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    I need someway of allowing clients to access my remote gameservers so they can restart their games. I need to limit them in a way that ftp access limits them. Accept allow them to start their games by the .exe file I am running Windows Server 2000. I am looking for a way my clients can restart their AVP2 servers. AVP2 DOES NOT START IN DOS like the

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    I'm trying to create a dts package which will ftp a text file from our windows 2000 network to a remote unix server directory on daily basis without any user interference. how can i achieve this?I tried doing it using DTSFTP task but it doesnt work. dTSFTP task property pages have username , password, ftp information for only source file but not for

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    I need a tool which can enable remote operating system installation. It must function in an enviromnent where the clients have Boot from LAN functionality and a DHCP and file server is present. When the client boots he must check if he has to be installed. If he has to be installed he has to download a boot image ( this is where the tool is needed:

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    I need a system monitor which will write everything that goes through a PC's keyboard buffer to a file and once the file reaches a certain size, it will transfer the file via email or FTP to a pre specified static address. It will archive the file, increment the version number and begin on a new file. It has to NOT show up on the task manager and be accessed via a cryptic series of keystrokes...

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    I'm looking for a team of programmers to help me integrate local VB6/Access functionailty with a remote webserver run on PHP/mySQL. I have a lot of work I need done quickly. If you successfully become a member of this team, I will need to continually coordinate with you through MSN Messenger. If you are available between these times, are professional

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    ...certain folders from a remote site. This application at the office is a client server application using sybase database and odbc connection. We also need networking help in allowing 2 offices to use the same database and same file folder over dsl line. This way all data for both offices is centralized. Basically the odbc at remote office has to be set

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    Need an FTP, TCP/IP Remote Backup/Restore program GUI based. It could be done in any code Visual Basic, C++, etc but it has to be stable and work with all versions of Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT and XP). The program needs to have a Client and a Server version. The Server must run on Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows .NET Server) or just on an FTP

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    the project is as follows i have 2 computers one is in my house and other is in my friends place ,both are connected to the internet using cable connection(no othere connection exists) both computers have printers attatched to them. now in my computer i design a form in VISUAL BASIC which contains just one button called PRINT on pressing the print button a file say [url removed, login to view] con...

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    ...[url removed, login to view] pressing the Print Button (from computer in my house) a file say [url removed, login to view] ,the contents of [url removed, login to view] should be printed on both the printers here in my house as well as in the remote printer in my friends house. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete s...

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    I need a script that can be installed on my linux server that will pull files from one location and FTP them to another. I also need this script to also customize the files according to merge fields in them. For example, if the files are HTML files, I need to be able to put a $firstname field in the source file, allow an end user to enter their first name, FTP address, username, password, and de...

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    ...config the firewall(iptables) for Linux server remotely. User can input some basic details like Ip address of the remote machine and what kind of server (FTP, WEB, MAIL..) on the remote server. Then the program should send the script to the remote server and start the selected service and firewall. User shouldn't need to know how to run the script on the

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    Note: the program design/options described below are not absolute if you have better or timesaving ideas. I need a program that allows a person to access their PC from a remote location. It should have the following features: 1- Ability to view/browse directories and file structure 2- Ability to transfer files 3- Ability to transfer screenshots 4- Ability

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    ...can act as a remote webcam surveillance system. It should do the following: 1) Transfer webcam images across the internet 2) Have settings for image quality / frequency 3) Abilty to autostop transfer if no motion is detected (only transfer when motion is detected) 4) Ability to add multiple remote systems (the viewer can add/remove remote webcams to the

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    You are required to create a (remote) control panel for a closed circuit television camera to be used as part of a surveillance system for the University campus. The camera will be mounted at a high level on one of the University buildings, and will be capable of providing a view of those parts of the campus visible from this position. The camera will

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    VB executable, source code, and all rights, for a utility which can be run on: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows NT4, Windows2000. The utility should be able to run on multiple PCs, and leave the contents of each machine unchanged, except for the following: - PC should be removed from one windows domain and joined (using the appropriate hardcoded admin password, i.e. no user input) t...

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    The remote file system should implement the following 2 components: file server: multiple instances of the file server run on different machines. Each file server accepts TCP/IP connections from the library. Upon request from the library, a file server may perform the following operations: creat, open, close, read, write, lseek, unlink over local files

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    ...assuming you are in a WINNT or WIN2K domain, however in a win9x,winnt,win2K environment, this requires a manual install to the remote clients, I want a small program that will have a server side and a small footprint agent on the remote PC, that we can connect to and tell what the update is and it can install the update. The server side would control

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    I would like to get a clone of [url removed, login to view] service where on can connect to a pc via a web page and avoiding firewall problems normaly associated with remote software. It must work via standard HTTP (80), HTTPS (443) ports. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    Objective Your goal in this assignment is to write a rudimentary remote file system using ONC (Sun) RPC. [url removed, login to view] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software

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    Implementing a Remote File Service -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructions This assignment requires extensive network programming skills. You need to implement a stateless remote file service -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Problem

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