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    I want the Javascript file to be converted in Typescript format.

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    Improve the view of a calendar Plugin Improve speed of display Make it compatible on mobile sort by arrival time and product type - Modify [ ] value in email reservation tittle

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    I need to fix a bug in the menu of a Wordpress website. The items of the menu cannot be clicked or moved anymore. It might be linked to the following error: Warning: Undefined array key 0 in /home/clients/ce28b019f704618cfa26c40249b9ea84/web/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/inc/wp-nav-menus/ on line 551 Website and menus are in 4 languages.

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    Hi, We have a custom-made timesheet for our staff that is entered manually into MYOB. We are looking for someone who can help create an easy method to extract that information into a .txt template to import into MYOB or create a new user-friendly Excel timesheet in line with the existing format that can be easily extracted as...macro-enabled timesheet and a list of jobs on another sheet to select from. The time slots are 15 minutes each and entered by staff using an assigned job number during the work day. The timesheets are for 1 week at a time and a new one is created for each week. Attached is a snapshot of the timesheet and a template txt file that it needs to be extracted into in order to import to MYOB. If this sort of thing is up your alley, please contact me for further inf...

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    You are hired as a contractor t...classes (i.e., Student and Roster). The program will maintain a current roster of students within a given course. Student data for the program include student ID, first name, last name, email address, age, an array of the number of days to complete each course, and degree program. This information can be found in the “studentData Table” below. The program will read a list of five students and use function calls to manipulate data (see part F4 in the requirements below). While parsing the list of data, the program should create student objects. The entire student list will be stored in one array of students called classRosterArray. Specific data-related output will be directed to the console. The data should be input as follows: co...

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    Data Sorting 6 days left

    Hi, I have to sort through data with the columns "Date" "Name" and "Hours". Some of the names have double ups in the date column, ie: two rows for the same name and the same date, although with different hours. I need to detect that the dates and name are the same in the rows, then sum the hours so i have one row for each name, date and hours. I have attached the spreadsheet to have a look at. Please let me know if you can help, i need this ASAP! Thank you

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    .../Html/ (line 61) MetasRenderer->render(null, array(), null) in /home/brca/public_html/libraries/src/Document/ (line 565) HtmlDocument->getBuffer('metas', null, array()) in /home/brca/public_html/libraries/src/Document/ (line 848) HtmlDocument->_renderTemplate() in /home/brca/public_html/libraries/src/Document/ (line 633) HtmlDocument->render(false, array('template' => 'atum', 'directory' => '/home/brca/public_html/administrator/templates', 'debug' => '1', 'csp_nonce' => null, 'templateInherits' => '', 'params' => object(Registry), 'file' => '')) in /home/brca/public_html/libraries/src/Document/ (line 139) ...

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    ...plumbers that come out and extract their phone numbers, description, and location (if available) 2- Then do the same on Yelp 3- Then do the on Google maps 4- Then do the same on Facebook (optional) The system will compile all the above and OUTPUT 1 .csv so that I can call these businesses. (Bonus, optional): the system would also calculate the driving times of all these ~50-80 businesses and sort them by proximity to the address that I entered. Notes: -I care mainly about Craigslist and yelp. Craigslist is more challenging given that the ad is typically text, and the system would need to dig out the phone numbers and addresses from the text. (while Yelp has structured fields) -"20 results" is an example, we could have that also as an input parameter - I am planni...

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    Donor Account, Admin Account(hospital account) Donors stored in textfile Admin Account can delete users(using linkedlist) LinkedList must be self made, cannot use linkedlist collection Must use bubble sort at some point (maybe listing something in alphabetical order)

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    I have two different worksheets that have exported data from two different programs I use in my business to keep track of transactions. Sheet1 appears to have transactions that're missing from Sheet2 and Sheet2 appears to have transactions that're missing from Sheet1. I am looking for some sort of output report to tell me (a) what entries are fine; (b) what entries in Sheet1 are missing from Sheet2; and (c) what entries in Sheet2 are missing from Sheet1. One sheet has about 4000 rows of information and the other sheet has about 4200 rows of information.

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    PINE SCRIPT V5 STRATEGY 6 days left
    VERIFIED The condition for the DCA would be as follows: if the last trade closed with a loss, then the amount of the next order should be qty multiplied by a multiplier factor. qty * 1.5 for example. To capture the number of contracts of the last closed order, we can use the function, which returns an array of closed trades. You can then access the number of contracts for the most recent trade using the entry_size attribute of the last element of the array. To capture the profit of the last order, we can use the function along with the function. You can calculate the profit by subtracting the entry price from the exit price, and multiplying it by the number of contracts. Once you have captured the number of contracts and profit

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    I need some help with a basic Google sheet. I have a goole form that exports info to a Google sheet and I need to apply some formulas to the info I'm getting from the form like sums but I need array formulas, and other variables. I use this info for purchase orders and the such I can only pay 15 Usd. It is very basic but I don't have the time to do the research. I might need more help later as the project evolves

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer who can help me with a website hosting issue on AWS. I already have an AWS account and a Wordpress website installed, but I'm having trouble accessing it. I'm not sure if this is a performance issue or if it's due to some sort of connection problem, but I need help identifying the cause of the issue and getting it resolved. If you have expertise in this area and think you can help, please let me know!

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    the 1 and point 4 is done other under process can deliver hope fully tomorrow if not come any critical error 1. There is 5 slides in the app, I need to remove 2 slides. 2. There is transaction history on the app, that shows balance add and withdrawals, I need to show other deductions also. 3. It has php backend. I need one option to add/deduct balance from user. 4. There is a r...process can deliver hope fully tomorrow if not come any critical error 1. There is 5 slides in the app, I need to remove 2 slides. 2. There is transaction history on the app, that shows balance add and withdrawals, I need to show other deductions also. 3. It has php backend. I need one option to add/deduct balance from user. 4. There is a result page in the app. It shows result like a-z, i need to sort ...

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    Need a help for one task there will be array of objects of rights need to add search functionality and add and remove right functionality

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    8 bids visitor to input the amount they have in savings. The top 20 Financial institutions will then sort and show how much the user can make a year in interest. Banks have a variety of stipulations to get the interest rate such as: Interest only on $1,000 Interest only on the amount you have over $1,000 Interest of 1% for the first $1,000 then 2% on the next $5,000, then no interest after $5,000 Direct Deposit of $800 required etc So there will need to be somewhat advanced math involved on the back end since we also need to calculate compounding interest on top of scenarios like the ones above Once the user inputs their amount of savings it will calculate the interest earned at each bank and sort them accordingly in a table that shows Bank Name as a hyperlink, APY, R...

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    ...mentioning it to ensure functionality) Data Upload: The data will be collected and stored locally, to subsequently be loaded into in an array to be uploaded to a web server (will post the data to a PHP page on a local server) After data upload, the operator will be asked if the data was processed correctly. If no, local array data will be retained, and the operator can attempt another upload to the PHP page. If yes, local array data is erased. Format of Uploaded Data: Will be an array of $LOCATION[TAG_NUMBER] For example, if we are verifying two Inventory Locations (A-1-1 and B-1-2), and each Inventory Location has three Inventory Tags each, the array to be posted to a PHP page on a local server would look like this: A-1-1[014356] A-1-1[000243] A-...

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    Setup an algorithm to determine optimal appointment times. I attached a very simple example of data you may receive Here is the input you will have. Appointments (Array of objects containing time and location of an appointment) WorkingArea (Array of zipcodes, this tells you the entire region this user works in) MaximumDistanceBetweenAppointments (Number of miles the user is willing to travel for an appointment. must be inside WorkingArea) MinimumBufferTime (Number, minimum number of mininutes between ETA and start time of next appointment) NewAppointmentZipcode(Number, the zipcode where a user is requesting a meeting) UrgencyLevel (Scale of 0-4. 0 being get this person is asap and 4 being get the person in within 2 weeks) LengthOfAppointment(Number of minutes) UrgencyLev...

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    Looking for designs for my logo for a luxury jewelry company specializing in anklets. The name is LITORE. :) Looking for a *bespoke* created logo, not just a logo generator that the name was typed into please. Looking f...LITORE. :) Looking for a *bespoke* created logo, not just a logo generator that the name was typed into please. Looking for a unique font and design. Ideally looking for a luxury logo with some “beach” flare (I’ve been playing with the slogan “live barefoot”, and the word litore is Latin for beach). Looking for a logo for the name with a symbol I can brand my jewelry with (was thinking some sort of sun or more neutral logo like Kendra Scott, open to ideas!) I hope that’s enough information but let me know if you have any mo...

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    I have a Multigrid in React, I want to duplicate the style another internal pages with react virtualized rendering with sorting, as a pool can have over 1k rows. We want to sort by up to 3 columns that users can filter. If you are fluent with React this should be a pretty simple and straight forward task

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    Hello.. we are building a dynamic report using CFDOCUMENT (which allows most CSS rendering in its PDF output). We are however the proper stylesheet for our reports. The problem might be the background image or the nested P/span tags.. we don't know... Here is the sample output: please look at page: 3, 4 & 12 so you understand the problem. Only apply if you feel capable 200% of solving this. We will pay by Fixed Issue, not by time. An expert css developer/designer can probaby sort it in 5 mins, the problem are the nuisances with cfdocument so Coldfusion familiarity is greatly valued. To prevent bids from Bots please start your message with your Coldfusion Mastery and CSS Mastery levels in % (We will only respond to these ones) Thank you!

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    Pivot Table Help 5 days left

    Hi there! I'm in need of help with a pivot table in Excel. Specifically, I need help with modifying formulas in an existing pivot table. Region 8 Pivot won't refresh with new data I put in and filter to sort by years. Raw data is in Region 8 tab

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    I would need to link Sanmar and S&S Active wear live inventory as my own inventory of products to my Shopify Store, I'm not familiar with it, but apparently Sanmar and S&S provide some sort of file that'll make it possible to do it, thank you

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    My little sister is getting married in the end of May this year and me & my brothers wants to give her a "painting" of sort. She L O V E S the manga/anime One Piece and we figured that it would be amazing to hire a good manga artist to create this painting. I've attached a picture of my sister and her fiancee, and a couple more for inspiration. I'm not sure what I want the end result to be but preferably something beautiful, anime-inspired and romantic in order to celebrate their love. Please get back with your thoughts! Best, Axel

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    Data entry 4 days left

    I am looking to have some data entry done and have some specific requirements. The data I need entered into the system is images. I would like it validated before entering, which is why thoroughness is a must. This project will take more than 3 hours and I need the work done accurately and in a timely manner. If you think this sort of task is something that you are capable of doing, please reach out to me. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

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    We are looking for someone to partner with us on creating a solution that is similar to Powerpoint’s presenter mode for Google Chrome. For example, salespeople have evolved from sharing power points to sharing their company's solutio...sharing with the customer….that has no prompts on it. - Example: Just like in the PowerPoint function “presenter view” there is a window you read from and a window that you show to the customer or audience. We want that same functionality with the ability to hover over prompts on the page that the rep is seeing. Functions we would want to be created - Some sort of admin panel that shows all your scripts - In the pitching view, some sort of list that shows all the things on the page you should talk about. - The abil...

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    ...professional illustrator to help me create a technical flat drawing for a fashion design project. The drawing must be highly detailed and will be used as an example of what my customers expect to make on my digital pattern. I have photographs of the garments, I just need these to be turned into a 2d black and white flat vector image for me t place into my pattern. I have included examples of the sort of image I am after and a photograph of the garment. Can you help me create this beautiful drawing? Let me know if you're a talented illustrator who can make my vision come to life. Please apply with the price to do one garment (a dress, in 2 lengths, midi and long), and examples of your previous work in this field. Also, to show that you have read this description fully, pl...

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    Very small script. Write PHP script to show all contacts into array using this API

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    I'm looking for a freelance developer who can assist me with a small project in Node-red. Basically I want to connect Node-red to a Notion database, fetch some data from the database and store it in an array, and use this data to run a HTTP Request to an API. Based on the result from the HTTP request, I would either do nothing, update existing rows in the Notion database, or add new rows. That's it. Let me know your experience with Node-RED + Notion, your hourly rate and the amount of hours you expect to need for this project. I will need to code delivered for implementation by me, but I will require you to test it somewhat first.

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    Create a custom web form to collect customer information to load into our CRM, our CRM will use this data to create a sales lead as well as provide an auto transport quote. Based on the instructions, this form will relay customer inputs via HTTP POST protocol using JSON array as payload. I will provide design and functionality website examples of how we want the quote system to operate upon request. The scope of this effort is to also create an easy way to replicate and implement the quote into WordPress. Basically, our website form and CRM is not currently effective for our industry, we now have a new CRM and need to collect the data from our customers efficiently, so they import correctly into Bats as sales leads. Also will like support to integrate form to collect data on Faceb...

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    ...videoeditor that we come to trust there can be many more projects down the line as we also do movies for all of our events that we run. So for this project we want one scene only edited. (impress us with your work on this one and the floodgates of work may open) It's about 5 minuntes long and we have shot a fairly large number of takes from different angles, so its going to be some work to sort out how to best put it togehter. The scene itself is fairly straight forward. Its a council meeting between 4 people and the dialogue is all in english. (An easy enough edit) The project also involves the short scene when the general and his soldiers are marching in the woods towards the meeting and the general arriving at the camp just before the meeting, and greeting hos so...

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    I have a Multigrid in React, I want to duplicate the style another internal pages with react virtualized rendering with sorting, as a pool can have over 1k rows. We want to sort by up to 3 columns that users can filter. If you are fluent with React this should be a pretty simple and straight forward task.

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    I need to parse html code to php array structure

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    Hi, I need somebody to clean up our business gmail account; with over 12,000 emails accumulated over the last 10 years. It requires categorisation into different sub-folders, which need to be created, saving down of important documents, e.g. invoices. etc. I need somebody methodical and efficient. Weekly communication will be required, to monitor progress, sort out any issues / answer questions etc. £20 per hour.

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    dog rescue 6 days left

    We are a dog rescue that saves dogs from Roswell, NM (A place in the Southwest of the US that is famous for aliens). We'd love the design to be something we could print on a t-shirt. We'd like it to be sort of mysterious and nighttime. Our idea is to have our Roswell Survivor Logo (attached) in the center of a crop circle. So it would look like aliens made a crop circle design with our logo. I'm not sure if you're familiar with crop circles? They are these strange and unique designs that show up overnight in field of crops. The belief is that an alien, in a space ship has flown over the field in the night and made the strange design in the crops as a message. Since we rescue dogs from a place that is famous for aliens, our joke is that our dogs are ali...

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    Spanish speaker 3 days left

    Spanish speaker. I need someone who speaks Spanish and English to make a phone call Must have a tex.t now number or some sort voip

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    ...what their value is... or empty notes. I'd like to run reports listing all the wines from oldest to newest, cheapest to most expensive, or sorted on bottle count. 3. I'd like a Wine List to be printed out, the sort you might find in a restaurant. This should be a highly-customizable interface where different lists can be generated. One version groups wines by country, and then sub-divides by region and then wine type. Or, perhaps a list that groups all Reds and then different types, only specifying the country with the associated wine. If you can imagine the way Excel can sort Data, in this case, it might be different versions of Heading / sub-Heading / sub-sub Heading / sub-sub-sub Heading. But it needs to be fully flexible. I'd like that Wine List t...

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    40 bids implement the [IDictionary<K,V>]((v=vs.110).aspx) interface you must understand and implement the [ICollection<T>]((v=vs.110).aspx) interface, and the [IEnumerable<T>]((v=vs.110).aspx) interface. Implement the hashtable using some form of dynamic array or list and perform a linear search when looking for values ### Part 2 - creating classes for keys In this part you will a class GeoLocation that represents a location on earth using latitudes and longitudes. Make all the necessary functions and operator overloads to make it possible to use this class as a key for the `HashDictionary<K,V>` class. In particular, ensure that hashing and equality

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    ... public string ReviewText { get; set; } public DateTime ReviewDate { get; set; } public long CreatedUserId { get; set; } public Dictionary<string, string> QuestionAnswers { get; set; } public string companyLogo { get; set; } public string BackgroundColor { get; set; } } We want to get questions answer form from one json file like there will be array and from there that 3rd form data will populated. var arr = [ {questions:"What is your age":answerType:"textbox"}, {questions:"Are you male/female":answerType:"Radio",answerType:[{id:1,value="Yes"},{id:2,value="No"}]}, {questions:"What is your age":answerType:"checkbox",isMultiSelect:true,answerType...

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    Business Name: Excel in Property Business Intention: Training people to use Microsoft Excel to create financial forecasts for real estate investments. Purpose of logo & mascot: We want an "elephant in the create financial forecasts for real estate investments. Purpose of logo & mascot: We want an "elephant in the room" incorporated into a logo, that we can use at other times during the training to flash up important bits of information and for playing fun games with. The name of the Elephant is TBC, but we were thinking something like Ellie as their full name would involve "Excel" the Elephant sort of thing. Once one main image of the Elephant has been selected, then we will want some more images of the elephant doing different tasks. Bran...

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    Website for ecommerce 2 days left

    I have an 12 months. It needs to be easy to maintain, and upgrade to latest modules, and redeploy regularly to update content or address vulns etc. Ideally use Dependabot or similar. In terms of design/pages, it is fairly simple and consists of main landing page, and 3-5 other pages that contain privacy info, legal, product information, faq etc. I have some example sites/pages I can share to show the sort of layout etc I want, or can mockup something if you prefer. We can figure out design/colours/graphics as we go. I don't mind if you reuse existing codebases/templates, as long and I'm able to understand the code (well, most of it) and it meets the criteria above. Please share projects/github links etc of any projects you have that show your skills and how the...

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    33 bids

    Hi Rabbia H., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need a logo that is simple and round. I will eventually need 4 total. If this one comes out looking good I’ll rehire for the others. I prefer something round like that could go on a seal. The business is “The Global Notary” so some sort of globe in the middle might be nice. A reference to Texas in the artwork might be nice.

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    76 bids

    only for expert python coder need help to solve python coding problem 2 purely coding questions like a function or array sort kind of things (regex and BFS/DFS question)

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    46 bids

    For this project, you will be implementing POSIX-style Pthreads to multi-thread Quicksort for sorting huge lists. For this assignment, we will stick with integers as the values to sort: it’s simpler, and we can test more cases more quickly.

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    5 bids

    ...updating the list based on the input. API Integration: - Maintain the current integration with the external web service for search queries, while optimizing the API calls and effectively displaying the search results to the user. Search Results Display: - Upon pressing "Intro", display search results in the article listings hook, maintaining the order provided by the web service. - Allow users to sort search results by "Relevance, Price (Descending), Price (Ascending), Name (A-Z), and Name (Z-A)." As it does the native product results in every shop in the world. Advanced Filtering: - When presenting search results, display available filters in the left column based on the web service's returned data (e.g., THICKNESS {3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm}, DIAMETER...

    ₹26314 - ₹87714
    ₹26314 - ₹87714
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    Trophy icon Anime Character Design 2 days left

    I would like a chibi anime character modeled after our logo man. Please try to include a chef hat, some sort of cooking utensil, and a chef coat.

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    55 entries

    Need help with a project that will in the end search a array of pictures and find one

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    LIN Bus controller FPGA 1 day left

    ...application and provide relevant experience related to this project. Any working code previously developed is a plus. Deadline for the delivery 20th April 2023. A quotation is required, together with the proof of previous expertise of the working code already developed It will be required to 1. deliver VHDL source code for LIN master bus controller 2. testbench with a Verification module, or any other sort of mechanism to emulate a node 3. Integration and testing of a simple test code on hardware provided by us 4. documentation...

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    22 bids