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    ...implementation of a simple web application, where we will give the doctors the possibility to check if a change of the medical tariff would result for them in increase or decrease of their income… The doctors will upload a list with their performances and as a result they will receive an Excel Pivot Table indicating how these are going to be translated into the new medical tariff. The user interface for this application will be really simple: a page explaining the functionality, with a login and registration form and then the form for uploading the file and getting the results. I thought it could be a nice idea to use a "funny" balanced scale (cartoon), as symbol for the application (the attached file is a VERY poor example). A balance with two piles of docume...

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    ...area/city - Request positioning of no parking signs in a defined area/city - External elevator request for 1/2 a day or full day - Other services The services must be chosen from an address which must be the starting point (like a food delivery service website such as Deliveroo or Glovo), in the back-end the admin can active the areas which the service can be given adn therefore in the front-end interface the user can quickly see if he can go forward in ordering the services above. I am looking to create a full working e-commerce website, which means from searching to ordering to payment & confirmation. Payments must be taken via Credit Card, Paypal, Apple Pay and lastly Wire Transfer, which will pause the order until full payment has been made and then from the backend the...

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    Based on PIM Core Community Edition (PCE) Interface related - work with our designer to make a custom template for PCE - apply the template to PCE User API - Prepare API to authenticate users from Perfex CRM () - Develop plugin for Perfex CRM to add permissions: Admin, View (Own), View (Global), Create, Edit, Delete - The permission should match permission in PCE Documentation & Migration - Make a PCE intallation note that allow us to migrate the PCE from 1 system to another with different URL

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    OSINT automation web app 6 days left

    ...will run mostly media, news, aggregator sites and public telegram channels. Once initial query is compiled and database is populated, the bot will alert once keyword is mentioned in new content and add it to query database. Scraping or saving of the actual content is not required. Key functionality: Landing page with authorization Query design Bot domain list Bot Configuration through web interface Content mining, scraping Bot Command and control Data analytics and visualization Managing, administrating users and groups Alert options: by email Flag, record maintain incidents Data-driven, scalable horizontally Fast and responsive due to growing database data on queries Persistent to avoid bans (legal and source resection) Ability to circumvent obstacles related to scrapin...

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    ...aspects of client's business needs. My main platform consists of a Perl 5 code base with some services implemented in Python 3. This role requires strong communication skills in English, as well as comprehensive troubleshooting and analytical skills. Responsibilities : -Collaborate with various experts on best applied practices ; -Being part of a skilled team discuss and develop requirements, interface definitions and drive features supporting client needs -Independently design and develop testable code that fits existing systems ; -You'll be working with AWS cloud services ; -Embracing extensible design, meeting required performance, quality and compliance - Utilize best practices and industry standard in packaging, testing, deploying and monitoring our applications....

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    We want a script to be developed in python as to include below function: Step. 1. Read Data from serial and print 2. Generate .csv file and save it 3. Save the data in .csv file 4. Open saved .csv file and read the data 5. Save .csv file as per folder and file name logic 6. Write the data in .csv file as per the two-column format 7. Read data from serial port and write in .csv file 8. Open latest .csv file and read it 9. Convert the data read from .csv file to format required as per API of server 10. Complete package of the data format with table name and server API 11. Send the data package to server 12. Move the completed .csv file to Done folder 13. Read the XBee data package from serial port 14. Break the data received from XBee to save in .csv file 15. Convert th...

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    We need a simplified script written in Python to manage a queue of people with the following features: - read initial settings (variables) such as client number and department from a local file - connect to a remote database to fetch the current "turn" number and increase it on the table (MySQL) based on the values previously read from the file - Initialize full screen and display the current "turn" number in black big font on white background - Allow for a button to be pressed (by reading the GPIO value from either a Raspberry Pi or an Orange Pi) and advance the number by writing the new number on the MySQL table and updating the screen. Additionally by pressing this button a new entry on a different table should be produced. This will show which button was pressed...

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    Help me understanding protocols and finding full documentation Configuring DCU Communication interface: - Power Line Communication (with meter) - RS485 (with meter) - Ethernet - GPRS Protocols: - Q/GDW - DLT 675 2007 - DLMS

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    ...(dropdown), deposit, address, phone. 5. Payments : When a tenant is made payment for the room it will be recorded. Same logic: Grid and popup add/edit. Inputs: 6. Expenses - This is also included in the demo. I just want a grid and able to add new/edit record. Example url: Inputs: Expense type (dropdown - this will be also defined by the user interface, so dropdown will be filled, ex. electricity), apartment (dropdown), price. 7. Simple Rooms list for visitors (I will share picture, just three columns picture and data cards) - not complex 8. just very simple room detail. I will share picture. - not complex I will share the picture design how I want the cardviews/rooms to look like. Since I am a software developer I will be very specific.

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    Custom Ecommerce website 6 days left

    ...provide, and as I mentioned, the above mentioned existing content into the new design and layout. We also have a list of specific adjustments and features to this new ecommerce site, like new colors, integration of my inventory software (SOS Inventory) via API, multiple payments and shipping options, custom members registration and customer portal with identifiable sales rep. ID, visible product serial#s under the customer, order status should be visible to customer iin account as we are changing status in back-end in SOS inventory, product return request option from customer portal, and other features in SOS usable in webshop. We need a rotating product image on front of the background video on home screen (we provide rotating product file), SEO and keywords keeping as on cu...

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    ...modifications of the wordpress plugin "eventer" (I will share it to the awarded dev): It is an event management plugin for organizers. Frontend interface for customers to have the list of events: 1. Add an extra combo list in the event list to filter the events with the selected item* 2. Instead of selecting an image for each event (currently done by organizers), replace this feature by using the image of the selected slug (same for the event page) 3. In the confirmation page, allow the customer to cancel his booking Backend interface for organizers to manage events: 4. If an organizer deletes an event, an email is sent to all customers that has booked one ticket of this event 5. Make the "add new event form" in french language instead

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    We are looking for a Freelancer who has previously don...This data should be sent to a HTTP address for further processing. This is similar to CDR recording, but occurs in real-time at the time the call is made. There will be an ini file for the service to read and save settings to eg reading any settings from the 3CX registry/ini file to then use on future start. We also need to be able to initiate calls by calling the application using a REST interface. The service must work on 3CX v18 Linux. You will need to have your own working version of 3CX, extensions, SIP trunks, etc to test on. Please tell us about your experience with 3CX API. Full project details and final pricing will be negotiated once we review freelancers. If you DO NOT have experience with the 3CX API, DO NO...

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    This is a Figma UI Project and I need a graphics person with Figma experience. Contact me for more details.

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    I’m using ESP32 with W5500 as access point, I would like to have web interface to be able to set SSID and password, instead of having them hardcoded.

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    Project: VeriClinic Mobile App Current situation: I have a Web Portal () Job description: I need a mobile application (iOS / Android) written in Flutter to complete the solution. Premises: 1) The app mobile must use the same Rest APIs as the Portal, no need to develop the APIs, all the Rest APIs are in production. 2) App visual interface must match portal interface (Same logo, colors, fonts, etc) 3) Features: a. Sign In (The user only needs to Sign In or Sign Up only once we must keep the state after the app is closed) b. Sign Up c. Basic Flow i. Steps: 1. Select specialty (Rest API) 2. Inform State / City (Rest API) 3. List all Clinics the match the search criteria (Rest API) 4. Users pick up one clinic 5. Clinic schedule detail (Rest API) 6. Users pick up one

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    We have a b2b solution which our customers access via an API. That said, we need to show potential investors what is happening on the backend and demonstrate the descriptive and matching process. We need our existing UI streamlined and to look more professional. This will involve design and UI coding working with our CTO with input from the senior team. HTML and CSS and a good design sense are key. Not too much reliance on web frameworks because we need to keep things minimal for compatibility with partner websites.

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    Project: VeriDoctor Mobile App Current situation: I have a Web Portal () Job description: I need a mobile application (iOS / Android) written in Flutter to complete the solution. Premises: 1) The app mobile must use the same Rest APIs as the Portal, no need to develop the APIs, all the Rest APIs are in production. 2) App visual interface must match portal interface (Same logo, colors, fonts, etc) 3) Features: a. Sign In (The user only needs to Sign In or Sign Up only once we must keep the state after the app is closed) b. Sign Up c. Basic Flow i. Steps: 1. Select specialty (Rest API) 2. Inform State / City (Rest API) 3. List all Clinics the match the search criteria (Rest API) 4. Users pick up one clinic 5. Clinic schedule detail (Rest API) 6. Users pick up one

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    Want to explore the feasibility of a credit royalty 3rd party payment that reward users with social credits for use into a blockchain managed iniative interface

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    To write MicroPython code to interface a Broadcom APDS-9250 to an ESP32 running on a FiPy development platform. Project is completely explained in attached document.

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    ...means. Three (3) files are attached; 1) Main Screen. This is the main program interface. This window is just a browser which points to a predefined URL (configured in the app). The user can click links and buttons just like they would in any browser. 2) Barcode Scanner - When the user Clicks the Scanner button in the main interface this screen is displayed and allows the user to scan a barcode using their phone camera. There are options to enable and disable auto focus and camera light. Once a barcode is read the app will close the Barcode Scanner and pass the barcode scanned in a URL to a page and display the page in the browser. 3) Manual UPC Entry - When the user Clicks the Keypad button in the main interface this screen is displayed and allows the user to manual...

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    Phone Dialer 6 days left

    Need to build a Phone dialer application like TrueCaller with a clean user interface

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    Trophy icon Website design 6 days left

    This competition is to design a new website focusing towards the leisure boating community. It will allow clients to enter key dates for policies such as insurances, servicing, etc. mainly relating to annual or frequently updated events. The website’s function is mainly to automate a series of reminders in advance of annual renewals for key documentation. The interface needs to be as clean and intuitive as possible, but flexible to allow the user to not only be guided through pre-built data templates but add their own. This data is grouped within series of seven or eight key categories e.g User, Boat, Engines, Safety, Marina. Insurances, etc. Each area should allow the clients to add specific information and bespoke documents that ideally use as many drop down / auto fill da...

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    Rebuild an existing website with creative interface

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    Hi freelancer We do have an up and running .net core ...want to improve the DI handling in our project and therefore I am looking for a professional windsor castle developer to help us for a few hours. It is really necessary that you have a lot of experience with castle. Especially knowledge about the "typed factory facility" is a must. I am talking about this here: This mechanism is actually already in use in our solution but needs some improvement. To make sure you have read until here please start your bid with "hi diddelido". We will work together remote at the solution. Your English or German should be fairly good. For a real professional this project should take around 1-3 hours.

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    I am here to hire a competent web developer to help me build a web-based app that will be having mainly: #1. User interface: to interact with end-users [with navigation menu]: it has to be : simple and interactive [user-friendly] visitors will view all available Driving Schools with their different services categories with price and again with filtering features like by location, price, clients rating, feedback in order to pick his/her suitable choice] #2. Driving school registration form: A driving school might have 1 branch or more. this can be done by the HQ manager The registration process will be online but verification, review, and approval by Admin The registration status will be: Pending-Approved or - Rejected. but for every status, the system provides comments on what ...

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    Component Like Keep accounts of water service for > 2000 water meters. Approx 1800 C... Keep accounts of water service for > 2000 water meters. Approx 1800 Customers Usage. Payment History, Invoice sending, Payment Process & Partial Payments, Interface ability to assist Process Bank Transactions, QR Code on Invoice to Bring to Payment for That Account and Cash Payments . Early Payment Discount Options, Customer ability to Input Meter reading logged in admin user can preform reading input of one number, includes QR Reader to location on Smart Phone Full Admin of Water Customer Accounts Should Be available tp Logged in admin user at Front End Export to or interface with Accounts Package like Sage or Surf Accounts

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    I am attaching a basic block diagram of the system and functional requirements below. The driver details can be discussed in inbox.

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    We are a security guard agency and we deploy security officers across many locations, sectorised into North, West, East and Central clusters. In general, there are both day and night shifts for up to 12 hours. The total number (both day and night shifts) of the se...deployment system but we are faced with multiple issues. For example, the system is very slow due to extensive MSSQL procedures consuming high amount of memory and we desire many changes that are not forthcoming. The system is using ASP.NET and we need expertise in this area to help us in resolving the issues as well as to lead us in this journey. We want this software to run faster and user interface need be improved. We have a vision for this software but these initial problems need be resolved before we can take bigge...

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    We are a company that provides management consulting and develops IT solutions. We want to develop our website. 1. Friendly with Modern UI/UX Interface. 2. High Speed Page Load. 3. Design icons if we need. 4. Design graphics if we need. 5. Flexible control panel. 6. Easy to edit. 7. Pages in English and Arabic. our website: An example similar to what we want:

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    Website to allow a precise followup of.. 1. Buy, sell, expenses followup 2. Order placement and followup 3. Shipping followup and info 4. Clients and supplier database with prices. 5. Items pricesheet according to each client/supplier special prices. 6. Interface for downloading and printing docents. 7. Invoices and p.o maker /generator. 8. Agents followup and commission structure 9. More...lets talk about it. 10. Full payment will be paid after full work has done and im satisfied no weekly or timely release.

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    ( RS 232 ) and CAN Based Controller IC And Maignetic encoder project with can based CAN interface data

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    SEO package $265 Family Chiropractor Fenton Chiropractor Chiropractor Near Me Chiropractors Near Me Fenton Chiropractic Office Fenton Chiropractor Chiropractor Fenton Chiropractor in Fenton MI Best Chiropractor Chiropractor Linden Whiplash Chiropractor Peripheral Neuropathy Doctor Fenton Neuropathy Treatment Near Me Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Flint Neuropathy doctor fenton Diabetic Neuropathy treatment flint

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    i would like an online registration portal PROTOTYPE( not the whole project at first) where applicants will fill details requested , upload information in pdf and images. the portal should also have an admin interface where those applicants can be viewed and their status changed depending on the background checks done . after the proof of concept has been approved , the project will be implemented .

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    Four page UI dev 8 days left

    I'll develop the user interface of a four page Ionic mobile app, based on the client's UI mockup designs.

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    I'm looking for somebody who can help us integrating Blake2s algo into fpga so we have the validation code we need somebody who can interface it with fpga once the code is done so the app miner will use our algo inside fpga to solve the block are you familiar with this ? Fundamentally we should take a miner to compile in linux/windows modify the part where the block is passed to the blake2s and use our part communicating with our FPGA bitstream

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    ...navigate the stream of privous days would be great but is no must. >Live 24 hour loop: 24 hours slideshow button >Image download button (best with highest picture resolution from the server if possible) Camera is offline: it would be great to indicate this and to show per default a live 24 hour loop or a specific picture (to be defined) 4. Public/private view Possibility to protect the web-interface with a user name and password (maybe this should be done directly with the webpage setup?) 5. Easy add new cameras to webpage/frontend Through inserting the snippet it only takes short time to add the client´s IP camera on the webpage. If the picture cannot be loaded it would be good to indicate this on the frontend. 6. Responsive player The player shall be respons...

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    Hi There, If you have worked or already have similar android app, then bid on this project. Please bid with realistic quote value. I (dialog to open with option to write to admin) 4.c) About (web content display from back-end) 4.d) Unlock adfree/premium 5. AdMod to be displayed and admin should be able to configure from backend (User can opt for subscription to avoid ads) When user subscribes for monthly/yearly billing, (all the premium feature will be unlocked, both wallpaper and adfree ) Lastly Admin Back-end interface 1. Manage user 2. Send notification to user (one signal or Firebase) don't know how it works 3. Manage categories 4. Manage Items for each categories. 5. Respond to message received from contact us section. 6. Any other configuration. 7. AdM...

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    I need to build a modern responsive Woo Commerce enabled website that looks fantastic, is easy to update and edit, and that interfaces via an API to the Epos Now database for sales and stock control. We are going to be selling around 50 items first of all, relating to plumbing fittings etc. It needs to be user expandable fairly easily. It should be in Woo Commerce and that needs to interface to the backend which is in place and we are using Epos Now. The site should be responsive and modern - with photos for the parts, and all sales done from within the site If this is something you can do well and have had experience with please get in touch.

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    I need someone who can connect the ML model created for translation with a simple front end(Web app would be better). I have the model trained on the dataset 5000 parallel sentences (Singlish->Sinhala). The interface should have Input-> Singlish sentence (Language 01) Output -> Sinhala Sentence (Language 02) (Check the attached image) The output should be generated based on my ML model(The developer need to connect the interface to the python model).When we give a Singlish sentence as input it should be translated to Sinhala. I will give the python file and the dataset(parallel corpus) of the model .

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    Expected UX/UI quality: and User interface for iOS and Android User registration and single sign on with FB/Google account Some extra survey - user optionally to state what are his best products Survey about data sharing - GDPR, marketing etc. User to select his preferred Bakery Email validation for user registration Ad profile photo Payment gateways (to be discussed) Apple pay Google pay User home screen with display of preferred products - similar to Single product view with add to basket or buy now option or when not available suggest nearby bakery with the same product or notify me when product is again available Payment or make

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    ...can proof PowerMTA is better then we can use that also. 2. You have to install IP rotation script in the server. As an email server administrator, you should know that sending email from a particular IP address has a limit. There are general rate of email sending is 200 email per hour per IP address. You have to create a configuration that after sending N numbers of email host name and default interface IP address will be changed. The IP address will be iterated from server1 to server6. 3. You have to create outgoing email limitations for users. Postfix doesn’t have this feature I guess. You have to take help or install other service like Each user will access their account using their following

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    I'm after someone with exception photoshop and graphic design skills. I want to make these images as animated but real as possible. So a blind is a roller blind. This is for an interface that a user can create their own custom-made blind. This project is for the items and upgrades only in white. Colouring is not required for this project, that will be another project. Attached is a basic scope of works. Also an example of the UI design. There are 2 mechanism images, a motor image, a pelmet image, 2 headrail images, 2 chain images, 5 background images, 2 base rail images, 11 fabric images in total. 26 unique images in total – all in white. This has to be customisable on the main image. If a user presses the download button they need an image of the finished project that...

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    ...with experience who can setup VoIP network and is familiar with voip billings and their setup. The project itself consists of 2 parts: 1. Identification of failure. The company has already a VoIP network and is using portaone product portabilling (version MR24). The slave server (dedicated) has disk issue and slave interface is not available. One of the disks was defective and it was changed. Now the server can not detect the new disk to synch. Step 1 is to check the serial numbers of the disks, communicate with server provider to change the disk and try to synch it. 2. If impossible to restore the existing server, then it needs to be setup again. Please note, that only slave server needs to be installed (assisting documentation will be provided). The slave needs to be...

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    We required a website for our business mainly 6-7 pages with good user interface and content to show our customers. We need to focus to collect leads, download app and understand our services in the better way.

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    We required a website for our business mainly 6-7 pages with good user interface and content to show our customers. We need to focus to collect leads, download app and understand our services in the better way.

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    Nominet EPP client 4 days left

    ...created that can do crud operations using Nominet EPP system. Details of the EPP spec can be found here: I need the following: 1. Create an EPP client based on Extensible Provisioning Protocol using defined XML schemas using a language such as Javascript, PHP etc. 2. EPP client must be able to interface with Nominet tto register new domains using my registrar details 3. EPP client must be integrated into a Shopify site e.g. though client side scripting, form etc. We use Shogun so a custom element in Shogun could potentially be used 4. EPP client must be able to handle all error checking. The second part of this project is to integrate the EPP into my Shopify site. We use Shopify and have Shogun

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    API's and role models 4 days left

    - Expertise in design interface - Web3 connectivity - AI - Data Intelligence - Block chain - Distributed Ledger

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    Looking for engineer to work on RPI CM4 based Serial control project with touch screen. V1 of prerelease is almost completed but we need to grow our team to bugfix, and build future versions of software. Experience required: - linux - raspianos - python - google cloud platform/services This project is exciting and long term

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    I have done the app the already which is workings fine with only manual data log I'm not unable to interface live set from esp32 need to interface the live data with app . i have attached the apk file csv data set

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    app that connnects with embrace e4 developer optionis shared in the link below , 2. collects the acce;lerometer based readings 3. takes out max value of acceleration 4. based on a threshold value provide rating of tremor 5. high value represents severe tremor mid value r...out max value of acceleration 4. based on a threshold value provide rating of tremor 5. high value represents severe tremor mid value represents mild tremor and low value represents low tremor rating 6. some accl. value of tremor represents PT(parkinson's tremor) when the patient is at rest position otherwise ET.(essential tremor) 7. call a caretaker option on the user interface of the tremor app. sharing the user interface design.

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