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    ...And the farmer owner, try to find a solution for buying a new farm. After the wind storm, a total eclipse comes in. The sky becomes dark. And goats run away. The farmer tries to call them, but after the eclipse, the goats return to the farmer. ...

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    hi I need simple user registration for my laraval site. when user tries to download it should redirect or popup user registration or login. user when logged in will have access to download all files in site. then user can logout . add forgot password feature.

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    Trophy icon 3D Logo Design 9h left

    I am starting a YouTube Channel where I show the installation, tends to be male and those mechanically inclined, I would prefer the logo to come across as tough, rough, and about trucks and Jeeps. I have attached some samples which tries to get across what I mean. If you have any questions let me know - I look forward to your submissions.

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    ...competitive dancing is a positive. Competitive dancing is becoming more popular with studios, but some still have the mindset that it stifles the creativity of dance as an art, and tries to turn dance into an athletic sport. The overall tone of the article should be that competition hones the skill set of dancers which improves their ability to bring ideas from

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    ...requests (specify date and amount range). - The ‘testUser’ can only do a request without parameters which will return the three months back statement. - When the test user tries to specify any parameter, then HTTP unauthorized access error will be sent. - The user cannot login twice (the user should logout before login). - The session time out is

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    ...apps Hide Windows menu bar (such as media apps i.e. Netflix on full screen) The OFR App displays its window content on top of (covers) all other apps When the user tries to circumvent the app by doing something like the key press sequence <Alt><Tab> then the OFR always forces its way back to the top of visible apps (always in focus). The

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    ...setupfactory feature that I long for, and I'm unable to create, a script to confirm the serial number online via the database. this feature is very important because if someone tries to distribute my software I will be able to disconnect the serial, so evaluation will not be done. the project is as follows the connection script setup factory [url removed, login to view]

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    ...story of a group of outcasts trying to prove themselves against a small college town, through the eyes of: Rhad, a college dropout and a recent former nightclub employee, tries to get back at his former boss and cheating girlfriend by convincing employees at his new job (also dropouts) to turn their dying restaurant into a nightclub, in attempt to

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    We currently produce a newsletter by having 6 different chapter officers send their photos/captions for their specific areas to a newsletter editor who tries to merge the data into a newsletter in a PDF sent by email to our members. The newsletter editor is now having problems doing this and we want to know if we can hire someone to do this newsletter

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    I need I would like someone to designed and built. I would like to build a app that is compatible with all phones this app will need to consist of taking a picture if someone tries to unlock your phone the picture is stored in the phone so the owner of the phone will know exactly who tried to unlock their phone the app name will be SayCheese

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    I would like my websites edited such that when one/customer tries to purchase the product it checks it out to the paypal and no filling in the checkout. I also need create a button for order now in all of my products that directs to the order form.

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    ...Tracking - Child reads a passage but cannot move accurately to the next word. Causing him to skip words and lines as he cannot point his eyes accurately 2. Near Blur - Child tries to read but the text at near looks blur then clear then blur then clear 3. Words move - Words start to do a small split into 2 and back into 1 and then 2 and is difficult

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    I need help with a project of mine. I need to get animations to work together smoothly this a list of what I need done. Active ragdoll -----vvv character tries to protect himself from the fall by coving face or body unless he is falling from behind them he sticks his hand out behind him. If the character does a trick for example a frontflip but

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    i want a 30 minutes 3d cartoon animation!!! this is the script: In a large dairy farm, goats live...And the farmer owner, try to find a solution for buying a new farm. After the wind storm, a total eclipse comes in. The sky becomes dark. And goats run away. The farmer tries to call them, but after the eclipse, the goats return to the farmer.

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    ...from their phones or computers, an error occurs that says “failed to connect”. It is solved by turning the beaglebone off and then on again, but it can sometimes take up to 10 tries or more for it to work. The second issue we need to resolve is that once the Beaglebone is connected and has an IP address, it can’t be connected to another WiFi network, it

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    Hi I am using Win 2012 ser...Win 2012 server for application publishing using TSPlus. TSPlus uses Windows RDP to publish apps. But it allows only 2 max connection Attached screenshot when 3rd user tries to connect to the server I have another WIn 2012 server, which does not have this pblm. Need help to troubleshoot and fix this issue

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    I will provide the graphics for the game, all I need is someone who can code the game like (https:/...Once they lose, they will either hit the restart button or they will watch an advertisement once in order to continue 3. Few more game features should be coded like (extra tries, few knife models, experience gaining, leveling up and stuff suchlike)

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    I need a sla...used to update a confluence page table. This is to lock resource for given time, and the slack should also remove lock when the time has expired. When a row has lock, if user tries to reserve using slack command, it should deny and show the current reservation. There is am app already built using ruby, I don't know ruby so I wamt in JS.

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    ...also be a nice looking LOGIN box for publishers next to the Registration form. There won't be anything inside when you login. It will says 'Invalid login information' whoevers tries to login. The Registration form will be sent to me (Admin) by email. That's all. The login box will be there just to look nice. There is NO need for a members area or anything

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    bayesian analysis Ended

    ...easy}. Each word in a document is sampled independently from an identical distribution. A popular machine learning approach to text classification is Naive Bayes model which tries to predict the probability of text (x) belonging to a class (y), p(y|x), using the Bayes theorem. It assumes the class conditional distribution p(x|y) to be independently

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