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    For this project, chemistry expertise is crucial. I am in need of a professional who can provide well-informed consultations and guidance, conduct substantive research, and also create high-quality educational materials. As the role requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of chemistry, only freelancers with substantial experience should apply, indicating detailed context of their experience in their application. A high level of experience, particularly in the formation and creation of educational resources, is essential for success in this role.

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    ...seeking a skilled professional in the field of inorganic chemistry to assist with a project focused on the synthesis of new compounds. Key Requirements: - Specialization in Inorganic Chemistry: As this project revolves around inorganic compounds, I am looking for a professional who has a proven track record in this specific area. - Synthesis Expertise: The primary goal of the project is to synthesize new compounds. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in synthesis techniques and methodologies. - Pilot-Scale Experience: The synthesis target is at a pilot scale, ranging from grams to kilograms. Experience and knowledge in handling this scale of synthesis is a must. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Education: A degree in chemistry or a related field is...

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    I'm in need of a skilled chemist who can help me create unique, high-quality soap and shampoo products. The main...create unique, high-quality soap and shampoo products. The main focus of this project is to customize the ingredients for sensitive skin and to create one-of-a-kind scents. Requirements: - Expertise in chemistry, specifically in soap and shampoo formulation - Prior experience in creating products for sensitive skin - Proficient in scent blending and customization - Ability to source and recommend safe, effective alternatives to common harmful ingredients The ideal candidate will be able to work with me closely to understand my vision, and then bring it to life through their expertise in chemistry and product formulation. No specific time limit for completi...

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    I need an industrial scale styrene acrylic emulsion formulation for adhesive production. The key property that I am looking for in this adhesive is water resistance. - Purpose: The formulation will be used specifically for adhesive production. - Key Property: The adhesive needs to have excellent water resistance. Ideal Skills: - Experienc...formulation for adhesive production. The key property that I am looking for in this adhesive is water resistance. - Purpose: The formulation will be used specifically for adhesive production. - Key Property: The adhesive needs to have excellent water resistance. Ideal Skills: - Experience in adhesive formulation - Knowledge of industrial scale production processes - Strong understanding of emulsion chemistry - Familiarity with styrene acrylic...

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    I'm in need ...purpose of this test is to meet legal requirements by identifying trace amounts of illegal substances. Key Requirements: - The test should focus solely on illegal drugs. I'm not interested in checking for alcohol or prescription drugs. - The test needs to be extremely sensitive, capable of detecting trace amounts of the substances in question. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in toxicology and forensic chemistry - Experience in performing sensitive drug screening tests - Knowledge of legal requirements for drug testing - Excellent attention to detail and precision in handling samples Please reach out only if you have the necessary skills and experience in this specific field. I'm looking to collaborate with a professional who can ensure the accuracy and re...

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    ...creative approach related to renewable energy research and the identity of Uruguay. These ideas can be used as inspiration to develop a unique and representative logo for your project. 1. Transformed Uruguay Map: Incorporate the outline of the Uruguay map transforming into an abstract shape symbolizing innovation and renewable energy. 2. Energy Molecule: Design a stylized molecule representing chemistry and energy, with colors inspired by the Uruguayan flag. 3. Integrated Letters with Icons: Use the letters of "REFOSYN" to integrate images related to research, such as gears, solar panels, or atoms. 4. Stylized Sun: Create a stylized sun that reflects solar energy and sustainability, using shades of green and blue. 5. Blend of Renewable Elements: Combine symbols of wind...

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    As a curriculum content developer, I need someone well-versed in IGCSE and IB boards to create engaging material across various subjects and languages. Key Requirements: - Develop curriculum content for both IGCSE and IB boards. - Cover a wide range of subjects including Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics, Humanities (History, Geography, Economics), English and other languages. - Content must be engaging and suitable for a variety of educational backgrounds. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing curriculum content for both IGCSE and IB boards. - Strong knowledge and understanding of a range of subjects. - Ability to create engaging, diverse, and accessible educational content. This role will require a flexible and creative approach to cat...

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    I'm looking for a talented illustrator to create a captivating and informative cover art for my upcoming scientific paper in the field of Chemistry. Key Requirements: - The style should be illustrative, translating complex scientific concepts into visually stimulating and engaging content. - The cover art should be in color. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in scientific illustration. - Strong understanding of Chemistry concepts. - Ability to create eye-catching and informative visuals. This is an exciting opportunity for an artist to contribute to the world of scientific research through art. Your work will be an integral part of the paper's presentation, attracting readers and conveying the essence of the research.

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive Chemistry paper to be written. I would like the study to be represented on the cover page. - I need a professional in the field who can capture the essence of the study and present it in a well-structured, comprehensive manner. - The paper should have a detailed analysis with case studies. - The most important part is the representation of the study on the cover page. - I expect a high level of detail and a thorough understanding of scientific writing. Ideal skills and experience include: - Strong background in Chemistry - Previous experience in writing scientific papers - Ability to conduct in-depth research - Proficiency in professional scientific writing - Familiarity with creating case studies in Chemistry - Creative skills...

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    I'm currently seeking an experienced tutor well-versed in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths for GAMSAT preparation. The tutoring sessions are expected to be conducted in-person. Iam at a beginner level, just starting the journey of mastering these subjects. It will also be beneficial if you are from a civil engineering background as I am currently studying geotechnical engineering. - Subjects: Expected to cover Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths to a high standard suitable for GAMSAT. - Mode of Instruction: Tutoring is required to be in-person. It's essential that you're local or willing to travel. - Student’s Level: The student is a beginner. As such, experience in tutoring from the basic level and gradually building up in complexity ...

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    I need a highly skilled electrical engineer who can design an industrial-grade, slow-trickle charging circuit for lead-acid batteries. This device will be used primarily for powering backup systems. Key Responsibilities: - Design a charging circuit compatible with lead-acid battery chemistry. - Prioritize circuit efficiency to enable slow-trickle, long-term charging without overcharging or damaging batteries. - Draft detailed documentation on the design, including technical specifications (voltage, current, etc.) and assembly instructions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Solid understanding of lead-acid battery charging dynamics. - Demonstrated experience in industrial circuit design. - Knowledge in handling charging circuits for backup power systems. - Proficiency in using circuit...

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    I'm seeking help for my school project focused on chemistry. Skills & Experience Required: - Strong understanding of Chemistry - Experience in academic assistance or tutoring Expectations: - Assist in understanding difficult concepts - Provide insights and knowledge sharing - Ensure project completion by next Friday, April 12th. This is a valuable chance for those passionate about education and science. Let's make Chemistry fun and comprehensible together!

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    I'm in need of support with a scientific research project. Key aspects of this project are still undefined, so freelancers should be prepared for a broad range of possibilities. - Uncertain Focus: The specific scope of the research isn't yet decided. Whether it's Biology, Physics or Chemistry, I value flexibility and adaptability. - Exceptional Applications: I encourage applicants to present their past work, experience and detailed project proposals. Showcase the breadth and depth of your knowledge, and demonstrate how you can bring value to an open-ended scientific study. Ideal freelancers will possess broad knowledge across multiple scientific fields, with demonstrated problem-solving skills. Relevant research experience is also necessary for undertaking this pr...

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    ...acting on particles in a pre-existing code. - **Focus on Accuracy**: The most critical aspect of this project is ensuring that the forces implemented into the code are as accurate as possible. A thorough understanding of force fields and their application within LAMMPS is essential. - **Requirements**: - Proficiency in using and modifying LAMMPS software - Strong background in computational chemistry or physics, especially in molecular dynamics simulations - Ability to write clean, efficient, and accurate code - Detail-oriented approach to ensure the accuracy of the forces applied - **Ideal Experience**: - Previous experience in modifying LAMMPS codes with a focus on force implementation - Solid understanding of particle dynamics and how to accurately simulate thes...

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    I am looking for a tutor who is experienced in teaching high school-level physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The purpose of this tutoring is primarily to prepare for exams. Key skills and experience include: - Proven track record of tutoring or teaching in physics, chemistry, and mathematics - Deep understanding and knowledge of high school curriculum in these subjects - Prior experience in exam preparation and familiarization with exam patterns, tips, and tricks to ace the exams - Ability to make complex topics easy to understand - Patience, clear communication, and a passion for inspiring students to love STEM subjects

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    I'm currently looking for innovative minds proficient in chemistry and fluorescence to undertake an exciting project. The core task is activating photoinitiators in UV ink without utilizing any UV light. We have a month to complete this mission. Our primary expectation after activating the photoinitiators is to solidify the ink. Key Deliverables: - A proven innovative method to catalyze photoinitiators present in UV ink without the need for UV light exposure - Repeated successful attempts to solidify the UV ink after photoinitiators activation - Safe disposal recommendations for the solidified waste UV ink Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient background in Chemistry - Previous experience in a similar project handling UV ink or fluorescence - History of innovativ...

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    I'm seeking knowledgeable content creators for comprehensive IIT JEE Physics/Maths/Chemistry modules(NEET: for Biology) The chosen freelancer(s) will be tasked with creating engaging video lectures and interactive simulations that help students grasp complex physics concepts. Primary Topics: Whole IIT jee/NEET syllabus of corresponding subject Delivery Methods: * Video Lectures * Interactive Simulations Video lectures should be presented via slides with voiceover. The aim is to explain key principles in an engaging manner catering to diverse learners. The interactive simulations will serve to fortify the students' comprehension and application. Ideal skills and qualifications: * Strong command of physics, particularly Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Electromagnetism * ...

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    I'm looking for a talented Virtual Reality developer to create an engaging educational program focusing on science and math (STEM). The VR environment should...talented Virtual Reality developer to create an engaging educational program focusing on science and math (STEM). The VR environment should incorporate lessons or simulations covering physics, chemistry, biology, and math. Key features can include: - Interactive experiments or demonstrations - Lessons or quizzes on the chosen topics - Possibly quizzes and tests with performance tracking. The perfect candidate would ideally have: - In-depth knowledge of VR environment creation. - Experience in educational content creation or pedagogy. - A solid understanding of STEM topics, specifically physics, chemistry...

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    I am looking for a skilled ChemDraw professional who can assist me in creating advanced chemical structures with stereochemistry. Requirements: - Proficiency in ChemDraw - Ability to create complex, advanced molecules with stereochemistry The ideal candidate will have: - A background in chemistry would be helpful - Previous experience with advanced ChemDraw projects.

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    I am looking for a talented teacher who can record online lecture for me or make slides . I need who is expert in math , physics and chemistry.

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    I'm searching for a professional skilled in examining patents, particularly in the area of chemical compositions. The invention in question is designed to capture multiple types of emissions, namely carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds. Ideal candidates will have: - Expertise in chemical patent examination - A deep unde...chemical patent examination - A deep understanding of both Chemical compositions, particularly those applied in emissions capture - Background in the emission capture sector or a related field Your task will revolve around a careful and detailed examination of the patent, including its potential applications and effectiveness. Critical thinking, a keen eye for detail, and solid grounding in chemistry and emissions are crucial fo...

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    ...an educational institution, we are seeking a skilled STEM tutor to curate and develop a series of 109 explainer videos on various STEM subjects. The selected freelancer will be responsible for: - Creating clear, engaging 60-minute explainer videos covering Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. - Breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand content for students. Candidates should possess: - Comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the STEM fields, specifically Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. - Hands-on experience creating educational content, particularly explainer videos. - A knack for simplifying complex concepts and delivering them in an accessible and intuitive way. The ultimate goal is to create an extensive video series that helps students gras...

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    I'm seeking a knowledgeable and creative professional to produce a series of STEM explainer videos targeting students. These videos should be approximately 60 minutes long and cover topics within Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Key Requirements: - Create engaging educational content suitable for students - Delve into topics across Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics - Maintain an approximate length of 60 minutes per video Essential Skills: - Previous experience with educational content creation - Solid understanding of STEM subjects - Outstanding communication and video production skills

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    I'm seeking a knowledgeable and creative professional to produce a series of STEM explainer videos targeting students. These videos should be approximately 60 minutes long and cover topics within Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Key Requirements: - Create engaging educational content suitable for students - Delve into topics across Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics - Maintain an approximate length of 60 minutes per video Essential Skills: - Previous experience with educational content creation - Solid understanding of STEM subjects - Outstanding communication and video production skills

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    ...Physics, and Chemistry. The content level is aiming towards college education, with each book being less than 500 words. Your tasks will include: - Complete rewriting of the provided STEM content in Hindi, while retaining the core information and ensuring accuracy. - Simplifying complex college-level topics to ensure understandability without compromising quality. - Ensuring the rewritten content flows smoothly, is engaging, and easily understood by the intended reader base. Ideal freelancers would possess: - Proficient command over Hindi language. - Proven experience with content writing or content translation in Hindi. - Background in STEM subjects, preferably at university level. - Excellent comprehension skills to understand college-level Mathematics, Physics and Chemis...

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    I need a formulator to develop an anti-mould agent specifically for leather and fabric products. The ideal candidate should have extensive knowledge and experience in formulation chemistry. Key Pointers: - The agent should offer long-lasting protection against mould of 12 months - Non-toxic for safe use. - As natural as possible - Broad-spectrum - It must be odorless, colorless - Works on all leather including suede, vegetable-tanned, reptile, PU - Works on fabric - Does not affect leather color, smell - Safe on hardware - Ingredients needs to be accepted in EU, KR, JP, US, AU Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in chemical formulation. - Expert knowledge on anti-mould agents. - Understanding of safety standards in the chemical industry. - Previous experience working wi...

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    I need a well-rounded professional who can work on my chemistry lab report.

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    I am looking for a talented marketer who can help me sell my interactive chemistry game. I'm targeting high school students, college students, and all general chemistry enthusiasts out there. The game is designed to engage users with fun and exciting interactive chemistry activities. The game is accessible on both iOS and Android, so your marketing strategies should take this into consideration. Skills and experience in digital marketing, specifically in the educational game sector, would be ideal for this project. In brief, your task is to: - Develop and implement a marketing strategy to reach our target audience - Monitor sales and provide updates on strategies progress - Recommend adjustments to improve marketing efforts Successful candidate must have: - ...

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    I'm in dire need of a competent online tutor who specializes in Analytical Chemistry and possesses proficiency in both English and Telugu. Key Responsibilities: - Providing assistance in various aspects of Analytical Chemistry, including but not limited to Quantitative Analysis, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. - Organizing tutorial sessions thrice a week. The perfect match for this role would be someone who: - Is fluent in English and Telugu - Has a thorough understanding and sound knowledge of Quantitative Analysis, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. - Has prior experience in tutoring or mentoring in the domain of Chemistry. This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals looking to foster learning in an enric...

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    Hindi content rewriter for neet- jee exams of mathematics physics and chemistry biology

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    In this project, I am looking to raise awareness about child abuse. A powerful poem is my chosen medium for this purpose. I am seeking a talented creative writer or poet who can bring to light this sensitive subject with empathy, courage, and resilience. Not only will your piece need to convey these emotions, but it should also evoke feelings of hope and healing. Here is what I am looking for: - Skill in creative writing or poetry, particularly dealing with delicate topics - Capacity to express emotional depth and understanding of child abuse trauma - Ability to depict resilience and hope amidst shared struggles Your work will be instrumental in advocating for survivors, educating the public, and influencing a push for stronger legal protections. Your words hold immeasurable po...

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    I'm in need of a knowledgeable freelancer who can skillfully employ ChemDraw to create a vast array of chemistry drawings. Key Requirements: - Expertise in drawing Organic Molecules, Inorganic Compounds and visualizing Chemical Reactions. - Proficiency in creating clear PNG files using ChemDraw. Ideal Expertise: - I'm looking for someone with a strong background in chemistry. You should deeply understand the structures you are illustrating. - Proficiency in ChemDraw is a must. Please note that specific details or components to highlight in the chemistry drawings were left unspecified. Feel free to use your judgment based on your background in chemistry to provide the most accurate and useful illustrations. Your role is essential to the success of...

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    I'm looking for a skilled poet who specializes in the romantic style. While the purpose of this project is not for publication or a gift, it's a personal enjoyment project that necessitates deep appreciation and understanding of love and romance. Key requirements: - Must be good at crafting poetry with a strong romantic theme. - Creativity and originality. - Good English language command. - Adaptability to a predominantly romantic style. Your application should demonstrate: - Your experience in writing poetry, particularly romantic. - Samples of past work for review. - A detailed project proposal outlining how you plan to fulfill the project requirements. Looking forward to working with passionate and experienced poetry writers.

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    Searching for a well-versed literature reviewer, specializing in culinary science, with a keen focus on food chemistry. The task at hand is a comprehensive exploration into the effects of substituting water for milk in Pate a Choux. Key responsibilities: - Compile relevant information on the topic - Robust analysis on theories presented in existing literature - Identify gaps in existing research Ideal candidate: - Proven experience in food chemistry literature reviews - Strong understanding of culinary science - Highly analytical and detail-oriented.

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    I'm on the lookout for someone highly proficient with both AutoCAD and ChemDraw for my chemistry drawing needs. Yet undecided about the specific type of chemistry drawings, I'd appreciate versatility in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry realms. Whoever is successful in securing this project should be prepared to showcase their experience and, more importantly, past work. Detailed project proposals will be scrutinized and, thus, are invaluable. Expertise in AutoCAD Expertise in ChemDraw Experience in disparate chemistry drawings: - Organic chemistry - Inorganic chemistry - Physical chemistry Tested ability to make comprehensive project proposals Proven track record or portfolio of past work.

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    I am seeking JEE aspirant or one who has cracked JEE with strong knowledge of Chemostry. I have MCQs and PYQs of JEE and JEE advanced w=hich has solutions as well. I need Hints to solve the question. This is for students to understand the methofd of solving the question. I also need sub topic names on which questions are based. Kindly note that this work has to be performed using Microsoft windows PC. I have few thousand PYQs and MCQs to add hints and sub topic names. Duration of completion is 15 days

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    ...skilled and creative content creator to produce highly engaging and informative videos for Class 12 students. The videos will cover Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. Key requirements: - Each video should be 1 hour long, capturing essential details in an engaging way. - Please submit detailed project proposals including, but not limited to, the structure of each lesson, the outline of topics to be covered, and methods to enhance student engagement. - All videos should be submitted in MP4 format which offers excellent quality. Ideal candidate: - Experience in developing educational video content, preferably within the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Biology. - Excellent storyboarding and scriptwriting skills. - Adept at transforming complex con...

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    I am in need of a well-crafted PowerPoint presentation for a class focused on chemistry and nursing. The core objective of this project is to explain the chemistry of sadness and laughter. I am required to present with 10 slides and for a duration of 10 minutes. Formulae and images are mandatory. The presentation should speak to an audience with an intermediate level of understanding - it should contain some technical terms but overall retain coherence for students who have only midway knowledge in chemistry and nursing. Ideal skills for candidates: - Proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint - Strong understanding of chemistry and nursing - Ability to explain technical processes in a simple and comprehensive manner - Strong communication and content organizati...

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    I am seeking a qualified professional with a solid understanding of advanced concepts in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The goal is to create 60-minute lecture videos tailored towards complex problem-solving for the NEET-JEE examination. This project requires: - Advanced knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology concepts - Ability to clearly explain and demonstrate complex problem-solving techniques - Experience in educational content creation, preferably for competitive exams like NEET-JEE - Capacity to generate high-quality, engaging, and informative lecture videos Strong presentation skills and an engaging teaching style will be ideal to help students to grasp complex concepts effectively.

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    I am looking for a tutor who is experienced in teaching high school level physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The purpose of this tutoring is primarily to prepare for exams. Key skills and experience include: - Proven track record of tutoring or teaching in physics, chemistry, and mathematics - Deep understanding and knowledge of high school curriculum in these subjects - Prior experience in exam preparation and familiarization with exam patterns, tips, and tricks to ace the exams - Ability to make complex topics easy to understand - Patience, clear communication, and a passion for inspiring students to love STEM subjects Please only apply if you meet these requirements. The successful applicant will need to provide examples of their past success in tutoring other students...

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    I'm seeking a proficient writer to create an academic abstract for a literature review focused on Chemistry or a related science field. Key tasks will include: - Conducting an insightful summary of the work. - Demonstrating a deep understanding of the field and topic. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Extensive experience in academic writing. - Knowledge in Chemistry or any related science field. - An ability to translate complex information into clear, concise abstracts. Your bid should demonstrate your experience and knowledge in this area. Are you up for the challenge?

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    I'm working towards the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) MCQ books in both Physics and Chemistry. Your role will involve: 1. Add Hint and sub topic names to multiple-choice questions across the full Physics and Chemistry syllabi for JEE. 2. Problem-Solving Support: Provide clear, step-by-step hints for solving intricate problems. Ideal candidates should possess an extensive knowledge of the designated subjects. Previous experience in tutoring or mentoring for JEE preparation is appreciated. Familiarity with mechanics, electrostatics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, optics, and others as defined in the JEE syllabus is critical. Your guidance should not only clarify concepts but also recommend effective study materials. Your punctuality, excellent communication skills...

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    I am seeking a proficient ChemDraw operator to work on my structural design project related to chemistry. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in ChemDraw Software - Experience with structural design - Background in chemistry The project will involve creating detailed and accurate structural designs using ChemDraw, so relevant experience and high attention to detail are essential. Knowledge of chemistry concepts will be highly advantageous. Please include examples of previous related work when bidding.

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    ...seeking expert writing help on a science thesis that revolves around the topic of drug discovery for oral cancer, particularly at the interface of chemistry and biology. This is an advanced project requiring in-depth knowledge about oral cancer, drug targets, molecule design, and drug efficacy. Specific tasks on this project include: - Writing about identifying potential drug targets for oral cancer. - Documenting the process of designing new drug molecules tailored to these targets. - Investigating and detailing the efficacy of these newly designed drugs. This project requires a science writer with a strong foundation in both biology and chemistry, ideally with previous experience in drug discovery or related field. Your ability to write in a scholarly tone and proficie...

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    In this interesting project, you will suggest several chemicals and  several methods to make green heterojunctions. You are a creative, thoughtful chemist, or materials science technician, or equivalent ---------------------------------------------------------------- In order to begin qualifying for this project, please answer 2 or 3 of these 5 easy questions : Queston 1 :    X.022 × 10²³ What is the numeric value of X? Question 2 : F_FR_  What are the 2 missing vowels, alphabetical character? Question 3 : Which of these is different from the other 3 : ionic, vanderwaals, metallic, covalent Question 4: P.I.N. Component. What does the initial I stand for? Question 5 : eV? What is the full name of eV? ------------------...

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    I am in immediate need of a professional with expertise in physical chemistry. Your role will primarily involve problem-solving tasks necessitating an intermediate understanding of the subject. You should be well-versed in applying fundamental concepts of physical chemistry to provide plausible solutions. Previous experience in real-time problem resolution will be advantageous.

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    I am in search of a specialist admissions consultant comfortable with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. As a prospective student, I hold a bachelor's degree and need advice on both undergraduate and graduate programs. The ideal consultant will help me navigate the process and excel in: - Selecting appropriate schools: Expertise in identifying the most suitable institutions for further studies is necessary. A solid understanding of the admissions landscape in both undergraduate and graduate environments within the science and engineering sectors is essential. Experience in working with students holding bachelor's degrees to guide them through course selections and school selection in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, will be strongly valued.

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    I'm seeking a skilled and knowledgeable writer for a detailed, 1500-word chemistry report on Analysing Electrolysis Reactions. Scope: - Conduct a detailed analysis of the results, with clear and comprehensive formula explanations. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Thorough understanding of Chemistry, particularly Electrochemistry - Proven experience in academic or technical writing - Strong analytical skills - Expecting meticulous attention to detail Key Requirements: - Exclusively use Harvard Referencing Style - All information and data must be accurate and up-to-date - Draft should be structured, logical, and easy-to-follow - Avoid any plagiarism concerns In essence, I need a well-written, analytic, 1500-word report, strictly following the Harvard Referencing Style, ...

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    I am seeking a talented and diverse writer who can create content ranging from technology, health, fashion items, to sports topics. You should also have proficiency in poetry writing. You will be targeting a broad audience, including professionals, so striking a balance in tone to cater for the varying demographics is key for this project. Skill-set required: - Excellent command of language and grammar - Experience in writing on diverse topics - Ability to engage both general audience and professionals - Finesse in poetry writing - Familiarity with digital marketing, web development, and graphic design: this will be an added advantage as it will boost the credibility of the technology-related articles. Please include relevant samples in your application, preferably on the mentioned t...

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    I require a proficient proofreader and content editor who has a keen understanding of chemistry - organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry topics. Your primary role will be to work with my senior faculty to take raw content, polish it by proofreading and making necessary modifications, and deliver a polished piece. Ideally, you will; - Be a chemistry enthusiast with a solid understanding of all major branches - Have experience proofreading and editing chemistry-specific content - Be able to deliver the project within a month Your responsibility will be solely focused on the refinement of the provided raw content, so no additional writing should be required.

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