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    I have an ASP booking calendar on my site that loads really slow. When a date is passed to SQL in DisplayDate, the function is running very slowly. The problem appears to be here: sql = "select id from booking where status='booked'" and booking_date = #"& month(dDate) & "/"& iCurrent & "/" & year(dDate) &"#&quo...

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    My website [url removed, login to view] seems to take time loading up. I would like someone who could fix it.

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    ...customers, and our customers users that measures performance between a server (on our network) and a client, as well as a server on our network, and another server on the internet. For example, if a hosting customer complains that one of their web site users complained of slow speed, they could provide that user with a customer branded speed tool that would

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    ...recommendations (add more memory, etc) on how to fix our slow computers. We will give you access to our computer and you can take a look around. We have a service running in the computer that rely on an SQL server, and notice that the memory usage of the SQL server is growing, until it runs really slow. Usually we just stop the SQL and start it again.

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    I am looking for someone who can help me find out why one of my sites is loading so slowly. There has been an IP change of the s... There has been an IP change of the server, and I think I changed everything correctly but still it loads very slowly. I need to fix this within 2 hours preferably.. site url: http://[url removed, login to view]~hlife Kind Regards

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    Hi Already posted one project for this but the recommendations didnt really work our site is still very very slow. We have a database of around 300,000 products. The site has been indexed and the database modified to help with speed we have also followed steps in an ebook to help increase the speed. but nothing has changed. If u think u

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    I have my own hosting and decided to use a Doplhin dating script for one of my sites. However this script is running very slow and sometimes disconnects members. My other sites on the hosting run just fine. I also have friend who is using dolphin script on another server with the same problems. Does anyone know how to fix this and make the site work

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    We have H...components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site per the coder's Seller Legal Agreement). ## Platform Operating system Linux Kernel version [url removed, login to view] Machine Type i686 Apache version 1.3.36 (Unix) PHP version 5.1.4 MySQL version 4.1.21-standard cPanel Build 10.8.2-RELEASE 119

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    ...copy of oscommerce and when I upload like 1000 products all goes fine with browsing but trouble starts when I start getting 5000 products on website. Website becomes VERY slow to navigate. I heard it is not normal and it could be error somewhere. Please place bid if you can help me solve this problem at once! It is required that ever had to deal

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    Fix my flash website so it loads quicker. Currently overburdened with mpgs and flash movies. Find a way to off load movies into separate library and folders. Link to and load them on button click. view site at: [url removed, login to view] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code files of all work done. i.e. all .fla,...

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    http://[url removed, login to view] Please go to above website and click on the boxes: BANKS & CONTACTS. Both these pages retrieve data from the database, and take a very long time to load (approximately 20 seconds). Is there any way to rewrite the pages, or use faster method for getting the data, so that the pages load immediately? Needed asap.

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    http://[url removed, login to view] Please go to above website and click on the boxes: BANKS & CONTACTS. Both these pages retrieve data from the database, and take a very long time to load (approximately 20 seconds). Please rewrite the pages, or use faster method for getting the data, so that the pages load immediately.

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    Hi, I have some code however it runs slow it is not my internet connection or the server it is to do with the code and the amount of information it is trying to load. The files will be given when coder is accepted for the project. The site still wants to do the same but the amount of things its doing I don't think is needed every time a page is loaded

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    ...018 and ODBC connector 3.51. I use MyODBC accross a VPN. The servers are pretty much identical but one machine runs queries very quickly over the VPN, the other is incredibly slow (at least 20 times slower). It doesn't matter if I use MyODBC or connect direct the performance is still terrible. I need someone to help me troubleshoot the problem. I need

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    This a peace of a code in VBA (excel) that is much too slow. Can someone (maybe by using another language C++) help me to make this code much faster? Full code in attached excel file. As you can see I first retrieve 1 year or 260 days price data of 100 stocks. And construct all possible 10 stocks portfolio. VBA code: nbsec=100 myHighest = -50

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    Witam serdecznie, Potrzebuje 3 bazy slow (ID,slowo) (z uwzglednieniem kodowania znakow, najchetniej w sql, czy innym formacie lekkim do importu do MySQL) ... poprostu chodzi tylko o spis slow z 3 roznych jezykow: niemiecki, angielski, hiszpanski. Posiadam juz baze slow polskich z ok 200tys wpisow, wiec z tych baz spodziewam sie podobnych wartosci

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    I'm in need for a quick solution to sort out datas on a large table ( PHP and Mysql ). Actually there is a Mysql query joining 2 tables ( one is nearly 800.000 rows other is like 70.000 ) and it's slowing the site a lot. I need a solution based on the query or table nivel more than on hardware settings. ## Deliverables 1) change or adapt the code or table structure to run a large ...

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    ...webpage with some flash on it. the flash has a preloader. the whole thing is currently coming up *really* slowly in IE and the preloader ( a countdown ) is never showing up. <http://[url removed, login to view]> We just need someone to take a look at this and tweak it for us to fix the problem. Should be really easy for a good

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