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    This is a FULL-TIME job. Only candidates living in Singapore will be considered for the job. Need 5 people who are for linear motor assembly Must be comfortable with hands-on assembly work Not allergic to Copper, Isopropyl Alcohol, Epoxy Prior soldering experience is an advantage. Training can be provided for those with no experience in soldering. However, you may be selected for certain parts o...

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    if you have develop same app it is better Home Maintenance Services: These services will list various other services like: 1. Home appliance 2. Delivery 3. Electrical 4. Plumbing 5. Construction 6. Decoration 7. Air Conditioning 8. Cleaning 9. Curtains 10. Aluminum and glass 11. Carpentry 12. Designing 13. Tents 14. Painting 15. Upholstery 16. Swimming pole 17. Gardening and landscape ...

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    Good day I'm looking for a full-stack guy who has CNC & 3D printer with the following skills: - circuit designing - making circuit boards (CNC) - electronic skills (welding - soldering) I need to build a complete prototype using Raspberry pi 4, full PDF will be shared with the right person once I see his workshop and make sure he's the one. Kindly, If you this you fit for this job...

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    (Please do place final offer only. Renegotiation will not be accepted.) Description HW The goal is to develop a round shaped testboard with 23 pcs of RGB LED (SMD-LX0707RGB-TR) on the front-side and the control processor (Arduino Nano Every Board) placed on the backside. 20 of the LEDs (L1...L20) on the frontside are arranged in a circle as with 18° orientation from one to the other. The othe...

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    A disinfectant device that kills Covid19. We are building three pre-production prototypes for independent lab and hospital testing. The job requires good wiring and soldering skills so we're basically looking for an experienced technician.

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    About Sparcz: At Sparcz Engineering, we realize service goes beyond making quality products. It also means understanding our customer goals, adapting to changes in their business, and creating solutions they can depend on. That’s why, we at Sparcz Engineering believe service is the most important product that we develop. Our intention is to enter into a long-term relationship with our custo...

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    Hello, we are developing a Bluetooth Stethoscope to improve listening to internal body sounds. Below are some of the design ideas & constraints for our device. Design ideas and constraints PCB: Dimension would be max 20mm x 80mm. Microphone on one end of the PCB and the Mini USB on the other end. On/Off Button roughly centered. Device will be connected to a stethoscope on one end, same as m...

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    First pleasure to you: Please read the whole text before making an offer. First Part, the MCU with sensors: Task: Make Gerber-Files and Firmware and calculate the runtime with a CR123A-Battery and a 18650-battery (3400mAh) To be included parts: 1 x NRF52832-MCU, 2 x BME280-sensors, 1 x HX711-Module for load cells, a DS3231-RTC and a loading-chip for a 18650-battery which could be switched on/off ...

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    Looking for an electronics engineer to design a PCB/PCBA for a Raspberry Pi Mini HAT board that features a Texas Instruments INA219 voltage and current sensor. The INA219 uses I2C, therefore the Raspberry Pi can monitor it's own input voltage and current via the INA219. This project will allow the Raspberry Pi to be powered off 4 x AA Alkaline batteries. Testing via the Adafruit INA219 boar...

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    We have two boards needed to be soldered. Attached are the sampled board we soldered and the board we will send to you (two sides). Boards with all the components will be packed for you. Prefer ppl in the US or Canada do this. (We want it done asap) Also, this is not a one-time job. If we are pleased with your work, we can cooperate in the future.

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    I need schematics and a PCB with a ESP-WROOM-32, a USB to serial chip (CH340C), and voltage regulator (RT9080-33GJ5). Additionally, I need the board to have specifically space through holes for a PIR sensor, with a resistor between the data and ground. I also will need through holes for soldering battery wires. I am more than happy to describe our needs more clearly as well as provide a PDF copy o...

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    Location - only China! Need someone who can get already soldered or (almost soldered) boards from JLCPCB - and solder to these boards a few components (DIP connectors, DC-DC module , antenna connector, etc), program the board from specials software and put the board to testing stand ( stand will be send to China). After preparing stand operation for soldering missing components, programmin...

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    We are looking for someone who is knowledgeable about the Soldering process. We have some circuits that are soldered incorrectly. We have the components and the diagram for soldering. The person should be able to read the prints, de-solder the components installed incorrectly, and re-solder them. Once the components are re-soldered, the circuit boards must be checked with a multi-meter. * No. of ...

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    Just a project for personal use. A nano sim extention. Already drawn up. Most likely planning to use 1 piece (2073-SIM8060-6-0-14-00-ACT-ND‎) per extention. 10 total. 120mmX10mm Need the thinnest Flexible pcb and maybe soldering.

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    I need some minor soldering work to be done on a piece of electronic equipment

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    We are a company that centers on building camera motion systems and need a freelancer in the Brisbane area in Australia, with knowledge and tools to perform soldering on a PVC electronic board.

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    Looking for an Embedded developer who can edit code for Hot air gun temperature and speed control project is already design and the code is written by the Developer which available on GitHub i ll share link need to add more functionality GitHub link will be provided after the discussion. developer must have knowledge of temperature controlling. if the developer has rework station that will be ...

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    hi, I want to use a prebuilt pcb, to make the building of my personal schematic easier faster cheaper, less soldering and works the first time. the project is a simple 16 step sequencer for music, with 8push buttons 8leds. IF there is a way to use plugs to plug in elements (like the three external pots: two rotary encoders, 10 k pot, there is also a toggle switch and an additional push button that...

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    Need to modify approximately 20 or less LEMO 10 pin audio cables. It's a simple rewire of 1 pin on the connector. We require fine precision soldering equipment and proficient soldering skills. Require this to be done ASAP on the 12/06 Sunday in Livermore. Or potentially 12/07 Monday. (Removed by admin)

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    looking for an Embedded developer who can edit code for Hot air gun temperature and speed control. project is already design and the code is written by the Developer which available on GitHub i ll share the link. we need to add more functionality GitHub link will be provided after the discussion. functionality to add Rotary Encoder Button for temperature and speed control 4 shortcut buttons for ...

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    Looking for an Embedded developer who can edit code for Hot air gun temperature and speed control project is already design and the code is written by the Developer which available on GitHub i ll share link need to add more functionality GitHub link will be provided after the discussion. developer must have knowledge of temperature controlling. if the developer has rework station that will be ...

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    Identify and remove faulty ASIC from board and install new ones via hot air soldering . About 50 boards to be repaired each may require 1-2 chips to be replaced . I can provide the tester , stencil and chips . Need someone in DC metro area or nearby .

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    Looking for an Embedded developer who can customize Soldering and Rework Station. project is already design and the code also written need to add some functionality GitHub link will be provided after discussion. developer must have knodwege temperature controlling. if developer has rework sation that will be good to check and understand. functionality to add jog dail button for temperature an...

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    I need help in both selecting affordable and available parts, having the programming written, and assistance in uploading and making the final design work properly Please include with your bid: Estimated cost of materials proposed time to complete coding What this project needs: Addressable RGBW LEDs that play pre-programmed animations depending of weather forecast from weather API from somewh...

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    1. Project title Electrical Engineer - in-office repair 2. Project brief/description Electrical experience and background needed. Our light based device not powering on. Likely a loose contact. need professional with electrical experience, testing with mulit-meter, soldering equipment and experience, possible change out of simple components. 3. Skills needed Electrical Engineer 4. Budget range...

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    My name is Frank, I am retired from the US Navy and am hobbyist guitar builder and recently wanted to start making my own amps. I have soldering skills and can read a schematic but I do not have much in the background of electronic theory or design. I am wanting help with creating a guitar amp that produces a tone and output similar to a Fender Deluxe II. I would like the project to be a 2-channel...

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    We need someone expert in assembling and soldering the electronic components on PCB. We will provide them with PCB, electronic components and Schematic. They just need to solder it properly.

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    We need someone with good experience in soldering to solder 500 PCBs. This is an urgent project and we foresee that it'd take a month or so to complete it. We will need someone who's presently living in Singapore, as this is an on-site job and to be done in our office

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    Please check our old t-shirt design and do a new nicer design for our new t-shirt. We need a completely different design. We need something more artistic. All employees will have these t-shirt everyday so we need a good design. We repair Apple computers laptop, imac and iPhone. We also do board levels repair with microscope and soldering iron. We don't fix any software issue, we only do hardw...

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    Workstation Electronics is an electronics repair shop ,they repair ALL electronics machinery as long as its powered by an electric circuit or board. INSTRUCTIONS Please follow [login to view URL] document for guidance Preferably use Desktop +Soldering Iron and Spanner on design , please do give any colour scheme BUT also include the GOLD and BLACK

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    Hello, I have arduino project, it`s a peristaltic pump that I found on internet. I made all the wiring, soldering etc however there is a small mistake that I can not find. I need help finding it. I will send you the website, where you can see all the code and wiring etc. All I require from you is to find where the mistake is and help me to fix it. there wont be(probably) any coding etc. wont be...

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    I need someone experienced with soldering work and experience in arduino boards / small electronics and circuitry, to build a very specific device for myself, since I know nothing about soldering or circuitry. The parts include a 1x 5.6k resistor , 1x 16 mhz crystal, 24 awg wire, a Arduino Nano v3 board, 1x "small momentary push button", a DC powered laptop power connector (barrel type),...

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    Need to create a hobby kit for kids with interesting but safe projects. need to have atleast 30+ projects. No soldering machine should be used. use items that is already in market. plug and play concept would be recommemded.

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    Small PCB design. PCB parts: * PIC16F690 * AO and other components to signal conversion. * Other components needed. * Switching power supply (100 mA) * Leds (green and red) ¿¿smd 1206 mounts?? * Power and signal connector from 4 to 6 vias (It can be soldering pad) * RS-232 TTL level connector (three vias) Delivereble: * Source and fabrication files (Allegro PSD 15.1 compatible prefe...

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    What is needed: - soldering to a couple of pins on the board, - hooking up to a USBDM or another programmer that would work with this MCU - flashing a newer memory dump (that I provide). Would be best for someone looking for a quick one off job, who already has the hardware (eg USBDM) and the skills and an hour of spare time. Looking for someone in the UK, budget <50 GBP

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    Greetings, Need to hand solder the components (both through hole and surface mount) over the PCB. Should have excellent hands on experience in soldering of electronic components in prior. Should have the necessary soldering station and the required assistance equipment's with them. Components, assembly layout and the bare PCB will be provided from our side. Provide your previous experien...

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    I want to create a Raspberry PI 4 Shield with an MPU9250 and an DS3231 as an RTC. right now i'm using the SPARKFUN MPU9250 Breakout Board and a Battery powered DS3231 it works great but i want to get rid of all the cables and bad soldering

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    This project is for personal use, and most likely will be a one-off. I need a small device that will trigger an alarm buzzer in a car (12v, negative ground) when either of two conditions are met: 1. The key is in the ignition (which grounds a tab on the lock when the key is inserted) and the driver's door is opened (a normally-open jamb switch closes). [login to view URL] headlights are on a...

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    Need custom circuit board designed and help/suggestions on company that can produce small run of these boards, 10-25 quantity. The board is VERY simple, five connections routed over to five pads drilled through and ready for soldering. Five drilled pads need to be created along the top/right side and each pad routed to a connection labeled A, B, C, D and E. The board dimensions need to be very ...

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    The ACT-M50 can supply a single DC brushed motor with up to 50A continuously. Peak currents of 100A are achievable for a few seconds. Overcurrent and thermal protection means you'll never have to worry about killing the driver with accidental stalls or by hooking up too big a motor. With just one driver you can control a motor with: Analog voltage, Radio control, Serial and packetized serial....

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    Require 3 3D Models. 1) Two versions of raspberry PI cases 2) Cast for precision soldering of 3 parts

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    Perform proper and reliable PCB soldering. Given an already fabricated PCB and all the components, the freelancer is expected to just perform the assembly. The details of each PCB are as follows: 1. Total component count is 69. 2. Number of SMD/SMT components is 55. 3. Number of TO components is 14. 4. Number of unique components is 42. 5. Number of layers is 2. 6. PCB quantity is 2 (for prototyp...

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    We are working on a double layer PCB that needs to be manufactured using online PCB manufacturing services. The circuit is functionally working and PCB is routed. However, we need someone who can select and insert standard parts so that we can send the manufacturer a pick and place file for automated soldering as well. We need to hire an engineer who can: 1. Add a few more components, 2. Insert st...

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    perform smt soldering/assembly on prototype boards. Initially this will be for 2-3 small PCBs but we would like to continue the relationship thereafter for other tech duties. Desirable if freelancer was in the Los Angeles area.

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    I need PCB to be manufactured/ printed through automatic machine and send me through courier. For the same I will provide gorber files. Most of the PCB will be mixed design SMD and through hole type with 2 layers and both side component soldering to be done. The interested parties may quote their offers based on the size dimension of PCB or any other quantity of measurement.

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    Hi! I’m looking to clone a Chinese BLE iBeacon PCB and make it smaller for a prototype I’m working on. I have the schematic and the physical module, I will attach pictures. I can handle all code/flashing and soldering/sourcing, but I’m looking to have the PCB redesigned by a professional as yourself. Please let me know if you are able to re-make this PCB design as small as poss...

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    Solder electronics to a motherboard. Parts and tools will be provided. Only looking for freelancer in Selangor, Malaysia

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    I have a Kingston HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset with a broken 3.5mm jack. Shields Electronics had a replacement 4 conductor, In-Line 3.5mm jack that I was told would work. Just looking for someone with the soldering skills & experience to fix this headset. Thanks.

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    We need this job done in 1 day. The schematic was done with Orcad Capture 9.2.3 There is a total of 33 unique components with 163 component placements. We will require a signed NDA before releasing the files. The person that is awarded this job will be provided with all datasheets, the schematic and BOM. 1. The board cannot be any bigger than 3”x5” 2. Place all components on one side....

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    I want to use 4 x WS2811 SOP8 LED driver chips to turn on/off up to 12 unspecified DC devices (typically LEDs, laser modules, etc). The WS2811 is only capable of sinking 18mA per output, and I would like to be able to control devices which require more - possibly using darlington arrays though I am open to suggestions. Note the WS2811 outputs are low when activated, and high when deactivated, and ...

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