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    I have an HTML banking template that I need to set up as a fully functioning website. The website should incorporate Stripe payment gateway for processing card payments. Key Aspects: - **Website Set-up:** I need your expertise to turn the HTML template into a live website. This will involve setting up the template, configuring the backend, and ensuring all functionalities work correctly. - **Stripe Integration:** The website should be able to process card payments using the Stripe payment gateway. You will need to ensure it is properly integrated and functioning correctly.

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    When a user opens the app, there is a single button on a page with a light grey background. The button is titled ‘Capture property’ When the user presses this button, it must ask the user to select the type of room from a series of buttons representing different types of rooms e.g. bedroom, bathroom. Once the user has selected the room, it will start a scanning session using the RoomPlan API. Session must have the ability to capture photos simultaneously. Up to 4 photos are permitted while scanning room with LIDAR. There must but a photo capture button and a small photo count out of 4. A ‘Done’ button is required in the top right hand corner. When this is pressed, the room model is saved to be included as part of an overall structure as per the documentation ...

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    UI/UX Designer (FIGMA & HTML) 6 days left

    I need someone who can create these in Figma so I can make edits. Looking for a Designer who also can complete front end work quickly. I have a nice team, looking to add someone.

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    Notice for Software Development and Hiring through We are excited to announce the initiation of the development phase for our project "Face Recognition Using One Shot Learning." To ensure the successful execution and timely delivery of this project, we are seeking to hire skilled professionals through This project aims to enhance security and surveillance systems by integrating face recognition technology that operates efficiently with minimal training data. Objective: The primary objective of this project is to develop a face recognition system capable of identifying individuals using only one or two images. This approach is particularly useful in scenarios such as identifying missing persons, criminals, or analyzing election fraud,...

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    Failling to connect to a REST API using Classic ASP... it works with SOAPui 5.6.0 Only apply if you are available to start immediately! The failure situation occurs in both files!

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    I'm looking for a Machine Learning expert to develop an application capable of identifying potential threats from user access logs on my website. Key Requirements: - The system should be designed specifically to analyze user access logs for suspicious activity. - It should be able to detect potential threats in real-time and notify the administrators. - Additionally, the system should log all incidents for further review. The ideal freelancer for this job would have: - Strong experience in Machine Learning, particularly in the domain of security. - Proficiency in developing systems for real-time data analysis. - Ability to integrate the system with the website's existing infrastructure. - Excellent communication skills to liaise with our team and ensure smooth implement...

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    Hi Md. Shamim M., Can you modify the chrome extension code to work with macros?

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    :~:text=Create%20a%20Custom%20Code%20Component,custom%20logic%20or%20external%20integrations I'm in need of a skilled Flutter developer who's also proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Key Talents and Experience: - Extensive experience in Flutter and Flutterflow. - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Ability to create a Custom Widget that integrates these languages. The primary goal of this project is to create a proof of concept demonstrating the successful integration of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within a custom widget in Flutterflow. This is aimed at exploring the possibility of more complex functionalities in the future. Your task will be to develop a simple yet effective custom widget that involves the

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    Scrape website using node 6 days left

    Looking for an highly experienced node programmer who can scrape website for given sky codes. Complete details Will be provided to shortlisted candidates.

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    I have data from an online survey that I need analyzed using SPSS. The purpose of this analysis is to identify trends and patterns. - The analysis I require should be in-depth and detailed, with statistical tests included. - The final output should be a written report with graphs and tables. The ideal candidate for this project should: - Be proficient in using SPSS software. - Have experience in performing detailed data analysis, including statistical tests. - Be able to present complex data in a clear and understandable way through written reports.

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    I need someone with experience in python selenium scrapper, in order to scrape all the products and data of a website

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    I would like to automate the download of invoices on a website. I have already written an almost fully functional Python script, but I can't manage to take the last step. A button ("download" in the attached picture) seems to be somehow hidden by shadowroot (and possibly other gotchas). the solution must be compatible with chromedriver 126 / Selenium 4. I am looking for an experienced programmer who can identify this last element and complete my script.

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a professional email signature in HTML, with a focus on compatibility with mobile devices. Key Elements: - The signature should include my name, job title, and contact information (phone number and email address). - It should also feature our company logo and a link to our website. The design should be: - Minimalistic yet professional. - Highly compatible with mobile devices. Ideal Experience: - Strong proficiency in HTML. - Previous experience in creating email signatures. - Familiarity with designing for mobile responsiveness. - A knack for professional and minimalistic design. Please share examples of your work when bidding.

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    Create a fully functioning dating app on flutterflow using my figma screens. Applicats must have prior experience with flutterflow and work with me together according to my preferences. Should be completed within 3 months.

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    I'm seeking an expert in sparse signal processing to assist in the development of a fault detection solution for an inverter. The specific requirements and goals of this project are as follows: - **Purpose**: Our primary goal is to identify and resolve minor faults in the inverter's switches. This is essential to enhance efficiency, performance, and prolong the lifespan of the inverter. - **Data Collection**: The system should be designed to continuously monitor voltage and current levels of the inverter in real-time to identify potential switch faults. - **Sparse Signal Processing**: You should have a thorough understanding and hands-on experience with sparse signal processing approaches. This will be crucial in analyzing the collected data and providing insights into potential...

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    I have a project that entails integrating data between our SAP system and other applications using CSV files. Key Requirements: - The data exchange should be accomplished exclusively using CSV files. No other integration methods are envisaged at the moment. SAP ABAP should be used to write scripts. The integration should be robust and efficient. Additionally, the format of the CSV files should be such that it can easily be read and processed by both SAP and the external systems. The ideal candidate for this project would be someone who has: - Proven experience in SAP systems - Strong understanding of CSV handling and processing - Ability to create scalable and reliable data integration processes - Good communication skills to thoroughly understand our requirements and ...

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    I need an expert in Node.js to test a script I have. This script is responsible for sending verification emails to users. It's crucial that this script is thoroughly tested to ensure it's working correctly and efficiently. Key Requirements: - The script is designed to verify a user's email address. Therefore, the freelancer should ensure that upon receiving the email, the user is able to confirm their email address. - The script currently uses the email service provider 'stack mail'. The freelancer needs to test the script with this particular email service provider to ensure smooth working and delivery of emails. - The urgency of this project is high. I request that the freelancer completes the testing as soon as possible. Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Node....

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    We are looking for an experienced freelance developer in HTML and PHP to make identical the complete structure of a specific landing page. The goal is for the new page to be an exact replica of the original, maintaining all visual elements, functionalities, and behaviors. Project Details: Page to be cloned: Requirements: HTML and CSS: Faithful reproduction of the layout, styles, and visual structure. PHP: Correct implementation of backend functionalities. Quiz: The quiz must function continuously, without requests between questions (all questions and answers should be loaded at once). Necessary Skills: Proven experience in web development with HTML, CSS, and PHP. Ability to accurately reproduce layouts. Knowledge of JavaScript to ensure the quiz functions

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    I am looking for a Python developer who can write a simple script to read a CSV file and convert its data into YAML format using Jinja templates. Key Requirements: - The CSV file has a simple data structure with basic data types. The script should be able to accurately parse this CSV data. - The YAML file structure is flexible, as long as it's logically organized. The freelancer should be able to define a template that can handle different types of data from the CSV file and convert it into YAML format. - Use of Jinja templates is a must for creating the YAML files. The freelancer should have experience working with Jinja and be able to integrate this into the Python script effectively. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Python programming. - Experience working with CSV files an...

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    I'm seeking a cloud expert to deploy my project on a Hetzner instance, similar to an EC2 instance. The primary features that I want to include are Load Balancing, DDoS Protection and then Host on CLOUDFLARE Key Project Requirements: - Deployment: Utilizing a Hetzner instance and setting up its services Specific Third-Party Service: - Cloudpanel: I would like this to be integrated into the project

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    HTML / CSS / Javascript Developer 3505 days left

    Need a front end developer who can develop HTML / CSS / JS based example screens so that our back end developers can intergate to database. Mostly HTML / CSS / JQuery , Bootstrap and a little React JS is being used. Availability Should be able to get on calls and communicate effectively on conference calls.

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    I have an existing HTML and CSS project that I'd like to have converted into a REACT application. The main objectives for this conversion are to improve performance and speed, as well as enable easier maintenance and updates. Key Tasks: - Convert existing HTML and CSS project into a REACT application - Ensure the new application is faster, more dynamic and easier to maintain Ideal Skills: - Proficient in REACT - Strong understanding of HTML and CSS - Prior experience in converting projects into REACT - Ability to optimize performance and speed in REACT applications - Good communication skills for ease of maintenance discussions Optional: - Experience in responsive design and mobile optimization would be beneficial

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    Project Description: - Multi townhouses on a shared basement. - Basement carpark structure to be framed with reinforced concrete - Townhouse structure made of timber - Retaining wall will be constructed out of dincel (ready formed) concrete wall - Concrete slab on grade - Suspended concrete GF slab with multiple steps Scope of work: 1- Stage 1 (Modeling): Model the concrete structure in the basement only. Timber housing structure does not need to be modelled as it is will be done in 2D CAD 2- Stage 2(Early works) Produce Basement wall General arrangement plan, elevations, sections and details 3- Stage 3 (Slab on Grade) Produce slab plan and typical detail (slab on grade does not require reinforcement plans as it is will be reinforced with mesh) 4- Stage 4 (GF Slab) including general arra...

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    I have two pages of Wayback machine backups of my website that need to be cleaned. This involves removing all references to the Wayback machine, including URLs, logos, and banners. Key Responsibilities: - Clean up HTML of 2 Wayback machine backup files - :// both pages - Remove all Wayback machine URLs, logos, and banners Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in HTML - Understanding of web archiving - Experience with cleaning up web pages

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    I have an HTML code that needs to be verified. The code has already been written, and I'm looking for someone with a keen eye for detail to check it for any mistakes or inconsistencies. Key Responsibilities: - Proofread the existing HTML code thoroughly - Identify any syntax errors or structural issues - Ensure the code adheres to W3C standards and accessibility guidelines - Verify cross-browser compatibility - Verify there are no password restriction in the code Since I didn't mention any specific requirements or guidelines in the question, I would appreciate your expertise in this area. Please feel free to apply if you believe you can help me with this task.

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    I'm looking for a proficient freelancer to assist me with in-depth analysis of my financial data in Excel. Key Responsibilities: - Main task involves analyzing the simple data sheet and answer questions - While setting up the pivot table you needed to filter the catalog as per the questions. - capturing the answers in screenshots - and analysing the data with 80-120 words per each answer. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Excel, particularly in working with financial data - Familiarity with pivot tables and the ability to analyze data efficiently - Previous experience in creating professional charts and graphs for financial reports - Strong analytical skills and ability to interpret data to measure performance Please note that the main focus of this project is on analysis measureme...

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    Project Idea or Definition: Brief Description of the Project: The Job Search APP aims to streamline the job hunting process by providing users with a comprehensive platform to search for job opportunities, submit applications, and track their progress. It will include features such as job listing, filtering options, resume upload, application tracking, and notifications. Tools and Technologies: Frontend: React Native Backend: Node.js, , and deploy on Vercel () and FirebaseAPP () Database: Firebase Other Tools: Git for version control, Visual Studio Code for development, Firebase for authentication, and Push Notifications. Database Structures or Database Design: The database will consist of several collections such as users, jobs, applications, resumes, and notifications. Each collection wi...

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    I have a project which needs to be developed. What I ask is live tutoring via TeamsViewer/Discord.

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    I'm in need of a skilled frontend developer that can create a sleek, modern, and easy to use HTML template. Key Requirements: - Color Scheme: Black and Yellow and White - Layout: Full-width layout The template is for a support desk SAAS solution - hence, the design should be professional yet approachable. It needs to be responsive and work well on all devices. This product is be to competition with FreshDesk and ZohoDesk so similar features must apply. Must include images and must be cartooning like. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap - Prior experience developing templates for SAAS solutions - Strong understanding of UI/UX design - Ability to meet the deadline of within a month Please share your relevant portfolio w...

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    I'm in need of a Laravel PHP developer to help me create a comprehensive expense tracking system. The platform should cater to the following requirements: - User Roles: The system should offer 4 distinct user roles - Accountant, Manager, Staff, and Owner. Each role should come with its own set of permissions and access levels. - User Account Management: The system should allow for user registration and login, as well as maintaining user account balances. - Expense Tracking: The primary objective of the system is budgeting and expense analysis. The platform should enable manual entry of expenses and budgets. - Superior Verification: The system should include a feature for superior verification of user expense entries. - Project Management: The platform should facilitate project wi...

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    I am in need of a MATLAB expert who can assist me with both image processing & data analysis and modeling. This project requires high-level expert, so prior experience in this area is important. Knowledge of LEAD-DBS and SPM is crucial. In your bid, please focus on your relevant experience to successfully tackle these tasks. the purpose of project is to carry out work on the content of following paper, from figure 1 to figure 6. 7. Li N, Baldermann JC, Kibleur A, Treu S, Akram H, Elias GJB, et al. A unified connectomic target for deep brain stimulation in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Nat Commun. 2020;11(1):3364. the purpose of project is to do from figure 1 to figure 7 of above paper. datasets will be provided. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Strong proficiency in MATLAB(LEAD-DBS, SP...

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    I'm in need of a simple AI writing tool that can generate text using the OpenAI API. The main functionality required is text generation. Example Tool - AI Answer Generator Key Features: - Text Generation: The AI tool should be able to generate text based on the prompt provided. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in working with OpenAI API. - Strong background in AI and natural language processing. - Experience in creating user-friendly, web-based applications. I'm looking for someone who can build a clean, efficient website that focuses on the core functionality of text generation. The interface design can be minimalist, as long as the tool is easy to use and the text output is clear and accurate.

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    I need someone to Create a Game of Snake (based on existing code) using Scala. I will share more details in chat.

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    Currently, I have a website built with WordPress; however, it loads very slowly due to the need to load too many CSS and JS files. I am developing a ...very slowly due to the need to load too many CSS and JS files. I am developing a new website with a similar interface to the old WordPress website, but using a PHP framework. Therefore, I need to find a developer skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to help me convert the interface from WordPress to a regular HTML interface. This means they will redevelop the HTML and CSS to match the current WordPress site and ensure that the site loads quickly with clean and tidy code. Please message me for further discussion. We will have a 100% new set of html code, it will run faster and smoother and easier for deve...

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    Hi, I am looking to have a bot built to trade stocks options These are my requirements : I. Stock Selection Criteria A. Float: Target stocks with a float of under 100 million shares for higher volatility and responsiveness. B. Daily Chart Strength: Focus on stocks trading above their moving averages, ensuring no nearby resistance points to impede upward movement. C. Relative Volume: Select stocks with a high relative volume, at least 2x above the average daily volume, indicating strong market interest. D. Fundamental Catalysts: Identify stocks with a recent catalyst such as PR, earnings announcements, FDA announcements, or other significant news. This can also include stocks experiencing technical breakouts without specific news. II. Entry Criteria A. Chart Patterns: Look for specific mom...

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    I need a professional to duplicate the home page of Website "" in HTML format. The final outcome should be: I need This Only home page with login and register only html - Responsive: The copied page should adjust and function well on both mobile and tablet screens. - Visual Replication: The goal is visual similarity. I don't need the interactive elements like forms or buttons to actually function. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in HTML and CSS - Experience in responsive design - Attention to detail in replicating visual elements accurately

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    I am seeking a skilled Unreal Engine developer to create a PC game that captures the realistic aesthetic of the horror genre. Key requirements are: - Proficiency in Unreal Engine, with a particular focus on developing realistic, immersive environments - A strong track record in PC game development - Knowledge and understanding of horror genre, with the ability to capture its essence in gameplay The ideal candidate would have prior experience developing horror games, displaying a keen perception of atmospheric gameplay and suspenseful storytelling.

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    ...responsible for developing the front-end of the website, ensuring seamless user experience and responsiveness. In addition, you will be required to collaborate with the back-end development team to integrate the API and implement necessary functionalities. The ideal candidate should have expertise in React, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work in a team are essential. Key Requirements: - The platform should be developed using React - It should have a clean, user-friendly design to ensure a seamless user experience - It needs to include a property search feature to allow users to find properties based on their preferences - A property listing feature is required, which allows sellers to list their properties for s...

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    I am in need of a skilled developer who can create an image captioning system that generates natural, detailed sentences describing natural scenery and landscapes. The captions should include attributes and context, such as a serene mountain landscape with lush green pine trees under a partly cloudy sky at sunset. Key Requirements: - Create a system that can generate detailed, context-rich image captions - Utilize Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) to process the visual information - Implement Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) to generate the natural sentences Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in machine learning, particularly in the areas of CNN, RNN, and LSTM - Experience in image processing and natural language processing - Strong pr...

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    We are looking for an experienced freelance developer in HTML and PHP to make identical the complete structure of a specific landing page. The goal is for the new page to be an exact replica of the original, maintaining all visual elements, functionalities, and behaviors. Project Details: Page to be cloned: Requirements: HTML and CSS: Faithful reproduction of the layout, styles, and visual structure. PHP: Correct implementation of backend functionalities. Quiz: The quiz must function continuously, without requests between questions (all questions and answers should be loaded at once). Necessary Skills: Proven experience in web development with HTML, CSS, and PHP. Ability to accurately reproduce layouts. Knowledge of JavaScript to ensure the quiz functions

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    1) Programming and designing a website using a professional template on WordPress (the template will be chosen after disscution) 2) Uploading and publishing the site by transferring the domain, hosting and email services from the current service provider wich is Wix to WordPress 3) The site must be in Arabic and English and professionally formatted in both languages 4) Content in Arabic and English in addition to the visual identity is available for viewing in the attachments, the content is subject to reformulation and modification 5) Link to the current site: 6) Link to a target site that we should at least be like: 7) The website must work perfectly and be responsive to different device screen sizes like desktop, mobile and ipads ... etc 8) Timeline: 5 days

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    I'm in need of a virtual assistant who can help me identify and locate decision-makers within healthcare companies that utilize Hubspot. Key Requirements: - Your main task will be to find and provide me with the names and job titles of the decision-makers in these companies. - I also need their contact information, specifically email or phone. This is crucial for me to initiate communication with them. Ideal Candidate: - You should have experience in lead generation and data mining. - Proficiency with Hubspot is a major plus. - Previous work with healthcare companies is also beneficial. Please note that I'm particularly interested in small healthcare companies with 1-50 employees. If you believe you can handle this job effectively, please get in touch with me.

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    I'm seeking an AI expert who can help me integrate AI-driven personalized product recommendations and AI-enabled chatbots into my Shopify store. The primary goal of this integration is to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. This can be achieved by providing customers with personalized product recommendations based on their preferences, as well as implementing chatbots to facilitate seamless communication and support. Key requirements: - Extensive experience in AI and machine learning, specifically in implementing such features on e-commerce platforms. - Proven track record of enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction in previous projects. - Understanding of the Shopify platform and its integration capabilities. - Proficient in Voiceflow or similar AI development tool...

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    I am seeking an adept freelancer with expertise in Rust, TensorFlow, and the application of machine learning techniques like Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and Temporal Variational Autoencoders (TVAE). You'll be pivotal in creating a solution that can effectively synthesize data from various formats including tabular single table, multi table relational, sequential, images and PDF files. Key Project Points: - Data File Types: The project involves working with tabular single table, multi table relational, and sequential data, as well as images and PDFs. - Desired Outcomes: The synthetic data generated should aim at improving data privacy, augmenting training datasets, and simulating scenarios. - Data Characteristics: The synthetic data should reflect similar statistical propert...

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    ...authentication: For personalized experience and user data management. - Playlist creation: The app's core feature, where users can easily compile and customize their own list of tracks. - Playlist sharing: The ability for users to share their playlists with other users. - Social media integration: Specifically Facebook, to allow for easy sharing of playlists to their social network. The app should be built using Flutter to ensure a smooth cross-platform experience. I'm seeking a developer who is not only proficient in Flutter but also has experience developing music apps and integrating social media functionalities. Your previous work should demonstrate a strong understanding of user experience design, as this will be crucial in making the playlist creation and sharing...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to help me add reCAPTCHA to my static HTML contact form. Key Requirements: - The primary purpose of this update is to prevent spam submissions. - I would like the reCAPTCHA v2 Checkbox version to be integrated. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in HTML and JavaScript. - Previous experience integrating reCAPTCHA on static HTML websites. - Experience with handling form submissions and sending emails programmatically. - Strong attention to detail and understanding of web security best practices. I already have the SITE KEY and the SECRET KEY. All setup needs to be done via Teamviewer. Please include examples of similar projects you've worked on in the past and details on how you plan to approach this imple...

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    I'm in need of a simple yet elegant website that displays information. The site will feature several sections, each dedicated to a different a...the website, allowing users to get in touch easily Additional Requirements: - Full mobile optimization: The website should be fully responsive to mobile devices, ensuring a smooth user experience across different screen sizes - Simple and User-friendly: The site should be designed with the user in mind, making it easy to navigate and locate the desired information Ideal Skills: - Proficient in HTML, CSS - Experience in designing clean and modern websites - Knowledge of responsive web design - Ability to integrate contact forms Feel free to provide a portfolio of previous projects to showcase your capabilities. Looking forward to wo...

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    We are seeking an experienced developer to upgrade our Expo (React Native) project from version 42 to version 51. The project is a mobile application built using Expo and React Native. The upgrade will involve: Updating all dependencies and libraries to be compatible with version 51. Ensuring all current features function correctly after the upgrade. Upgrade the project progressively (43, 44, 45...) checking change-logs and documentations to ensure the correct method is used : { "main": "node_modules/expo/", "scripts": { "start": "expo start", "android": "expo start --android", "ios": "expo start --ios", "web": "expo start --web", "eject":...

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    Hi there, Looking for a full stack developer to work on our projects for long be available to start immediately.

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