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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a user-friendly desktop application interface that integrates a machine learning model. The primary goal of this application will be to evaluate student applications in real-time. Key Features: - Real-time evaluation feedback: The application should provide instant feedback on student applications, based on the integrated machine learning model. - User authentication: The application should include a secure user authentication system to ensure only authorized users can access and use it. - Data visualization: The application should have data visualization capabilities to help users understand the evaluation process and results better. Integration: - The application will need to integrate with existing systems or databas...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a file-sharing platform with a focus on user ease and simplicity, much like wedibox. The platform should primarily cater to individuals and feature: - User registration and login: A seamless process that ensures security and privacy for each user. - File sharing and storage: A core feature enabling users to easily upload, share, and manage their files. The storage capacity should be sufficient for individual use. The user interface styling should be modern and minimalist, reflecting the platform's focus on simplicity and ease of use. The ideal freelancer for this project should have a strong background in web development, particularly in creating user-friendly platforms, and an understanding of mode...

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    I've got my domains using ADFS to Keycloak as an IDP/broker. I now need help/instructions on how to get my SharePoint 2019 server (on-prem) to allow those brokered users to authenticate to SharePoint 2019. I know we have to set up SP 2019 as a client in Keycloak, but I need instructions. 1. How to setup SP 2019 as a client on KC. 2. Setup sharepoint to allow their party idp. I just need instructions.

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    ...looking to create a site similar to , focusing on the user management aspect, specifically the user profile customization. Key Requirements: - User Profile Customization: You will be working on the user part of the website. This will involve creating a system where users can customize their profiles. - Uploaded Video Monetization: In addition to the standard features of user profile customization, I am looking to include a feature where users can monetize their uploaded videos. - Payment Statements: It is essential that the platform generates payment statements for users. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in web development and design - Familiarity with video streaming platforms - Experience in user management systems - Past projec...

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    I'm in need of a multi-user web portal that will facilitate the connection between trainers and students. The portal will have the following features: - **Multi-Login System**: There needs to be a seamless and secure multi-login system to accommodate both trainers and students. - **Search Functionality**: Users should be able to search for trainers or classes based on the city or trainer's name. This will make it easy for students to find trainers that are close to them or whom they may have heard of. - **User Profiles**: Each trainer or class should have a detailed profile which includes: - Biography: A brief description of the trainer and their training methods. - Reviews and Ratings: Users should be able to rate and write reviews about the trainers/class...

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    Private project for Skyhawksfusion

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    I need a single form to register two differ...single form to register two different types of users on my wordpress website. See the attachment. I'm looking to set up a WordPress site that supports dual user registration - customers and instructors. Key Requirements: - The registration form should be able to collect specific information from both user types including name, email address and phone number. - Customers should have the ability to search for instructors and book lessons with them. - Instructors should be able to create, manage and edit their profiles. I'm seeking a skilled developer who can implement these functionalities seamlessly. Experience in WordPress and user registration systems is a must. The ideal candidate should also have a good und...

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    43 bids very simple, so I basically just need the 1. Main templetate would be but with an additional screen using other 3 packages. 2. Create Okta native app on Application flow: 1. On Start app if not authenticated, show screen with Login button (middle of screen) 2. When Login button is clicked, goto Okta authenticate 3. If Authenticated : 3.1 Goto to new screen with big round button in the middle of the screen -> "SCAN" 3.2 When clicked, a BLE scan is started for 4 sec. 3.3 If one specific BLE device for the scan is found (based on ID), present faceID prompt and if succeded call a function with haptic feedback 3.4 then back to screen with "SCAN" Button That's it, so all code is available in the pub

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    I am looking for a skilled Tensorflow expert who can perform image analysis on user-generated images. Specific requirements: - Retrieve data from AWS - Apply image analysis techniques on the fetched data - Focus specifically on face recognition within these images Ideal freelancer would have: - Solid hands-on experience with Tensorflow, AWS, S3 buckets and similar - Proven experience with image analysis, particularly face recognition - Familiarity with data retrieval from AWS This project requires precision and keen attention to detail, underscored by a profound understanding of image analysis. If you believe you can handle this task, I look forward to seeing your bid. An NDA will be required for additional further detail

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    I'm in need of a skilled SEO expert to enhance my app's user engagement specifically targeting individuals. The app already has a dedicated in-house team managing content. Key Requirements: - Experience with app SEO - Proven record of improving user engagement - Ability to tailor strategies to individual target audience Ideal candidate will be able to provide clear strategies for enhancing user engagement, including: - Appropriate keywords - Effective content structure - User experience improvement - Utilizing existing content effectively Looking forward to your proposals.

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    ...Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, and Cloud Storage. 2. Logging Setup: - Configure logging for all services: -- Frontend (Nginx, ): Log HTTP requests, errors, and application logs. -- Backend (Gunicorn, Django): Log application errors, access logs, and system logs. -- Celery and Beat: Log task execution and periodic tasks. -- Database (Cloud SQL): Log database queries and errors. -- Redis (Cloud Memorystore): Log Redis operations. - Collect and store logs centrally using GCP's Stackdriver Logging. - Set up log rotation and retention policies. 3. HTTPS Domain Configuration: - Configure an HTTPS domain for both frontend and backend services. - Use Certbot or another tool to obtain and manage SSL/TLS certificates. - Redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS. 4. Documentation: - Provi...

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    I'm looking for an expert to set up Redis in a Rocky Linux podman container. The aim is to ensure that it communicates over TLS using a Let's Encrypt certificate. Key Tasks: - Configure Redis to communicate over TLS - Integrate a Let's Encrypt certificate Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience with Rocky Linux and podman - Strong understanding of TLS and Let's Encrypt - Excellent problem-solving skills The successful candidate will make sure the Redis instance is optimally secured and can communicate over an encrypted channel. I can provide the certificates and build process. podman run --name rediscontainer -it rockylinux:9.3-minimal bash microdnf -y update microdnf -y install redis

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    I need a Laravel developer to create a simple, yet effective admin dashboard with user authentication. The template for the dashboard is ready, and the SQL tables have been set up. The main features of this project include: - **Dashboard:** This should display data from the other 3 pages in a list format as well as in a bar chart. - **Page 1 - Callback List:** A simple list of data from the 'callback' table. - **Page 2 - Token List:** A simple list of data from the 'token' table. - **Page 3 - Name List:** A simple list of data from the 'name' table. For the dashboard, I'm looking for a clean, professional design and prefer the use of bar charts for the graphical representation of the data. User authentication should be straightforward,...

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    As a dynamic and data-driven company, we're seeking an expert in excel and dashboard creation, who can turn our user preference data into an insightful pie chart dashboard. Key tasks will include: - Analyzing and working with key metrics like product preferences, and communication preferences. - Use this dataset to design and implement an easy-to-navigate dashboard. - Display product preferences using a pie chart. Ideal candidate will: - Have solid experience in Excel and creating data visualizations - Have a precise eye for detail to ensure accurate data interpretation - Have strong communication skills to understand and implement our specific preferences. We look forward to seeing how you can transform our data into valuable insights.

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    ...networking application. The key features of the app are: - User profiles and authentication: The app should allow users to register, create profiles, and securely authenticate themselves. - In-app messaging and notifications: The app needs to have a messaging system where users can communicate with each other, as well as a notifications feature to keep users updated on activity. - Photo and video sharing capabilities: The app should enable users to share photos and videos with their network. The project has no strict deadline, but a timely completion is appreciated. I'm looking for a developer with a strong background in building social networking apps, as well as the following skills: - Proficiency in Android development - Experience with user authenticat...

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    ...include both web and mobile applications, providing users with the ability to buy, sell, trade, showcase their collections, and interact with other collectors. The project encompasses advanced features such as live sales, image recognition, and a robust community engagement system. Project Overview: Key Requirements: User Accounts and Profiles: Secure user registration and login Profile management with collection tracking and wishlists Customizable user profiles Product Listings: User-submitted items with high-resolution images, detailed descriptions, prices, and availability Categories and subcategories for easy navigation Advanced search and filtering options (by category, price range, condition, seller rating, etc.) E-commerce Functionality: Secure sh...

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    I'm looking for a developer who can help me set up an OTP campaign using Twilio specifically for user verification through SMS. Key Requirements: - Utilize Twilio's API for OTP: The main focus of this project is to create a seamless OTP system for user verification. - SMS Integration: The OTP verification process must be conducted via SMS. - Previous Experience: It would be beneficial if you have prior experience with similar Twilio OTP campaigns. Please note that this project is strictly for user verification, not for transaction authentication or password reset. Your experience in this specific area would be greatly beneficial.

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    I need a WordPress portal that allows me to input text and images for specific user groups to access. Key Elements: - The admin should be able to input and update text or image content on the platform. - I want this content to be visible only to registered users and admin users. Guests should not have access to it. - Users will need to log in to view the content, so some form of user authentication is also necessary.

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    I am looking for a professional who can build a web application that automates the creation of Google Sheets formulas. Requirements: - Build a web application that allows me to input a plain text command in a Google Sh...Requirements: - Build a web application that allows me to input a plain text command in a Google Sheets cell (i.e., I type "= find the mean of the data above". - Translate the plain text command into a Google Sheets formula using the ChatGPT API. - Authenticate and send the formula to Google Sheets for execution. Ideal candidate: - Proficient in web application development. - Experience with integrating APIs, particularly ChatGPT. - Familiarity with Google Sheets automation and formula creation. - Strong understanding of user interface design for ...

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    ...comprehensive web-based portal. This platform will serve as a central hub for both my customers and employees, as well as allow administrators to manage and update the content effectively. Key Features: - User authentication: Implement a robust user authentication system to ensure only authorized personnel can access the portal. - Content Management System (CMS): Create a user-friendly CMS that allows the administrators to update, upload, and manage text and image content on the portal. User Roles: - Customers: The portal will be used by customers to interact with our services. Ensure seamless user experience and accessibility. - Employees: Employees should have access to specific tools and information. Develop an interface that is intuitive and g...

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    I need a seasoned professional who can provide me with comprehensive support on major projects and tasks completion. The role involves assisting in project planning, task management, and troubleshooting, along with other related activities that could improve my efficiency and productivity. The ideal candidate should be proficient on following:- Task would rel...related to this :- Load testing architecture Created infra in azure (VM's, synapse load balancer, DNS mapping) Internal VM configuration Nginx conf files change (private IP, domain) Azure VM network security group rules DNS mapping in Cloudflare Majorly daily daily work would be on :- Jenkins build, And Deploy in Azure (VMs, Tomcat) and Azure Devops Interaction with CloudFare, Azure Redis Site 24x7 and...

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    I am seeking to create an scalable app compatible with both iOS and Android for managing appointments at my client's beauty salon...treatments more efficiently. Key Requirements: 1. Appointment Booking: The app should have a calendar view showcasing availability, a selection for time slots, and service selection. It should be easy to navigate and provide real-time accuracy for available slots. 2. User Authentication: To ensure secure bookings, I would like the users to either authenticate via their email and password, or through phone number verification. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in iOS and Android app development - Understanding of secure user authentication methods - Prior experience developing booking systems - Familiarity with integratin...

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    I need a Node.js expert to finalize the OTP system for user registration on my website. Key Requirements: - Full Implementation: The system is partially implemented, and I need someone to complete it. The project involves integrating OTP functionality into the user registration process. - OTP Delivery: The OTP should be sent to users via SMS. - and when user forget password it ask otp Pages are already created Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Node.js: As a core requirement, you should have extensive experience with Node.js development. - Authentication Systems: Prior work on OTP-based authentication systems is highly desirable. - SMS Integration: Experience with SMS gateways and API integration is a plus. Please note, I am looking for a prompt compl...

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    ...analysis - Ability to create personalized recommendations for users - Skilled in extracting and understanding content from PDF files - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail Details - Upload Excel file containing Expediente Codes - Use automation and OpenCV to solve Captcha and download files - Upload files to s3 bucket - Integration with existing system - use google to authenticate to the system (maybe change to office 365) Requirements: - REMOTE SERVER: Existing server - Access to S3 Bucket - Access to chatgpt api - Access mysql aws instance We need access to final git repository Project Completion: 2 weeks This project is an exciting opportunity to work on a cutting-edge software integration and development. If you have the right skills and...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Laravel and Vue.js developer to help me solve a pressing issue with the Stripe integration on my website. Key Requirements: - Immediate Availability: The issue is urgent and I need it possible. - Expertise in Laravel and Vue.js: Knowledge of these technologies is crucial to understanding the issue and implementing the solution. - Strong Understanding of Stripe: To quickly identify the problem with the payment process. The specific problem I am facing is that the payment process is not working on my site. This is currently my highest priority, but I also need help with the user welcome mail. I would appreciate a developer who can look into both issues simultaneously and efficiently. Your ability to solve this quickly and effectively will be ...

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    I'm in need of a membership portal that will store and display user profiles and membership levels. Key Requirements: - **Data Display**: User profiles should be displayed in a detailed view. - **Membership Levels Management**: I need the portal to support automatic upgrade/downgrade of membership levels. - **Analytics**: The membership portal should include analytics tracking to monitor membership trends and engagement. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in backend development - Experience with data storage and retrieval - UX/UI Design skills for sophisticated data display - Knowledge of membership management systems - Understanding of analytics implementation in web applications Your involvement in this project would contribute significantly to my business's efficien...

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    I am hiring for a Full Stack Web3 developer for my team. Tech Stack: Blockchain: Blast (EVM) Frontend: Typescript + NextJS + Tailwind + Vercel + WAGMI + Ethers V5 + Typechain Backend: Typescript + Vercel Lambda + tRPC + AWS + Prisma ORM + Ethers V5 + Typechain + Upstash Redis Database: MySQL (Planet Scale) + AWS S3 Storage Randomization: Gelato VRF Static File Hosting: AWS S3, Pinata Smart Contracts: Foundry, Hardhat Monorepo. Here you go: Objective: Design and implement a scalable backend and frontend system for tracking and displaying NFT transactions similar to the "Activity" feature on OpenSea The system should handle varying loads seamlessly, from 500 to 50,000 users. Tasks: System Architecture Design: Task: Design the overall architecture for the activity

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    I'm looking for a skilled React developer to assist with the development of a user-centric web app. The key features: 1. User login and authentication 2. In-app purchases **Platform:** This app will be solely for the web, so your expertise in React will be crucial. **Other Information:** The web app may potentially require third-party integrations in the future, so experience in implementing payment gateways or social media logins could be beneficial. However, there's no immediate need for this, so it's not mandatory. This project will require a developer with a good understanding of user experience and an eye for detail. You should be able to work closely with me to ensure the app meets the needs of the target audience. Your ability to bring stro...

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    ...[2. Technology Description] column below. ※Note Please do not collect information based only on the information listed in [1. Background] [3. Reference information] ([1] and [3] are for reference only) 【1 Background】 This technology pertains to a system that utilizes mobile devices in vehicles. Specifically, it combines a smart key system with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless communication to authenticate the mobile device with the vehicle and precisely detect the location of the device. Based on this location, the system determines whether to allow or deny vehicle operations. This aims to enhance security and service quality. However, since UWB communication uses high-frequency bands, communication may become challenging depending on the device's location and surrounding envi...

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    I'm in need of a talented JavaScript developer to create a Chrome extension that has user authentication and productivity features. Key Functionalities: - User Authentication: Users should be able to create accounts and log in using credentials. Additionally, there should be a password reset functionality. - mainly related to productivity Ideal Skills: - Proficient in JavaScript, particularly in developing Chrome extensions - Prior experience in implementing user authentication systems - Familiarity with productivity tools and analytics - Strong communication skills to collaborate effectively on the project Please bid if you have a strong foundation in JavaScript and experience with creating similar Chrome extensions.

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    Trophy icon Vehicle control system 24-05-104 3 hours left

    ...【1 Background】 This technology pertains to a vehicle control system designed to enable specific operations on a vehicle. Traditionally, there has been a smart system utilizing electronically authenticated keys through wireless communication with the vehicle. However, a new method using sound authentication with a device worn on the user's ear has been proposed. While this device offers a novel way to authenticate with the vehicle, using standard communication protocols allows authentication from a distance, which could lead to risks of unauthorized access by third parties. Therefore, the goal of this technology is to provide an improved vehicle control system that reduces the risk of such unauthorized manipulations.【2 Technology Description】 This technology involves a system...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can create a custom API for Instagram. Key Requirements: - **Data Access**: I aim to gather all public data from Instagram users, including their feed, stories, highlights, and posts. - **Authentication**: I'd like to authenticate users using an API key for accessing their data. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in API development and integration. - Familiar with Instagram's API policies and practices. - Knowledge on how to work with user data, such as profiles, media content, stories, and highlights. - Prior experience in similar projects would be a great advantage. Will using on site like this The goal of this project is to access and organize Instagram data in a specific way, ensuring the highest standar...

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    Full Stack Developer (MERN) 2 days left

    ...Improve our project (Darknet Monitoring) Create an app "hackerview" for passive attack surfave enumeration Create an app for detecting spoofed social media profiles Create an app to scrape ransomware threat actor website and maitain stats about those sites Improve an existing app to monitor paste sites Mininmal Tech Experience: MERN, REST API (JWT), Django, Python, Github, CI/CD, Celery, Redis, Linux, Postgress, Kubernetes, Docker, Nginx, JS, HTML5, Protocols (DNS, SMTP, SSL, HTTP..).Detailed app specifications will be shared at a later stage. |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | --> No agencies. AI generated answers will be ignored <---| |--------------------------------------------------------------...

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    2 winners will get 5 euros and a 5-star review. We need your help to report a Facebook user who is damaging our business reputation. Here's how you can enter the lucky draw for a chance to win 5 Euros: 1. Report the user on Facebook using the appropriate reporting tool. 2. Take a screenshot of the report confirmation. 3. Submit the screenshot as your entry. The user to report: []() Rules: - Only one entry per freelancer. - Duplicate

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    ...involves some custom work, particularly in the area of order tracking and user account functionality. Key Requirements: - User Registration and Login: Users should be able to sign up and log in using their Gmail or email id in addition to setting up a password. - Order Tracking: I need a custom dashboard that allows users to track the status of their orders. This feature should also enable manual entry of order updates by admin. - Downloadable Reports: Once a project is completed, users should be able to download a report related to the service they ordered. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proficiency in Wordpress development - Experience with custom dashboard creation - Strong understanding of user account management and order tracking syste...

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    ...SuccessFactors consultant who can skillfully navigate configuration and customization of our system. With expertise in TIH upgrades and User Connector SF configuration, the chosen candidate will be tasked to: - Implement new features and functionalities into the system ensuring they align with our business processes and needs. - Improve the existing SuccessFactors set-up for efficiency and effectiveness. The aim of this project is to get the most out of our SuccessFactors system by warranting it aligns with and supports our business needs. Ideal skills for this role include: - Proven experience in SuccessFactors management - Deep knowledge in TIH upgrades - Proficiency in User Connector SF configuration - Strong understanding of how to implement new features and fu...

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    I'm in need of a technical writer familiar with producing user manuals. The manual is specifically for end-users and needs to be available in a PDF format. Key Requirements: - The writer should have prior experience in similar projects. - Understanding of technical concepts and the ability to translate them into user-friendly language. - Proficient in creating clear, concise, and engaging content. The project involves: - We already have a manual for the product, but we feel is too formal and want to make it friendlier. - We will supply our manual and examples of what we would like. - Drafting and revising the user manual until it meets the required standard. This role will require attention to detail and a creative touch. I'm excited to see your propo...

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    I need an access control system that's structured based on the roles my users have, similar to the old system. Key Requirements: - I need the system to manage user permissions on an individual basis. This means that each user should have unique permission settings. - The system doesn't need to have options for temporary or time-based access permissions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in access control systems. - Experience implementing role-based access control is essential. - Proficiency in customizing user permissions on an individual basis in a system.

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    23 bids testing application in Afghanistan. Key Tasks: - Installation of a network testing application: I need help with the initial setup to ensure the app is correctly installed on target devices. - Ongoing Monitoring: The app should be kept running and the freelancer should periodically check the performance and network quality of various mobile operators. Ideal Candidate: - Advanced Android User: The ideal candidate should have a deep understanding of the Android OS and be comfortable with advanced usage. - Network Testing Experience: Previous experience with network testing applications is a plus, though not mandatory. - Proficient in Troubleshooting: The freelancer should be able to identify and resolve any issues that may arise during the installation and monitoring pro...

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    I'm in need of a tailored user role-based system that centers around form filling and payment processing. Here's a breakdown of the key functionalities: - User Roles: The system will have three core user roles - Admin, Doctor, and Subadmin. The Admin will have the highest level of access and control, managing user roles, form submissions, and payment links. The Doctor will primarily be responsible for filling out forms and creating payment links. The Subadmin will receive completed forms and process payments. - Admin Capabilities: The Admin user should be empowered to manage user roles and permissions, view and edit all forms and payment links, and generate reports. This will be crucial for maintaining the system and monitoring its perf...

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    I'm seeking a talented UX designer to craft an intuitive and efficient task management app for iOS, Android, and the web. Key Features: - Task Management: The core feature of the app, enabling users to create, assign, and track tasks. - User Profiles: Users should be able to create profiles, manage preferences, and interact with others. - Notifications: Implement a robust notification system to keep users informed and engaged. Design Preferences: The app design should adhere to a 'Clean and Professional' aesthetic. This means it should be: - Visually appealing, yet not overly complex - Simple and easy to navigate - Professional in appearance, suitable for both personal and business use Ideal Skills: - Strong experience in UX design, particularly in task management...

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    I'm looking for a professional Flask and Python developer to help me implement a user management system for my website. The user management system should have Social Media login integration. Additionally, I would like the selected developer to set up a payment gateway and a MySQL database. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Flask and Python - Experience in implementing user management systems with social media login integration - Proficient in setting up payment gateways - Proficient in working with MySQL databases

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    ...involves some custom work, particularly in the area of order tracking and user account functionality. Key Requirements: - User Registration and Login: Users should be able to sign up and log in using their Gmail or email id in addition to setting up a password. - Order Tracking: I need a custom dashboard that allows users to track the status of their orders. This feature should also enable manual entry of order updates by admin. - Downloadable Reports: Once a project is completed, users should be able to download a report related to the service they ordered. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proficiency in Wordpress development - Experience with custom dashboard creation - Strong understanding of user account management and order tracking syste...

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    I am in need of a competent WordPress plugin developer to create a user-friendly plugin that focuses primarily on content management for website administrators. Key Requirements: - Development of a WordPress plugin focused on content management. - The plugin must be highly user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that simplifies the process for website administrators. - Experience with WordPress plugin development and understanding of WordPress architecture. - Understanding of WordPress best practices and coding standards. - Strong communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively to meet the project objectives. It's essential that the plugin is simple to navigate, as it will be used by website administrators who may not have extensive technical knowledge...

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    App Requirements - **User Management:** Account creation and login via email or Google account, admin panel for managing user accounts. - **User Profile:** Profile completion with name, photo, description, and payment information. - **Geolocation and Filters:** Find nearby services using geolocation, filter services by category, distance, etc. - **Service Posting:** Service providers can publish services with details, photos, and prices, users can view service details. - **Messaging:** Integrated messaging system for users and service providers. - **Payment System:** Secure payments for services, admin management of transactions and commissions. - **Admin Panel and Statistics:** Dashboard for managing users, services, and transactions, view usage statistics and reports...

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    I'm seeking an experienced website developer to create a functional site with an in-built multiple-choice survey feature. Key project demands include: - Creating a clean, intuitive website. - Integrating a multiple-choice survey into the website. Ideally, you possess: - Proven experience in website development and survey integration. Looking forward to your bids.

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    ...Drive API, Google Calendar API, and/or Google Contacts API. The main priority is to implement user sign-in functionality for the application to ensure secure access and authentication for users. Key Requirements: - Seamless integration of Google Drive API, Google Calendar API, and/or Google Contacts API into a PHP worker application. - Implementation of user sign-in features to authenticate users and provide secure access to the application. - Priority on the ability to upload files using Google Drive API. The ideal freelancer must have: - Proficiency in PHP and experience with server-side applications. - Expertise in implementing Google APIs, particularly Google Drive API. - Prior experience with user sign-in features and authentication. - The ability to ...

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    I'm sea...automated document verification system to simplify the document management procedure in educational institutions. The system must include the following features: - Database Integration: Integrate with MySQL, our preferred database management system, to make document retrieval and management easier. - User Authentication: I want the system to authenticate users via Single Sign-On (SSO) using existing authentication platforms like Google and Facebook. This is to ensure a secure, seamless and user-friendly sign-in process. Proficiency in MySQL, SSO Integration, and system development is required. Prior experience in document management system creation will be preferable. The ideal candidate should understand the intricacies of data security and be able ...

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    Our established US-based LED sign manufacturing business seeks reliable guidance on navigating the complexities associated with expanding to Uruguay. We are seeking a knowledgeable professional to provide assistance in navigating the business registration and legal set up. The ideal candidate will possess: - Understanding and familiarity with Uruguayan business laws & procedures applicable to foreign investors establishing their presence locally, including but not limited to taxation (RUT), labor legislation through CASMU registration process as well as relevant permits/licenses based on our intended scope of operation. - Exceptional communication skills both in English and Spanish for seamless collaboration with US executives while representing us effectively towards authorities resp...

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    I am looking for an experienced writer to provide a detailed review of the user experience on my website. The focus should be mainly on the overall user experience, with recommendations for improvement. Key Points: - The review should contain a comprehensive overview of the general impressions of the user experience on the site. This will help me understand what is currently working well and what needs attention. - Your analysis should come with constructive suggestions for how the user experience can be enhanced. I'm looking for practical, actionable insights that can be implemented to make the site more user-friendly. - It's crucial that the review includes real user feedback. I'm interested in understanding how visitors perceive...

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