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    I'm seeking a professional, well-versed in GenieACS for TR-069 configuration. The primary task is to configure CPEs to connect to GenieACS behind NAT, through XMPP and STUN server. the server is deployed, GenieACS installed, XMPP and STUN servers are installed on the same server. I need someone who can configure it and to test a connection of CPE behind NAT through secure channel. the CPE is Mercusys H50G. Ideal Candidates: - Extensive experience with GenieACS for TR-069 configuration - Solid understanding of remote device provisioning. This role requires a specialist, capable of performing tasks with precision and efficiency. If you meet the above criteria, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for an expert in Prosody XMPP to set up an efficient and scalable instant messaging service for my organization. As time is of the essence, I need someone who can quickly get this project off the ground and fully operational. **Requirements:** - **Experience with Prosody XMPP:** You should have a solid history of working with Prosody XMPP, specifically setting it up for instant messaging purposes. - **Scalability Expertise:** The ability to set up a system that can scale efficiently as our user base grows. - **Quick Turnaround:** Given the urgent nature of this project, I need someone who can start immediately and deliver results quickly. **Ideal Skills:** - Proficiency in XMPP protocol - Experience with server setup and management - Strong ...

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    Need help to be able to set up an Android app(preferably React Native) and Server software runnng on my laptop that uses open source XMPP(example Tigase), WebRTC(example Jitsi) to demonstrate 1. Voice call, Video call, Group Voice and Video calls, Push to Talk, Push Video 2. Chat, Group-chat, Audio Message, File sharing. Video Message These applications should be usable in a Webapp also. Deliverables required 1. Opensource and any custom Source code required 2. Installation on my laptop and demonstration 3. Documentation for installation and configuration. 4. Support me in build the Android APK.

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    I am in need of an experienced iOS developer who is proficient in both Objective-C and Swift. The main goal of this project is to improve the chat for the exisiting app. Required hands on experience in XMPP chat and Socket chat. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and experience in Objective-C and Swift - Previous experience in improving existing iOS apps - Hands on experience on Xmpp and Socket chats

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    XMPP Chat or Socket Chat Expert Needed for Social Platform - Skills and experience in developing XMPP chat or Socket chat systems - Experience in building chat systems for social platforms - Proficiency in implementing group chat functionality - Knowledge of file sharing and video call features for chat systems - Ability to advise on the best chat system based on requirements If someone can provide sdk for iOS and android chat that can be used in existing social media app will be referred.

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    Project Title: XMPP server setup and client POC Operating System: Linux Client POC Platform: Android Server Functionalities: Chat Messaging Requirement Setup xmpp server Android Kotlin app Create users through android Kotlin registration Search user by name Ping user (buzz) Message user Skills and Experience: - Experience in setting up XMPP servers on Linux operating system - Proficiency in Android app development for client POC - Familiarity with XMPP protocol and chat messaging functionality - Knowledge of server-client communication and integration - Strong problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot server and client issues - Good understanding of security and encryption protocols for secure messaging - Experience in developing user-friendly an...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to rebrand an XMPP open source client and enhance its features for the Android platform. Specifically, I need the following features enforced or added to the client: - Chat encryption - File sharing capabilities - Voice calling - Self destruct messaging - Enforce that if only works with a specific domain - Very similar features to what Signal has but it runs off an XMPP open source android client. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in Android app development and knowledge of XMPP protocol. As there is a specific deadline for this project, I need someone who can deliver the rebranded client with the additional features in a timely manner. If you have the skills and experience necessary for this proje...

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    I am looking for a developer to create a WordPress jabber based chat client for frontend users like facebook messenger for me. The specific features I need for the chat client are private messaging. I also require basic security measures to be implemented to ensure the safety of the chat content. we have our own ejabberd installed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of WordPress development - Proficiency in jabber protocol and chat client development - Experience with implementing private messaging features - Familiarity with basic security measures for chat applications Time Frame: - The preferred time frame for this project is 1-2 weeks.

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    install the following servers XMPP server XMPP load balancer VPN server TOR PROXY server

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    Xabber - XMPP Web Client I am in need of a developer who have a complete knowledge of XMPP web client called Xabber. I already have a xabber - xmpp client which is run on my website already . I just need only one thing to do is. After close web client the history of chat is not loading. I just need History of chat. CHAT HISTORY And no other things. Thanks

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    ...create a SMS sending web app with a Windows XMPP client. The main features of the XMPP client should include file transfer. Messaging Service: Snikket - The messaging service to be used for the SMS sending web app is Snikket. XMPP Server Setup: Yes - I already have an existing XMPP server setup for the web app. Windows XMPP Client Features: SMS - The main feature needed for the Windows XMPP client is the ability to send SMS messages. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing web apps with SMS sending capabilities - Proficiency in XMPP protocols and technologies - Strong knowledge of Windows development - Familiarity with file transfer, group chat, and audio/video calls in XMPP clients - Ability to work wit...

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    I need help in jumpstarting a projet for a chat with prosody. Probably need help in setting up the prosody server and making a webpage chat one on one and one to many. I have a ubuntu server on digitalocean, you need to install prosody, i have the domain ready. I have tried and it did not work so i need help to start this ! The web page needs to be on another machine.

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    Jabber/XMPP SMS Client - Operating System Compatibility: Windows - Required Features and Functionalities: - Group Messaging - File Sharing - Voice/Video Calls - Project Completion Timeframe: Within 1 week We are in need of a Jabber/XMPP SMS client that is compatible with Windows operating system. We require specific features and functionalities such as group messaging, file sharing, and voice/video calls. The project needs to be completed within 1 week. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Jabber/XMPP protocol - Experience in developing SMS clients - Strong knowledge of Windows operating system - Familiarity with group messaging, file sharing, and voice/video call functionalities - Ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality work

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    These services play a crucial role in enabling the seamless and efficient operation of loT devices and applications. loT Application layer Protocol • CoAP • AMOP • MOTT • Websocet • XMPP • Comparison of the communication (application layer) protocols • How to select a application layer Protocol based on Use Case

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    Enable "confirm message delivery" from the ejabberd server configuration and needful changes required in the mobile app (Flutter) for sending ACK back to the server. so that if message loss happens ejabberd by itself retransmit it. Problem statement: 1. Internet disconnected 2. App uninstalled 3. Mobile battery dies The Ejabberd server assumes the device is online on the above conditions, for this, I have enabled the mod_ping also but it is taking a minimum of 30 seconds to identify the device is offline, so the messages sent within this 30 seconds frame are lost because according to ejabberd device is online so messages are not getting stored in offline queue. The budget will be $30 - $70. Duration of 1 - 2 days.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to add a feature to a popular open source XMPP messenger app "". The feature I would like to add is for an application password lock for improved security. I'm open to suggestions for the timeline for this feature, so please reach out if you'd like to discuss any deadlines. The feature will be developed in Java.

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    A chat application is required to develop using XMPP protocol.

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    Hello Developers i need a python developer to make a simple python app to send authorization request to a list of jabber users . example : jabber_authorization_sender@domain .tld:jabber_sender_password_here:jabber_user_to_receive_authorization_request@domain .tld

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    3. XMPP - 3 Developers Exp.: 4 to 5 Yrs. XMPP - Client - Server Lead

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    ...Video/audio streaming, codec: Wowza, Red5, , MPEG-4 ✔ VOIP, Cloud Communication: Twillio, Heroku, Tokbox ✔ Online Payment Gateway: PayPal, , Stripe, Venmo, Braintree, Payleap ✔ Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Vimeo ✔ Cloud backend: , Parse SDK, Parse REST, Parse Cloud Code, Amazon S3 EC2 AWS, Firebase, Foodie, remoteStorage, Twillio, Plivio ✔ Chat & Messaging Engine: XMPP, Jabber, OpenFire, OpenTok WebRTC, Ejabberd, Erlang Need the website to convert to mobile app easily or just need a android or ios app made. additional ui flow info: 1. Login With Social Media Accounts, major social media integration. 2. Send Inv to friends on social media to download app and begin rapping 3. List of People online to rap with 4. Home page after sign in has 2 are...

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    Android app xmpp based Chat for users Auto delete messages after x time at user choosing Data only on server and not locally on phone Chat rooms or group chat Send voice audios Send files Voice calls (optional) Hosted in our own servers

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    Language agnostic (C/C++ or Javascript), using XMPP (RFC6120, etc), open source, app priced on stores at AU$5 (poss even premium vers, source code open and free) but equal rights share on sales. Full details/draft scope on github crunchysteve One Social To Rule 'Em All (OSTREA) Not interested, that's OK. Steal my idea? The app being made is more important in these troubled times of siloed social media and corporate manipulation of users and even democracy. Open source, AU$5 priced builds, though, at least honour that.

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    I need a chat with Xmpp or Jabber. anyone who worked in this please let me know.

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    I need a chat with Xmpp or Jabber. anyone who worked in this please let me know.

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    I have to solve this error. WebSocket connection to 'wss://domain/xmpp-websocket?room=roomName' failed:

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    I have to solve this error. WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed: 2022-10-05T00:31:40.841Z [esm/] <>: UnhandledError: null Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace: Error: Strophe: Websocket error {"isTrusted":true} 2022-10-05T00:31:40.843Z [esm/modules/xmpp/] <>: Strophe: Websocket closed unexcectedly

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    I want to install Jitsi in a physical server but using the dockered version following this guideline: the Docker guide wich describes how to use the official Docker image of Jitsi-Meet. at Jitsi in a physical server but using the dockered version following this guideline: the Docker guide wich describes how to use the official Docker image of Jitsi-Meet. at the provided docker compose file does not work out of the box, it seems it need to be fixed. In peculiar the websocket connection to Prosody the XMPP server does not work from the browser (it is not a problem of https certificate which is set correctly) You will be given access to a debian 10 server already configured with docker

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    We are looking for an Android dev with experience in rest API, API Gateway, AWS SDK and XMPP. We are looking to hire a full-time dev. The contract may last 6 months. Please share your CV's.

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    Required an Android freelancer with hands on experience on XMPP chat and linphone calls. Need to fix few issues issues related to Timeout in XMPP and Calling in Linphone. Should be ready to dig into existing code and resolve issues in timely manner.

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    We would like to hire a freelancer to make minors modifications on an open source android application called "Conversations". Conversations is a Jabber/XMPP client for Android 5.0+ smartphones that has been optimized to provide a unique mobile experience. The web link is : Modifications to do: 1. Change application icon (new icon image is attached) 2. Change application name from "Conversations" to "Bendré". 3. Change all application name ("Conversations") occurence inside the application to "Bendré" Than, compile the SDK and send us the Apk file and the whole project in zip format. Regards

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    Required an experience freela cer who can set up callinng feature on xmpp server. We are using stork and siskin im on Android and ios. Need an assistance in setting up call/video call on openfire and help the team to connect with chat sdks.

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    Required an experienced Android programmer with minimum 4 years of experience, should have indepth knowledge of XMPP, Calling sdks and social media apps. Should be a quick learner and ready to join existing team

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    Hello. I need an personalized app, a CHAT app , that should use jabber / xmpp protocol : we use Openfire server ( ) Thank you

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    We have a product that consists of a desktop client (at student side), and a web application in Django (instructor side). We have few features that are messaging type or status type. For example, we need the following: - to have a direct chat between student and instructor - broadcast message from instructor to all students - If the student is online or offline (close the application) - And some other status updates We are currently working in polling mode. Each clients sends a request message to the server every 4 seconds and gets the available information about these details from database. This of course causes the database to be overloaded. We would like to redesign this part. We want a consultant to help us in choosing the correct technology or service after understanding our system W...

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    Maintanence of a coumple of web sites developed on wordpress and an xmpp server.

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    Chat Messaging App (like whatsapp/telegram) with Crypto Payments - Erc20 token smart contract **UK Developers ONLY** iOS and Android, XMPP, AWS, Swift NodeJS, Java, PHP, CMS. High quality UX/UI required, fast instant messaging, Instant Messaging, Voice & Video calling, Group Chat, Upgrade. NOTE: Only those that can show past or current similar apps will be considered

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    Hello, I am Johann and I am working on a project for the common good without financial interest. I need a communication platform so volunteers can collaborate on projects in different languages. Could you set up an XMPP server for me? I am not a computer expert. I have done some work with Matrix/Element, but I don't know anything about XMPP. Alo I would also like some advice and training on this subject. Are you interested in discussing the project with me? Thanks. Johann

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    Modify this to add functionality to Include mqtt, xmpp, grpc,integrate to secrets vault(Azure, googlekey, aws etc), redis for state management.

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    Implement chat using ejabberd XMPP server in react native app

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    Implement chat using ejabberd XMPP server in react native app

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    We use XMPP with eJabberd in our messaging platform. We are having delivery and timestamp issues. We are looking for a sharpshooter who has seen these issues and fixed them.

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    ...modificación y la eliminación del usuario en los diferentes servicios también deberá estar vinculada. Además el script deberá ser capaz de gestionar más o menos servicios dependiendo del Plan de Precio elegido. Los Servidores Externos para conectar a Wordpress son los siguientes: Servidor XMPP Openfire - A través de REST API - Existe script PHP para implementar comunicación entre Wordpress y Openfire mediante PHP. - El script deberá ser capaz de crear, modificar y eliminar usuarios del svidor XMPP a traves de webhooks mediante eventos de wordpress. Servidor AVideo PHP - Existe un Plugin LDAP para conectar usuarios. Estuidar LDAP o inyección MySQL. Servidor Nextcloud - Consultar sobre AP...

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    We need an "Openfire Server - Ignite Realtime" plugin to send push notification using Google firebase service. We will store in local MySQL DB tokens per registered XMPP user and every messages that is sent to the user must also be sent as push notification to user's device. Each user may have more then one device token. Notification must be sent to all of them. With your bid, suggest the structure of the MySQL and if you will use existing code or write a new one.

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    Flutter,Xmpp,Ejabberd Api Need integrate

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    Looking for a developer for a video call/chat app. With skills in XMPP, WebRTC, SIP

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    We need expert on Flutter(more than 3 year ) developer expertise on API and XMPP

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    Xmpp/Ejabberd/Flutter/Android/IOS we need integrate on chat flutter project

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    We are looking for an XMPP and AWS Expert for Android. It is 3 weeks project and we are looking for a freelancer only. Please only apply if you have worked with XMPP and AWS SDK

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