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    Good morning, I have made a project with a pcb composed of a nodemcu V2, a resistor, a 5v power input and a connection to ds18b20. I would like to have that project with material that does not need soldering.....

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    Electronics repair shop specializing in Computer, Phone, and Tablet repairs offering advanced Micro soldering services, Motherboard repairs and Data Recovery. Not sure about the colours to be used, please suggest. Name of the business: Aletex Electronics Don't need a super complicated logo, something simple but attractive. Please don't copy other existing logos.

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    Project description: Ruggedized, gamepad-style drone controller PCB. We need EAGLE Schematic divided into A4 frames + PCB design + clean BOM + PCB production files + 3D model. Needed features: - 2 pins on main SF8-B Weipu connector are meant for VCC and GND. VCC will be...available should be selected since we need to make 100 pieces of the device after confirming the prototype works. Chinese manufacturers can be used () PCB and components requirements: - smallest elements: passive 0402 - elements preferably on one side, both sides allowed only if necessary (allowed after consulting) - temperature range -30+50 - 2-4 layers - 1.0-1.6mm thickness - HAL lead soldering - smallest via drill: 0.3mm We will provide consulting if needed as well as PCB dxf outline matching with enclosur...

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    Looking for an individual person based in the US who has an electrical engineer background, just on the simple level. The project is about - iron soldering of electrical devices for US-based customers who will be getting a service All of the details about the project will be given after the bid. This work requires about 1-2 hours of daily work at the beginning of the project.

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    I need someone for approximately one week to hand solder 3, 0604 resistors to a circuit board. we have a large number of circuit boards and we think the work will take approximately one week. to do. We are based in Mentone but the work work can be done anywhere in Melbourn.

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    In the ppt file, you may see 4 thin wires at the pipe output. The wires can not be pulled out anymore. I want them to be connected to 4 pins head socket (green circle below) via wires on the right. The tricky thing is to solder 4 wires to 4 wires. The wires are insulated outside currently and should not be electrically connected with each others.

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    This project needs someone with professional soldering skills. The rework consists in replacing an existing SMD resistor by one with a different value. Ideally, someone based in San Antonio TX would be the perfect fit. Please apply to get in contact.

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    I have a multisim of a circuit and I want to know How to put it in pcb board and soldering it

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    We're looking to bring on a freelance electronic technician to help manipulate parts on a control panel for a Wet ESP. This is new and innovative technology in the industrial-use energy recovery world. We're mechanical engineers, and need an expert to advise and execute the micro-sauldering of 22-30 PVC Cable into our connector. Please let me know if you'd be available, this could be hourly or project-based fixed fee. The current urgent need is a fairly small project, but could build a relationship for ongoing work if desired. Thank you!

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    Hi Muhammad B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. My project is a very simple 2-sided 80mm x 17mm PCB which has two SMD RGB LED chips and a 7-conductor soldering pad footprint. I will provide a layout drawing, part data sheet, and footprint info.

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    Repair a Tiffany style lamp post only not the shade

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    We need an experienced Solderer to assemble some equipment for our VR experience. Circuit boards, wires, and IMU's. If you can handle soldering we can make an instuctional video for you to see how we would like you to make ur equipment we will supply you with the materials and ask that you are able to assemble in a timely manner when asked for future jobs hopefully down the line.

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    Dog chewed through wire connecting to a circuit board. Need a new power cord with breaker on it to be soldered back on.

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    Metal leg to be soldered back onto Wicker Outdoor Chair

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    Basic circuit with flashing LEDs for a school project, needs some wires extended by soldering to connect to a switch control. Based in London central, needs to be completed next week. Preferably on site

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    I have a large brass grasshopper and his antenna need soldering back on- can anyone help?

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    I just need a little help soldering some pin-headers to an LED Matrix Board. I will supply the pin headers. In total, you'd probably only need to solder 4 or 5.

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    We have to do PCB Assembly of 32 boards, having SMD components ( smallest component of 0402 and QFM for IC ). The freelancer should have the necessary expertise in soldering. Any one from pune location is required on an urgent basis.

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    ₹15642 Avg Bid
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    2 audio transformers to be installed into small casing and rca sockets and earth to be added. Schematic supplied. Probably no more than 2 hours work for an experienced Audio Technicial who is competent at soldering.

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    ₹15720 Avg Bid
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    I have a small circuit board and need a small contact point that contacts the cell battery re soldered. Asap urgent, located at Yarrabilba QlD 4207

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    Looking for Arduino board Development with knowledge of soldering

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    A laptop main board chip soldering you will get the board and the chip you will need to take off the old one and install the new one, preferably someone in south London or surroundings

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    So I bought a controller for $200 and the analogs are already broken but I bought all the tools to fix it but I’m bad at soldering cause I’ve never done it before, I need someone that knows how to solder a motherboard and put the parts I bought and fix it

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    I need replacement speakers fitted to my Roland Cube Street EX amp. Apparently only the Left one needs soldering.

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    I bought a dactyl case and now I need to wire up the key switches LED lights and trackball. Dactyl is an open source keyboard project, the version my keyboard case was modeled after: knowledge of how to follow a wire diagram and solder the parts accordingly. I unfortunately do not have that skill set and the wiring is a bit more complicated than just an average person would understand. The cost of a completed keyboard ranges from $350 - $600 per website: So admittedly the budget for this wiring & soldering is going to be closer to the $250 - $350 range. All parts required to complete the project are ordered on Wich include the Elite-C micro controller amongst other things. Thank you

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    I have a server i am building, the power supply is a combination of multiple power sources. I have been soldering them together but need help with this. Looking for someone that can help get these put together

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    I need a soldering specialist that can connect an electronic component to a circuit board that is apart about 5 cm with wires that are very thin, maybe thinner then a human hair.

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    Require faulty LED bulbs (on LED Panel) to be replaced with working LED's. This should be done by soldering and then tested to see if they work. Each panel has 800 LED's in from which 5/6 (max 10) may need replacing. Can you provide a quote for this ( 1 panel)? For the right price, i would be happy to use your service for a bulk job (100 such panels) that are in same condition. Please let me know if you can help...? P.s - I have attached a picture of a LED Panel for your understanding. Thanks, Kam

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    ...get real speed, get last configuration ... etc) Get internal sensors measurements Get external sensors measurements Emergency stop procedure (from hardware and from software) EtherCAT interface communication (for control, for configurations, for sensors and for emergency) The requested work includes the following tasks PCB design PCB Manufacturing Provide electronic components Assembly and soldering Cooling system for the electronic driver (heat sink with fan, or more advanced solution) Firmware implementation (Motor, EtherCAT, Sensors and emergency stop) Test and validation (according to an agreed document for the procedure of the test) Size of the card should be the minimum possible and should not exceed 80x80x80 mm Delivery: Electronic card Design files Manufacturing file...

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    Develop a microphone array unit using M5stack CORE2 or CORE Basic. Using LM393 MIC unit. I am planning to use: M5CORE 2 or M5BASIC and the MIC unit will be: LM393 Mic Unit or any analog Mic you think is better. using PaHUB (1 to 6 expansion hub) to connect up to 4 MIC unit. Also maybe using ADC unit for each MIC unit. I would prefer a simple hardware connection with little to no soldering involved. But if its necessary, we can talk about it. Would like to see what is your plan. Preferred coding language is Python, but C++ is fine if using ArduinoIDE. Looking forward to working with you!

    ₹46070 (Avg Bid)
    ₹46070 Avg Bid
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    We have several PCBA's that need hand soldering/ touch-up. Most of these boards are through hole.

    ₹1946 / hr (Avg Bid)
    ₹1946 / hr Avg Bid
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    USB Charging Soldering Iron 5V 8W Adjustable Temperature Electric Soldering Iron Kit with Soldering Stand Soldering Wire

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    Simulate a robotic copper wire laying and soldering line.

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    ₹89183 Avg Bid
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    ...solid-state static voltage stabilizer using IGBT/ MOSFET in PWM AC Chopper/Inverter topology with Buck Boost Transformer with any suitable DSP IC # Deliverables WORKER MUST PROVIDE : 1. Complete and detailed Schematic Diagram of the product. 2. Complete artwork of the PCB including laser print out of the tracks and pads, laser print out of component layout (silk screen), laser print out of soldering masking (Green masking). 3. Complete component list and location of the components on PCB. 4. Explanation of the working theory. 5. Assembling and testing methods. 6. Fault finding / trouble shooting. 7. Full winding details of the transformer 8. Wiring details 9. source code and hex code. 10. detail schematic in pdf, simulated schematics in proteu...

    ₹229446 (Avg Bid)
    ₹229446 Avg Bid
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    I have basic soldering experience and I am looking for the easiest way to build a solar engine to power an ESP-32 device with a power-hungry peripheral. I already have solar panels (6V) and capacitors large enough to power the device for the duration of the process. The missing part is a controller board. Of the dozens of so commercially available, I have found none that is able to deliver that 800mA - 1A I need. I need the list of components (BOM), with code from some supplier (example mouser or digikey or other). Payment in 2 steps: once the project and the components are well defined (70%) and once I successfully put the parts together (30%).

    ₹19222 (Avg Bid)
    ₹19222 Avg Bid
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    ...larger than its original, thus enabling free replacement in most applications of amplifiers, where it occurs. For the purpose of convenient replacement, in the set is a female goldpin-15 connector, which is recommended to be soldered into the amplifier board instead of the original STK, thus giving the possibility of very easy replacement, including still returning to the original without further soldering! The replacement has been additionally equipped with 2 optional SMD capacitors filtering the power supply, potentiometers enabling precise compensation of zero drift of the differential degree. Thus, we can compensate for any asymmetry of the differential amplifier in any application, so as to obtain a voltage of 0V at the output of the power stage. In the section photos of the...

    ₹42245 (Avg Bid)
    ₹42245 Avg Bid
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    I'm a controlled manufacturer and looking for an opportunity to start an ancillary unit. e.g. Bio Medical Equipments, PCB Assembling, soldering works etc

    ₹13104 - ₹39312
    ₹13104 - ₹39312
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    ...bottom side) 2 Buttons I required additional 2 SMD Buttons & modifications of the Pins to be mapped to the following: //INPUTS : with VCC&GND placed at the LEFT edge of the PCB with Male Pins and SMD Soldering pads for the Signal PIN, 2 GND @bottom, 2 VCC @TOP #define A0 36 #define A1 39 #define A2 34 #define A3 35 #define A4 32 #define A5 33 #define A6 25 #define A7 26 #define A8 27 #define A9 14 #define A10 12 // BUTTON 1 #define A11 13 //BUTTON 2 //OUTPUTS : with VCC&GND placed at the LEFT edge of the PCB with Male Pins and SMD Soldering pads for the Signal PIN, 2 GND @bottom, 2 VCC @TOP #define O0 19 // #define O1 18 // #define O2 5 // #define O3 17 // #define O4 16 // #define O5 4 ...

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    I would like to have two things designed that are based on the paper that you will find attached. 1) A "needle" array in a hexagonal pattern as described in the paper. The difference to the paper would be that the needles need to be a standard, gold coated, round contact pin of appropriate length. Ideally a cheap part available in large quantities. The needle array ...within 0.5 to 1 mm of the well bottom. 2) The electroporator will produce square wave pulses of up to 1000 V. The paper vaguely describes a circuit sitting between the +/- output of the electroporator and the needle array with 3 sets of pins to switch polarity from 1/2 to 1/3 to 2/3 and so forth. The needle array would be a disposable part that is used once and discarded. Production/population/soldering mus...

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    We are looking for someone that can sell remote location for bitcoin miners to those who would like to locate their equipment in a 100% secure location within the US. Your job would be to locate Bitcoin or Crypto mining people or businesses that would like to relocate their equipment to a location within the US in a access controlled, CCTV monitored 100% secure location. We a location within the US in a access controlled, CCTV monitored 100% secure location. We charge a modest 12% plus electricity costs. We provide the following. Access controlled 24 hour security building low temperature operating environment LIGHT repairs to miners (you must send replacement parts with miners for this to work and is only for fans or hash boards or power supplies with no soldering of an...

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    Simple PCB design with 10 LED on it for submitting to manufacturer for quote. please start your message with "PCP Design" or get spammed. If awarded you will create all necessary files ( Schematics, structure drawing, component specification) acceptable by any manufact... please start your message with "PCP Design" or get spammed. If awarded you will create all necessary files ( Schematics, structure drawing, component specification) acceptable by any manufacturer (PCBWay, JLPcb etc. ) for quotation. PCB size 3.9 mm x 65.00 mm, 2 layers, evenly distributed 10 x 0402 LEDs (parallel) , 2 0 x .5K resistors (serial to LED's), 1 pair of contacts for power wire soldering (+ - ). Price optimized. I will release your milestone payment only if submission to manu...

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    The project is to build a laser soldering machine with a round table which allows allows manual loading and unloading.

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    I want to fix the issue of small hardware in Australia. - soldering of 10 wires - download HEX file that I send Recommend the engineer to be located in Malborne.

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    We are looking for an experienced PCBA soldering technician as well as the ability to download firmware to our products. At this point, we are looking for a part-time freelancer. We believe it will take about 2-3 weeks to complete this initial phase. We are looking for someone in the San Diego area.

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    Looking for someone with experience in PCB layout & design to design a PCB that adapts one memory package type to another memory package type in the same ...package type to another memory package type in the same package size. This is a pin-to-pin conversion, and no logic is needed. The PCB will be roughly 8x6mm in size (same as the chip). The conversion will be from a BGA24 chip to a SOP8 pad. In other words, we will be soldering a BGA24 chip to a custom PCB which you will design, which will then be soldered in place of the SOP8 chip that would normally be fitted there. We will be using castellated holes in the edges of the PCB to easily secure it to the PCB using a hand-operated soldering iron. Further details can be provided if needed upon request. Prefer KiCad, Eagl...

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    I have a small motor that needs two wires reattached. Looking for quotes on it

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    ...freelancer / contract basis. Major Responsibilities: This position will be responsible for basic testing, troubleshooting as well as repairing customer returns. The detailed duties include: 1. Basic testing of voltages using appropriate equipment. 2. Troubleshoot and/or repair circuit boards. 3. Solder components that range from big through-hole to fine pitch ICs and connectors using soldering equipment. 4. Build program files in the product. 5. Ensure the safety guidelines are followed while debugging. 6. Carefully dealing with repairs without damaging the product. 7. Maintain a record of defects encountered along with repair reports. Requirements 1. Should be High school diploma and possess a Technical certificate in electronics course of study or apprenticeship p...

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    PCB soldering to be done for 3 days

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    I'm looking for WordPress website developer who can develop an e-commerce website for me using Woocommerce plugin. Website should be responsive for all Mobile, Tablet & Desktop screens. The website will be for selling primarily electronics product (display devices, electronic components , soldering irons and other diy electronic components) similar to this example website I will be providing you the following stuff:-> 1) Logo 2) Domain Name 2) Hosting 3) Purchased WordPress Theme 4) SSL certificate 5) Razorpay payment gateway api 6) All product Images & other details like pricing 7) Other website content like About Us, Contact info etc. Website Requirements/Functionalities :->(What I want) Req. 1) There are total 1500+ products in diff types of categories ) I

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    I have a code in VDHL and i need the electrical scheme that is needed to build physically soldering

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