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    We are currently working on a website project,we need good a PHP developer to help us. It is a membership based e-commerce site, we basically have finished the member login/matrix/admin part. We need to develop the following: 1. online store. which allows each member to build/admin their online store by few simple configuration (without HTML coding)

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    We have a chat program written by out team a while back, and need it modified. It is based on PHPLive 1.9.8 . I have included an image of the wanted appearance after the work is complete, the modifications are: 1. Make it modular so it will be easier to integrate with other parts of a site. It was created to be stand alone we now need to make it the

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    Welcome We are starting a web site from gorund up and we need a design and logo done the same. We need someone to edit and have a good imagination when it comes to PHP. Our site will be a forum based site .. There will be a front page thought something similar to VBP ..where the forum info effects the front page. News,Newest Post,Polls,Comments ETC

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    Hello , There's a site that I would like to have similar functions too , The front page is [login to view URL] IU would like to have the front page update and change to different things that get posted inside the site.. For exmaple there would be a random image or file that would rotate and appear on the front page... example like this ...just look at

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    I'm looking to have a simple logo created for my online profile ( [login to view URL] ) here at RAC. I am an experienced coder but unfortunately I'm completely incompetent at graphic creation. ;-) Some examples of logos: * [login to view URL]

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    I need a stand-alone VB app that can add/modify/delete records in a single table database. The database will eventually be the source for a ASP driven website so compatibility is an [login to view URL] field list is developed and may need moderate tweeking. The app should be: 1) Simple 2) Cosmetically Apealing 3) Carry my Company Logo. 4) Run on native Win9x-XP

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    AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I Need online websitecreator for dummies(PREFER NOT CGI!!) At no cost to my hosting clients Sitebuilder-pro type clone okay geocities clone okay I LOVE FREE [login to view URL] [login to view URL] (USER=MISTER PASS=FREEHOSTING-but remember to delete files you create before leaving or others cannot view template selection!)builder

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    ...will be provided upon bid acceptance) * a directory that allows viewers to add a link upon approval that is a clone of [login to view URL] but with the look and feel of the pending website and without the ability to modify any of the information on the site. (categories and existing site colors and logo to be provided upon bid acceptance). *

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    Please don't send your bid if you have not developed a web-based dating application before. I must see a demo so please provide your demo url. I need: 1. Private Instant Messaging with Photos, mileage range and who is online. 2. Private Messaging System - folders, save, inbox, trash. The sender with online or offline IM icon. 3. Private Discussion Board

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    ...can provide decent designs - with the exception of a couple of people most bids and designs have been very poor**** We need a logo designed for our online gift company. The company is called [login to view URL] We specialise in personalised gifts that you cannot buy in the shops. We are looking to have a logo designed for us, it must be subtle and profe...

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    Hi Coders, I require a online website builder,a site management tool The basic idea is as follows **A user signs up with the site(gives email id we send out password for first login)** **He logs in to the site can be [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] ... the preference to earlier one(remember all done automatically)**

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    ...CGI, PERL - Knows a lot when it comes to online auction websites If you meet the above requirements, then please read on. I will need someone to create a brand new website that has an amazing, easy to read layout. I need it EXTREMELY easy on the eyes and I will need to attract many customers. As you can see, the site is an online auction for PIPES (ebay

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    I need 2 logos made for 2 websites. We don't have a specific design in mind so we will leave it up to the chosen designer to come up with very professional looking logos that fit the sites theme. Logo 1: The site where we will use this logo is a script and windows program selling site. The name of the site is [login to view URL] The layout has not been

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    This is the world's tiniest project. Need someone with a good eye for color who has a sense of what different colors convey to a user audience to recommend a color scheme for an online community site with social, community, business and religious interests and for its logo. See attached for work up so far. This might help with ideas for color. Want

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    Would like a logo that captures the features and purpose of the online community website with resources, news articles and information for Jews in their 20s and 30s. Name of the site is Jews Connect. It's the equivalent of something like [login to view URL], but for Jews. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    Site: Online community site with resources, news articles and information. Please note programming & functionality skills more important than design. Please review [login to view URL] before bidding. Don't need 50% or more of these features. Need ability to set up this kind of layout. Most imp part of project. Have current host. Suggestions welcome

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    ...[login to view URL] . The toolbar should have this basic layout from left to right: 1. Logo? or a clear and obvious marker identifying our website. 2. Search section specifically for our fly patterns section (this is built in PHP and will be going online Monday A.M.). Below is a link to give you the general idea. The search box must be clear to the user that

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    ...reasonable We need a working model of an online bookshop (basic) to be completed in 12 hours from the time the bid is accepted. Please ignore the deadline time given, I need the project 12 hours from the time your bid is selected. We need a basic complete website of an online bookshop. You can visit <[login to view URL]> or other online bookshop...

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    We need a Logo and Mascot for a new site we are creating. The site name is [login to view URL] and the url is [login to view URL] You will see some graphics here, but we gonna redo it later with the great Logo and Mascot you create for us. [login to view URL] is a online download library, and we need a great Logo/Mascot that visi...

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    E-commerce section for a website. I already have the template in html format. Basically I need a web designer to add a shopping cart and check out to this template. I need it so that when an order is placed I can see online all the details and also have everything sent to me automatically to my email account. The website is going to be for

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    I am looking for someone to build me a chat program like some of the products that are out there like [login to view URL], [login to view URL], and We really like how [login to view URL] works and how their solutions works and would like a clone of the software and we don't need all the features like they offer. We need for this

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    I need a logo that is conservitive and high tech at the same time. the logo and slogan is to be designed for [login to view URL], a online travel agent for the scenic hocking hills region. Please post questions you may have. I'd like to have both a flash and static image. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in...

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    A completely dynamic jokes, funny pictures, and ecards web site. Something like the one I have online now at: [login to view URL] With a web based admin page The web based admin page must be capable of the following: Add a text joke Add a picture joke List jokes for editing or deleting List jokes waiting for approval Add

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    I need a toolbar to be constructed for Internet Explorer, it must be similar to the Google toolbar. I need it to be able to be installed online as well as from an exe file. Would prefer it to be made in Visual C++. Coder will have to walkme through the source code andhow to modify the look and insert my own logo in. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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    We need a comic-strip flash animation of a little guy dressed up like a detective who thinks his wife is cheating on him on his computer. He comes home and his wife is on his computer laughing and smiling, but when he gets home, she gets mad because she has to get off the computer. Then he wakes up in the middle of the night, realizes his wife is not

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    I need a flash animation for our site which will be an introduction to the site for new users. Our site will allow people to fill out legal forms online and have them created automatically for them. Our site wants to emphasize to people that many things happen in our life that require legal attention - when we get married, when we have a child, when

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    To redesign the front page with new logo, background etc. Frontpage design with have to be designed with the idea the the basic template could be used through out the other pages on the site New Logo, complimenting banner and graphics. Logo and Graphics and page appearence would appeal to men and women and younger fashion jewelry. ## Deliverables

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    ... is looking for a new logo. Please refer to our website [login to view URL] for what we do and a bit about our online image. Bids will be selected upon mock ups, previous work, and bid price. Work must be new and completely original. ## Deliverables Copies of work in photoshop format. Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    13 bids make this more pleasing to the user. One area of re-design is the shopping cart which currently sends the order through to worldpay but the user then needs to send us a completed order form via email which is not ideal. Website uses Worldpay as the payment gateway and the Shoppping cart pages are created using [login to view URL]

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    ...the information about the program. If you have any questions or need to otherwise contact me - please feel free to email me back at any time. DOWNLOADABLE The database must in essence be downloaded by my prospects. They will fill out a simple form online with their name and email address and receive the instant-quote program. This can automatically be

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    16 bids ASP developer to design a community focused webhosting site for my business. The site will designed from scratch. I will a community forum with online chat. I'm partial to the free ASP forum provided by "WebWiz" if that helps with ideas. I'm looking for a "Dark Techy" theme for the site. I will also need a company logo d...

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    We need a print quality (i.e. very high resolution) logo designed for a shareware program we have that is to be featured in a magazine. The program generates web pages for updating online databases. Colors are Blues, Grays, Reds and Blacks. It should be a drawing rather than a photograph. Only problem is we need it in a hurry - ...

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    ...merchandise as a member/ reseller. There needs to be an easy admin interface for the Shopping Cart (see below)*. The site needs to be designed so the products show up nicely. An Ecommerce portal design is preferred. *Shopping Cart --*This site is basically a Flash ecommerce site but with one difference. The one difference is…this is just a website that

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    I need a logo design for a small business project. The company name will be 'train text'. I would prefer a graphical logo as I've already decided on type face ('electrified', available from [login to view URL]). The business will be sending up to date train times on request as an sms message to mobile phones. ## Deliverables Complete

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    I would need a transformation of the intro for my new site. I would need to add a few pics and probably a flash menu. could you please check my new site at: [login to view URL] and let me know if you could make a logo for me showing a big "star" instead of the "A" on BOOKING ST A RS or maybe you would have a better ...

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    14 bids post a bid if you cannot link us to some of your best work and Flash animations! -------------------------- Our clients would like their site designed. We could do it however,we dont have enough time to work with them and do all the changes they require. That is why we need someone who can work with them to create the type of site and logo they need

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    A logo & graphics design for a new online wireless store website. Nothing fancy. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform All popular platforms ## Deadline information It is an urgent request

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    • Provide nine boxes in a "Scratch Card" style design on a page on the "mydomain" website and style. • Cover each box with a "silver" (internet safe colour) that can be "Scratched off" using the mouse. • Message to be shown communicating to the user that they have won. And that an email has been sent to them including a...

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    OK I got Some sleep : # Popup Ad Blocker. When users block a popup the program will then always block or auto close this window. # The address is sent to an online database everytime this addy is killed its counter is increased, when it reaches a defined amount of independent clicks the address is automatically place in users text database. # Purpose

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    I want to set up a job/resume service site like [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] with one exemption--I want the site visitor to see all resumes, qualifications, etc., without revealing the individual's identity until they become a registered, paid member. I'd like the script to have the following: - User friendly navigation for job seekers, employers

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    MORTGAGE SITE SPECIFICATIONS AND INFORMATION Need a professional looking, interactive web site that provides the following: NO FRAMES NO FLASH Online Application Form that delivers information to my email and auto responds to the applicants email upon delivery Mortgage Treasury and rate tickers Online calculators Will have paypal option and two other

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    We are an online seller of novelties, pranks and gags. 99% of our orders are via Credit Card. However, we recieve e-mails daily asking to pay via the mail with check, money order or cash. So I need a simple page that someone can print out (prefer one of those little print buttons on the page to make it easier). The page must look professional have our

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    ...editPlus. 3-page website simulaing a online retail company. Include the following: ALL PAGES: Use tables. Use an external CSS file, include all formatting for font types, font size, font, color, font weight, font style, and text alignment in this style sheet file. Use this style sheet for all the pages in the site. A Menu to include all pages in the site

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    ...who are in need of a mortgage loan in the United States. The form needs to resemble this link: [login to view URL] the rest of the page should allow for banner or generic company logo and labeling as well as send the information to a database after the consumer completes and hits send. The web page should provide a secure protected

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    Cautam colaborare (cu persoane locate in Baia Mare) pe partea de graphic design pentru magazin online. Principalele caracteristici ale activitatii sunt: - Dezvoltarea materialelor de design aferente magazinului online, incluzand logo, bannere, imagini, layout-uri pentru pagini, etc - Dezvoltarea materialelor de design aferente campaniilor de email

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    ...for designs for a logo for a new fitness and health company / online offering. The company offers online workouts, diet and mindset - think fitness, health, losing weight, toning, healthy eating etc The company is called Active8me (so [login to view URL]). The logo should be simple and use limited colours (i.e. one colour or only a few col...

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