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    It is a mini RTF airplane, we just need the airframe, ideally, 3D printed, made of plastic that can withstand rain. Like this one: [login to view URL]

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    [login to view URL] is the next generation Aerospace Organisation focusing on the Research and Development of Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAV) with Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL). Our main focus is to Redefine Urban Transportation, Military, Emergency Response & Space Research. [login to view URL] will be building a safe, reliable & innovative airspace transportation system through...

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    I am working on a project and facing problems in the dynamics and structure part of it and looking for a person who has a great understanding of dynamics and advanced structures ( Airframe structures)

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    We are looking for a freelancer that has experience with NodeJS on Ubuntu to create a new UI of an existing WebUI. A needed skill is also some experience with drones/ Mavlink. The old UI is working but we need a new modern UI. Reference: Drone communication: [login to view URL] WebUI: [login to view URL] Attachment: Old UI and needed new UI dummy Dev Envoirement: 12 GB ready made VMware Maschin...

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    Our company is among pioneers specialized in development of multirotor electrical vertical take-off and landing aircrafts, with strong and dedicated software and hardware engineering team, with in house developed and proven technology and 15+ years of experience, among the few demonstrated manned flights. We are looking for aesthetical refining of overall 3D design concept of cockpit and its inte...

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    Hi Dharamveer S., Looking for someone to do our hang-glider in Blender/GLTF. Here are some pictures: [login to view URL] We have CAD models for the details as well as the wing, which need to be redrawn in Blender (but matching the same profiles): [login to view URL] Could you do it to this quality? [login to view URL] What are the milestones? What will it cost?

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    Hi Claudiu C., We're looking for someone who can do our hang-glider in Blender. Here are some pictures: [login to view URL] We have CAD models for the details as well as the wing, which need to be redrawn in Blender (but matching the same profiles): [login to view URL] Could you do it to this quality? [login to view URL] What are the milestones? What will it cost?

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    Hi, I need all kind of help to create a Hoverbike/VTOL Personal Aerial Transportation, at lowest cost possible but with a highest efficiency possible. I am open for suggestion related to the Source of power. Speed up to 85 MPH, Up to 2 person (pilot and one more), Thrust power to be discuss. Delivery time to be discuss. Operation System could be from open sources OS. BCI (brain computer interface)...

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    I have CAD and GLB models of a hang-glider wing (the sail) and hang-glider airframe (the aluminium frame) in these two repositories. [login to view URL] [login to view URL] These models need to be redrawn in Blender so that they are optimized (CAD does not output efficient triangles). Various photographs are here, [login to view URL] * The airframe inside the sail does need deta...

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    Hi I’m doing a project on a wing airframe and i need to do some structural analysis. I need some guidance in the solid works of the project and an analysis of the entire wing. If you accept this project i will further provide you for more information Kind Regards

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    We need someone to design VTOL Aircraft Design using 4 jet engines and jet fuel for 10 passengers and two pilots.

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    The mission consists of integrating a "Pixhawk" autopilot on a Remotely Controlled Air Vehicle using proprietary technology to convert the air vehicle from fixed-wing to VTOL mode. The algorithm will be developed from a MATLAB model encompassing simulations and experimentations data. Note: The required algorithm will have to provide an active stabilization in fixed-wing (horizontal mode)...

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    For a drone project (vtol) I want to develop a flight computer that can fly the drone from point A to B. - low code such as python3.8 - use of Google Maps, OpenStreetMap or Mapbox - DroneKit or other app - Being developed on a Raspberry Pi P4 - The goal is that the route is followed on the map and commands are given back to the drone so that it can follow the route line. The route line has margin...

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    Sample tasks ). A pump/filter system supplies clean fluid to a production process. The system consists of two subsystems in parallel (S1 and S2), to increase reliability. Each subsystem consists of one pump and a filtering element in series. S1 has one filter as the filtering element. The filtering element of S2 has two filters in parallel. Failure rate of each pump is 1.5 per year (failure time e...

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    Sample tasks ). A pump/filter system supplies clean fluid to a production process. The system consists of two subsystems in parallel (S1 and S2), to increase reliability. Each subsystem consists of one pump and a filtering element in series. S1 has one filter as the filtering element. The filtering element of S2 has two filters in parallel. Failure rate of each pump is 1.5 per year (failure time e...

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    I am building airframe components, I'm looking for someone to consult a short while to find a cost-effective moldable mixture for use as a replacement for carbon fiber/fiberglass. Please consider a wide variety of materials additives, mixture ratios, and epoxy resins to come up with a composite material that has comparable strength, weight, and temperature resistance characteristics.

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    I am an independent inventor trying to create a 3D model for a small vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) aircraft. I need someone with moderate-to-serious expertise in AutoCAD to complete the 3D model of the aircraft. Only applicants from the US, Canada, England, or Australia, who are completely fluent in English, will be considered. There are a lot of twists and turns in the invention/drawings...

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    I need to over write the existing firmware on an rc flight controller via a usbasp programming dongle, but first need to update the firmware on the usbasp device via a nano arduino board. This involves installing java etc. The fimware I need on the flight control board is open aero vtol and I have the correct hex file available. I need to be able to use the usbasp on a repeat basis to change firmw...

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    We need someone to design interfaces in a React theme. We will provide the layouts - and based upon the theme the interfaces need to be designed. Knowledge of Arrow functions, Thunks and Async is must. Syntax is JS. The theme is a well established theme [Airframe] - with almost all components designed. It is simply required that maintaining the sanctity of the theme and not adding unwanted style...

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    i want a aviation/drone website from where I can generate [login to view URL] can also refer this website [login to view URL] if you can suggest any good website then this you are most welcome.

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    Hi. Thank you for looking this over. I'm prototyping a VTOL PAV and need to model and simulate a low speed rotor. I've attached a sketch of a single blade of the rotor, two PDF's of the airfoils and data files of the airfoils. I need 1) 3D CAD - one drawing of a single blade and one of the three blade rotor 2) the CNC code for the blade and hub 3) CFD simulation for optimization ...

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    3D model in sketchup of Drone training facility 1. A building 50msq. 2. A runway for drone fixed wing - 150m. 3. 4 x helipad for VTOL. 20msq.

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    I need a 3D model of a VTOL(Vertical Takeoff and Landing ) Drone at Solidworks.

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    We have developed a VTOL with 18 ducted fans (8 at teh back, 8 at teh front and 2 under teh wings). thsi require somebody with a deep understanding of pixhawk code, experience because copy pasting will not work. The architecture of teh aircraft does not match predefined ones.

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    We need someone to design a Drone Aircraft Blended-wing Quad-copper VTOL. Tilted copper for plane mode and hover mode. Attached to this project, is an example of the drone we are looking to develop. The Aircraft will be 4 feet x 4 feet. It needs to have a flight time of 1 hour. Battery operated. We need to be able to fold it in order to carry it on a commercial airplane. Foldable wings like the &...

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    Hi, I´m developing a VTOL Y FixedWing. I have the frame almost done, and everything else. I need someone who can program the PixHawk to takeoff and land automaticly on copter position. The UAV have to be hybrid between plane and copter, depending on the speed of the model. It has 3 rotors, one on the tail and two on the wings wich rotate 90º with a servo (Like in the picture). Video: [...

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    Model VTOL CFD The company are looking for a consult CFD expert to work and advise the team on CFD modelling for a unique project and highly innovation project. Regards, Jonty

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    We require someone to design the a vertical take off fixed wing drone. We will require the design to have the ability to be preprogramed to fly specific patterns. At this stage we want to have the system designed and our technicians can build it from available parts but we would also like to have a proprietary design that can fold up. For this first design we will try to use a 900mm foam body and ...

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    This is a research competition, the results will be public for all interested to observe. The project is to find the most suitable drone that is capable of:- Flying 50-100 miles using fuel-based power (e.g. gas) Capable of being assembled using components (e.g. 3d printing, buying gas radial engine) Aquistiion cost of < $10,000 Capable of payload between 2kg and 5kg For this project: ignore t...

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    Need an aerospace engineer to give a project cost estimation for the above. The final output should include: 1. Design cost 2. Build Cost 3. Source of components 4. Conceptual design (3d model) Requirements of aircraft: Range: 100 Kms Speed: 50 Knots Payload Capacity: 150 Kgs Manned Type for two people Safety features list Autonomous control based on GPS system

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    Skills required: PHP MySQL HTML The website is on a remote rack server located at a data centre in the UK. The task is to create a dynamic tree folder for a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in a format similar to that shown in Exhibit 1. Alongside each folder will be its WBS code and WBS name, e.g. “1.5.1 Foundations”, e.g. see Exhibit 2. The input for creating the WBS ...

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    Use Microsoft Access Database for comparing two types of forms: Temporary Engineering Instructions and Request for Engineering Instructions. If there is damage to a rivet hole it requires engineering to repair it correctly. An engineer spends a day or more writing a Request for Engineering Instruction (REI) to have the hole repaired. If another aircraft has damage in the same hole, the engineers ...

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    We want YOU to design in Solidworks or similar CAD software, the coolest, most innovative flying car ever imagined. Specs: Hybrid electric/turbine powered (8-36 electric motors with propellers, plus single turbine engine) 5 seats (Room for Mom, Dad, 3 children and 5 medium luggage bags.) 150-200 mph cruise in air Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Roadable (must have retractable wings and b...

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    aerospace engineer researcher about any specialization research of aerospace science

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    Hello, This is a contest in which you will have to draw / design the future light urban aircraft. In other words, it has to be a flying object for one person (max 2) that should look like a futuristic /” alien” like flying object. Before starting the work please take care of the followings: 1. Has to be light 2. Has to be rather small 3. VTOL like 4. Futuristic design Apart of that, t...

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    We are currently in the process of developing a custom-built VTOL-drone specifically designed (Bi-copter+innovative dedicated torque-reaction propeller for balancing) to harvest fruits from Coconut, Nutmeg and Palm trees. It is decided that commercially available ones are not suitable for the purpose due to their inability to get closer to tree. The project name is SEMI-AUTONOMOUS AERIAL FRUIT HA...

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    We are trying to create extra fields on an entity on Microsoft dynamics 365 CRM. We are receiving an error that the CRM entity is at its maximum amount of fields. There is an entity called opportunity. We need to add multiple fields to this in subsections called Airframe and Engine. We are open to ideas but one suggestion would be to create a 1:N relationship for each section that we need to add ...

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    To find the Aerodynamic forces of lift and drag in VTOL and forward flight regimes by changing angle of attack. To prove that the car can indeed fly using those forces. Then perform optimization by changing Disc loading and any other constraint by 10% and 20% to find out which design is the best.

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    need to animate a VTOL car taking off, flying and then landing vertically. we provide the sketchup model

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    Design of a VTOL (personal aircraft with vertical take off and landing). Project and rendering with a good quality. Just static 3D design. No need of animation and presentations.

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    Design an airframe that uses a box-wing, or other closed-wing, shape/structure, with appropriate upper, lower, and side (vertical, or upright) airfoils. Assume a maximum allowable wingspan length (total left-to-right length, including the fuselage),of 4 - 5 meters. Assume a maximum allowable airfoil sectional width (any front-to-back section) is 1.50 meters. Assume that the intended aircraf...

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    personal vtol tasarım aggresive and futuristic design. front, rear top bottom, sides position design required

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    To design a VTOL UAV carbon fiber body. - Able to install a 3-axis stabilise gimbal, able to carry a Day / Night Camera (SD / HD) and a IR Sensor (FLIR TAU 2 or equivalent) - Refer to mechanical assembly attached - Dimension guideline of main body: 950(L) x 550(W) x 530(H, including landing foot/gear) - Further details will be shared upon confirmation

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    Design& CFD analysis of BWB Aircraftl LCA Design rentry vehicle design

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