, from the device to a table in phpmyadmin. further detail will be provided to developer.

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    we need my sql develoepr phpmyadmin to change id in my sql

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    I have a static html website. I have a very simple and small requirement that I want to outsource. (1) Create an admin page which only the admin can access with login credentials (2) Once logged in the admin should be able to enter in several fields (basically order details) that will when submitted enter the data into a database (which I can build with phpMyAdmin) (3) Page should have View / Sort / Edit / Print etc admin controls. That's about it. Maybe an hour's worth of effort.

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    ...looking for someone who is an expert in Magento 2 and can help us in completing our new Magento 2 Website. We are looking for someone who can do below task for us in 1-2 days. - Fix home page slide text transition with slide (The loading transition of text and slide is different) - Import/export click and collect merchant list from old to new website (I have done similar list import/export via phpmyadmin) - import/export customers from old to new website - Please remove “Estimate Shipping and Tax” text and block from cart page and “Check Out with Multiple Addresses” text as well -Fix final checkout page second section(We want small 2-3 CSS fixes and block move changes in that page) The layout is of this page is quite messy and hard to understand that&rsq...

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    i have A and B server A = web server (phpMyadmin) B = only mysql im trying A connect to mysql on B using phpMyadmin, but it doesn't work.. but use mysql connect is fine only phpmyadmin dosent work.. hel p

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    I have four problems with my wordpress site (i use jnews theme and elementor). 1. there are frequent ad popups generated although i have not activated any ads. Maybe the site got corrupted when i did not have ssl installed fort the site for a short period of time? This needs to be fixed. 2. every once in a while the top menu appears very ...fixed. 2. every once in a while the top menu appears very broad. If i save an article it is normal again. 3. at the moment on chrome mobile, the blog shows only a white page. 4. in a hero for articles on the first page, the category is always shown wrong. I really need wordpress, jnews and elementor professionals for this. I only have ftp access to the server, no cpanel. I cannot give you phpmyadmin access but can create dumps which i sen...

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    i need www leolist cc ditto with all data nd daily auto update like cron job. post add by user. admin panel for edit add /delete user EMAIL,SMS OTP verification in my Server centos 8 , ngnix , phpmyadmin

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    i need www leolist cc ditto with all data with user EMAIL,SMS OTP verify in my Server centos 8 , ngnix , phpmyadmin

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    Hi Freelancers, I'm trying to import the dump of my db in local. My computer is a Ubuntu. I use Phpmyadmin or DBeaver. I'm not able to restore the dump of my DB maybe because it is too big. 2.4Gb. Dbeaver and Phpmyadmin are giving me error. I know there is a limit on Phpmyadmin, it is less than 1Gb. I don't know how to change it. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are able to help. Thanks, Raphaël

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    Hi Matias Gaston P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Would you please fix phpmyadmin as it’s exposed external web Security issue

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    hello mates, I am installing SMS script but the error is after installation complete , I found there is no data coming in phpmyadmin , strange . please help me in this situation.

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    Error MySQL said: Documentation Cannot connect: invalid settings. mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/2002): No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed. mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/2002): No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected the connection. You should check the host, username and password in your configuration and make sure that they correspond to the information given by the administrator of the MySQL server.

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    Below are the detail of Modifications: 1.) Change UI of Android and Admin Panel Code 2.) Cleaning of Android and Admin Panel Code 3.) Create event record table in PHPmyAdmin 4.) Cleaning of MySQL Database

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    hello i have a database created with mysql 5.8 and my new server use only 5.7 when i want to import it i get some error like attachement picture

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    Project Deadline: Within 1 Hour - FULL HOUR WILL BE PAID Project Type: Linux Ubuntu 20.4 Server Tasks Task list: - Import db dump into the existing MySQL database - Grant ALL access to the db for specific db user - Ensure DB Password is is set as we specify - Install PhpMyAdmin on the server - Ensure access to PhpMyAdmin is secured from hackers YOU MUST BE ABLE TO START WORK IMMEDIATELY

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    It has a database on PHPMyAdmin. I have the files which were runner on to the apache folder.

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    Soy el dueño y desarrollador de una aplicación médica. La aplicacion se renta mensual a clinicas médicas. Es una aplicacion nueva en el mercado. Está alojada en AWS. Trabaja en linux, php, phpmyadmin, js, css. Me interesa integrar "machine learning". Necesito persona a tiempo parcial que pronto será tiempo completo. Se le pagará mensualmente y se le aumentará la paga con aumento de clientes. Luego podré necesitar más programadores que se reporten a usted. Lo primero que necesito es integrar github. En 1 mes tendriamos que integrar (via api) con otro sistema para un "single sign on". Prefiero que sepas también hablar ingles. Trabajo será completamente remoto. I need to make i...

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    Hi I have a WordPress website using 'Enfold Theme' with more than 10K pages built with the 'advanced layout builder' inside enfold. the 'wp-posts' & 'wp-postsmeta' tables are more than 1G each - causing high ...'Enfold Theme' with more than 10K pages built with the 'advanced layout builder' inside enfold. the 'wp-posts' & 'wp-postsmeta' tables are more than 1G each - causing high memory and CPU usage that kill the MySQL service. - getting "error connecting to database" every minute. i tried to optimise the tables with wp-rocket, advanced db cleaner $ other plugins. also tried to make optimisation via phpmyadmin with no success. even the support of my hosting (fastcomet) cant make things...

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    MySQL reset + phpmyadmin password

    ₹2925 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bids has been hacked and spam URL entries / redirects have been created. I require an IT expert to locate where the entries are. *** This is not a project to remove the entries, yet. I only require them to be located at this stage *** Already, we have done the following - and been unable to locate the entries: - Forensic checks in cPanel of files & redirects - Analysis of database tables via phpMyAdmin - Search of entire root OS file system for mentions of one of the /redirects - Scan of Wordpress installation using Wordfence – 47 file detections appear to be false positives - Wordpress installation was only 1 month out of date; nonetheless upgraded to 5.8.2 - Deep dive into site theme (Stockholm) and updating of Twenty Twenty-One Analysis: Observed behaviour is ...

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    This assignment requires you to design a model for a database along with its implementation, which meets the specification accompanying this document. The design of the database is to be presented in the form of a technical report and include access details to an implemented version using phpMyAdmin.

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    Hi I have a laravel+vue application need to be installed on aws lightsail. i have already configured the vps with apache/mysql/phpmyadmin. just need someone to make it work on aws. Task need to be done via remote task. thanks

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    5 bids

    dedicate server, is there any solution or utility to recover a database deleted?

    ₹975 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    7 bids

    Need an experienced Database integrator , to work on goautodial platform which is based on centos , asterisk , mysql , phpmyadmin, Well known about telephony system project will run within 2 weeks.

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    1) Currently Have AWS server running Ubuntu and want a custom app to run and recover as service. 2) Need SSL setup for AWS Ubuntu server with GoDaddy Domain Currently Have cert from 3) need to have Flask to be Setup to work as domain so users can just type in domain to run app if __name__ == '__main__': (host='', port=80) Wa...and want a custom app to run and recover as service. 2) Need SSL setup for AWS Ubuntu server with GoDaddy Domain Currently Have cert from 3) need to have Flask to be Setup to work as domain so users can just type in domain to run app if __name__ == '__main__': (host='', port=80) Want to make sure that this does not interfere with...

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    11 bids

    Hi, I have an excel file with 5 sheets (competitions, clubs, games, players, appearances). Due to the size, the appearances table has to be split into 3 files to upload it. I need the data to be normalised and an Entity Relationship model created. With this data, I then need a database to be made on phpmyadmin to run SQL queries.

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    36 bids

    Hello, I already have my website done and I would like a user account system on my website, The website should have a register/login, and along with a settings page for the user. Register Settings: Email: Username: Password: Confirm Password: Login Settings: Username: Password: Settings: Change Password: Delete Account I need the developer to be able to done and I would like a user account system on my website, The website should have a register/login, and along with a settings page for the user. Register Settings: Email: Username: Password: Confirm Password: Login Settings: Username: Password: Settings: Change Password: Delete Account I need the developer to be able to work quick and have experience with PHP, Mysql, and PHPmyadmin. ...

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    Hello, I need to a php calendar to my website which is a portfolio of a graphic designer. The idea of the calendar is to give clients the opportunity to book a call with the designer. They should be able to see available time slots and schedule a call with the designer only if they are log into the website. I need the php files and statements for phpMyAdmin database. I can provide you will all files i have already. I NEED THIS BY THU DEC 2!

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